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17th, April News

The Hunting of Lord Janner: Frank Beck, The Commons Address And Nazis

The story of Labour peer Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone, QC, features prominerly on the cover of the Times and Independent.... More »

17th, April News

Poli-Pix: Even the Daily Mirror only want to see the back of Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband Watch: Is the Labour Party leader a vote winner or a vote loser? The Daily Mirror seems to have answered that question.... More »

17th, April Strange But True

Man expecting birthday BJ gets unexpected waxing from pranking girlfriend

In the Czech Republic Erik Meldik is one half of the pranking ViralBrothers.... More »

17th, April Film

Watch The Premiere Of John Carpenter's Night Video

'Music to shiver by' might be the name of John Carpenter's album of Lost Themes. The man who thrilled us with his Halloween and these overlooked gems inspired directors Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst to put pictures to his tune Night.... More »

16th, April Politicians

Watch a year six pupil tell a Labour MP why he'd vote UKIP

So. Tristram Hunt, the shadow education secretary, was getting down with the cool kids at Howitt Primary School at Heanor, Derbyshire.... More »

16th, April Strange But True

Florida police fail to shoot dead living god having sex with a tree

To Florida, where Kenneth Crowder, 41, of Melbourne, is attempting to expand the Holy Tree-nity by having sex with a tree. Crowder is off his face of flakka, a form of bath salts.... More »

16th, April marijuana

Watch two teenagers teach you how to smoke marijuana in 1997

Want to see two teenagers teach us how to smoke marijuana in the 1990s? Well, you're in luck. ... More »

16th, April NSFW

See The Sturdy 18th Century Sex Toy They Found In An Ancient Polish Toilet

It turns out that sex wasn't invented when your loins first stirred over a copy of the Argos catalgoue.... More »

16th, April NSFW

Watch Sing When It Happens: The Japanese Karaoke Game Show Where You Get A Hand Job Whilst Singing

Japan has given us some of the world's weirdest games shows. But it's excelled itself with Sing What Happens, the show starring male contestants to sing karaoke whilst a presenter gives them a hand job.... More »

16th, April Politicians

Poli-Pix: Zooming In On 'Normal' Daniel Miliband As Nigel Farage Gets A Gun

Once again the Daily Mirror features not a single photograph of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband.... More »

16th, April Liverpool 1

Liverpool's Raheem Sterling is tabloid scum

The Daily Raheem Sterling: a look at the Liverpool player in the tabloid Press.... More »

16th, April Arsenal

Jurgen Klopp Should Go To Arsenal, West Ham Or Liverpool And Avoid Manchester City

Jurgen Klopp is heading out of Borussia Dortmund. But where to next for the affable German?... More »

15th, April In Pictures

Where to see this - the world's greatest cat mask

This mask is outstanding... More »

15th, April News

Other Parents: Read the Facebook letter telling first-time mother to shut up about her kids

Will Jade Ruthven, 33, stop posting stories about her kid on Facebook? The Australian first-time mother has received an anonymous letter... More »

15th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling Is The Giggling To An Early Grave

LIVERPOOL'S Raheem Sterling is part of a trend. The shisha smokin', laughin' gas inhalin' star is just the latest footballer to be "involved in off the field controversy". Well, so says the Daily Mail, which delivers five players who erred.... More »

15th, April Strange But True

Thief arrested after programming his address into stolen car's GPS

To Jefferson County, Alabama, where police are responding to a call that a man has tried to steal a truck.... More »

15th, April Politicians

Poli-pix: Ed Miliband vanishes from the Daily Mirror and picks his nose in The Sun

Poli-Pix: a daily look at biased tabloid photos of the leading politicians. ... More »

15th, April Politicians

Lookalikes: Nicola Sturgeon Is Little Jimmy Krankie

Lookalike of the day features SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and TV and panto star 'Little' Jimmy Krankie.... More »

15th, April Key Posts 1

Tabloid hell: Liverpool's drug-pushing Raheem Sterling mocks the dead

Raheem Sterling, the Liverpool player, is the worst person on the planet. We know this because the Daily Star features him on its Page 5. Pictured smiling and looking the 20-year-old Liverpool and England player is placed alongside a photograph of Jimmy Guichard, also 20.... More »

15th, April Key Posts

Jimmy Savile's new hit, the Kincora Boys home and playing politics with paedos

The Daily Star reports that The Proclaimers, singers of such monster-monster hits as I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) and Letter from America, have written a song about Jimmy Savile. ... More »

15th, April News 1

Raheem Sterling stays at Liverpool, heads To Manchester City and joins Jordan Ibe in Hell

Liverpool fans looking to the papers for news of Raheem Sterling will be confused.... More »

14th, April Strange But True

See what happens when you stick a hummingbird in a wind tunnel

So. What does happen when you place a hummingbird in a wind tunnel?... More »

14th, April marijuana

Cannabis: non-psychoactive cannabidiol can curn your epileptic seizures

More evidence that marijuana can be good for you. A cannabis extract containing non-psychoactive cannabidiol cut epileptic seizures in half... More »

14th, April News

Times newspaper shocker: SKY TV porn and The Sun sex lines lead to demonic possession

The Times (prop. Rupert Murdoch) has amazing news: porn and drugs are the Devil's work.... More »

14th, April Politicians

Poli-Pix: Ed Miliband is yellow, David Cameron is pink and Nigel Farage is laughing

Poli-pix: a daily look at how the big politcal party leaders are presented in the tabloids. Biased much? You betcha!... More »