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11th, March Money

Scamtastic: How Absolutely Glorious About Ponzicoin

THESE people really should have known just given the name of the scheme. Quite the best story about alternative currencies today: This is pure comedy gold. Operator of a bitcoin ponzi website has decided to pull a runner without paying people out... More »

11th, March News 1

Office Window Closed: Union's Fitting Tribute To Bob Crow

A FITTING Tribute to Bob Crow, the RMT Union leader who died this morning: office window closed.. More »

11th, March Music

Listen To Daft Punk, Jay Z and Kanye's Collab Leaked Online

AT the moment, Kanye and Daft Punk are so hot. Everything they do is leapt on, prompting furious debate, fandom and craziness. And then there's Jay Z. Jay Z's pretty much past it, but he won't care because he's fantastically wealthy and married to Beyonce. Like he'd care what anyone thinks about anything. And now, with clickbait catnip, there's a tune featuring all three artists on the same song!... More »

11th, March TV & Radio

Gogglebox, Channel 4’s Basement Gimp And Why BBC3 Is Dead

SOMEWHERE in the basement of Channel 4 there lives an executive known only as The Gimp. Constantly masked and frequently gibbering, His job – apart from not drawing on the walls – is to come up with new formats for the channel to exploit. It was he who devised the legendary Orphan Slingshot proposal which, though it got to pilot stage, was cruelly hampered by those swines from the Healthy & Safety Executive who deemed firing orphans at desperate childless couples to be unsafe. Still, he did well with Embarrassing Bodies, My Big Fat Gypsy and the forthcoming crossover My Big Fat Embarrassing Gypsy Body… More »

11th, March Celebrities 1

One Direction Go After George Osborne And Tax Dodgers

IT is usually indie fans who mock the rest of music for not being 'real' or doing anything worthwhile, when funnily, it is usually their favourite bands who are the most guilty of giving nothing to the world... More »

11th, March manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Adrian Durham's Fight With A Paper Bag

Maybe United should replace the side in fourth place, a spot currently occupied by Manchester City? .. More »

11th, March Celebrities

Brilliant Mel Brooks Knocks Them Bandy In This 1975 Interview

IN 1975, Mel Brooks appeared on Imperial College’s TV station Stoic to talk about his 1975 films Blazing Saddles andYoung Frankenstein. He sat opposite Mark Caldwell. He offers the insight that cowboys “do not make love to women in Westerns”... More »

11th, March Flashback

March 1928: 14 Classic Photos

That was the year when... More »

11th, March Strange But True

Colorado Barber Shop Bans Anyone Smelling Of Marijuana

He's doing it for the kids... More »

11th, March Flashback

1970: US Soldiers In Vietnam Smoking Marijuana Through A Shotgun Barrel

Getting high in Vietnam... More »

11th, March In Pictures 1

Bob Crow (13 June 1961 - 11 March 2014): In Photos

Bob Crow, the Bolshie leader of the RMPT union has died. More »

11th, March Anorak TV

Video: In Broughty Ferry Dundee An Impatient Dog Waits In The Car

This should make you smile... More »

11th, March Books

The Legion of Regrettable Comic Book Superheroes

WE'VE heard enough about The Avengers, it’s time for another group of superheroes to get some recognition. The Legion of Regrettable Comic Book Superheroes is a motley group consisting of the lamest and oddest heroes ever put to print. You can keep your Iron Man and Captain America; I like my heroes with a touch of stupidity. So, bring on Aqua Melvin, Matter Eater Lad, and the rest of the gang – The Legion of Regrettable Comic Book Superheroes has come to save the day! (or embarrass themselves trying.)... More »

11th, March News

The Guardian Erases Helen Sharman From History In The Race To Praise Tim Peake, The 'First Brit In Space'

THE Observer salutes Tim Peake, "the First Brit in space"... More »

10th, March Sports 3

Spurs Balls: Redknapp's Pal Blames Funny Foreigner AVB For Chelsea Thrashing Sherwood's Mirthless Men

MARTIN Samuel has written a monocular article about Spurs in the Daily Mail. Tottenham has just lost 4-0 to Chelsea. Spurs losing to Chelsea is no big shocker. The games are akin to watching the best bits from classic TV sit-coms... More »

10th, March Flashback

Watch Cricket in The 80's - Rookies, Rebels & Renaissance

IN the 1980s, cricket was violent, thrilling, angry, captivating and utterly fantastic. When the mighty West Indies played England at Lord's in June 1980, I was by the Tavener's pitch-side pub... More »

10th, March Flashback

10 Epic Failed Political Photo-Ops

DAVID Cameron is facing ridicule once again. His latest gaffe was to tweet a picture of himself looking serious and statesmanlike while having a serious statesmanlike phone call with Barak Obama. The problem, aside from the typically patronising pomposity of the gesture, was that he looked singularly un-statesmanlike. In fact, he resembled nothing do much as a perplexed pudding... More »

10th, March Money

Did Mt. Gox Go Bankrupt Or Do They Still Have The Bitcoins?

Imagine that we all used electronic money. Great, that's easy enough: now, given how easy it is to copy something that is digital, a music track, a cat picture, how the hell do you make sure that people don't just keep duplicating their money?.. More »

10th, March Flashback

March 1980: Japanese Fishermen Shred Dolphins

Dolphins are shredded and turned into fertilizer in the process. Dead sea mammals, center bottom, are lifted into the shredder mounted on the barge in Japan in March 1980... More »

10th, March News

Everyone In Brixton Thinks Exactly The Same, Says Faked Channel 4 News Show

WHAT is Livity? It's a portmanteau of Living and City. And: Livity is a youth engagement agency. The banner above asks Livity users: "How do you unite young people against a common enemy.".. More »

10th, March Flashback

March 10 1969 In Photos: Martin Luther King's 'Innocent' Murderer James Earl Ray Jailed For 99 Years

ON May 10 1969, Martin Luther King's murderer James Earl Ray was jailed for 99 years by a court in Memphis, Tennessee. His guilty plea was made on the understanding he was spared the electric chair. In the aftermath of the murder, trouble flared... More »

10th, March Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Per Mertesacker Happy Reads The BFG

Arsenal's big German defender Per Mertesacker was pleased to find a book all about him at his local Islington library... More »

10th, March News

Why Hanging Dead Animals In Shop Windows Is Good For You And Your Free Kids

JBS family butcher's in Sudbury, Suffolk, was told to no longer display fresh meat in its shop window. It used to show off the fresh, hanging unplucked pheasants, deer, pigs heads and rabbits, but because someone complained that it offended them it's all gone... More »

10th, March Fashion

Otho Cushing Imagines 1950s Fashions In 1914

Real man carry canes... More »

10th, March Flashback 3

Fruit of the Rhyme: 8 Songs of Fruit

THE problem with songs about food is that, well, they’re never really about food. Tasty as brown sugar is, the Stones weren't really singing about sucrose. And when Robert Plant sings “Your custard pie, yeah, sweet and nice. When you cut it, mama, save me a slice” he’s not talking about pastries. You might say it’s a time honored tradition for rock and pop musicians to use food as symbols of sex and drugs. We certainly can’t go through them all, so let’s narrow it down and focus just on songs with fruit in the title. Here’s a playlist that not only is interesting and fun, but also rich in Vitamin C... More »