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15th, July News 6

Lancashire School Sends Out This Letter Pandering To The Thickos

THIS letter was sent by Barrowford School to its leavers.... More »

15th, July News

Transfer Balls: Toni Kroos And The Manchester United Dream That Never Was

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14th, July Music

Your favourite rock star is probably about to die

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14th, July Cars

Woman Fails Driving Test 110 Times

AND she's not even got to the practical part yet... More »

13th, July Strange But True 1

Woman Finds 'God' Miracle In Her Curls

KRISTIN Kissee, a cancer survivor, saw God in hair.... More »

13th, July Sports

British Newspapers Duped By North Korea Win World Cup Story

NORTH Korea have made it to the World Cup final. The Metro report... More »

12th, July Celebrities 1

The Real Problem With Musician's Tax Avoidance

THERE'S quite the kerfuffle in musicville, after it turned out that a number of wealthy musicians were ferreting their money away in tax avoidance schemes... More »

12th, July Key Posts 1

Flippers And Faps: The Dark Side of Dolphins

THINK of dolphins and you might think of Fred Neil’s beautiful, poignant song of that name, performed here, in one of his many versions, by the late Tim Buckley… More »

12th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Sami Khedira Wants Arsenal And £6m More To Play for Manchester United

TRANSFER Balls: Is Real Madrid and Germany midfielder Sami Khedira heading from Real Madrid to Arsenal?... More »

12th, July Music 1

The Ultimate Tour De France Playlist

WITH the Tour De France in full swing, nearly killing riders with wet cobbles and craft ale enthusiasts thrilling at the warring riders like teenage Hollyoaks fans, it got us thinking about cycling music.... More »

11th, July Money

Now Berkeley Offers Free Cannabis To The Poor

YOU may have heard about the slow legalisation of cannabis in certain US states. First came medical marijuana, treatments for things like the nausea produced by chemotherapy, to reduce certain eye conditions and so on... More »

11th, July Celebrities 2

Jimmy Savile Was 'A Trans-Dimensional Sorcerer Who Harvested Occult Energies'

Jimmy Savile was magick! More »

11th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Put Santi Cazorla In The Shop Window (And Sell Him)

More Transfer Balls... More »

11th, July World Cup Watch

Cambridge University Finds Three Words Most Used To Describe Each World Cup Team

THE Cambridge University Press has been studying millions of words used to describe each of the 32 nations competing at the 2014 World Cup... More »

11th, July News

Arsenal balls: Daily Mail Attacks Germany's Mesut Ozil For Being A Useless Foreigner

Ozil's crime is to be the only player in the German starting XI for the World Cup semi-final who plays in the Premier League. This unique quality allows the tabloids to slam him as being a fancy foreigner not worth the money.... More »

11th, July Celebrities 1

Steven Spielberg Attacked For Hunting Big Game And Smirking

KILL an animal on the web and you get hunted down by the police. Kill an endangered species and pose with the carcass and you get something worse: you get shamed on Facebook... More »

11th, July Money

The Daily Mail and Human Sexuality: Explaining Nymphomania

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10th, July Music

Insane Clown Posse's FBI lawsuit is laughed out of town

THE Insane Clown Posse are an odd bunch. For starters, they think magnets are powered by witchcraft or something. And their fans? Well, their fans are VERY devoted (seriously - they make fans of The Smiths look like rational, reasonable people without a worrying neediness that burps out of their every pore). More »

8th, July Strange But True

This Is The World's Fluffiest Rabbit

Spot the rabbit... More »

8th, July News

Russian Footballers To Wear Skirts, Necklaces And Wimples To Defeat Homosexuality

A RUSSIAN priest has claimed that he is “glad” Russia’s players failed to make any progress at the World Cup as the coloured boots they wore were an affront to God – a “homosexual abomination” if you will... More »

8th, July manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Matt Hummels Is Exclusive To Manchester United

TRANSFER Balls: Matt Hummels is "exclusively Manchester United's in the scoop-tastic Daily Star... More »

8th, July Film

The World's Worst Star Wars Expo Might Just Be The Best Ever (Photos)

THE Star Wars exhibition in Wolfsburg, Germany, is face-meltingly good. .. More »

8th, July Key Posts

Thinking Outside The (Penalty) Box: Tackling The ‘Professional’ Foul

WITH the World Cup semi-finals upon us, it’s as good a time as any to remember Laurent Blanc, the French captain who received a red card – the only one of his entire career – in the semi-final of the 1998 World Cup, and missed the final thanks to Slaven Bilic’s theatrics.... More »

8th, July Money

Steve Jobs Was Right: Apple's iPhone 6 Is To Be Made By Robots

Jobs made the comment originally to President Obama. He was asking, well, all those jobs that are now in China, all those manufacturing jobs, when are they going to come back to America? The answer being "those jobs are never coming back"... More »

8th, July Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Reds Fans Get Great Luis Suarez News

Ha-ha! More »