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30th, October Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Sturridge, Sterling And The Caribbean Slave Gene Problem

LIVERPOOL Balls: Daniel Sturridge says his injuries could be down to genetics... More »

30th, October News 1

Voyeurism Not Sex Prevents Cancer In The Over 50s

CAN lots of sex reduce the risk of prostate cancer?... More »

30th, October Celebrities

Myra Lewis Williams: 'When I Was Jerry Lee Lewis' 13-Year-Old Wife'

In 1958 musician Jerry Lee Lewis arrived in London. By his side was his a 13-years-old. She was his cousing. She was also his new wife Myra Lewis Williams. Now living in Atlanta, Myra is talking with Cuepoint... More »

30th, October Technology

A Lovely Time-Lapse Video of Braces Straightening Teeth

The vice of jaws... More »

30th, October Madeleine McCann 1

Madeleine McCann: James Nesbitt Is Missing The Plot And 100 Hairs

Just as the Daily Express gets its weather news from looking at a crystal ball, the 'World's Greatest Newspaper' conjures front-page news of Madeleine McCann from the ether... More »

30th, October News

Woman Robs Chemist By Squirting Breast Milk At Victim

GET Richard Desmond on the phone: a German woman has invented a new late-night TV sport... More »

30th, October TV & Radio

Me And My Spoon: TV Listing Of The Year

In tonight's episode... More »

30th, October News

Watch the NASA's Antares Rocket Blow-Up From Loads of Angles!

THERE'S something in the human psyche that loves seeing things blow-up. Explosions are even better when there's no casualties, because you can just enjoy the show without wanting to vomit with the weight of it all... More »

29th, October Arsenal

Claudio Gentile, Maradona And Martin Keown's Hypocritic Assault On Football's 'Dark Arts'

Rob Bagchi has noticed that Hands Off In The Box, the Daily Mail's campaign to stop footballers using force in the penalty box, is a non-starter. You can read more about the Mail's campaign to pressure referees here. And learn that it's backed by the paragon of the clean tackle and noble virtues, former Arsenal defender Martin Keown.... More »

29th, October manchester united

Transfer Balls: You Will Never Beleive Which Real Madrid Star Manchester United Are 'Buying'

TRANSFER Balls: Splendid balls in the Daily Star which links Manchester United with a move for Gareth Bale... More »

29th, October Chelsea

Hands Off In The Box: The Daily Mail's Campaign That No-One Wants

THE Daily Mail has campaign. It wants readers to: Join Sportsmail's Hands Off In The Box campaign by parading the logo at matches.... More »

29th, October Sports

Everton Balls: Steven Naismith Rubs It In with Burnley's 'keeper

IT is bad enough conceding a goal when you're a goalkeeper, as the only thing you're interested in is protecting the netting from bulging with a football hitting it. Well, things could be worse than letting a striker get the better of you.... More »

29th, October News

Epic Fail: The Britsh Council Can't Spell EUROPE

Yes. If only you were there, EURROPE would be complete. *slow hand clap for the British Council... More »

29th, October Liverpool

Liveprool And Manchester United Balls: Luis Suarez Maintains He's No Racist

THERE'S been a lot of trouble around former Liverpool player Luis Suarez, the last being a rather peculiar bite on an opponent when Uruguay played Italy in the World Cup.... More »

29th, October Money 1

If You Want To Avoid Prostate Cancer You Should Fuck Your Brains Out

More »

28th, October Celebrities

Photo Of The Year: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks The Campus Anti-Smokers

Still smoking... More »

27th, October News

Thought Crimes: Man Persecuted For Tiger Sex Tape Was A Victim Of Furry Fury

THE police said they found footage of a tiger have sex with a women on Andrew Holland's mobile phone. You read that right.... More »

27th, October News

June Steenkamp's Book Washes Away The Rivers Of Bilge Around Reeva's Killing And Oscar Pistorius' Crime

WHEN Reeva Steekamp was shot dead by her famous lover, Oscar Pistorius, the media went into overdrive. Today, the Times features an extract when June Steenkamp's book, Reeva: A Mother’s Story... More »

27th, October News 2

Human Rights Infects Ebola: US Nurse Kaci Hickox Sues For Being Quarantined

KACI Hickox had treated Ebola victims in Sierra Leone. Back in her native US, nurse Hickox was quarantined... More »

27th, October Politicians

FAIL: Elle Magazine Thanks 'David Miliband' Not Ed For Supporting It's Feminist T-Shirt Balls

Today ELLE magazine asks: "Why is David Cameron so afraid to call himself a feminist?"... More »

27th, October Sports

Flight MH17: Newcastle United Fans Prove The Football Family

JOHN Alder was a pasesnger on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on July 17, 2014, the day it was shot down over Ukraine. Mr Alder, his friend and fellow Newcastle United fan Liam Sweene and 296 other people were killed. John and Liam were going to the match, on their way to see Newcastle United play a pre-season friendly in New Zealand... More »

27th, October News

Fang Falls Into A Vat Of Raw Human Poo And Presents The Funniest Joke In The World

TO China for a prelude for the funniest joke in the world. Chi Fang was in a bar when his wife called. She wanted him home fast. So. Fang took a shortcut home over a bridge. He'd drunk a lot and felt ill. He stopped on the bridge to vomit.... More »

27th, October News

Conformists Get A Tattoo: Rebels Get A Burqa, Hassidic Hat And Tie

THE Sun has news of the tattooed mum from Bournemouth, Dorset, who was "horrified in Marks & Spencer when a shop worker called her tattoos disgusting"... More »

26th, October News 1

Every Westerner In A Keffiyah Supports Racism, Christian Repression And Pan-Arabism

The left's worst crime in the Middle East has been its support for the region's Arab-Muslim majority at the expense of its minorities. It has supported the majority's terrorism, atrocities, ethnic cleansing and repression of the region's minorities... More »

26th, October Royal Family 1

FAIL: The BBC Takes A Closer Look At The Queen's First Tweet

Let's zoom in... More »