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28th, December 2014 Politicians 1

Ukip rift: Carswell realises that Ukip leader Farage is a rabble rousing coward in touch with racists

Thoughts on UKip, by Douglas Carswell, the former Tory now a Ukip MP. Carswell is writing in the Daily Mail. His stand-out comments are on race... More »

28th, December 2014 Sports

Transfer balls: Chelsea's Fernando Torres to Liverpool and Atletico but not AC Milan

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28th, December 2014 manchester united

Transfer balls: Arsenal spend £15m less in buying Manchester United's William Carvalho

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28th, December 2014 Celebrities 1

Adele splits from Simon: let's all hate the singer who 'snubbed' chugging Bob Geldof

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27th, December 2014 Technology

Everything you know about the brain is a mystery

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27th, December 2014 News

Beer helps you understand cancer

Beer drinkers, some good news... More »

27th, December 2014 News 1

Jackie's story: the rape and the rape apology that weren't

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26th, December 2014 Celebrities

Free Speech: Dappers Laughs cannot be killed by the student censors

When Dapper Laughs was booted off the telly for making a rape joke at a club for his paying fans, we thought it a shame.... More »

25th, December 2014 The Consumer

Great gifts: the 1940s 'No Name' dolls

Marketing greatness... More »

24th, December 2014 News

Westminster Paedophiles: Charles Napier, Peter Righton and how a convicted child abuser got work with the British Council

The web of sin and depravity... More »

24th, December 2014 News 2

Army on France streets spot the difference between Isis Islamists and the mentally ill killers

Plus ca change... More »

23rd, December 2014 News 1

Twitter nark calls police on Glasgow crash joker: one man arrested

Six people died when a truck ran out of control in Glasgow. Police have one arrest. They've pinched the man who wrote a joke on Twitter... More »

23rd, December 2014 TV & Radio

BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville gets the giggles as seized drugs pile burns

Quentin Sommerville, the BBC’s Middle East correspondent, is live form a mound of smoking drugs being destroyed by authorities in Afghanistan. More »

23rd, December 2014 News 1

Manspreading: the inane last dying gasp of feminism

Like us, Milo Yiannopoulos looked at the pathetic feminist outcry over ‘Manspreading’... More »

23rd, December 2014 Sponsored posts 1

Avoiding Christmas Holiday Headaches

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23rd, December 2014 Money

Strange happenings on holiday

Strange happenings on holiday (a paid post in partnership with Ad-Rank) More »

23rd, December 2014 Strange But True

Seal found in Liverpool field: now find the polar bear!

Why did the seal head for a field in Merseyside? ... More »

23rd, December 2014 Politicians

UKIP Rotherham Christmas poster orders voters to 'Say No To The UK'

Season's greeting from the folk at UKIP Rotherham... More »

22nd, December 2014 NSFW 2

These karma Sutra-inspired lollies are a lick on a stick

Cancel the phallic Hen-night chocs and the trip to the caves at Ajanta. The “Kamasugar” lollipops by Italian artist and photographer Massimo Gammacurta are the Kama Sutra in a lick on a stick. Perfect... More »

22nd, December 2014 Sports

Transfer Balls: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool kick off 31 days of Marco Reus

This transfer season, we'll keep track of how many players have been linked to the top Premier League teams over January. Well forcus on the two most shamless exponents of, the Daily Express and Daily Mirror.... More »

22nd, December 2014 News

Child raping Police officer kept job after taking upskirt photos of children

Nick Lidstone was a Cambridgeshire Police sergeant when he was caught taking photos up children's skirts in a branch of Tesco's. He used a 'spy pen'. That was eight years ago... More »

22nd, December 2014 Sports

Lance Armstrong: 'I won't cheat at golf - honest!'

Lance Armstrong, the spectacular cheat who harnsssed the power of lab technology and a good backstory to win seven Tour de France titles, says he draws the line at cheating, telling Golf Digest... More »

22nd, December 2014 News

Westminster paedophiles: Bring back PIE and trial before arrest

Westminster peadophiles: a look at the story of a 'ring' of VIPs abusing and murdering children in the 1970s and 1980s... More »

22nd, December 2014 Sports

Dead man muck-raking: FIFA told talks with Blatter

As you know, Blatter has been under gigantic amounts of pressure in recent months, all culminating from FIFA awarding the World Cups to Russia and Qatar. What didn't help was the fact that Blatter's FIFA decided to conduct an audit into the way they awarded the World Cups, which lawyer Michael Garcia completed, which was then published in part, which saw Garcia furiously accusing FIFA of misquoting him and not sharing his findings at all.... More »

22nd, December 2014 News

Legalise guns in the UK: police electrocuting Staffordshire burglars by Taser is inhumane

Should we legalise guns in the UK? A burglary suspect has died after being shot by a Taser in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Staffordshire Police had been called to a property after receiving reports of a burglary shortly after 1am on Monday morning. The occupants had left their house, leaving the man inside. Officers discharged a Taser during the incident, but the suspected burglar became unresponsive after being taken to a police vehicle.... More »