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23rd, May Politicians

Look Natural Ed: The Best Of Ed Miliband V Food And Cameras

ED Miliband only needs a baby blue bow in his hair to look more like a gift to the Tory election strategy... More »

23rd, May Flashback 1

Funny Not Found: TV Guide Adverts For Terrible Comedies

IF you ever start to get depressed by the current TV offerings, take a look at the comedies airing in the States in decades past. Here are 15 adverts from TV Guide which will have you counting your blessings... More »

22nd, May Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Sagna Takes The Silver And Runs To The Manchester City Cashpoint

What facts..? More »

22nd, May Flashback 5

All Broken Up Inside: The Five Most Shocking Character Deaths in Cult-TV History

WILLIAM Shakespeare once wrote that “the valiant taste of death but once,” while cowards die “many times” before their actual demise. Audiences of cult TV classics might also be said to die many times too, especially if they watch and re-watch beloved characters die in their favorite genre programming... More »

22nd, May Money

This Terribly Stupid Strike Against McDonald's

THERE'S a very stupid piece of labour activism going on over in the US. It's a series of strikes and demonstrations against McDonald's over the pay that the people working in the stores receive. The reason it's such a silly set of demos and strikes is simply that McDonald's doesn't actually employ the workers. So why shout at the people who can't change the situation?.. More »

22nd, May Politicians

UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent

WE took lots of photos of UKIP Leader Nigel Farage arrives at Cudham Church of England Primary School in Cudham, Kent, to cast his vote in today's Local and European elections... More »

22nd, May Key Posts

Luis Suarez: Liverpool Fans Can Relax - He's Not Been Injured By An Act of God

LOTS of chatter about Luis Suarez not being fit to play for Uruguay in the summer's World Cup. On Talk Sport, jobbing controversialist Andy Durham says it's all karma for his handball in the 2010 tournament. But to attribute Suarez's poorly knee to karma is ignorant... More »

22nd, May News

No Weapons Restaurant Robbed At Gunpoint

JOINING the gun law debate, we turn to events in Durham, NC, where armed villains have robbed Pit Authentic Barbecue. That;s the store displaying the “No Weapons” sign in its reports... More »

22nd, May manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Release The Van Gaal Journobots

DUTCH newspaper NRC have called on their many years’ experience of treading on eggshells around the notoriously volatile Louis van Gaal in press conferences to provide their British colleagues with ten golden rules to follow when interviewing the new Manchester United manager to avoid having their danglies torn off… More »

22nd, May manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Toni Kroos Signed For David Moyes But Stayed At Bayern

Want to hear what Bayern president Karl Hopfner told German magazine Kicker?... More »

22nd, May Technology

Making Sense of Chemical Stories: The Posters

Not all man-made chemicals are bad for you... More »

22nd, May Money

In America Rising Court Fees Mean The Poor Always Go To Prison

In Augusta, Ga., a judge sentenced Tom Barrett to 12 months after he stole a can of beer worth less than $2... More »

22nd, May News

Prince Charles Know His History: Vladimir Putin Is Doing A Hitler

WHAT are we to make of the news that Prince Charles likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler?... More »

22nd, May Liverpool 1

Liverpool Balls: Hands Up Who Wants Luis Suarez To Miss The World Cup

THE Daily Suarez: A look at the Liverpool star in the news... More »

22nd, May Film 1

The Top 15 Greatest Retro Sci-Fi TV Themes

THE mission: To identify the top 15 science fiction television program themes from eons past. It’s a region of space many Internet listers have gone before... but those were just training exercises. This expedition is for real. Let the countdown begin... More »

21st, May manchester united 2

Manchester United Balls: Toni Kroos Agrees A Deal Then Discusses It Later

IN today's instalment of Transfer Balls, the Express says Manchester United have bought Bayern Munich's Tony Kroos... More »

21st, May Music

Led Zeppelin Sued For 'Stairway' Rip-Off - Hear The Evidence

TO crate diggers and muso-nerds, this won't be news at all, but to the occasional rock fan, you may not know that Led Zeppelin's iconic 'Stairway To Heaven' has been accused of being a rip-off for quite some time. And now, someone is suing the band over it.... More »

21st, May Flashback 10

The Five Most Underrated Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation

IFStar Trek: The Next Generation (1987 – 1994) did not have the words “Star” and “Trek” in the series title -- or the good fortune to air on TV the year after the box office hit, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) -- it may never have survived a few awkward, early seasons and come to achieve the reputation for greatness it currently enjoys with fans and reviewers... More »

21st, May Flashback 1

The Queen Makes The First Subscriber Trunk Dialled Telephone Call In 1958

ON May 5, 1958, Queen Elizabeth II made the first subscriber trunk dialled telephone call from the Bristol Telephone Exchange. She called the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, more than 300 miles (482km) away. Her call lasted two minutes five seconds and cost 10d (or the equivalent of four pence in decimal currency)... More »

21st, May In Pictures

Marijuana March For Legalization At The Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

WE went along to the "Marijuana March" in support of marijuana legalization at the Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, May 10, 2014. About 1,000 people gathered for the demonstration demanding the legalization of the production and sale of marijuana... More »

21st, May marijuana

Situations Pretty Vacant: The FBI Is Hiring Pot Smokers

THIS is rather fun. The FBI, over in the US, is one of the most staid and white bread organisations in the world. They're cops, of a sort, yes, but the internal culture at the place is still pretty much 50's America. Flag, Mom and apple pie. And one of the parts of that is that pot smoking is absolutely verboeten... More »

21st, May Politicians

UKIP: One Out Of Two Romanians Agrees wIth Nigel Farage

DID you enjoy that Channel 4 News interview, the one where Jon Snow asked two Romanian guests what they thought of UKIP and Nigel Farage's comment on "unruly Romanians". We met Mariana Gordan, a woman who moved to the UK as a refugee, escaping the murderous nutjob Ceausescu. She's lived here for 35 years... More »

21st, May The Consumer

Terrible Adverts: Vifit Kills Your Sex Drive And Turns Women Into Strippers

VIFIT is the dairy drink from Dutch company Friesland Campina that, if this advert is to be believed, will turn women who look at it into strippers and men who drink it off sex... More »

21st, May In Pictures

Charming Photos Of American Children Holding Their Guns

"One of the only things I had going for me was that I’m not some weird-looking guy. I really wanted to know what parents and kids thought about having the guns..." More »

21st, May Money 1

Abu Hamza's Family Deserve All The British Benefits They Can Get

THE Daily Mail is on one of its head explodey little warpaths shouting about how the family of Abu Hookand (aka Abu Hamza) live off state benefits. But if they are in fact British then why the hell shouldn't they get the same benefits, rights to them, as any other British people?... More »