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18th, June News

Face of the Day: Russians Holiday On The Crimea's Seized Beaches

WHAT did you do in the war, dad?... More »

18th, June Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Liverpool Make Adam Lallana And Lazar Markovic Their Number 1 Guys

TRANSFER Balls reserves a special place in the Hall of Balls for those football experts with a-shock-news-to-deadline who can contradict themselves. Today the honour is with the Mirror's Ben Burrows, who is talking about Liverpool and Southampton's Adam Lallana... More »

18th, June Strange But True

Man Becomes Human Pincushion After Slapping Porcupine He Thought WAs An Opossum

ANTONIO Rodrigues Mororó, 50, from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the Human Pincushion. His career as a sideshow freak began one night during a party at his home... More »

18th, June Celebrities

And Now For The Omni-Weather: Jeremy Paxman's 8 Best Newsnight Moments

Paxman became the best thing on Newsnight. He set its knowing, sneery tone. He'll be missed by many. So. Let's see his best 8 moments... More »

18th, June Strange But True

Villains Hold Up Gun And Booze Store With Fake Gun

THE GUN debate moves to El Cajon, California. It's 2:15pm. Hiram’s Guns & Spirits is open for business - because guns and booze are the perfect bedfellows... More »

18th, June Promotions 1

10 Worst TV Shows Of All Time

Sponsored post... More »

18th, June Flashback

Epic Banners: Juventus Fans Taunt Liverpool: 'You Are More Ugly Than Camilla'

EPIC banners harks back to April 13, 2005... More »

17th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal To Sign Gonzalo Higuain (Just Like They Did Last Year)

TRANSFER Balls: it's been a busy Press for Arsenal's search for a top striker. So far, the trusty mainstream Press has had Arsenal signing Carlos Vela, Loic Remy, looking at Hulk, Antoine Griezmann, Mari Mandzukic, Karim Benzema, and have bid for Mario Balotelli... More »

17th, June Music


JLS have gocen to the EU's Boyband silo. But you can keep the magick alive with your... ...PERSONALISED ASTON JLS BIRTHDAY BADGE /FRIDGE MAGNET/MIRRORS... More »

17th, June Key Posts 2

The 20 Greatest Codas In Popular Music: The Song Goes From Average To Anthem

This is a subject that desperately deserves a list (after all, isn’t that what the Internet is for?). So, here are 20 of the greatest. But let's be clear: we’re not talking about the quality of the entire song - I'm only looking at this last bit. Lastly, please point out any glaring omissions in the comment section. Enjoy... More »

17th, June News

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Sign £30m Carlos Vela Let Let Him Go For £8m

TRANSFER Balls looks at Arsenal and Carlos Vela... More »

17th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Get Three Manchester United Players For Thomas Vermaelen

TRANSFER Balls: Having reported that Arsenal 'lifer' Thomas Vermaelen has committed his future to the Gunners and agreed to join Manchester United, the media looks for a new angle... More »

17th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Buy Mario Balotelli Without Ever Speaking To Him Or AC Milan

TRANSFER Balls: We begin with the Mirror's news on Mario Balotelli... More »

17th, June Liverpool

Hillsborough Joins The War On Free Speech And Bicholim: Chelsea Fan Sacked For Abusing Liverpool On Wikipedia

THE War on Free Speech looks at the story of the man who posted a message on Wikipedia. In "Revealed: How The Telegraph found the Hillsborough Wikipedia vandal"... More »

16th, June News

Albania Could Be Haven For Cannabis Smoking Backpackers On A Really Low Budget

Last week, Albanian special forces raided the marijuana-growing village of Lazarat, south of the capital Tirana... More »

16th, June Flashback

A Telling Memo On British Newspapers For King George VI's 1939 Visit To The USA

The Daily Mail is for the working classes... More »

16th, June Technology 1

A Close Look At The Royal Navy's New Starburst Missile Warhead

Now. If we can find a moving vessel to land those helicopters on, we're in business.... More »

16th, June Music

Stephen Fry Can Sing? BBC Plan Own Toe-Curlingly Bad Version Of Brit Awards

Everything cool the BBC touches turns to something your mum might like.... More »

16th, June Money

Using Tinder and Grindr Gives You The Clap

. That, at least, is the finding of a new piece of scientific research, that using dating apps on smartphones, like Tinder or Grindr, gives you the clap... More »

16th, June Tabloids

England Fans Drink 17 Pints Each Watching World Cup Defeat

GOOD to see that in this age of electronic journalism, the Daily Mail hacks are keeping their bottoms up in the pub... More »

16th, June Strange But True

Police Find Drugs Stash, Handgun But Not Jimmy Hoffa In Fat Man's Rolls

HOW fat is Christopher Mitchell. Why, he's so fat that he can hide his stash of weed in his stomach rolls... More »

16th, June Strange But True

Petrol Drinking Dog Spreads House Fire

WHAT does you dog like to drink? More »

16th, June Flashback 5

Hollywood Adaptations of Vintage TV Shows: An Awe-Inspiring String of Failures

Here are some of the tragic attempts made in the last decade or so. This list is by no means comprehensive. There are many more examples of Hollywood’s inability to get it right, but this is all I can ask of you to stomach in one sitting... More »

16th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Thomas Vermaelen Says He Will Never Leave Arsenal As He Agrees To Join Manchester United

TRANSFER BALLS: The Telegraph says Arsenal club captain Thomas Vermaelen has agreed a deal to join Manchester United this summer. The Belgian will earn £100,000 a week for five years - £30,000-a-week more than his current salary... More »

15th, June Celebrities

RIP Casey Kasem - The Voice Of Scoobie-Doo's Pal Shaggy Dies

RIP Casey Kasem. You were the great radio DJ who counted down the Top 40... More »