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29th, June Music

Listen To This Ear-Breaking Collection Of The Worst Demo Tapes From The 1980s

In the late 1980′s, my cousin gave me a cassette that instantly became an obsession of mine. It was a tape, compiled by a UK record company – and made purely for internal use – featuring the worst songs they’d ever been sent from the thousands of demo tapes they received each year.... More »

29th, June Celebrities

Jimmy Savile Ravished The Dead: The 1990 Interview With The BBC's Yorkshire Ripper

IN 1990, Sir Jimmy Savile talked to Q Magazine of his sexual interst in fresh corpses... More »

29th, June Books 2

1940s Pre-Code Comic Book Horrors And Dr Wertham's 1954 Seduction of the Innocent

Dr. Wertham's 1954 book, Seduction of the Innocent, was an American bestseller - it tapped into the fears of parents from sea to shining sea and led to the a frenzy of censorship in the comic book world. The irony, however, is that the book was so poorly researched, that much of its content was simply made up. Of course, the public didn't give a baker's f**k about facts, and Seduction of the Innocent became a sensation... More »

29th, June Liverpool 2

Transfer Balls: Suarez Stays To Partner Sanchez As 8 More Bite Victims Come Forward

TRANSFER Balls - in association with the Daily Luis Suarez: as ever the aim for the Press is to spin to-deadline news from unnamed 'sources'... More »

28th, June Sports

World Cup Balls: England Fan Bites Ear Off England Fan In Brazil (Photos)

POLICE have confirmed that an England fan had a portion of his ear bitten off by another England fan during Uruguay match in São Paulo... More »

28th, June Liverpool

Luis Suarez Balls: Liverpool Striker Prompts Uruguay Fans To Eat Brazilian Baby (Photos)

Luis Suarez eats yer kids... More »

28th, June Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Rides A Shark's Bicycle In Florida

DID you know you have more chance of being bityen by Luis Suarezn than have of being bitten by a shark? It's true. You do... More »

28th, June manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Player Send Out Epic Pop-Out Old Trafford Wedding Invites

The menu is not know.... More »

28th, June In Pictures 1

Bannockburn 2014 Photos: Reliving The Bloody Battle For Scotland's Independence

Bannockburn 2014 Photos: Reliving The Bloody Battle For Scotland's Independence... More »

28th, June Music

Glastonbury Pain: Help Us Find The Sorrowful Man In These Photos

Who is is? And why is he so sad..? More »

28th, June Celebrities

Adrian… er, Adrian Chiles…uh…gives…. er, gives… uh… pause for… uh…thought

Listen to Radio 4’s ‘Today’ or ‘PM’ flagship current affairs programmes and you will hear the mellifluous Scottish tones of two presenters in an increasingly intensive competition to break the world record for dead air by the simple expedient of… pausing… between… almost every… other… word... More »

28th, June Celebrities

Barry Humphries Bans Lazy Comedians From Using The F-Word

Try harder... More »

28th, June manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Luke Shaw Loses £6m And Plays For His Old School

The richest teen in football... More »

28th, June Celebrities

Sky Ferreira Defends 'Uncle' Terry Richardson

She said that she's worked with Richardson since she was 17 and never felt "forced or manipulated into anything"... More »

27th, June In Pictures

Glastonbury 2014: Great Photos Of People In The Rain And Mud Featuring The World's Most Regretful Man

Scroll down for some great photos of people in the rain and the mud. Some enjoy it - most of them are under 10. The man at the end is less chuffed. He is the world's msot regretful man... More »

27th, June Flashback 1

Guilty Pleasures: 5 Musicians Of The 70s You’re Supposed To Hate (But Secretly Love)

Everyone remembers that scene in Tommy Boy where Farley and Spade declare their distaste for The Carpenters. After all, The Carpenters are “lame”. Only the biggest loser would actually like The Carpenters. Fast forward a bit, and they’re singing their little hearts out to “Superstar”.... More »

27th, June Celebrities

Phil Collins Donates his Alamo Collection to Texas

He said: "Some people would buy Ferraris, some people would buy houses, I bought old bits of metal and old bits of paper. It's at my home, in my basement in Switzerland. I look at it every day, but no one else was enjoying it." Collins' love grew from being a kid watching Fess Parker play Davy Crockett in the '55 Disney show 'Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier'.... More »

27th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Mario Balotelli Plays Joins Manchester United's Hernandez In Newlook Arsenal Front 5

TRANSFER Balls: A round-up of Mario Balotelli news in the scoop-to-deadline mainstream media... More »

27th, June Celebrities

Mug Shot: Bill Gates Arrested For Driving Without A License, 1977

So. Why was Bill nicked? More »

27th, June Key Posts 1

Mic Wright's Remotely Furious: The Weird World of Meet the Mormons

WATCHING Meet The Mormons (Channel 4) felt like taking part in a bizarre game of Where’s Wally? as the camera caught glimpses of the Church PR people lurking just out of shot... More »

27th, June Key Posts

Killer Nazi Child-Eating Rats Take Over Britain: The tale Of The Daily Star's Toothy Shockers

RATS! Everywhere you look...rats! More »

27th, June The Consumer

For Sale: Bid For This Signed Photos Of Jesus

ON August 17, you can bid for an “autographed” portrait of Jesus. It's signed “With love, J”... More »

27th, June Celebrities 1

12 Vintage TV Publicity Photos That Must Be Seen

FROM the Sonny & Cher show, here’s mom and Chastity (now Chaz) before the female-to-male gender transition. Is it wrong that I still find Cher sexy in a Tweety Bird outfit? Don’t answer that. But do enjoy a handful of great publicity photographs from the 1960s - 1980s. Some are odd, some awesome – all are interesting... More »

26th, June Sports

World Cup Balls: Paul Merson Forgets England 1984 And Thinks Mexico And Brazil Are Rubbish

WORLD Cup Balls presents the wit of Paul Merson - billed in the Daily Star as "Our top columnist",. He "shoots from the lip"... More »

26th, June Flashback 2

The 5 Greatest Episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979 - 1981)

AS impossible as it is for me to believe, Glen Larson’s version of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979 – 1981) turns thirty-five years old this year... More »