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23rd, September The Consumer

In 1979 The War On Drugs Outlawed The McDonald's Spoon

MCDONALDS alientated a key demographic among its clientele: the drugs user... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Daily Mail Irony: Emma Watson Wear A White Belted Coat For Women's Rights

SO. How does the Daily Mail report on Emma Watson's appearance at a UN sexual equality do? ... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Jasmine Tridevil: Want To See The Surgery Video?

HAVING realised that two fake Jordans is hackneyed, Alisha Hessler got three boobs and changed her name to Jasmine Trivdevil... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Faces Of The Day: When Amy Winehouae And Nicole Kidman Met The Lemurs

Fame hurts... More »

23rd, September The Consumer

Art Of The Cofffee Shop Toilet

Well, if you say so... More »

23rd, September Technology

The Chinese iPhone Black Market

STOOD in the line outside Apple's NYC emporium, Casey Neistat spotted Chinese resellers looking to resells the gadgets before they're launched in China... More »

23rd, September Arsenal

Manchester United: Just another Chelsea

More »

23rd, September Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Manchester City And Chelsea Hope Everton's Ross Barkley Forgets His 'Dream'

TRANSFER Balls: Is Everton's Ross Barkley leaving Goodison Park to play for Manchester City or Chelsea?... More »

23rd, September News

Josh Lederman, Barack Obama And The War On Bush And Facts

BARACK Obama has ordered air strikes on Islamic State. Washington, France and five named Arab nations have joined the fight on the jihadists... More »

23rd, September News

Woman Jammed Her Finger Up Staffordhire Terrier's Bum To End Attack On Her Beloved Jack Russell

"SHE'S my soulmate, and I love her so much and I was so glad she was actually saved," says Ann Bendouli. "It said if you have a lighter, put it onto its bottom"... More »

23rd, September News

Hope And Change In Syria And Iraq: Vote Obama Get Romney

HOW'S that pledge not to be like Mitt Romney going? Two months before the 2012 presidential election, Vice President Biden warned on the campaign trail that Mitt Romney wanted to go to war with Syria... More »

22nd, September Celebrities

Jasmine Tridevil Photos: The Woman With Three Breasts

Here is Miss Jasmine Tridevil in photos... More »

22nd, September Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Debuchy And Walcott Star In Hospital Drama

Arsenal players assume the position... More »

22nd, September Celebrities

The BBC's Futile Attempt To Erase Jimmy Savile

THE BBC very much regrest including the face of dead DJ Jimmy Savile during a Top Of The Pops highlights show this September. Sir Jimmy, as he was known at the time of filming (both a Papal knight and knight of the realm), is not a BBC highlight and must be shown only on the news... More »

22nd, September Money

Americans for Shared Prosperity Create This Car Crash of An Advert

The woman is trying to get back on her feet, trapped, as she seems to be, in an airy, stylish apartment of the type most Britishers recognise from magazines about fine living, home decer and Jennifer Aniston's womb... More »

22nd, September Key Posts

Florida Woman Gets Third Breast Implanted To Deter Men (Photos)

THE British Association of Bra Makers salutes the work of Tampa massage therapist, Jasmine Tridevil, who underwent surgery to get just a third breast - and give the bra business a new lease of life... More »

22nd, September News

Wonderful TV: KTVA Charlo Greene Quits Live TV After Revealing She Founded The Alaska Cannabis Club

Just brilliant. ANd, no, not a comedy sketch... More »

22nd, September manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Di Maria Invites You To Kick His Family In The Face

EVERY time you kick Manchester United's Angel Di Maria in the shins, you kick his wife and daughter in the face. Well, not really them, more the photograph of the player's family he keeps tucked into his socks... More »

22nd, September Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: The Travelling Reds Beat West Ham United 2-0

LIVERPOOL Balls: The BBC's Mark Lawrenson wrote in his Premier League predictions on Liverpool's trip to West Ham United... More »

22nd, September Music

Jake Bugg: Everything That's Wrong in Modern Music

Jake Bugg can bemoan modern music all he likes, but if he wants to correct a dire pop-cultural problem in 2014, he might look at himself, the scene he's in... More »

22nd, September News

Study: Internet Trolls Are As Narcissistic As Newspaper Columnists

HOW about that online debate? In this month's issue of Personality and Individual Differences a study was published that confirms what we all suspected: internet trolls are horrible people... More »

22nd, September Sports

PAO: Exercise Your Facial Muscles and Shape Up

WITH Pao you can exercise your facial muscles and get your face in shape!... More »

22nd, September Anorak TV

Jeremiah McDonald Explains The Creative Process

Nicely done... More »

22nd, September Sports

The Southbank Centre Lets The Skateboarders Play

HOW'S that Olympic legacy coming along? ... More »

22nd, September Strange But True 1

Miracle Worker Healer Arrested For Killing Follower He Promised To Bring Back To Life

“WHY should I mourn when I know that my brother is in heaven?” said Samina, whose brother 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz volunteered for a miracle... More »