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18th, January News 1

Daily Mail readers offer: a cut-priced cancer maker and juicer

Everything we know about fruit juice we learned in the Daily Mail... More »

17th, January Strange But True

Watch a thick-thighed woman steal a TV by hiding in up her dress

To Guapiles in central Costa Rica, where a woman is stealing a TV set by smuggling up the dress she is wearing. .. More »

17th, January Sports

Arsenal Transfer Balls: winger Edgar makes it 63 and counting

More »

17th, January Key Posts

The Islamophobia generating honour brigades: turning Muslims into a race

There has been lots of talk of Islamophobia. But how real is it? Are the mob about to race riot? Is every outrage by Islamist nuters - and many in France involve hunting Jews - followed by a bout of anti-Muslim violence? The Press would have us think so. .. More »

16th, January Strange But True

Jesus Peacock spotted in the Northern Lights

Is it a bird? Is it a firework? Is it a Russian missile? No, dude, it's Jesus Christ. And he's using the Northern Lights over Iceland to make his Second Coming... More »

16th, January News

The Most Bananas Intro To A Newspaper Column: Tom Utley of the Daily Mail Sees The Bride Of Stephen Fry

Tom Utley of the Mail surges into an early lead in this year's Most Bananas Intro to a Newspaper Column contest... More »

16th, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal sign Schneiderlin who wants to play for Manchester United

Transfer Balls: Can it be true? Have Arsenal signed Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin?... More »

16th, January NSFW

Japan: women licking doorknobs is a fetish

Niche... More »

16th, January News

Free Speech: Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, Liam Stacey and Charlie Hebdo are all victims of thought censors

What percentage of terrorists attack in Europe are perpetuated by Islamists?... More »

16th, January Sports

Floyd Mayweather opens his 'toy world

This week on the Instagram Beat, boxer suprmere Floyd Mayweather was showcasing off his chattles... More »

16th, January Strange But True

'Man Tries To Have Sex With Post Box' Is Nothing Safe?

Two thoughts, well three: 1. He tried to shag an inanimate box with a hole in it? And failed!... More »

16th, January News

Robert Crumb on Charlie Hebdo: God according to Mohamid Bakshi

Robert Crumb has repsonded to the Mohammed Charlie Hebdo cover story. And Crumb knows all there is to know about religion. He wrote the Bible... More »

16th, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal sign Ryan Shawcross, Grzegorz Krychowiak and it's 65

Arsenal Transfer Balls: To date, the media has liubnked the Gunners to - get this - 62 footballers. Arsenal are going mad in the January sales. And it does not end there. No way. There are even more players heading to the Emirates... More »

15th, January News

Pope Francis V Jesus Hebdo: The 'other cheek' is a clenched fist

Pope Francis has a few words on free speech and the murder of journalists, police and Jews in Paris... More »

15th, January Key Posts

Free Speech: The Sun finds a 'dark-skinned' capitalist sellling Charlie Hebdo magazines in Gloucestershire

The Sun is cheering for free speech. It is cheering for Ila Aghera, the "defiant" shopkeeper selling copies of Charlie Hebdo magazine to the many French speaskers and peopls who can say "Jew Suis Charlie" in her area. The Sun loves her... More »

15th, January Politicians

Burnham's Moral Rhetoric: Vote Labour to stop Tony The Tiger abusing your children

Remember when fat meant jolly and thin was mean? Well, it's over. Now fat is sign of failure: yours and your parents' grinding failure.... More »

15th, January TV & Radio

Free Speech: Sky News recoils in face of Charlie Hebdo cover

Live on Sky News we have free speech campaigner Caroline Fourest. She's astounded that Sky won't show the subject of their story: the cover of Charlie Hebdo... More »

15th, January News 2

Free speech means defending the racist: Dieudonné must be innocent

Oh, the irony: the racist French entertainer Dieudonné ius the subject of a criminal investigation into something he wrote on Facebook... More »

15th, January Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal buy Ilkay Gundogan and Mats Hummels for £43m more than they have

Transfer Balls: The BBC has stella news for Arsenal fans... More »

15th, January Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Manchester City CAN Get Messi, Chelsea can't but Manchester United could

Transfer Balls: Manchester City are buying Lionel Messi. Well, sort of. The Sun leads with news that City "CAN"get Messi... More »

15th, January News

Bristol University Student Union bans Charlie Hebdo for being 'unsafe'

You can have Paris. But you free speech fundamentalists can never have Bristol University campus. The local Student Union’s “Safe Space” policy forbids free speech lest it fuddle a student's mindsand makes them confront ideas they don't like... More »

15th, January Royal Family 1

Sarah Ferguson name drops Imperial College to get Americans to swallow her crap

Sarah, Duchess of York, is on NBC's the Today Show talking about herself. She tells viewers of her work as ambassador for the Institute of Global Health Improvement at Imperial College London.... More »

14th, January In Pictures

Wonderful photos of the world’s most stylish theatres

n Reflections: Theatres, the world's most beautiful theatres are laid out in a book.... More »

14th, January Politicians

The Pub Landlord is standing against Nigel Farage in South Thanet at the general election

Can you spot the joke? More »

14th, January Books

How To Get A Husband: An 1880 guide to spotting a man

How To Get A Husband - a guide for woman in the 1880s... More »