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14th, April News

Britain's Biggest Hero Lives In Stonegate And Ticket Inspectors Spread TB In Cattle

THE biggest fare dodger in railway history is Our Hero. Every work day for five years Our Hero travelled from his home in Stonegate to London's Canon Street station. He worked out that if he swiped an Oyster card at Canon Street but not at Stonegate, East Sussex, the machine undercharged him... More »

14th, April Celebrities

Former Prostitute Zahia Dehar Is Hung Like Marie-Antoinette

TONIGHT, former teenage prostitute Zahia Dehar, 22 - famous for her alleged sexual warm-ups with French footballer Frank Ribéry at age 16, is Marie-Antoinette... More »

14th, April Strange But True

Who is Ann Arbor's Mystery Slide Pooper?

It's all swings and roundabouts... More »

14th, April Strange But True

Meet Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene of Australia

MEET Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ's girlfriend. Mary lives in Australia. She is "somewhat known historically but largely unknown". She hangs out with Jesus, known locally as AJ... More »

14th, April TV & Radio

What We Learnt From David Letterman's Retirement: Be Online And Be A White Male

FOR years, David Letterman has been a televisual tour-de-force. However, the rug was getting pulled from under his feet, thanks to being old-school. Of course, the only thing more old-school than Letterman himself, is the business he works in... More »

14th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Funny Foreinger Luis Suarez Is Good For A Giggle

THE hacks spending their days discussing Luis Suarez have yet to create a single word as entertaining as the man himself's actions. The racism and cheating and biting have all been terrible, just terrible. But - boy - has he kept us entertained... More »

14th, April Liverpool

Liverpool And Manchester United Balls: It's Like 2013 All Over Again

LIVERPOOL Balls: The very big-spending, foreign-owned Reds are at the Top of Premier League. Having beaten very very very big spending foreign-owned Manchester City 3-2, Liverpool are two points above very, very big spending, foreign-owned Chelsea. To the Daily Mail's Martin Samuel this is a triumph of the English spirit... More »

14th, April News

Man Banned From Buying Alcohol In Co-op After Joking It Was For 12-Year-Old Daughter

“THAT'S your beer sorted out,” said Kieran O'Sullivan, 48, to his sober 12-year-old daughter as they attempted to pay for beer at a Co-op supermarket in Worthing, West Sussex. We say attempted because the cashier heard the quip and banned Kieran from buying the booze.... More »

14th, April News

Thieves Make Off With $15,000 Of Nads Hair Removal Cream

WHEN thieves breaking into a store in Barrie, Ontario, failed to crack the safe, they settled on fleeing with $15,000 worth of hair-removal products... More »

14th, April Flashback 5

Polyester Prayers: Gospel Family Album Covers of the Seventies

THE 1970s was a decade set ablaze with countless Jesus Freaks and Holy Rollers cranking out an untold number of gospel records. There seemed no end to the number of artists Bound for Glory and preaching the Good Word. What holds them all together is not only their brand of music, but also their total inability to produce an album cover that is not jarringly awkward. The hideous fashions, the frightening hair styles, the creepy vibes... each one is a tiny miracle of condensed tackiness and unease. Hallelujah!... More »

14th, April News

Manchester Smoker 'Blown Up' In Hospital: Tobacco Safer Than Digital Ciggies

PAUL KEAVENY has news of Jean Booth, known to tabloid readers as "e-cigarette grandma Jean Booth"... More »

14th, April News

A Deadly Affair: Mayka Kukucova Claims Her Innocence In Andy Bush Killing As Maria Korotaeva Tells All

THE Sun leads with news of Maria Korotaeva, aka Masha, lover to Andrew Bush, the British jeweller found shot dead at his rented home on Spain's Costa del Sol. His ex-lover Mayka Kukucova is accused of murdering him. Reports suggest she could be carrying his child... More »

14th, April News

School Administrators Suspend Teachers For Teaching 'Dangerous' Science And Boy For Making Hydrogen Bomb At Home

IS there a fear of youth? The LA Times reports on the trials of science teacher Greg Schiller, now suspended because two of his students made projects that "appeared dangerous to administrators". Rogan and Susan Ferguson say district officials confiscated their son Asa's science fair project, "Evolution of a Coil Gun."... More »

13th, April Flashback

George Davis Is Innocent: The 1970s Campaign That Proved The Police And State Were Not OK

ON August 19, 1975, the third England v Australia Test at Headingley was abandoned following vandalism. A man who said he was a supporter of the George Davis campaign telephoned BBC radio London and claimed the group was responsible. Slogans were daubed outside the ground and the wicket was vandalised with a bit of digging and poured oil... More »

13th, April Fashion

1936: Claud Butler Cycling Tweed Suits For Whitsun

ANYBODY else think cycling gear has gone downhill since this Claud Butler Whitsun “rigout” was advertised in 1936? More »

13th, April Celebrities

Twisting Our Mellons: Matthew Mellon And Current wife Nicole Hanley Mellon Are Out Of This World

TAMARA Mellon's ex-husband Matthew Mellon, 50, and his current wife Nicole Hanley Mellon, 36, are the subjects of a 'they-really-aren't-like-the-rest-of-us' feature in the New York Times.... More »

13th, April News

Newcastle United: Foolish Pardew Inspires Sunday Sun To Publish Epic Back Page

Because local newspapers matter... More »

13th, April News

Seattle Burger Shop Uses Bong Toking Jesus To Celebrate Cheap Easter Meat

"We're looking for people to be talking about our marketing. You talking about us on the air is the grand slam, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I honestly am not trying to offend you as a Christian." ... More »

13th, April News

Spanish Town Castrillo Matajudios 'Considers' Changing Name From 'Kill Jews'

Last month, Ramon Benavides, president of a local associations of hoteliers, told the news agency EFE: “When ‘killing Jews,’ it’s best to take it slow and keep track of how much you drink to avoid excesses and its consequences the next day.”.. More »

12th, April Sports

Hillsborough: Arsenal And Wigan Fans Remember The 96 At The FA Cup Semi-Final

AT today's FA Cup Semi Final between Wigan Athletic and Arsenal at Wembley Stadium, 96 seats were left empty as a tribute to the 96 Liverpool fans that lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. More »

12th, April Flashback 1

The Evinrude Fishing Saucer Concept Boat Of 1957

1950s Space Age technology... More »

12th, April The Consumer

Singapore Tourism Board's Promo Video Is A Big WTF?

Come and see 'where the world is heading'... More »

12th, April Sports 2

Leeds United Balls: Who Placed Secret Cameras In The Toilets And The Boardroom?

LEEDS United's shiny new owner Massimo Cellino is a thorough sort. Before moving in at Elland Road he ordered a security sweep of the club stadium, which turned up hidden recording devices in both the boardroom and the toilets... More »

12th, April News

Murderabilia: Nurse Wants £10,000 For Harold Shipman's Medical Examination Couch

PSST! Wannabe buy Dr Harold Shipman's old medical examination couch? He was Britain's most prolific serial killer, given 15 life sentences for the murders of as many as 215 patients... More »

12th, April Strange But True

Mug Shot Tattoo Tips: Hunt For Gun Theft Suspect

MUG SHOT of the day: Police in Maryland are looking for 30-year-old Antoine Petty, who is wanted in connection with the theft of a gun... More »