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10th, November 2014 Strange But True

Shocks At The Shelby Leisure Centre Naming Contest

AND the winner of the new gym in Selby, North Yorkshire - he wins a year's free membership - is... Steve Wadsworth, who chose the name 'Selby Leisure Centre' for the facility which is set to open in Spring 2015... More »

10th, November 2014 Strange But True

Donald Duck Pedestrian Decoy Scares Drivers Into A Police Fine

WHEN confronted with a 7ft-tall duck in the road do you: a) slow down b) speed up c) shoot... More »

10th, November 2014 Money

Let's Crush The Tower Poppies With Tanks!

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9th, November 2014 In Pictures

Disturbing Portraits of Exotic Animals In Their Artificial Urban Zoo Homes

EVEN if you like zoos and see the value in conserving creatures in an unnantual setting, you must surely concede that they can be deprssing places. Think too much of the animal in the glass cage and you begin to plot its escape. But where does it go? How does it get there? More »

9th, November 2014 News

The Singh Project Lions: Faces Of British Sikhs

These intimate images highlight two very important symbols of the Sikh lifestyle – the beard and the turban (Dahar). The turban in particular is a representation of honor, self-respect, courage... More »

9th, November 2014 News

Ebola: Cure Could Be In Survivor's Blood

A cure..? More »

9th, November 2014 Strange But True

Proof: Monster Energy Drinks ARE The Work of Satan

Of course...! More »

9th, November 2014 News

Weston-super-Mare: Single Men or Women Refused Entry To Park In case They Are Paedos

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9th, November 2014 Sports

Ched Evans Is Looking For Work

WHAT'S Ched Evans been up to now that's no longer a cause celebre? The former Sheffield United footballer and convicted rapist is free... More »

9th, November 2014 Chelsea 1

Liverpool Balls: Anfield Gives Rodgers A Boo-Who

HOW does the media report on the Liverpool crowd's reaction to the Red's 2-1 defeat at home to Chelsea in the Premier League? ... More »

9th, November 2014 News

X Factor: Stereo Kicks James Graham, Aborted Lover Molly And The Top Man Baby Range

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9th, November 2014 Money

Why Do Dancers Get Piss Poor Money?

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8th, November 2014 Key Posts 1

I Can See The Music: Vinly Records At 1000 Magnification

EVER wonder what a needle on a vinyl record looks like at 1000x magnification? ... More »

8th, November 2014 Celebrities

Jennifer Lawrence Cake Wins Birmingham Show

PERVERTS rejoice: you just need 150 eggs, 10kg of flour and the same of butter to make a 5ft 10in Jennifer Lawrence effigy...from cake... More »

8th, November 2014 Politicians 1

CNN Live News: 'Seal Kills Obama'

CNN news sensation.... More »

8th, November 2014 News 3

Free Speech: Fat John Venables And The Death Of Journalism

THE Sun has a story about John Venables, one of James Bulger's killers. Vanbles was a 10-year-old child when he killed the toddler. Gary O'Shea writes: A JOURNALIST is facing jail after exposing how James Bulger’s bloated killer Jon Venables got private fitness sessions behind bars... More »

8th, November 2014 News

Matthew Williams: The Argoed 'Cannibal' Was On State-Supplied Drugs

MATTHEW Williams news watch: a look at reporting on the man caught chewing the face of his dead victim Cerys Yemm at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, South Wales... More »

8th, November 2014 Chelsea

Liverpool Cheated By Chelsea Hands (But Not In London)

WERE Liverpool cheated as they went down 2-1 to Chelsea in the Premier League? Let's see what the local papers say... More »

8th, November 2014 The Consumer 1

Terrify Your Loved Ones With A Personalised Chopping Board

@francescamain has a question: What kind of person gets a photo of their child's face made into a chopping board?... More »

8th, November 2014 Strange But True

Woman Wearing 'I ♥ crystal meth' T-shirt Arrested For Possesing Crystal Meth

She is, is she not, refreshingly honest... More »

8th, November 2014 Celebrities 1

Sophia Loren Explains Her Cold 'Side-Eye' Glance At Jayne Mansfield

SOPHIA Loren has explained why she gave Jayne Mansfield the side-eye at a Beverly Hills party in 1957. She tells Entertainment Weekly... More »

8th, November 2014 Chelsea

Liverpool Balls: How Pressure Made Rodgers Beat Chelsea

LIVERPOOL have been beaten by high-flying Chelsea 1-2 in the Premier League. Matt Law says Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers will never manage Chelsea... More »

7th, November 2014 Technology

Watch A Bowling Ball And Feather Race Inside The World’s Largest Vacuum Chamber

A race to the bottom... More »

7th, November 2014 Politicians 1

Barack Obama: The 'True Anti-Semite' Who Wants Peace With Nuclear Iran

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7th, November 2014 manchester united

Did Di Maria Make A Mistake Signing for Man United?

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