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14th, December 2014 Money

The Guardian ask readers how they survive without a cleaner

The Guardian is not beyond parody yet... More »

14th, December 2014 Money 1

So. I found a secret capsule full of treasure in a Tennessee wardrobe

You ever find treasure? Real treasure? One Reddit user went to his grandpa's home in Tenneessee and found a haul. Evilenglish writes: “I always dreamed of finding something like this." You and use all. .. More »

14th, December 2014 Liverpool

Liverpool fans looking to abuse Manchester United boss Van Gaal will have to top this

As Manchester Unted play Liverpool in the Premier League, the Sun wonders what the most offensive thing United manager Louis Van Gaal has heard... More »

14th, December 2014 Royal Family 1

Kate Middleton was gagging for it in New York: up yours LeBron James

This week columnists have been earning their crust by talking about Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, who was on a money-raising mission to New York... More »

14th, December 2014 Celebrities

What really happened to X Factor judge Mel B: the driver affair and a magic husband

Mel B - nee Melanie Brown and known later as Scary Spice - is all over the tabloids. The X Factor final is on the tell. And Mel B. one of this show's judges, is ill.... More »

13th, December 2014 Books

Liz Prince On Tomboy: 'I’ve always thought about gender'

"I’ve always thought about gender, as someone who has been categorically ‘gender nonconforming’ for my entire life..." More »

13th, December 2014 News 1

This is your brain on alcohol and marijuana - 2 compare and contrast videos

AsapSCIENCE have produced a video on what happens to your brain on alcohol. This delicious “feelings of release and freedom” allow you to “think very little, but with great clarity”... More »

13th, December 2014 Fashion

Science decides: if you want to defeat men wear high heels

Do high heels make you men go weak at the knees? This just in from science... More »

13th, December 2014 Celebrities

Sex with Bill Cosby is 'like necrophilia' with a white woman

Bill Cosby’s getting a kicking in the Sun. The headline declares: Bill Cosby's hooked on sex with sleeping women... More »

13th, December 2014 News

Starbucks v corn flakes: Cereal Killer hipsters complain about Channel 4 treatment

Dear Symeon Brown... More »

13th, December 2014 News

Westminster paedophiles: Arthur Hutchinson, Geoffrey Dickens, hunting gays and Elm Guest House Tales

Westminster paedophiles: a look at the story of child abuse in the 1970s and 1980s... More »

13th, December 2014 Books

Ray Bradbury: how to burn a book without fire

Thought for the day... More »

12th, December 2014 Liverpool

Liverpool balls: Flirting with relgation

Robbie Savage is sticking up for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers in the Daily Mirror... More »

12th, December 2014 In Pictures

Spanish artist satirises society with seductive images of lust, greed and censorship

Spanish artist Luis Quiles works under the name Gunsmithcat on DeviantArt... More »

12th, December 2014 Celebrities

Tom Jones get to grips with Paloma Faith's chest in the BBC Vine Booth (SFW)

Get a booth! More »

12th, December 2014 In Pictures 1

Crack down: porn stars Westminster face-sitting protest in photos

The State's crackdown on porn has attracted protest. One thing the State wants banned is face-sitting. The full list is here... More »

12th, December 2014 In Pictures

Meme highlights of the Senate Intelligence committee report on the CIA's use of torture

The Senate Intelligence committee report on the CIA's use of torture has been all over the media. Less menions is how the CIA learned everything about handsfree torture from the British... More »

12th, December 2014 News

UVA rape: time to name the victims and challenge the lawyers

The Rolling Stone's pisspoor story on an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia continues to unravel... More »

12th, December 2014 Sports

Regret the error: Sefton Hall and QPR suffer from the cuts

New Jersey's The Record has news. It is "number one for breaking local news"... More »

12th, December 2014 Technology

How to Survive A Helicopter Crash: grab the clip and don't let go

In Airspace Mag you can learn How to Survive A Helicopter Crash. The simplest way, of course, is never to get inside a helicopter... More »

12th, December 2014 Technology

Gawker counts the cost of attacking its customers

“The cost to Gawker Media of its ridicule and viciousness toward video gamers was ‘seven figures’ in lost advertising revenue..." More »

12th, December 2014 Film

Being Stavros: jibes and snides when a 30 stone man enters Mr Gay UK

When Stavros decides to enter the Mr Gay UK beauty pageant nothing goes quite to plan. This is the story of one man's unbreakable spirit - a tale of triumph, heartbreak and how to wear your underpants... More »

12th, December 2014 The Consumer 1

London's Cereal Killer cafe and Belfast's Slum shack in race to a hipster's runny bottom

East London's Cereal Killer cereal cafe is riding high on the news cycle. Eating cereal for dinner, lunch and tea is more likely to give you chronic diarrhea than cool... More »

12th, December 2014 Cars

Police advice: 'don't jerk and drive'

No jerking... More »

12th, December 2014 Sports

College field trip to Millwall studies 'working class culture and habits'

Varndean College in Brighton says the trip will give students the chance to learn about 'working class culture and habits', 'issues around sexuality, race and ethnicity' and 'women challenging gender norms'... More »