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28th, April News

Max Clifford: If He's So Good At PR Why Does Everyone Think He's Such A Cock?

MAX Clifford has been found guilty of 8 counts of indecent assault.... More »

28th, April Key Posts

Manchester City And Imre Varadi Were Right: Don't Blame The Banana For Racism In Football

CHUCKING banana skins and grunting like a monkey are things of history in British football. Over in Spain, racism is more prevalent. Last night, Barcelona's Dani Alves fielded a banana tossed from the crowd at Villarreal’s Estadio El Madrigal and ate it... More »

28th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Wins PFA Football Of The Year 2014

REDEMPTION is easy if you're brilliant at your job. Luis Suarez, once British football's racist, diving, biting pariah has been voted the PFA Player of the Year. He took his big cup at the awards do at the Grosvenor Hotel, London... More »

28th, April Fashion

1955 Hair Tonic Advert: Lucky Tiger Gets the Gals

The 1950’s and early 60’s were a great time for Lucky Tiger. But in 1964, a visit from four guys from Liverpool England changed pop culture and young America overnight... More »

28th, April News

Epic Adverts: 'Tolerant Lesbian Mona (w), 31 Searches For A Shared Apartment In Berlin'

I, 31, am a good-natured open leftist* and openly feminist student of history (HU) and am searching a cosmopolitan and anti-capitalistic apartment to share with others in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg.... More »

28th, April Money

The Herbal Stiffy Maker That Worked Because It Had Viagra In It

WE'VE all been bombarded with the spam about the herbal Viagras for so long now that none of us actually believe that they work, or are anything other than the most atrocious scam.. More »

28th, April Music

Mariah Carey Spends £28k On Looking After Her Pets

PEOPLE get terribly upset when famous people spend obscene amounts of money on frivolous things. They tut about how much good could be done with all that dough. However, those people are stupid and wrong. Us humans need outrageous and wealthy people... More »

28th, April Books

Tomes Of Shame: Awful Nonfiction From The 1970s

THE sad truth is, nonfiction garbage is hard to come by. Libraries regularly cull their shelves, ridding the world of their outdated and tacky tomes. Plus, how many people are going to display any one of these books in their home library and endure the subsequent deep and abiding shame? Not many. So, they end up on the trash heap, gone forever.... That is, until someone like me resurrects them (at least their covers) for your viewing enjoyment.... More »

28th, April Flashback

1947: Edward Moffitt And His Stable Of 80 Albino Racing Rats

FLASHBACK to June 30, 1947, to see Edward Moffitt and his stable of 80 albino racing rats at his home in San Francisco. More »

27th, April Celebrities

These Hand-Painted Life-Size David Bowie Dolls Are Incredible

IF you can't get David Bowie to pop over and lounge on your sofa, then one of artist E.V. Svetova's Bowie dolls will do. Well, if you can borrow one. They are not for sale... More »

27th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: The Internet Reacts With LOLS As The Red Throw Away The Premier League

WHEN Liverpool's premature victory parade was derailed by Chelsea winning 2-0 at Anfield, the internet reacted... More »

27th, April Chelsea

Chelsea Balls: Liverpool Fan Wears The Most Regretful Shirt Ever

Petrol. Match.... More »

27th, April In Pictures

Four Popes Day: Popes Francis And Benedict XVI Canonize Popes John XXIII And John Paul II (37 Photos)

TODAY Pope Francis declared Popes John XXIII and John Paul II saints. Pope emeritus Pope Benedict XVI was also at the service in St. Peter's Square. He took will surely one day become a saint, as will Francis... More »

27th, April Liverpool 2

Liverpool Balls: Statue To Manchester United's Messiah Moyes Erected Outside Anfield

THE wags from a betting firm erected a stature to forcibly retired Manchester United manager David Moyes outside Liverpool's Anfield ground... More »

27th, April Flashback

1937: Matt Busby's Liverpool FC Take On Chelsea

FLASHBACK to August 28th 1937: Football League Division One: Chelsea v Liverpool at Stamford Bridge... More »

27th, April Politicians

UKIP Employed An EU Immigrant To Pretend To Be An Uemployed Brit

DID you see those new UKIP posters, the ones warning about foreigners coming over here to take our jobs?... More »

27th, April Flashback

How Matchbox Cars Were Made For Her Majesty The Queen In 1965

IN1965, Matchbox toys were die-cast objects of delight, produced by LESley Smith and RodNEY SMith's Lesney Products & Co. Ltd... More »

27th, April News

Edward Snowden: The 'Messiah' Who Won You A Pulitzer And Himself A Halo

WHAT is your view on the Pulitzer Prize committee awarding their prize for Public Service to The Washington Post and The Guardian for featuring Edward Snowden and his haul of National Security Agency documents... More »

27th, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Lothario Ryan Giggs Tears You Apart - The Pick Of The Old Trafford Banners

RYAN Giggs is the manager of Manchester United. What say the fans of the lothario (surely sick love rat? - ed) now at the helm?... More »

27th, April Politicians

Nick Clegg Has Cojones The Size of A Nanny From Belgium

THANKS to Nick Clegg (wage: £134,565 a year) and his wife Miriam González Durántez (wage: 500,000 a year), we know how to raise our children... More »

27th, April Strange But True 5

How The Banana Proves God Exists And Is 'The Atheist's Nightmare'

HOW do we know God exists? In a word: bananas. They are a sign of God's love for humanity, and chimpanzees who can peel.... More »

27th, April Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: The Super Bock Theory

MADELEINE McCann: the Sunday Express has Our Maddie on her usual place: the front page... More »

26th, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Louis van Gaal Signs 3-Year Deal At Manchester United Without United Knowing

HAVE Manchester United made Louis van Gaal the new manager? The De Telegraaf newspaper in Holland claim the man has singed a three-year deal. And Patrick Kluivert will be his assistant... More »

26th, April Strange But True

Idiot Bank Robber Writes Home Address On Hold Up Note

WE introduce Felipe Cruz of Pompano Beach, Florida. Mr Cruz is an idiot... More »

26th, April Politicians

UKIP Versus The Poles: Epic Ad Placement

An accident? Surely not... More »