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20th, February Celebrities 1

Scotland + Political Hot Potato = David Bowie Winning Kate Moss At The Brits

LAST night, at the spectacularly dreadful Brit Awards, David Bowie won some award and sent Kate Moss to do his acceptance speech. In it, he signed off with "stay with us Scotland." Of course, what's funny about that is, is that Bowie lives in New York, because obviously, Bowie cares so much for the unity of Britain, that he's buggered off to live in America. He obviously missed the letter England wrote him, which said "stay with us, David.'... More »

20th, February In Pictures

Gifs Show Kiev's Independence Square Before And After The Murder And Mayhem

WHAT did Kiev's Independence Square look like before it turned into a scene from a Slipknot video? There is big trouble in the Ukraine... More »

20th, February Key Posts

When The Daily Mail Summons Its Writers To Make Sad Celebrities Of Their Children It's Paedogeddon

DAILY Mail writers don’t have children, they have material. Among the coterie of wearisome women columnists that pour out self-parody in prose for the Daily Mail’s malevolent Mekon boss, Paul Dacre, Shona Sibary is the worst offender. While Liz Jones mines her own mental illness for copy, Sibary exploits her four children repeatedly and shamelessly... More »

20th, February Money

Paying $19 Billion For WhatsApp Will Kill Facebook

THIS will sound a little contrary, but bear with me: the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 billion contains the seeds of what's going to kill Facebook in the end. For it's a sign that it's both relatively easy to start a new messaging application and also that Facebook is going to have to keep buying up the new ones as they appear. And that way lies eventual bankruptcy. More »

20th, February Flashback

1950: Test / Not A Test (The US Navy Windtunnel Experiment)

Turn the machine! More »

20th, February News 2

UAE Damns Anyone Caught Driving A Rover On Mars

ANYONE heading on a one-ay trip to Mars will be sent to Hell. The fatwa committee under the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment in the UAE has decreed... More »

20th, February Celebrities

Mr Porter Fail: How Annette Bening Ruined Warren Beatty's Reputation For Dating Beautiful Women

READING the Mr Porter mail-out magazine Ronan Fitzgerald @rmkf spotted a segment on Warren Beatty. As he says, "Pretty harsh on Annette Bening... More »

20th, February Flashback 2

1980s Band Names Demystified

HAVE you been wasting precious hours of your day wondering where A Flock of Seagulls got their name? Well, wonder no more. Before your very eyes are the etymologies of 1980s pop-synth and post-punk bands, illuminated for posterity. No more shall mankind contemplate the origin of Kajagoogoo. Mystery solved... More »

20th, February Film

Piña Colliding: Yes, Rupert Holmes' 1979 Hit Can Make Every Movie Better

"ESCAPE (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes is great and it should be in every movie." So writes Carol Hartsell and Sean Crespo in an introduction to their Tumblr Piña Colliding. For those of you not au fait with Holme's 1979 hit, here it is... More »

20th, February Flashback

The Internet Is Muddling The Past And The Present

ARE sites like Anorak's FLASHBACK and @historysphoto muddling the line between past and present”? Paul Ford says they are... More »

20th, February Flashback

1899: When Flooded London Became Bride di Middlesex, The Cockney Venice Of The North

IN 1899, Signor Somers L. Summers answered the question ‘If London Were Like Venice: Oh! That It Were’. His article appeared in Harmsworth's Magazine. It was illustrated by Messrs. R. Thiele and Co. It began... More »

20th, February News 3

Death Of The Gambia: President Yahya Jammeh Aims DDT At LGBT Human 'Vermin'

TO Gambia, where the country's President Yahya Jammeh says homosexuals are akin to malaria-causing mosquitoes. They are "vermin". He made his comment in a TV address... More »

19th, February Flashback

1987 Photo: Mike Smith, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds And Mike Read Pimp Out Tony Blackburn

Any takers..? More »

19th, February Celebrities

Who Shouldn't Host The Brits After James Corden Quits? Let's See...

YOU may have heard (and maybe celebrated too) that James Corden is going to step down from the hosting gig at the Brits Awards tonight. We are legally obliged to mention Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood's disastrous outing as hosts, but they do show that this is not an easy gig to do. Huge TV audiences. Band's egos. A room filled with horrific music industry cokeheads grabbing their interns groins... More »

19th, February Flashback

1968 In Photos: The High Court Agrees Meagre Compensation For Thalidomide Victims

N this day in photos - February 19 1968: the High Court orders damages to be paid to 62 children born with deformities, after their mothers took the drug thalidomide during pregnancy... More »

19th, February Money

Sorry Folks, Raising The Minimum Wage Does Increase Unemployment

The Congressional Budget Office has cranked through the numbers for the proposed rise in the US minimum wage and it appears that it will put 500,000 people out of work... More »

19th, February Politicians

Who Is The Santa Monica Artist Calling Barack Obama 'Sub Par'?

WHO is Barack Obama's 'Sub Par 'artist decorating Santa Monica, Calif., with posters declaring President Obama to be “subpar”? Obama has played 150 rounds of golf since winning the White House. Is that lot?... More »

19th, February News

Woman Arrested For Failing To Return A J-Lo VHS Video She Rented In 2005

IN 2005, then 18-year-old Kayla Finley rented the film Monster In Law on VHS from Dalton Video. (The film stars Jennifer Lopez, who was the top star before Kim Kardashian's arse overtook)... More »

19th, February Fashion

Vintage Adverts: 1970 Landlubber Bellbottoms For Men Who Ride Sidesaddle

"In real life, the guy's hair would be matted down from the helmet. The chick would be your woman instead of a New York model. And you'd be eating exhaust from a bus instead of grooving in farout fields. However, the Landlubbers are real, and they are mildly but honestly transcendent"... More »

19th, February News

Mastercard's #PricelessSurprises Shocker: Brit Awards House PR Demands Tweets For Free Booze

CHANCES are the Brit Awards sponsor Mastercard is looking at alternative PR agencies after its opinion wranglers at House PR offered Telegraph diarist Tim Walker press accreditation in exchange for his publishing promotional tweets before, during and after the event and mentioning Mastercards in any printed reports or comments.... More »

19th, February Money 2

How To Marry A Rich Guy

I’m going to be honest of what I’m going to say here. I’m 25 this year. I’m very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above. More »

19th, February News

Pathetic Saudi Arabia Demands Female Hospital Patients Must Be Accompanied By A Man

IN the UK's trading partner, Saudi Arabia, Unaccompanied women are banned from Saudi hospitals —

Saudi Arabia's Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has banned women from visiting hospitals without male guardians, reports Arab News.
Pathetic. Although Anorak sees the opportunity for business in professional male chaperones... More »
19th, February Books

Worst Books Ever: Sex And The Single Child And The I'm Glad I'm a Boy! I'm Glad I'm a Girl!

IN 1970 Whitney Darrow created I'm Glad I'm a Boy! I'm Glad I'm a Girl! You can buy old copies of it on Amazon, where you can also enjoy the book's reviews: "THIS DESERVES ZERO STARS!!!! WORST BOOK EVER!!!!"... More »

19th, February News

Andrea Hasler's Meat Tent Celebrates The Women Of Greenham Common

TRACEY Emin missed a trick. For an encore she should have disemboweled all the people she'd ever slept with and formed their wet bits into Tent Number 2. But Andrea Hasler has beaten her to it. In modern art, you need to be first... More »

19th, February Flashback 2

17 Insane and Disturbing Trading Cards

NON-SPORTS trading cards around the 1970s generally were aimed at kids and revolved around a popular movie or TV program. They were meant for fun; for collecting and trading on the playground. Nothing serious. Subsequently, it’s all the more unsettling when you run across an old trading card that takes a walk on the dark side. Here are a seventeen insane and disturbing examples. Enjoy... More »