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9th, October News

Teenager Murdered His Mother And Lost His Virginity To Her Corpse

After caving her head in he reached into the hole to “grab her brain”... More »

9th, October News

Watch The Gun That Makes And Fires Paper Airplanes

Want! More »

9th, October Politicians

Statue To The 'Muslim' Ghandi Erected In Cardiff

Handy... More »

9th, October Books 1

Nobel Academy Uses Gobbledygook To Praise Literature Prize Winner Patrick Modiano

The Nobel Prize writes utter balls... More »

9th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Pay More For Edison Cavani Than Chelsea Paid For Him

TRANSFER Balls: Can it be that the Gunners are going to buy Edison Cavani?... More »

9th, October In Pictures

Photos Of The Day: October 9 2014

Today's 10 at 2... More »

9th, October News

Chelsea Balls: Calling Jose Mourinho A 'Racist' Is Stupid

RACISM is such a big issue, you wouldn't think a national newspaper who use it as a cheap way to score hits, would you? So. When we read in the Daily Express of a Jose 'Mourinho Race Row", we're intrigued. Can the Chelsea boss have erred?... More »

9th, October Sports

Spurs Balls: Harry Redknapp Almost Signed Viera And Luis Suarez, Says Harry Redknapp

QPR manager Harry Redknapp has his latest book serialised in the Daily Mail... More »

9th, October Key Posts

In 1976 Top of The Pops Feartured Legs & Co Dancing To Lalo Schifrin's Theme From Jaws

It's 1976 and the BBC is struggling... More »

9th, October Cars 1

Who Drew A Huge Penis On A $2.5m Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport?

Why bother..? More »

9th, October Key Posts

Witchcraft In The UK And African Churches: Children Are Murdered When Exorcism Fails

More »

9th, October News

Ebola Watch: US And Europe Act After The Horse Has Bolted

The ebola horror round-up... More »

9th, October News

Black-Eyed Children To Win X Factor

Kids today... More »

8th, October News

Peanuts: Charlie Brown Is Cancer Boy - A Nihilist Allegory

The doctor is out... More »

8th, October Sports

Football Is A Cipher For All Social Ills: Kevin Pietersen Is Lucky He Plays Cricket

WRITING in the Times, Rory Smith looks at Kevin Pietersen and how football isn't allowed to be a sport but seen as cipher for social ills... More »

8th, October Madeleine McCann

Brenda Leyland: The McCanns, A Scarecrow And God

More views on the dead woman... More »

8th, October Sports 2

Harry Redknapp Forgets His Own Record As He Bashes Manchester City And Modern Racists

HARRY Redknapp is always good for a space filler. The Daily Mail has "The best bits from our exclusive interview with Harry Redknapp as his new book of glorious football memories hits the shelves"... More »

8th, October Celebrities

BBC God Only Knows: The Song of the Apocalypse

THE BBC have made a charity single and that's a nice thing. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't take the piss. The record - an all-star version of the Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows' - is for Children In Need and isn't unlike the BBC All-Star version of 'Perfect Day', a song about being on smack... More »

8th, October News

Face of The Day: Ray Cole Comes Home From Morocco, A Place Beyond Parody

FACE of the day: Ray Cole (centre) is greeted by his family at Gatwick Airport in West Sussex as he returns from Morocco... More »

8th, October News 1

Islam's Problem: Ben Affleck Misses The Forest For The Trees

...any religion that still cannot allow its own texts to be subject to scholarly and historical inquiry, any religion that denies in so many parts of the world any true opportunities for women... More »

8th, October News 1

The NHS Atlas of Risk: 'Low Fruit And Vegetables' Worse Than Murder And Drugs

THE NHS Atlas of Risk will tell you the chanes of dying from various things... More »

8th, October Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Daniel Alves Will Join Liverpool Or Manchester United Because Barcelona Have And Have Not Told Him To Go

More utter balls in the Daily Star... More »

8th, October Key Posts

Unsavoury Snacks: From Meat Sweets To Biohazards

When we think of sweets, we tend to think… well, SWEET. OK, we might think of a shrimp… More »

8th, October manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Roy Keane Finally Escapes The Haaland Trauma

MANCHESTER United's former captain Roy Keane has a book out. It's his second autobiography. To show how much he's moved on, he talks of former Leeds Untied midfielder Alf-Inge Rasdal "Alfie" Håland... More »

8th, October Money

The Policeman Not Qualified To Ride A Bike

More »