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24th, September manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Linked To Gerard Pique Who Is Happy To 'Fail' At Barcelona

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express (natch.) has news that "MANCHESTER UNITED are lining up a sensational return for Barcelona and Spain star Gerard Pique"... More »

24th, September News 1

Numan Haider: The Good Muslim Who Wasn't A Muslim But Just A Single Lad Looking For Love

WHO was Nudam Haider, the teenager shot dead in Australia? Was he primarily a nutcase, a Muslim or a teenager?.. More »

24th, September News 3

IS in Qatar Is Richer Than Ireland And Better At Extortion Than Hamas

THE US-led attack on Islamic State is leading the news cycle. Every report contains the fact that five Arab states are backing the assault. But who is paying IS? ... More »

24th, September The Consumer

Department Store Had No Idea It Was Selling T-shirts Mocking Rape Victims

TO the SM department store in the Philippines, where shopper Karen Kunawicz has spotted a top bearing the legend: "It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle with a struggle"... More »

24th, September News

Mexico's Templar Knights Drugs Cartels Filmed Buying Journalists

MEXICAN news site MVS has relased a video of two reporters from Mexico’s Michoacan state appearing to accept money from one of the country’s most wanted drug lords, Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar Cartel... More »

24th, September Celebrities

Quack! Quack ! Ooops! Dave Lee Travis Finds A Hairy Cornflake In His Porridge

HATS of to the Sun for its front-page report on Dave Lee Travis. The former BBC Radio 1 DJ has been found guilty of groping a TV researcher’s breasts almost 20 years ago... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

John Malkovich Is In Every Great Photo You Every Saw

JOHN Malkovich can do Diane Arbus's photo of identical twins, Pierre et Gilles' lumo Jean Paul Gaultier? .. More »

23rd, September Chelsea

Chelsea Balls: Wtch Jose Mourinho Play For Rio Ave In 1981

ONCE upon a time, Jose Mourinho wanted to be a professional footballer, like his father Felix... More »

23rd, September Money

What The Hell Is It That Tesco Has Done Wrong? This

DESPITE Tesco being a little bit less everyone's favourite supermarket than it used to be it's still a bit of a shocker to find out that the company has been lying about its profits. The question is though, what is it that they've been doing? As no one is coming right out with exactly what it is let's try to work it out from what we are being told... More »

23rd, September Money

Is This The Most Perfect Job In The World Or What?

People pay this bloke (and pay his fees as well, of course) to visit prostitutes and have sex with them... More »

23rd, September News

Photos Of The Day: 23 Sept 2014

Today in photos... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Beyond Parody: The Daily Telegraph Muses On How Emma Watson's Wardrobe Furthers Women's Rights

The new UN Women Goodwill Ambassador made waves with her speech on gender equality in New York – and her sophisticated wardrobe...“ More »

23rd, September Sports

New York Police Criminalise Cycling After Death

WHEN a pedestrian died after being struck by a cyclist in Central Park, the NYPD reacted by launching a blitz on cycling violations... More »

23rd, September The Consumer

In 1979 The War On Drugs Outlawed The McDonald's Spoon

MCDONALDS alientated a key demographic among its clientele: the drugs user... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Daily Mail Irony: Emma Watson Wear A White Belted Coat For Women's Rights

SO. How does the Daily Mail report on Emma Watson's appearance at a UN sexual equality do? ... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Jasmine Tridevil: Want To See The Surgery Video?

HAVING realised that two fake Jordans is hackneyed, Alisha Hessler got three boobs and changed her name to Jasmine Trivdevil... More »

23rd, September Celebrities

Faces Of The Day: When Amy Winehouae And Nicole Kidman Met The Lemurs

Fame hurts... More »

23rd, September The Consumer

Art Of The Cofffee Shop Toilet

Well, if you say so... More »

23rd, September Technology

The Chinese iPhone Black Market

STOOD in the line outside Apple's NYC emporium, Casey Neistat spotted Chinese resellers looking to resells the gadgets before they're launched in China... More »

23rd, September Arsenal

Manchester United: Just another Chelsea

More »

23rd, September Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Manchester City And Chelsea Hope Everton's Ross Barkley Forgets His 'Dream'

TRANSFER Balls: Is Everton's Ross Barkley leaving Goodison Park to play for Manchester City or Chelsea?... More »

23rd, September News

Josh Lederman, Barack Obama And The War On Bush And Facts

BARACK Obama has ordered air strikes on Islamic State. Washington, France and five named Arab nations have joined the fight on the jihadists... More »

23rd, September News

Woman Jammed Her Finger Up Staffordhire Terrier's Bum To End Attack On Her Beloved Jack Russell

"SHE'S my soulmate, and I love her so much and I was so glad she was actually saved," says Ann Bendouli. "It said if you have a lighter, put it onto its bottom"... More »

23rd, September News

Hope And Change In Syria And Iraq: Vote Obama Get Romney

HOW'S that pledge not to be like Mitt Romney going? Two months before the 2012 presidential election, Vice President Biden warned on the campaign trail that Mitt Romney wanted to go to war with Syria... More »

22nd, September Celebrities

Jasmine Tridevil Photos: The Woman With Three Breasts

Here is Miss Jasmine Tridevil in photos... More »