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11th, May Politicians

Why Survation and the Daily Mirror failed to publish the poll that showed the Conservatives on course for victory

The polls got it wrong. The Conservative Party won the General Election. But one poll you never saw was spot on-ish... More »

11th, May News

Welsh bus company pull ad with topless model offering wa*kers the chance to 'Ride Me All Day For £3'

A Welsh bus company has used a topless woman to encourage wa*kers (that's not just 'walkers' - ed) to "Ride Me All Day For £3”.... More »

11th, May News

Beyond parody: 'Is vandalising the Women of World War Two memorial OK?'

The Tab wanted to answer the question: "Is vandalising a war memorial ever OK?"... More »

11th, May marijuana

Father becomes a criminal to give his 2-year-old epileptic daughter marijuana

ould you treat your child with marijuana? Alex Repetski gives his two-year-old daughter Gwenevere oil-based medical marijuana to help control her seizures... More »

11th, May News

Lord Janner: the name is erased, the elite weep for justice but the stench lingers

Lord Janner: A look at Labour peer Greville Janner and allegations that he abused children. He says he's innocent... More »

11th, May Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Paul Pogba pays less tax at Manchester United (and never left Manchester United)

Transfer Balls spots Paul Pogba news. Manchester City are celebrating a Tory win in the General Election by offering Paul Pogba £250,000 per week – net – to pick them (top rate of tax: 40%), Real Madrid (tax optional, allegedly), Chelsea, Barcelona (tax?) Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (top rate: 75%)... More »

11th, May Celebrities

Eileen Daly is a sexpot marvel: fame beckons for Big Brother's 'Grande Artiste' (Photos)

Eileen Daly is not Heather Mill's alter ego. She's a contestant on Big Brother, who you might recall from her showing on the X Factor or the First Choice Holiday adverts or as dancer in an episode of Our Friends in the North or an episode of Kilroy where she was modelling Agent Provocateur lingerie?... More »

11th, May Celebrities

Watch every time Owen Wilson says 'Wow' in a movie

Owen Wilson likes to say “Wow”. Indeed, if the script contains enough 'wow', Owen Wilson is in. Had William Shakespeare wrote "Wow, to be or not to be" or 'Wow is that a dagger?", Wilson would have been a fine stage actor.... More »

11th, May News

Teacher demands students take exam naked

“It's just wrong," says the mother of a student at University of California, San Diego. "Is this the memory that my daughter's going to carry with her for the rest of her life? ... More »

11th, May Celebrities

That interview with Russell Brand made me realise how stupid the Left think we are

Everything you needed to know about how stupid the high-brow newspapers think tabloid readers, everyone on the web and the youth are is encapsulated in an Independent headline... This interview with Russell Brand could well win Ed Miliband the next General Election... More »

10th, May Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal get three players they don't want

More »

10th, May Politicians

Guardian readers cope with a Tory election victory by drawing faces on fruit

How do readers of The Guardian live with a Tory victory in the General Eleection? That question is rhetorical The answer is: draw faces on fruit... More »

10th, May Manchester City 1

Transfer balls: Pep Guardiola to Manchester City with Paul Pogba as bait

Transfer Balls hears that stylish Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola, 44, has decided that Qatar-owned Manchester City will be his next job. Well, so reports Qatari-owned BeIn Sports... More »

10th, May News

Transfer Balls: Chelsea offer £40m and £21m for Manchester United target Koke

More »

10th, May News

Kent mother unhappy about son's 'bullet through head' homework question

Alex Garrod’s 11-year-old son Harry was asked to respond to an unusual homework question delivered by Eastchurch Primary School in Sheerness... More »

9th, May marijuana

Florida school principal Krista Morton student interrupted smoking pot with student

To Florida, where high school principal Krista Morton has been caught in a car with an 18-year-old student and marijuana – "her shirt was unbuttoned".... More »

9th, May In Pictures

Photos of the anti-Tory, anti-austerity, pro-tax and anarchy rally in London

Today protesters marched on Downing Street and Conservative Party HQ. They were protesting againt austerity, Eton college, Tories, democracy, tax avoidance, order, authority and more. We've got photos of the slogans and banners, someof which are a tad sweary. More »

9th, May News 1

Je Suis Pamela Geller: even bigots have the right to be offensive

Who do you blame for the attack on a Draw Mohammed event in Garland, Texas, on May 3? Two armed Islamists attacked the event. They shot a guard. They were then shot and killed.... More »

9th, May News 1

Armed police threaten and arrest man with 666 tattooed on his forehead in church

Here's a story from Florida to get your teeth into. Michael W. Holman, 44, visited the First Assembly of God Church in Milligan at around 9:15pm last Wednesday. He was making some ungodly noise and apepared to have been drinking. He was "unsteady on his feet". When asked to leave, he did... More »

8th, May The Consumer

The Lean Muscle Suit turns wimps into bulging, venin-popping gym gods

Hey, you, skinny!. Yeah, you. It's time to get ripped, man. You need a muscles that draw you skin tighter than a Hollywood wife's smile. But you're too lazy and weak to work out. So why not step inside a Lean Muscle Suit?.. More »

8th, May Strange But True

China's Window of the World amusement park offers a cremation simulator

Chinese looking for a thrill can take the "death simulator" at the Window of the World amusement park in Shenzhen, China. The Indy reports... More »

8th, May Film

Listen as fans react to seeing Star Wars for the first time in 1977

As Star Wars: Episode VII gets ready to hit the silver screen, you can listen to what it was like watching the first film in 1977... More »

8th, May Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Manchester City pay £20m too much for Paul Pogba in the Star

Transfer Balls: a look at reporting on Paul Pogba in the tabloid press.... More »

8th, May All Our Yesterdays

Woman delighted to find cocaine in Nature Valley granola bar

"It's a somewhat disturbing case," says Sgt. Javier Salazar of the San Antonio Police Department... More »

7th, May Key Posts

The Moral Council calls Megara Furie and Mistress R'eal - criminalised by new anti-porn laws

The first miscreants to fall foul of the news laws on online pornography are two dominatrix whose videos feature "heave whipping" and hard and repeated kicks to the genitals. The footage breaches the Authority for Television on Demand's code... More »