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17th, March Flashback 1

1969: KFC's Colonel Harlan Sanders In Las Vegas

FLASHBACK to 21/01/1969... More »

17th, March Celebrities

Courtney Love Did Not Find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - Richard Barrow Did

IN "Courtney Love Thinks She May Have Found Missing Malaysian Plane - Hole frontwoman posts theory on Flight 370" Rolling Stone adds a celebrity element to the hunt for the missing jet... More »

17th, March Flashback 1

Listen To Aldous Huxley's Talks On The Visionary Experience' And Read His Advice To Albert Hofmann On Taking LSD

Hofmann had invented LSD, first synthesising lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in 1938. He experienced the world's first acid trip" on April 19 1943 as he cycled home from his Swiss laboratory. That was Bicycle Day... More »

17th, March Music

BBC To Shock Everyone By Celebrating Yet More Music Played By White People: The Britpop Years

However, the BBC is moving away from the 70s and 80s and looking at the 90s! Surely, the birth and globalisation of hip hop is going to get a look in! How could any discerning record nut ignore the impact of Public Enemy, NWA, Wu, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie Smalls, De La Soul and so much more?! ... More »

17th, March Sports

Amazon Sells Baseball Bats As Sex Toys In Germany

BASEBALL is not a big deal in Germany. So. What does the Teutonic entrepreneur do with all the bats they bough? Why, they repurpose them as plus-sized sex aides. And users of can buy them as“Bondage Fetish Mega Dildos”... More »

17th, March Celebrities

L'Wren Scott - A Life In Photos

The model in photos... More »

17th, March Celebrities

Fashion designer and Mick Jagger's girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, commits suicide

BREAKING. Fashion designer L'Wren Scott has been found dead after hanging herself in her New York apartment this morning. L'Wren has been known, of late, as being the girlfriend of Mick Jagger. A spokesman for the Rolling Stones singer said he was: "completely shocked and devastated" at the news... More »

17th, March News

Domenico Rancadore, Amanda Knox And An Italian Justice Sytem Every Bit As Crap As The British Reporting

AMANDA Knox, we have some good news. The woman found guilty of murdering Mereditch Kercher should be able to escape extradition to Italy by citing the case of Sicilian Mafia fugitive Domenico Rancadore. Thought by Italian police to be the leader a Mafia clan based in Trabia near Palermo, Domenico has been living in the UK for 20 years as one Marc Skinner... More »

17th, March The Consumer

Dumb Products You Never Knew You Didn't Need: Smart Sheets

TODAY learnt that we don't need Smart Bedding. For those four or five of you who sleep beneath a sheet beneath your duvet, there is a solution to sheet ride... More »

17th, March Celebrities

Bez Joins The Happy Anti-Frackers At Barton Moss

SO. There was the Happy Monday's dancer Mark 'Bez' Berry kicking off his campaign to run for Parliament by joining the Barton Moss anti-fracking site, Manchester. Bez, famous for winning Celebrity Big Brother, playing the maracas whilst white-and-not-drunk-in-a-Spanish-pub and being the subject of the line "Everyone thinks Bez has about two pounds of coke up his nose all the time and he's on about eight E's", aims to “stir things up” in the Commons. His manifesto is concise... More »

17th, March Books

Comic Book Nerdorama: 12 Ways 2000AD Is Zarjaz

More »

17th, March Music

Miley Cyrus Gives Out To Security During Gig

Angered by it, Miley goes into a rant, doing the unthinkable and actually giving a monkeys about her fans and how much money they've spent on her. She notes that, if people are paying loads of money, then they really should be allowed to take some pictures at concerts... More »

17th, March Flashback

March 1977: 18 Classic Photos I Found (Hanafi Muslims, the Pan Am-KLM crash, Manchester United, The Sex Pistols And More)

Hanafi Muslims, the Pan Am-KLM crash, Manchester United and The Sex Pistols... More »

17th, March The Consumer

Burlington France's Peado Inspired Advert For Socks Is Weird

This is odd... More »

17th, March Money

Five Families Are Richer Than 20% Of All Britons - And So Are 80% Of You

In a report, a Tale of Two Britains, Oxfam said the poorest 20% in the UK had wealth totalling £28.1bn – an average of £2,230 each. The latest rich list from Forbes magazine showed that the five top UK entries – the family of the Duke of Westminster, David and Simon Reuben, the Hinduja brothers, the Cadogan family, and Sports Direct retail boss Mike Ashley – between them had property, savings and other assets worth £28.2bn... More »

17th, March Music

Listen To When Irish Eyes Are Smiling And Other St Patrick's Day Nightmares

HAPPY St Patrick's Day to anyone who wants an excuse to drink. Here is a lovely rendition of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling for the St. Patrick’s Parade and Festival in Atlanta, USA... More »

17th, March Strange But True 1

Saudi Arabia Bans The Names Linda And Sandy But June Is OK

SAUDI Arabia has banned the name Linda.The country's interior ministry says Linda contradicts the religion or the culture of the Kingdom... More »

17th, March News

Emily Bell Upset That Vice, Quartz, Vox And Buzzfeed Are As Misogynistic As The Guardian

THE GUARDIAN'S Emily Bell on Comment is Free on the lack of diversity in journalists hired for new startups.. More »

17th, March Flashback

15 Great Moments in Sexually Suggestive Pop Music

IN 1985, Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) released their “Filthy 15” – fifteen songs they felt were the most objectionable on the planet. Prince’s “Darling Nicki” topped the list, Sheena Easton's “Sugar Walls” came in at #2, and Cyndi Lauper’s “She-Bop” rounded out the list at #15... More »

16th, March TV & Radio 1

BBC To Be Replaced By Rolling Noel Edmonds

NOEL EDMONDS will save the BBC from “inevitable disaster”. Yes, he will refuse to ever work for the corporation again. No. It's something worse than that. The BBC will be replaced by rolling Noel Edmonds... More »

16th, March Flashback

The Russia Empire In Colour 1905-15: 18 Photos

WHAT did the Russian Empire between 1905 and 1915? Thanks to these images and more from the work of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Collection, we get some idea. Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) set out to record the landscape and its people in colour... More »

16th, March Flashback

1930: The Mechanical Hen Demonstrates The Anatomy Of A Chicken

The hen with the mechanical internal organs, who surprised visitors at the World's Poultry Congress in London by giving a brief lecture on how she utilized her food to make eggs... More »

16th, March Flashback

Swearing Peppa Pig Presents The World's Rudest Toys

PEPPER Pig was in the news again this week, and once again the news wasn’t good. Following previous complaints about her disrespectful and naughty behaviour, there are now claims that one of the characters in her DVD used the f-word, and that this has caused a young Welsh child to use the same foul curse. In the event, it turned out that the actual word in question was ‘rocking’, but the pronunciation left enough ambiguity to cause mischief. Judge for yourself… More »

16th, March Liverpool

Manchester United And Liverpool Balls: 'David Moyes Is A Football Genius' And Other Great Reactions

MANCHESTER United are in the mire. David Moyes' team have been thumped 0-3 at home to Liverpool. Taxi for Moyes!... More »

16th, March Strange But True

Man Conceived After Phil Collins Concert Protests At Destruction Of His Heritage

"IT is a weird story, I must admit, " says Kevin Walters. "About 21 years ago, my parents were at a Phil Collins concert here in Chicago, and one thing led to another. They ended up at the oasis … and I was conceived there. They were like, 'Oh yeah, hey, we never really told you how you were born, or your conception,' and my parents are weird people, so it's not that surprising.".. More »