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1st, January 2015 News

MDPV will turn you into a cross-dressing, goat-killing, human flesh-eating arsonist

The kids are taking cannibal. It's a drug called MDPV, which is short for Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. The Sun reports on the drug in the story headlined: Cannibal killer New drug gives users urge to eat human flesh... More »

1st, January 2015 Cars

The Miami Vice Ferrari is for sale

What better way to kickstart 2015 then by investing $1.75 million in the white Ferrari seen often in TV's Miami Vice?... More »

31st, December 2014 Film 1

Frenzy: the 'disgusting' story of a London serial killer dubbed the ‘Necktie Strangler’

Frenzy tells the story of a London serial killer dubbed the ‘Necktie Strangler’, and from the start there are references to Jack the Ripper and John Christie. The part was intended for Michael Caine, who thought it was disgusting and turned it down.... More »

31st, December 2014 Books 1

Collins Atlas wipes Israel from the map: IDF wears invisibility cloak

Israel has gone. It was never there. Anyone buying a HarperCollins Middle East Atlas in Jordan, Syria, the Gulf states, Saudia Arabia and Lebanon will find no Israel... More »

31st, December 2014 Scare Stories

Daily Mail races to spot the first person to die in 2015

A Daily Mail reader writes... More »

31st, December 2014 The Consumer

Marketing Watch: make 2015 the year of Analcare creams

Or your money back... More »

31st, December 2014 Anorak Says 1

Happy New Year Anorakians: live long and prosper

Hear ye! More »

31st, December 2014 News

Westminster paedophiles: a new pejorative collective noun for all the world's ills

Westminster paedophiles has been a big story in 2014. As yet, there has been a lot of talk and speculation but no hard evidence that a group of "VIP paedoes' operated in and around Westminster. David Aaronovitch expalins why 'Westminster' is the buzzword.... More »

31st, December 2014 News

Ebola: Why wasn't Pauline Cafferkey quarantined?

The Sun says the British nurse fighting Ebola was "tested seven times at Heathrow — then allowed home..." More »

31st, December 2014 marijuana 3

States sue Colorado for legal marijuana: Feds look to North Korea for ideas

States cannot be required to enforce federal law. But as the Supreme Court held in Arizona v. United States (2012), when the federal government doesn’t enforce its own laws, states still “may not pursue policies that undermine federal law”... More »

31st, December 2014 News

Missing #AirAsia Flight QZ8501: terrorists only attack on sunny days and other theories

CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo give dexpert opinion on Air Asia flight QZ8501... More »

30th, December 2014 Arsenal

Transfer balls - Arsenal: £62m for Carvani, £20m for Carvalho and A Defensive Priority

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30th, December 2014 The Consumer 1

Play-Doh Withdraws ‘Penis' Dil-Doh Tool: Dolphin-on-Wheels Maker Thrives

The Play-Doh dil-doh has been removed from the chelves. The dil-doh, a “2-piece extruder” from the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset upset parents in Tulsa... More »

30th, December 2014 Chelsea

Chelsea: Football via paranoid schizophrenia

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30th, December 2014 Newcastle United

Pardew to leave Newcastle? Who next?

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28th, December 2014 News 2

A Kurdish homeland will free Israel and rid the Middle East of violent racism and misogyny

Stand with the Kurds, they point towards a better future... More »

28th, December 2014 News

The Times uses Nigel Farage to troll the censorious twitter mob of police narks and fools

The Times stands accused of trolling Twitter by voting Ukip leader Nigel Farage it's Briton of the Year... More »

28th, December 2014 Politicians 1

Ukip rift: Carswell realises that Ukip leader Farage is a rabble rousing coward in touch with racists

Thoughts on UKip, by Douglas Carswell, the former Tory now a Ukip MP. Carswell is writing in the Daily Mail. His stand-out comments are on race... More »

28th, December 2014 Sports

Transfer balls: Chelsea's Fernando Torres to Liverpool and Atletico but not AC Milan

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28th, December 2014 manchester united

Transfer balls: Arsenal spend £15m less in buying Manchester United's William Carvalho

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28th, December 2014 Celebrities 1

Adele splits from Simon: let's all hate the singer who 'snubbed' chugging Bob Geldof

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27th, December 2014 Technology

Everything you know about the brain is a mystery

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27th, December 2014 News

Beer helps you understand cancer

Beer drinkers, some good news... More »

27th, December 2014 News 1

Jackie's story: the rape and the rape apology that weren't

More »

26th, December 2014 Celebrities

Free Speech: Dappers Laughs cannot be killed by the student censors

When Dapper Laughs was booted off the telly for making a rape joke at a club for his paying fans, we thought it a shame.... More »