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27th, February Strange But True

Life is imitating Laurent Chéhère: house flies away

Life is imitating Laurent Chéhère, whose “Flying Houses” are "reconstructed houses appear to float in a silvery sky". In Klamath County, Oregon, a 1,200 square foot house has vanished. Did it fly away? Sheriff Frank Skrah tells media: "We had a complete home stolen. This isn't a motor home, this isn't a mobile home and this is a 'home... it was on the foundation you see it on now." More »

27th, February Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal reduce transfer budget by £30m to get Paul Pogba

TRANSFER Balls: a lolok at utter drivel being presented as football fact in the mainstream mdia. Today we look at the Daily Express' story of "Arsenal's £50m spree"... More »

27th, February News

The West groomed Jihadi John because Muslims have no self control

WE know that The man known as Jihadi John is one Mohammed Emwazi. Lest you be unable to muster your own thoughts on the man who accused of murdering seven foreign hostages, other have spoken.... More »

26th, February Strange But True

Moscow man wakes up to find his testicles have been stolen by organ traffickers, just like Chicago

Dmitry Nikolaev says he was chatted up by a young woman in a Moscow bar. He says they had a drink. And a sauna, as you do. Then he blacked out.... More »

26th, February Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Liverpool and Chelsea's Kevin De Bruyne wants to play for Arsenal and Manchester United

Transfer Balls catches news of Wolfsburg winger Kevin De Bruyne, 23. The BBC notes that the player "says he would be open to a Premier League return"... More »

26th, February News

Do more BBC journalists than Muslims have sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists?

Charlie Hebdo now has a print run of 2.5m. The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and other newspapers whose journalists are undervalued and underpaid (surely content providers - ed) may worry that sackings and short contracts will be escalated to more drastic staff-cutting profits-raising measures... More »

26th, February Key Posts

ISIS seduced Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, 15, and Kadiza Sultana with a free Chelsea teddy

By now the faces are familiar. Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, all from London, travelled to Istanbul on 17 February to join Islamic State. A source says the teens made it to the Turkey-Islamic State border and "Abu Ali with his men received them on the other side."... More »

26th, February Celebrities

Facebook autofills Cliff Richard's' description on official profile to include the 'police'

As Chris Applegate says: So Facebook now autofills celebs' descriptions on official profiles, which can lead to unfortunate juxtapositions... More »

26th, February News

Jihadi John is British ex-pat Mohammed Emwazi (Tulisa is away)

The mask peels up. And we can refvals that the lunatic known as Jihadi John is Mohammed Emwazi... More »

26th, February Arsenal

Arsenal balls: fans find a cardboard Arsene Wenger table topper in their matchday programmes

In readiness for Arsenal's Champions' League match against Monaco, fans buying the official matchday programme got a free gift: a press out and keep Arsene Wenger figurine... More »

26th, February Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Sami Khedira joins Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Bayern Munich

Transfer Balls: the Daily Express has news on Arsenal, Chelsea and Sami Khedira... More »

26th, February Celebrities

Jimmy Savile and his brother raped the living and dead in Stoke Mandeville

Jimmy Savile, formerly Sir Jimmy Savile in life, is all over the news. The Sun says "Savile abused 63 people at Stoke Mandeville hospital"... More »

26th, February News

Forget Tebbit's cricket test: foreigners take the white van penis challenge

When you see a dity car do you feel you impelled to draw a penis on it? If you do you might well be British.... More »

26th, February Celebrities

Cliff Richard: sex, sinners, Kaddie fiddlers and a desire to bury the singer alive

Cliff Richard - still Sir Cliff Richard - is on the front page of all the tabloids.... More »

25th, February In Pictures

Artist creates candid scenes of Marvel superheroes

Artist and photographer Edy Hardjo has candid shots of superheroes at home.... More »

25th, February In Pictures

A look around Aspen Colorado's swanky Silverpeak Apothecary cannabis shop

To Aspen for a look around the Silverpeak Apothecary, purveyors of "locally farmed, expertly crafted and socially responsible cannabis", peddled by "artisans with advanced degrees in botany, biogenetics and pharmacology." Everything is reassuringly expensive looking... More »

25th, February Sponsored posts

Competition: Win! A Year's Supply Of Adidas Original Trainers

Those fine folk at Mainline Menswear are offering you the chance to win a years supply of adidas Originals trainers. In non-marketing speak that's 12 pairs.... More »

25th, February Manchester City

Football balls: five things Manchester City didn't learn from the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph likes 'Five Things...". It tops and tails most big football matches with a routine 'Five Things We Learned About..." story. This week it's been writing about Barcelona before and after the Catalans' Champions' League match with Manchester City.... More »

25th, February Manchester City

Luis Suarez balls: Manchester City players gives former Liverprool star the news finger

Luis Suarez eats you alive... More »

25th, February News 1

Arming the Shomrim and your local council vigilantes

"People in this part of London call us before the police in an emergency,” Shulem says of their hotline number, which receives between 11 to 15 calls a day. “People know they get an instant response from Shomrim, and in most cases we’ll be there way before the police because we’re so local – usually in around 40 seconds, whereas the police have their fastest response target at around 15 minutes..." More »

25th, February Celebrities

Jasmine Tridevil is exposed: the third breast is revealed

Jasmine Tridevil, the woman with THREE breasts is on the cover of the Daily Star. The paper has a scoop. Yes, it is true. The third breast is not a breast at all. It's a... More »

24th, February manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United sign Robert Lewandowski for £18m more than paid three years ago

Utter, utter balls... More »

24th, February Sports

West Ham, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea fans are commanded to think no evil

No longer cheering for the Black Shirts, the Daily Mail is now on the side of the anti-racists. And it is disgusted and dismayed at the sight of Chelsea fans abusing a black man on the Paris Metro.... More »

24th, February Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal and the £30m Jackson Martinez riddle

Transfer balls: Arsenal are the subject of some utter rot in the Daily Express.... More »

24th, February Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United in no-news shocker

Transfer Balls: a look at utter drivel presented as football news in the mainstream media. Today the Express says Liverpool are set to sign Raheem Sterling on a new contract, Arsenal are still going to bid for Paul Pogba, Incardi is off to Chelsea and there is some stuff about Manchester United... More »