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17th, October 2014 News

The War On White Men: Transgender Timothy Boatwright Is Too Male To Be Wellesley College's Diversity Officer

A caucasian female student who identifies as a man has been discouraged from becoming Wellesley College's diversity officer because to have a white male in that position would perpetuate patriarchy... More »

17th, October 2014 News

Hatred Presents The Most Joyously Violent Video Games Ever

THERE'S a bit of hubbub around a new video game that's knocking about called 'Hatred'. It is being hailed (or accused, if you prefer) as the most violent game ever... More »

17th, October 2014 Celebrities

Footballers Don't Know How Much Milk Costs, And Other Shocking Facts

PEOPLE often wheel out the line about footballers being overpaid. Some of them are indeed, paid gigantic sums of money. Many will tell you that it is too much 'to kick a ball around for 90 minutes', but of course, those people are gasping simpletons... More »

16th, October 2014 Money

Greenpeace Lies About Golden Rice. Again

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16th, October 2014 Celebrities

John Grisham Tells The Truth: Watching Child Porn Doesn't Make You A Paedophile

JOHN Grisham has rather surprised the usual people by telling the truth about child pornography... More »

16th, October 2014 Celebrities

Dude Where's My Gun? Brad Pitt Is Armed And Possibly Dangerous

BRAD Pitt and his child army, nannies, security guards and ever since Angelina Jolie met the queen, footmen, unicorns, Apache helicopters and magic, are safe.... More »

16th, October 2014 Strange But True

Naked Father And Daughter In The Woods Were Testing Her 'Resistance To Cold'

"IT was one of the most bizarre and disturbing things I have ever seen," cyclist Josef Hanzlik, 30, told reporters in Slovakia.... More »

16th, October 2014 Celebrities

Trolls: Chloe Madeley Turns Another Woman's Rape Into A Daily Mail Column

A WOMAN was raped by footballer Ched Evans. His lover went on the telly to say how she believes his innocence and stands by her man. Judy Finnigan went on the telly to say Evans should be given a another chance and that it wasn't a violent rape, so not as bad as it might have been... More »

16th, October 2014 Money

Losing the Double Irish Won't Make Much Difference To Apple's Taxes

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15th, October 2014 News 5

Why Europe Hates Israel: It's Envy, Stupid

“The flowering of Jewish national life in Israel makes the Europeans crazy. It is not simply envy: it is a terrible reminder of the vanity..." More »

15th, October 2014 NSFW 3

Is Nothing Safe? Teen Ejaculated Inside Stuffed Walmart Horse

To a Walmart in Brooksville, Florida, where police report on Sean Johnson, 19, who ejaculated inside a stuffed animal before returning it to the shelves... More »

15th, October 2014 In Pictures

London's Sewers: A Photo Journey Below The Filth

Below the metropolis... More »

15th, October 2014 News

Ebola Panic: Woman Wears Hamzat Suit At Airport As Son Hides Inside A Plastic Bag

HOW scared are you by Ebola? The Daily Caller spots the most scared person in the USA at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. is apparently not taking any chances. .. More »

15th, October 2014 In Pictures

Photos Of The Day: October 15 2014

Today's 10 news photos... More »

15th, October 2014 News 1

Amber Vinson Flew With A 99.5 Degree Fever The Day Before Being Diagnosed With Ebola

The stable door is ajar... More »

15th, October 2014 Sports 1

Laura Barralies Might Be A WAG: Juventus Unveil New Journalist In Lads' Mag Style

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15th, October 2014 Money

Apple Screwed The Entire Finland Economy Claims Finnish Prime Minister

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15th, October 2014 News

Judy Finnigan And Free Speech Trolls: Ched Evans Didn't Rape On Twitter

MORE media balls now as the Sun decalres that "TV Judy and daughter Chloe" are in a "rape threat hell"... More »

15th, October 2014 Money

Alan Sugar Might Be Mad You Know

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15th, October 2014 News

Beaten Man Gets Justice For Hong Kong Police Beating

IN Hong Kong, protesters are being beaten. Well, one is. Of course, if the Chinese Red Army arrive, this will be light relief... More »

15th, October 2014 Money 1

Falling Oil Prices Kill Putin And Give The West Victory

OIL is tumbling in price. But rising in value... More »

15th, October 2014 TV & Radio

Epic TV: Australia's Dancing With The Stars Is A Bitter, Terrible And Unforgettable

TO Australia, where Channel 7's Dancing With The Stars is compelling... More »

15th, October 2014 Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: British Media Continues To Monster Luis Suarez

THE Daily Mirror leads with new that Luis Suarez has "twisted the knife" into Liverpool FC... More »

15th, October 2014 Celebrities

Public School Never Made Me Gay: Benedict Cumberbatch And Those Curious Boys

BENEDICT Cumberbatch is plugging his film The Imitation Game. He plays Alan Turing, the mathematician and computer scientist whose key work decrypting German codes in the second world war helped the war effort termendously. Turing died in 1954. He had been convicted of gross indecency for being gay... More »

15th, October 2014 Money Is For Sale: A Booming Industry In Death And Fear Needs You

HOW capitalism works: the domain name is for sale. You can buy it for $150,000. Jon Schultz is selling. He also owns and, which is nice. .. More »