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18th, October Money

£5 Fine Warning: What To Do With Your Library Books If You Catch Ebola

A fiver for catching Ebola is a small price to pay when compared to the late return charges... More »

18th, October News

Sex In The Time of Ebola: Semen Acts Like A Grain Store

Might be an idea to be cautious... More »

18th, October Chelsea 2

Crystal Palace To New Chelsea Fans: 'Romans dirty money is a disease that has plagued our game'

WHOEVER could Crystal Palace fans be talking about as their side hosted Chelsea in the Premier League?... More »

18th, October Arsenal

Arsenal's Policy Means England Will Win The 2018 World Cup, Just Like Liverpool Did In 1978

ARSENAL Balls: Are English players more loyal to their English clubs than foreigners?... More »

18th, October Sports 1

'Loyal' Ched Evans Offered £5,000 To Play For Sheffield United

SHEFFIELD United have offered Ched Evans £5,000 a week to play for them, says the Sun. Before his conviction for rape, Evans hads been earning £20,000 a week at the Yorkshire club.... More »

18th, October Celebrities

Pop Water: Ariana Grande Contemplates Name Change

FURTHER evidence of pop star's wit and wisdom comes via the mouth of Ariana Grande, who tells us... More »

18th, October Celebrities

'I Am Beyonce's Hair': Dave Hill And Brian Eno's Fringe On A Life In Showbiz

HEADY days for Slade fans, for whom the band only ever seems to ride high on the popular culture news Chopper when it's Christmas... More »

18th, October Celebrities

Pollyanna Woodward And Caprice Are Pregnant By Spash!

THIS week saw the birth of Pollyanna Woodward's first child by golfer Paul Casey. You'll know Pollyanna from her work on TV's The Gadget Show and pro-celebrity falling on ITV's Splash!... More »

18th, October In Pictures

Cemetery Skyscapers: Of The World: Living With The High-Rise Dead

WHAT do you do with the dead? If you don't biurn them, you can stack them underground. And if that's full, you can build towers of coffins. You invite the dead to be among the living... More »

17th, October Celebrities

Oscar Wilde, Henry Bushnell And The Reading Gaol Exhibition

In 1895, Oscar Wilde was sent down for two years for the crime of homosexuality.... More »

17th, October Technology

Face of The Day: ASMIO At The WIRED Conference in London

More »

17th, October News

Four Men Guilty Of £100m Dating Scam

Dear Mr Richards... More »

17th, October Liverpool 5

Liverpool Balls: You'll Never Believe Who Raheem Sterling Is Faster Than

HOW 'tired' is Liverpool and England's Raheem Sterling? Is he more or less tired than the media chatter about how he felt not on top form before the England v Estonia game?... More »

17th, October Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: The Sun Offers Liverpool Fans A Free Shirt And 96 Reasons To Say 'No'

THE Sun helped the police and Government spread the lie that the 96 Liverpool fans killed at Hillsbrough in 1989 were complicit in their own deaths. .. More »

17th, October Manchester City

Manchester City Balls: Players Move In To Rooms Above The Shop

MANCHESTER City's stars will soon be spending the night before home matches sleeping at the club’s new training ground, the £200 million “City Football Academy” (CFA)... More »

17th, October In Pictures

Morganna Roberts In Photos: Baseball's Kissing Bandit Leaves Us Wanting More

MORGANNA Roberts (60-23-39) was baseball's “The Kissing Bandit", dashing onto baseball fields to kiss the winners. A celebrity before the word had currency, Morganna stopped in 1999 as abruptly as she has begun as a 17-year-old in 1971... More »

17th, October News

The War On White Men: Transgender Timothy Boatwright Is Too Male To Be Wellesley College's Diversity Officer

A caucasian female student who identifies as a man has been discouraged from becoming Wellesley College's diversity officer because to have a white male in that position would perpetuate patriarchy... More »

17th, October News

Hatred Presents The Most Joyously Violent Video Games Ever

THERE'S a bit of hubbub around a new video game that's knocking about called 'Hatred'. It is being hailed (or accused, if you prefer) as the most violent game ever... More »

17th, October Celebrities

Footballers Don't Know How Much Milk Costs, And Other Shocking Facts

PEOPLE often wheel out the line about footballers being overpaid. Some of them are indeed, paid gigantic sums of money. Many will tell you that it is too much 'to kick a ball around for 90 minutes', but of course, those people are gasping simpletons... More »

16th, October Money

Greenpeace Lies About Golden Rice. Again

More »

16th, October Celebrities

John Grisham Tells The Truth: Watching Child Porn Doesn't Make You A Paedophile

JOHN Grisham has rather surprised the usual people by telling the truth about child pornography... More »

16th, October Celebrities

Dude Where's My Gun? Brad Pitt Is Armed And Possibly Dangerous

BRAD Pitt and his child army, nannies, security guards and ever since Angelina Jolie met the queen, footmen, unicorns, Apache helicopters and magic, are safe.... More »

16th, October Strange But True

Naked Father And Daughter In The Woods Were Testing Her 'Resistance To Cold'

"IT was one of the most bizarre and disturbing things I have ever seen," cyclist Josef Hanzlik, 30, told reporters in Slovakia.... More »

16th, October Celebrities

Trolls: Chloe Madeley Turns Another Woman's Rape Into A Daily Mail Column

A WOMAN was raped by footballer Ched Evans. His lover went on the telly to say how she believes his innocence and stands by her man. Judy Finnigan went on the telly to say Evans should be given a another chance and that it wasn't a violent rape, so not as bad as it might have been... More »

16th, October Money

Losing the Double Irish Won't Make Much Difference To Apple's Taxes

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