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17th, December Strange But True 2

Is fleeing campus sex leading to masturbation-fueled death on the roads?

In South Dakota, those long drives make the mind wonder and cars drift. Cindy Struckman-Johnson has also been wondering... More »

17th, December News

Women, teacher and father accused of running child porn operation: meet Terrie L. Sena, Christopher Sena and Deborah Sena,

When a man is depraved and abuses children, we nod and wonder what it is about men that makes them so revolting. Feminists wail that men and rapists-in-waiting and woman are kept down by the patriarchy. But what about women?... More »

17th, December News

Police powerless to act over 'creepy' Cliff Richard' photo in Brighton window

Whatever you do, Sir Cliff Richard is watching you. He's at the window looking at James Maltby... More »

17th, December Strange But True

Photo of Irish tourist's kayak on car will make you smile

To New Zealand, where an Irish toursit is moving his kayak by car along State Highway 25A between Kopu and Hikuai... More »

17th, December Liverpool

Liverpool and Bournemouth in 75,000 sell-out

Looking to buy tickets for the Bournemouth v Liverpool game at south coast' club's Goldsands stadium, (capacity: 11,700) Anorak was not all that surprised to see that the Capitol One Cup quarter-final clash was sold out... More »

16th, December Arsenal

Arsenal v Ireland: The best... and worst of Thierry Henry

EVERYONE is queueing up to pay tribute to Thierry Henry, who announced his retirement from football today... More »

16th, December News

Revealed: why police shoot black men and how it can be changed

Why does the black man get shot by police and the white man deosn't? Mother Jones looks at the Implicit Association Test - a test of “racial prejudices that we cannot consciously control"... More »

16th, December News

Jimmy Savile: now comes the cash

Jimmy Savile - revered as a Knight of the realm and Papacy in life who became the Devil incarnate in death - is to pay out... More »

16th, December News

Police announcement: no body-worn cameras - no job

Who trusts the police? More »

16th, December Key Posts 4

#ILLRIDEWITHYOU is for bigots and white narcissists: Muslims should charge them by the mile

As murderous Islamist Man Haron Monis/Sheik Haron held hostages in a Sydney chocolate shop, the BBC wrote this: As a gunman holds people hostage in a cafe in Sydney, thousands of messages of support have been posted online for Muslims in Australia who are afraid of an Islamophobic backlash. Got that?... More »

16th, December Strange But True

Man loses penis in racoon sexing: Is Nothing Safe?

A raccoon has bitten off a pervert's penis... More »

16th, December Manchester City 1

Manchester City balls: Barcelona star makes a vow in 2D

Manchester City play Barcelona in the Champions' League and the Sun talk is of war and fighting... More »

15th, December manchester united

Man United player in match-fixing investigation

More »

15th, December News

Tabloid tropes: in 2014 Daily Express readers were living longer

Tabloid tropes: we've seen that 2014 was a big year for Madeleine McCann news (surely no news - ed), Alzheimer's cures, Big Brother and miracles in diabetes. 2014 is also the eyar when the Daily Express realised that the best way to stop its readership falling is to keep its readership alive for longer... More »

15th, December News

Sydney siege: what we know, don't know and bumping into the gunman's hard centre

To Sydney, where a bearded gunman is holding around 12 people hostage at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place. The hostages are holding aloft an Islamic flag... More »

15th, December Gifs

Action Panda: the best gif of 2014

Action Panda has it all... More »

14th, December News

Privacy balls: Jennifer Lawrence is naked and naughty but Sony is fair game

The Sony email hack has attracted no headlines decrying an invasion of privacy. Nick Gillespie wonder why this double standard exists?... More »

14th, December Celebrities

X Factor miracle Mel B rises again as near-death experience hits headlines

Earlier we learned that Mel B has been at death's door. Had it not been for a driver, she'd be an ex ex-Spice Girl... More »

14th, December News 1

Anti-gay protester 'marries a horse'

Are all anti-gay pastors nutjobs? To Mississippi, where a pastor has dressed a horse in a wedding dress to protest gay marriage... More »

14th, December News

78-year-old prosecuted for having sex with his Alzheimer’s afflicted wife

An Iowa state lawmaker says he loved visiting his wife at a nursing home before her death at age 79. But prosecutors have filed felony charges against him, saying that her Alzheimer's made her unable to consent to his sexual desires... Henry Rayhons, 78, now out on a $10,000 bond... More »

14th, December News

British soldiers told not to shout at jihadis

Can you interrogate the abnormal by conventional means?... More »

14th, December Liverpool

Liverpool balls: Rodgers' good sports defy Manchester United's bad referee

Henry Winter knows... More »

14th, December Money

The Guardian ask readers how they survive without a cleaner

The Guardian is not beyond parody yet... More »

14th, December Money

So. I found a secret capsule full of treasure in a Tennessee wardrobe

You ever find treasure? Real treasure? One Reddit user went to his grandpa's home in Tenneessee and found a haul. Evilenglish writes: “I always dreamed of finding something like this." You and use all. .. More »

14th, December Liverpool

Liverpool fans looking to abuse Manchester United boss Van Gaal will have to top this

As Manchester Unted play Liverpool in the Premier League, the Sun wonders what the most offensive thing United manager Louis Van Gaal has heard... More »