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19th, May Music

Someone tell Rita Ora There's No Fast-Track To Stardom

YOU may have seen Rita Ora's face knocking around and indeed, may have heard some of her songs on the radio. However, putting the sounds to the face is a trickier prospect. While Miley Cyrus and One Direction swiped the pop crown from Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift (for a bit), Rita Ora is lording it up in the VIP section... More »

19th, May Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Wenger Sings For 1 Year, Two Years And 3 Years, Say The Experts

SO. Arsene Wenger is signing up for more Arsenal. What do we know about the contract?... More »

19th, May Film

LOLZ: Dr Brule Reads Scarlett Johansson's Lines In Her

Set in the Los Angeles of the slight future, the story follows Theodore Twombly, a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people.... More »

19th, May Key Posts

10 Ways The Football Association Turned The FA Cup From Magic To Tragic

THE Football Association had a rude awakening earlier this year, when chairman Greg Dyke’s blueprint for English football was unceremoniously snubbed by the powerbrokers of the Premier League. The FA may be sidelined and neutered, but they can’t take away its heritage. For the simple reason that the FA itself has been doing the job itself... More »

19th, May Celebrities

Euphemism Of The Day: Rolph Harris 'Polishes Wood'

IN Nick Pisa's report on the Rolf Harris sex trial, he tells Sky News readers... More »

19th, May Film

Sainsbury's Offers Shoppers A Chance To Buy The 12 Years A Slave Look

DID you watch the film 12 Years A Slave and think ' nice threads, dude'?... More »

19th, May Flashback

Manchester United Balls: Ryan Giggs Plays For Salford Boys

Giggs the budding talent... More »

19th, May Flashback

Manchester United Balls: Ryan Giggs Plays For Manchester City Boys In 1989

Giggs plays for Manchester City... More »

19th, May Music

Led Zeppelin To Reunite At An Alright Jamaican Party

IT seems weird when really famous bands don't get back together, especially when the lead singer is still alive. Look at Abba. Look at Talking Heads. Look at The Smiths. Look at Led Zeppelin... More »

19th, May Politicians 1

Turkish PM's Advisers Goes On Sick Leave For Injuries Sustained Kicking A Protestor

Yusuf Yerkel, was with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, touring Soma after the mine disaster when he hurt his leg. More »

19th, May In Pictures

Sept 11 Museum: Haunting Images Of Artefacts To The Murdered

More »

19th, May Sports 1

Everton Balls: Ross Barkley Is Better Than Rooney And Any Player Who Has Ever Played For Liverpool

ROSS Barkley is in the England World Cup squad. What can we expect to see from the Everton midfielder? That question to you Chris Bascombe today in the Daily Telegraph, who replies... More »

19th, May Celebrities

Donald Trump Wants To Show You Where He Takes A Golden Dump At 30,000 Feet

More »

19th, May Celebrities

In Photos: Britain's Oldest Prostitute Is Back

SHEILA Vogel-Coupe is back in the news. Connected X Factor wannabe Katie Waissel is the star of Channel 4's My Granny The Escort. The Sun says Sheila is "Britain's oldest prostitute — who charges £250 an hour for romps with men as young as 20."... More »

19th, May Money 1

How To Have More Sex - The Huge Secret Is Out

ONCE again the scientists have come to our rescue, explaining one of the world's great mysteries. Why is it that some people en up having more sex with more people than some others?.. More »

19th, May Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal, Spurs And Everton Are All Favourites To Sign James Milner

SO. How are Arsenal going to kick on from FA Cup glory? The Telegraph and Mail says the Gunners have £100m to invest in new players. And the Times identifies the first name though the door. It's... Manchester City’s James Milner... More »

19th, May Flashback

Those Fabulous and Frightening 1970s Kitchens

THIS couple looks genuinely afraid of their new kitchen – and well they should be. Kitchens around the 1970s could be a fearful sight. Retina scorching wallpaper, oddly unmatched linoleum, and miles and miles of wood paneling can strike fear into the hearts of men and women alike. Take a look... More »

19th, May Film

Bearded Space Alien Jesus In A Leisure Suit Is Awesome At Karate

A bearded 'superman' with no powers comes to earth in a powder-blue velour tracksuit to drive a silver dune buggy into an unrelated blaxploitation film about urban literacy.... More »

18th, May Money

Jill Abramson Is Punch Drunk: I'd Edit The NY Times For Much Less Than You

BACK in April, the New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told us about the T-for-Times tattoo on her back. One month later Abramson was sacked. Her offence? She had been moaning about her meagre wages.... More »

18th, May Flashback

Katharina Detzel's Incredible Dummy And Other Prinzhorn Collection Insanities

More »

18th, May Celebrities

Amy Willerton And Joey Essex Get Off On The Face Of The Sun

THE Sun going for an Amy Willerton double-header today. In Colin Robertson's story, Amy is at Cannes. No, not for a tanning, but for the film festival. Yes, the mo-del is an actor... More »

18th, May Celebrities

Brooklyn Beckham On Quiche, Coffee And Vicky's Rolls Royce Bottom

THE Sun can "exclusively reveal that "Brooklyn Beckham has landed a weekend job in a coffee shop". Teenager gets part-time job in shop a shocker to the Sun, but comes as little surprise to we who have long known about Brooklyn's appreciation of buns and pastries... More »

18th, May Royal Family

Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas 'In Constant Touch' As They Shake WIth Fear

HUZZAH! prince Harry Baseball Cap and Cressida Bonas (fnar) are back on. The Mail tells readers: But after just three weeks apart, the pair have had a secret reunion and are now back in ‘constant touch’... More »

18th, May News 2

Luton Muslims Fight State Intrusion Into Their Children's Sex Lives

"He was sat with a male adult who looked him in the eye and said, 'What do you know about gays?' What that made him do, it made him panic, and he said 'I don't want to continue this conversation,' because he felt scared, intimidated," said Shah. "It's horrible for a child to be in a room with somebody they've never met before, who's not with a teacher and not with a parent.".. More »

17th, May Arsenal 1

Arsenal Balls And Topless Gropes: The 10 Best Moments From The 2014 FA Cup Final

ARSENAL win the FA Cup. Islington erupts like, as @JonnyGeller quips, the Gunners have won the Booker Prize. And we get the 10 best photos for you... More »