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5th, April Liverpool

Liverpool: Rodgers defends the 'boy' Sterling by questioning his intellect

Raheem Sterling is all over the Sunday sports sections. The Liverpool tyro - Liverpool's best player in their 4-1 defeat to Arsenal - is going nowhere... More »

4th, April Liverpool

Liverpool balls: Daniel Sturridge follows Arsenal defeat with a call to party

Tactful stuff from Liverpool's well-paid forward... More »

4th, April Celebrities

The Lucille Ball Statue Is Utterly Horrific

Do you love Lucille Ball? If you do, then you can join the Facebook page 'We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue'... More »

4th, April Arsenal

Transfer balls: Raheem Sterling thinks Manchester United and Arsenal are better than Liverpool

Can it be that Raheem Sterling, the Liverpool tyro, would leave the club to play for Manchester United? The Sun says the deal is on.... More »

4th, April Strange But True

Photos: leopard, lemurs, snakes and monkeys found in suitcase at Russian airport  

To Domodedovo Airport near Moscow, Russia, were officials have pulled over a woman returning from Indonesia via Qatar.She has failed to decalre the 55 different breeds of snake, 35 lizards, turtles, six lemurs, two monkeys, two baby crocodiles and a baby leopard. More »

4th, April Celebrities

Texas trooper must undergo counselling after posing for photo with Snoop Dogg

TO TEXAS, where Snoop Dogg is in company of a police officer. Snoop's not under arrest. He's at the South by Southwest festival in Austin to entertain... More »

3rd, April Celebrities

Peter Dinklage the sex symbol: Tyron Lannister is a busty Cosplay star

It takes a lot of strapping to turn Peter Dinklage into Games of Thrones' hero Tyrion Lannister... More »

3rd, April News 1

How anti-Christian bigots made Memories Pizza in Indiana the world's most profitable restaurant

Gastronauts in search of a rare treat should head to Walkerton, Indiana, the world's highest revenue restaurant. In one day, the eatery has earned a whopping $484,600... More »

3rd, April Liverpool

Transfer Balls: underpaid Sterling wants Arsenal or Chelsea move - and so does his agent

Is Raheem Sterling leaving Liverpool? Is he going to play for Arsenal. Is he a greedy sh*t or a footballer who knows his worth? Questions abound on the matter of former QPR player Raheem Sterling. And the tabloids lead with the news... More »

3rd, April News

Germanwings: Daily Mail says Andreas Lubitz was killed by anti-depressants

Andreas Lubitz: a look at the Germanwings co-pilot in today's tabloids... More »

2nd, April Politicians

Ed Miliband's biased knob: papers react to #leadersdebate

SO. Who won the Leaders Debate on ITV? Helping you with the facts are the newspapers... More »

2nd, April marijuana

Sick man jailed for possessing 'medical' marijuana

David Patterson is serving 60 days in prison for marijuana possession A Minnesota jury noted Patterson's seven pounds of marijuana and his intent to distribute it. He's clearly guilty. Only... More »

2nd, April Music

AMY: Watch the trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary

This trailer features the line: "I don't think I'm going to be at all famous. I don't think I could handle it. I think I would go mad"... More »

2nd, April Key Posts

Brilliant, bright and money-grabbing: Raheem Sterling deserves every penny he can get

Raheem Sterling is not a money-grabber. Well, so says the Times. And 'money grabber' is in inverted commas, the words appearing in a headline comment on the Liverpool player's view of himself as revealed in a BBC interview... More »

2nd, April News

Tabloid Scare Stories: watching TV gives you diabetes

The Daily Express says "Watching TV Gives You Diabetes"... More »

2nd, April News

Man Gerbil Mike Holpin has 40 kids by 20 women and a thriving media career

Yesterday we wondered if Mike Holpin really did have 40 children by 20 different women. Holpin, a jobless, feckless, self-confessed alcoholic was front-page news in the Sun and Daily Mirror... More »

1st, April News 1

Andreas Lubitz: framed by callous liars and saved only by the Facebook truthers

Andreas Lubitz has tumbled down the news cycle. The Sun waits until page 27 to report on the Germanwings co-pilot who was at the controls when the plane slammed into an Alpine mountain killing all 150 people on board... More »

1st, April Arsenal

Arsenal Transfer balls: 140,000 reasons for Theo Walcott to love Chelsea and Liverpool

Transfer Balls: the Times says Chelsea are ready to make a move for Arsenal's Theo Walcott... More »

1st, April manchester united

Transfer balls: Hummels 'pledges' future Manchester United and then explains

Transfer balls: The Sun leads with news that Borussia Dortmund's Mats Hummels has made a "pledge" to join Manchester United. Hummels is reported to have said that Manchester United is the only non-German team he will play for... More »

1st, April News

Man Gerbil of The Year: Mike Holpin and Keith McDonald are UK's most 'shameless' dads

The tabloids are in a single-dads arms race. The Express leads with "jobless love-rat "Keith McDonald, 29, who has "16 children by 10 women". Keith and his brood will, apaprently, cost "YOU" £2m... More »

31st, March Strange But True

You'll never believe what the child who only eats Petit-Filous is called

The Daily Mail's story on the four-year-old girl who only eats yoghurt is a disappointment... More »

31st, March Key Posts

Jill Dando murder: the 'lost' Robin Williams angle

The Daily Mirror's font-page news that"blunder cops" failed to "quiz 100 suspects" in the murder of BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando contains an interesting element.... More »

31st, March News

Free speech saves Christian preacher who said all gays must die and Mohammed was a paedo

Is the Bible banned? Are some bits of it, to use the dread word of the age, 'inappropriate'? Mike Overd has been told that reading bits of the Good Book aloud is offensive... More »

30th, March News

Transfer balls: Liverpool buy Mateo Kovacic after watching him not play

Utter balls in the Press... More »

30th, March News

Police helicopter tracks cyclists drinking wine in South Wales

If you wanted something to illustrate how pettty offences are now treated as full-blown crimes, we can point up to the police helicopter tracking a man suspected of riding a bicycle while drinking a bottle of wine in Llanelli, South Wales... More »