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27th, August Money

Barbecues Make You Fat Pigs: Which Is The Whole Point Of Them

The five top barbecue foods were burgers in buns, sausages, salad, potato salad and coleslaw, the study found. A plate with one portion of each has around 900 calories... More »

27th, August News

WHO Ban On E-Cigarettes Makes The Saddo Sticks Cool And Dangerous

Should give up the evil weed? Of course. But it's delicious. What you should not do is smoke those sad e-cigs, mini-totems of twattery that showcase the user to be a pillock... More »

27th, August Strange But True

Artist With Pineal Cancer Creates Lucid and Visionary Work

I suffered from a slow growing cancer in my pineal gland while I attended art school and during subsequent years while my paintings developed with an underlined mythology that alluded directly to the pineal years before I even know of its existence... More »

27th, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Who'll Never Guess Whose Having A Medical At Arsenal

From news of the sublime Edinson Cavani heading to Arsenal, comes news that the Gunners have all but agreed to sign... Nikola Zigic... More »

27th, August Music 1

Kate Bush Sings About 'Sex Machine' Ken Livingstone

Ken is the man that we all need, Ken is the leader of the GLC... More »

27th, August Fashion

Zara Sells Holocaust-Inspired Fashion For Children

It's what they would have wanted... More »

27th, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Weigh Up Cavani Against Benzema

TRANSFER Balls: The Express leads with the news that Arsenal are lining up a £50m move for Paris St-Germain star and Manchester United target Edinson Cavani... More »

27th, August Key Posts

The Problem With Rotherham: 1,400 Abused Girls Makes For A Good Headline

So. That headline figure stated as a fact is an educated guess... More »

27th, August News

Arsenal Balls: Giroud's Ankle Poses Questions For Edinson Cavani

HOW football journalism worsk with the Daily Mirror's Ben Burrows. He's looking at Arsenal. The headline begins with a quesion... More »

27th, August Key Posts

The 10 Oddest Objects Owned By Sir Jimmy Savile

Among the 549 put up for sale, Yes It's Number One created the big top ten, judged on oddness and over-estimate price... More »

26th, August News

Vermon Moves To Abandon Failing War On Drugs

IN Vermont, Governor Peter Shumlin has noted the state's heroin problem and announced plans to curb it. Will he stick all drug takers in prison? No. The dealers get nicked. But the takers get help... More »

26th, August News 1

US Police Departments Lose 2 Humvees And Lots Of Assault Rifles

Dude, where's my Humvee... More »

26th, August Music

August 26 1995: The Day That Britpop Died

NINETEEN years ago on this very day, all the way back in 1995, teenagers tuned into the chart rundown on Radio One to find out which of Britpop's gargantuans were going to land the killer blow... More »

26th, August News

Spiders Grow Stronger And Larger In The City

Something about city life appears to be causing spiders to grow larger than their rural counterparts. And if that’s not enough to give you nightmares, these bigger urban spiders are also multiplying faster... More »

26th, August News

Local News Watch: Lincolnshire Ebola Crisis

LOCAL News Watch spots this gem in the Lincolnshire Echo. .. More »

26th, August Arsenal 3

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Buying Just Three Strikers To Replace Giroud

The Daily Express has sensational news for Arsenal fans. The Gunners are not buying one striker. Nor buying two strikers. They are buying three strikers... More »

26th, August News

The Rubble Challenge: Gaza Makes The Ice-Bucket Challenge Political

Rubble... More »

26th, August Key Posts

Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts

KITTY Cat kitssh takes on political idologies with these fine scratching posts and litter boxes by The Pussycat Riot... More »

26th, August Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Get Arturo Vidal For £10m Less Than Arsenal Bid

MANCHESTER United have moved to buy Artuo Vidal, the Chilean midfielder. The fee is a £34m plus one Mexican striker namely Javier Hernández (Guardian) or £31.8m (Independent)... More »

26th, August News

Bup Stop: News Crews Flock To New Bristol Landmark

YOU can make a landmark for less than it costs to build a tower ot a big wheel. The bus stop in Bristol, on Old Market Street is now the BUP STOP... More »

26th, August In Pictures

Notting Hill Carnival Photos: Babes, Bikinis, Rain And Dad Dancing

Dancing in the drizzle... More »

26th, August News 5

Scottish Independence: Deep-Fried Food For Thought

o. It's not really an indepedent Scotland the YES campaigners want. It's a bigger recognition of what Scots are. More »

26th, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Get Cerci, Benatia, Khedira And A Headache

To recap: Arsenal will buy 6 strikers, 3 midfielders and 4 defenders... More »

26th, August News

Philadelphia Newspaper's Britisher Editor Offends Chinese With 'Chinky Winky' Caption

THE Philadelphia Public Record, the free weekly tabloid published by former Philadelphia City Councilman Jimmy Tayoun Sr., regrets the error. A recent report on current Philadelphia City Councilman Mark Squilla at an event in Chinatown wrongly identified his hosts as “Chinky Winky,” “Me Too,” and “Dinky Doo”. .. More »

26th, August News 1

Missing: The Muslim Woman Who Ordered Vermont's 'Yield For Bacon' Sign Removed

TO Vermont, where the Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, Vt. has been forced to remove the sign ordering 'YIELD FOR BACON' from a herbaceous border on Main Street. The NY Daily News says a Muslim woman complained that it was an affront to non-pork eaters... More »