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15th, March Strange But True

Man busted for dipping cotton wool on McDonald's coffee and rubbing them over his skin

Cotton balls and coffee... More »

14th, March Politicians

Beyond parody: feminist Government wants to ban designer vaginas

The bansturbators have a new target: your vagina. Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the select committee, wants to celebrate freedom and promote feminism by controlling what a woman can do with her vagina... More »

14th, March Politicians

The greatest ever TV caption: at home with the Young Conservative

Still the greatest ever TV caption... More »

13th, March Liverpool 2

Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling is off to Bayern Munich in an 'exclusive'

The Sun has an "exclusive". News is that Raheem Sterling has yet to sign a deal to prolong his stay at Liverpool... More »

13th, March News

Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell remain inconveniently innocent

The story of Prince Andrew and the underage 'sex slave' Victoria Roberts has down the British media's newscycle. But elsewhere it nags on. Roberts claims to have shagged Prince Andrew three times while working as Jeffrey Epstein's 'masseuse'. Andrew denies it. All we know for certain is that they've met.... More »

13th, March Newcastle United

Revealed: When Manchester United sack Louis Van Gaal

Talking Balls: Is Manchester United manger Louis Van Gaal going to remain at Old Trafford or be sacked? The media experts have been informing their readers.... More »

13th, March News

Police news: ISIS fag is a jacket in a tree

Have we let the murderous goons of Islamic State infect out minds? In Italy, police were called when a local spotted an Isis flag hanging outside an apartment building... More »

13th, March News

Smiley the therapy dog with no eyes brightens people's lives

Smiley, a golden retriever, was born without eyes. He lives in Stouffville, Canada, working as a St. John’s Ambulance service dog. .. More »

13th, March News

When Stetson Kennedy, Mr. Ayak and Superman smashed the KKK

On Flashbak the story of Stetson Kennedy, the campaigning journalist who infiltrated the Klu Klux Klan in the 1940s and exposed their life to ridicule. He din;'t do it alone. He got Superman to help... More »

13th, March Arsenal 1

Talking balls: Arsenal war chest swells to £267.55m

Talking Balls: just how large is Arsenal's "war chest"?... More »

13th, March Strange But True

A thieving Romanian dwarf could be hiding in your holiday luggage

"The Daily Star has a short story on a "thieving Romanian dwarf"... More »

12th, March Music

Madonna accuses BBC Radio 1's 49-year-old music chief of ageism

Madonna accuses BBC Radio 1 of "discriminatory and unfair" behaviour for failing to play her latest song, Living For Love. The song failed to make the station's playlist, which dictates its most-played songs. The BBC says this had led to "accusations of ageism from the 56-year-old's fans".... More »

12th, March Chelsea

Chelsea balls: Oscar's studs, Mourinho's script and media bias turns Diego Costa into the 'devil'

When Chelsea lost to PSG in a tetchy, dramatic and acrimonious Champions' League match last night, some of the newspapers picked sides.... More »

12th, March Politicians

Nigel Farage echoes Labour's 'British jobs for British workers'

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been talking about immigrants, migrants and jobs. The Guardian leads with Farage's views on Muslims in the UK who could form "a fifth column and kill us".... More »

12th, March Key Posts 3

Free speech: Southampton University's racist anti-Israel debate must go ahead

Southampton University's debte on the State of Israel is called International Law and the State of Israel... More »

12th, March Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Zephany Nurse, Yeremi Vargas and Blackpool peadophiles

Madeleine McCann: a look at reporting on the missing child in the news. The Daily Star has news on Page 11: "Dad of Kidnapped Girls: Don't Give Up Hope Over Maddie"... More »

12th, March Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal ands Liverpool sign Khedira from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid

Transfer Balls catches the Daily Star's news that Arsenal and Liverpool are all set to sign Sami Khedira.... More »

12th, March News

Court tells man he can't smoke in his own home

First they said you can't smoke in the bar. Then they said you can't smoke in the stadium. Now Washington DC's Edwin Gray has been banned from smoking inside his own home. No-one he lives with him in what has been the family home for 50 years minds his smoking marijuana or tobacco... More »

11th, March Strange But True

Philippines police arrest man who raped a cow and made her pregnant

The Philippines police showcase Andy Loyola, arrested after he was allegedly caught having sex with a missing cow. .. More »

11th, March News

Tabloid tropes: why Daily Mail readers are happiest in the world

What is the happiest age of your life? No need to answer because the 'Daily Mail Reporter' knows. It's 34.... More »

11th, March TV & Radio

Vince Gilligan says: stop tossing pizzas on the Breaking Bad House

Fans of Breaking Bad like to re-enact the scene from the Caballo Sin Nombre episode that features Walter White flipping a pizza on to the roof of his house... More »

11th, March News

New Statesman journalist wants 350,000 Jeremy Clarkson untermensch murdered

Sarah Ditum writes on Jeremy Clarkson, the journalist suspended from presenting Top Gear amid allegations that he punched a BBC colleague... More »

11th, March Liverpool

Liverpool balls: 'Disgraceful' Muslim Reds fans caught praying on unofficial prayer mat

The Asian Age has the story of the Liverpool fan who said two Muslim fans praying during the team's FA Cup quarter-final clash against Blackburn Rovers were "a disgrace"... More »

11th, March In Pictures

The nude models of Buffers Model Railways: rail enthusiasts go spotting

Railway enthusiasts are buying little naked figures in compromising positions for their model railways. Made by Germany's Noch, Buffers Model Railways sells the adult models from its Axminster Devon, store.... More »

11th, March News

Sex libel: All Indian males are suspected rapists

YOU can libel an entire people, milions and millions of them. Did you know that all Indian males are suspected rapists? ... More »