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2nd, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls Awards: Arsenal Sign Cavani And Khedira, Manchester United Get Vidal, Kroos And Hummels - Falcao To Liverpool

TRANSFER Balls: Over the summer Anorak has been highliting the utter balls newspapers and football websites have presnted as fact. Time to review some of the choices cuts. As ever the biggest balls features Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Cheslea... More »

2nd, September Arsenal

Football Clubs Use Craft And Graft To Announce New Players On Twitter

FOOTBALL'S summer transfer season is over. The Transfer Balls have been digested. And football fans get to see what their team got on DEADLINE DAY. We'll round-up with the little sticker-style photos clubs use to release new player news on twitter... More »

1st, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sell Danny Welbeck To Arsenal But He Wanted Spurs

News and news.... More »

1st, September Sports

Transfer Deadline Day Is Forever Tied To Jim 'The Clock IS Ticking' White

FOR those of you not au fait with Sky Sport News, Jim White is the man who "understands" from "Sky sources" that he has hours of airtime to fill until a team owned by a billionaire actually buys a footballer from another team owned by a billionaire... More »

1st, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Bid £40m For £20m-Rated Marco Reus

Balls... More »

1st, September News 7

Ashya King: Prague Proton Therapy Centre Needs £65,000 From The NHS To Treat The Tumour

Pay up... More »

1st, September News 1

The Independent's Problem With The Jews In The Lobby

NOT all Jews are Israelis, just as not all Anglicans are English, not all Muslism are from the Isamic State in the Levant and not all Catholics are Vaticanites. But to the Indy Jews are all Isrealis and all Israelis are Jews, even those Druze fighters for the IDF... More »

1st, September Key Posts

Lou Alder Is Missing: The Strange Story of the Kidnapped Music Mogul

MUSIC legend, Lou Adler, is an inductee of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and responsible for a frightening amount of hits and given the world so much music that he should be beatified... More »

1st, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Pay £40m For Artuo Vidal And Line Up Joao Moutinho Instead

Balls... More »

1st, September News

Canada Newspaper Advises Learning The Koran To Escape Jihadis In Your British Shopping Mall

WRITING in Canada's National Post, Afsun Qureshihas a tip on how to survive the jihadi with the questions: you have to make an Islamic vow... More »

1st, September Celebrities

The Night I Opened For Joan Rivers

JAMES Adomian shares the story of his worst stand-up show ever. The night he opened for Joan Rivers in Florida... More »

1st, September Strange But True

Estate Agent Advertises Ipswich Home Fit For A Pig

Messy, you say... More »

1st, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Radamel Falcao Joined Chelsea Twice, Signed For Manchester City And Manchester United And Headed To Arsenal And Liverpool

A look at reporting on Radamel Falcao. It's been a pretty rich summer of utter balls being passed off as a fact... More »

1st, September News

Ashya King And Me: The Self-Serving Police, A Hatchet Job And A Child Left Alone

ASHYA King: a look at reporting on the boy with cancer and his parents... More »

1st, September News 2

Israel Seizes 400 Hectares Of Land No-One Was Using

Reporting on Israel requires a light touch... More »

1st, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Manchester City Beat Arsenal To Falcao With Sale Of Negredo To Valencia Agreed

More »

31st, August manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Bid for Radamel Falcao To Gee Up Manchester City

More balls... More »

31st, August Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Manchester City Panic Buy Radamel Falcao

TRANSFER Balls looks at the Guardian's headline news: "Manchester City offered Monaco’s Radamel Falcao for £55m"... More »

31st, August Film

Watch Grant Meyers Use Raw Meat And Toilet Plungers To Make Porno Films Sound Effects

Meat to the beat... More »

31st, August News

Ashya King: The Police Make It All About Them

HAVING made criminals of his mother and father and taken the boy on pain of law, the police says they did right Ashya King, the five-year-old with brain cancer.... More »

31st, August Chelsea

Transfer Balls Dead Cert: Radamel Falcao Heads To Manchester City, Chelsea Or Liverpool

TRANSFER Balls - betting special. Every day the betting industy pumps out PR missives that desperate journalists can turn into a story. Let's take a look and see what the trusty bookmakers have been feeding the press about Monaco's Radamel Falcao... More »

31st, August News 2

Watch a Christian Family React Terribly To Their Conservative Son Coming Out As Gay

YOU'RE coming out as gay. So. You film yourself telling your Christian parents. Daniel Pierce is 19. He did just that. His stepmother, father, and grandparents react... More »

31st, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Loic Remy Has Left QPR to Join Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Now Read On...

What utter balls... More »

31st, August News 1

Police Kidnap 'Our' Ashya King And Lock Up His Parents

THE police kidnapped five-year-old Ashya King, removing him from his parents, now under arrest... More »

30th, August Celebrities

Vidal Sassoon: Before The Scissors London's Top Hairdresser Fought With Knives, Coshes And Knuckledusters

Sassoon recalled England’s hostile political atmosphere earlier this year: “Anti-Semitism was absolutely rife,” he said... More »