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28th, January Flashback

Tech Rewind: Before Phones Got Smart

Taking a look at progress in technology as whole is much too broad; our heads will likely explode if we try and take it all in. Instead, let’s just look at your phone - that thin little rectangle you have in your pocket or are looking at right now… More »

27th, January Celebrities

Samuel Beckett Took André the Giant On The School Run

ONCE upon a time Samuel Beckett was waiting for André the Giant, nee André Roussimoff... More »

27th, January In Pictures

Artist Nirit Levav Makes Dogs Sculptures From Old Bicycle Parts

IRIT Levav's Unchained series is a collection of life-size dog sculptures from old bicycle parts... More »

27th, January News

Phone Hacking: You Can't Kill The Sunday Mirror Because It's Already Dead

CLAIMS that Dan Evans learnt how to hack phones at the Sunday Mirror before the News of the World recruited him for his skills is interesting... More »

27th, January Sports

Chelsea Balls: What Mourinho Did And Didn't Hear On His Birthday

CHELSEA Balls: Happy birthday Jose Mourinho, 51-years young. The journalists were there to see you work on your birthday, taking charge of Chelsea for their FA game with Stoke City... More »

27th, January In Pictures

The 56th Grammy Awards In 33 Photos

The best pictures... More »

27th, January Money

Why Britain's The Winner In This Online International Trade Stuff

SO we're told by a report about international online trade: the UK has the world's largest trade surplus in it. Woo Hoo! Makes up for the fact, well, just a little bit, that we've been running trade deficits for as long as most of us have been alive. Here's the good news... More »

27th, January Celebrities

Macklemore Robbed Kendrick Lamar At The Grammy Awards

PEOPLE who want to listen to hip hop, but don't like it, like Macklemore. He is to rap music what Mumford & Sons are to folk. Of course, like the tweed troubadours, he's fantastically successful and he landed 4 Grammy Awards last night... More »

27th, January Books

How To Behave In 1920s New York: An Illustrated Guide

Don't ask a pedestrian where a certain street is. He is usually too busy to stop, and if polite enough to stop, won't know. No New Yorkers knows anything about New York. Consult the Guide... More »

27th, January In Pictures 1

Hero-glyphics: Josh Lane's Spock And Comic Book Marvels Walk Like Egyptians

"I enjoyed placing these modern characters into the poses that fit the character best. for example, I felt like captain kirk should be the one sitting on the ‘throne’ as if it were his captains chair and that in the x-men piece I would have wolverine kneeling before the representation of the most powerful mutant entity, the phoenix..." More »

27th, January Celebrities

Phone Hacking: Jude Law's Let Himself Go

WE love the work of courtroom artists. Elizabeth Cook's been at the Old Bailey to see Jude Law take the witness box during the phone-hacking trial... More »

27th, January Flashback 1

There Used To Be A Chelsea Drugstore On The King's Road

Of course it has a McDonald’s like anywhere else but the King’s Road McDonalds is a bit different to most - it used to be the Chelsea Drugstore... More »

27th, January Money

McDonald's Gets Dinged By The French Taxman

IT'S something of a pity that the various taxmen across Europe don't actually understand the tax laws that they're supposed to be administering. We had the case a couple of weeks back of Italy trying to impost the "Google Tax" in clear violation of EU law and here we've the French taxman going after McDonalds... More »

27th, January Sports

Transfer Balls: Spurs Get New Manager And Half-Time DJ

IN the frantic race to scream "first" with the news of a transfer, Jon Rogers reports that Spurs are in the hint for French striker Jonathan Biabiany. This exclusive includes the following gem... More »

27th, January In Pictures

Russian Life: 21 Motherland Marvels

RUSSIANS. No longer as mysterious as they once were. But they might be as terrifying... More »

27th, January In Pictures

Cats Sneezing - 10 Photos of Cats Mid-Sneeze

CATS love a good sneeze. They do prefer to hack it up like a professional footballer, but sneezing, whether it triggered by feline herpes or smoking is one of catkinds' Top Ten hobbies. Here we see 10 cats captureed mid-sneeze... More »

27th, January Film

The Hobbit: 10 Guaranteed Improvements

The Hobbit is a long-winded borefest. But it can be improved. The seqeal could be better. Here are 10 Tips... More »

27th, January News

Not A Hate Crime: Homophobic, Anti-White, Domestically Abused, English Hating Blackburn Siblings Jailed For Attempting To Kidnap Sister's Lesbian Lover

Nazma Ditta, 28, one of nine children, was having a love affair with Sarah-Jane Harrison, 35, a colleague at Blackburn's USC Clothing clothes shop. One day in June last year, a trio of Nazma's sisters accosted Harrison outside the store. They beat her up... More »

27th, January News

Pope Francis Starts The Vatican's Annual Dove Hunt - Photos

DOES Pope Francis approve of dove hunting? During his Angelus prayer, the Pope oversaw the release of two doves. Within seconds they were attacked by a large black crow in St. Peter's Square. Then a seagull swooped down to join in. The doves' fate was not immediately known... More »

27th, January News

Darion Marcus Maryland Mall Murders: Jewellery Store Uses Dead In TV Marketing Campaign

When the media arrived, at the Mall CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield spoke with Judy Hoffman, manager of the Mall's Fire and Ice jewellery store... More »

27th, January Flashback 6

15 Senseless Acts of Sex Sells

I COMPLETELY understand that the “sex sells” approach makes sense for certain consumer goods: sports cars, cologne, and alcohol go hand-in-glove with sexually evocative marketing. It has its place within our consumer culture. That being said, sometimes it’s completely unnecessary. (Let’s be clear: not “unwanted”, just “unnecessary”.).. More »

27th, January News

Face of The Day: An Elephant Blesses A Hindu At Sangam

FACE of the Day: A Hindu devotee receives blessings of an elephant at the Sangam, the confluence of rivers Ganges and Yamuna... More »

26th, January Money 2

Thomas Perkins Is A Leading JEW: A Victim Of Jealously Earned Wealth

HOMAS Perkins is being persecuted. His bloodline is a story of horror and systematic abuse. You see, Mr Perkins is rich. He is one of the one percent. Hell, he's worth $8bn. He's one of the one percent's one percent.... More »

26th, January Flashback

Faces of The Day: German Sculptor Kathe Kollwitz's Grieving Parents Of WOrld War One

The eyes on the father-figure, left, gaze onto the ninth stone before him, on which his son's name is written... More »

26th, January News

Give Back My Kidney: Devon Woman Wants Estranged Husband To Return Her Donated Organ

THE People report on "Caring Samantha Lamb", 41, of Ivybridge, Devon, who gave one of her kidney's to ailing husband Andy, 45. The People says it saved his life. She says after the transplant he had an affair. He says he didn't. She wants her kidney back. You could deduce that she wants him dead... More »