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9th, April News

Daily Express Weather Watch: Predicting A Glorious Summer Apocalypse

NOT for the Daily Express a Daily Mail-themed slow, painful death by cancer. It can't be bothered to wait... More »

9th, April Film 2

A Vital History of Captain America at the Movies and on TV

WITH Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) shattering box office records this weekend, it is an opportune time to recall that this iconic Marvel superhero -- and symbol of non-ironic Americana -- has not always been treated very well by Hollywood. In particular, the 1970s and 1980s proved a difficult span for the patriotic Cap, who had made a career in his Marvel comic-book of smashing Nazis and communists.... More »

8th, April Flashback 4

The Rolling Stones 1969: Listen To Mary Clayton's Awesome Isolated Vocal From Gimme Shelter

THE isolated track of Merry Clayton’s vocal from Gimme Shelter is something else... More »

8th, April Sports

Chelsea Balls: The Champions' League Semi-Final Is The 'Last 8' (With Added Piranhas)

THE Sun was once the byword for a polished newspaper. It is now routinely poor. Take this example: Chelsea are through to the semi-finals of the Champions' League. Or as the once soaraway Sun puts it... More »

8th, April Cars

Granada's M1 Motorway Service Station At Toddington, 1968

FLASHBACK to 29/08/1968... More »

8th, April News

Faces of The Day: Malaysians Host Candlelight Vigil For Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysians gather during a candlelight vigil for passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370... More »

8th, April Fashion

1903: Girlie Mag Vanity Fair Profiles 'The Bifurcated Girls: Gay Girls In Trousers'

IN 1903, The Commonwealth Publishing Company of New York City's magazine Vanity Fair (no, another one; this one ran from February 1902 to April 1904) produced the article on The Bifurcated Girls: Gay Girls In Trousers... More »

8th, April News

Maria Miller LOL: 'I can only hope that over time the focus will once again by on Basingstoke'

MARIA Miller has written an open letter to the people of Basingstoke, Hampshire... More »

8th, April TV & Radio

Games of Thrones Sex Chart Infographic: A Who's Who Of Carnal Delights And Horrors

VINCE Avila has watched series 1-3 of Games of Thrones and charted who has shagged who in the swords and chairs Petri dish... More »

8th, April News

Spurs Balls: Tim Sherwood Says Champions League Isn't A Priority Except When It Is

More »

8th, April Sports 3

Spurs Balls: Salutist Daily Mail Erases Black Coach Chris Ramsey From Team Photograph

SPURS Balls: Tottenham Hotspur smashed a dire Sunderland last night. The Daily Mail leads with a lovely picture of Emmanuel Adebayor saluting his manager Tim Sherwood... More »

8th, April Strange But True

Langton’s Ant: Creating Endless Order From Chaos

If you were to put an ant down on a grid of squares and ask the ant to follow two rules something odd would happen... More »

8th, April Key Posts

When Venture Capital Fails Spectacularly: The Bessemer Venture Partners Story

WE'VE all heard about the titans of the silicon Valley venture capital industry. One day they put 30 cents into the stock of some company enabling people to show cat photos to each other and then three weeks later they're running off with $10 billion from the IPO... More »

8th, April News

Irish Bomber Blows Himself Up: Forgot About Putting His Clock Forward

THE Telegraph has the headline that we can all take a minute to appreciate: Irish bomber blew himself up after device went off too soon 'because he forgot to put his watch forward'... More »

8th, April Money

Michael Lewis Says High Frequency Trading Rips Off Investors. Michael Lewis Is Clearly Wrong

THERE'S been a bit of a furore over in the US about the new Michael Lewis book. He's saying that all this high speed trading (that's the stuff done by computers in nanoseconds) is just a rip off of the average investor. The sad thing is that he's got it entirely wrong... More »

8th, April Flashback

1971: The Glastonbury Fayre Where Only The New Pyramid Stage Was Plastic

More »

8th, April Music

Glastonbury Is Dead But 'The Best Is Yet To Come'

The next Glastonbury (pronounced 'Glaston-berry' if you're American) is rumoured to have David Bowie headlining. And Kasabian too, which isn't good news for anyone who isn't a first year university LAD who will be arfing and barfing their way through a series of NekNominations... More »

8th, April Celebrities

The Real Life Barbie Manages To Get Her Racism The Wrong Way Around

This is such a cock up of the reality about racial mixing that it's near absurdity... More »

8th, April Music

Wu Tang Clan: Releasing One Copy Too Many Of Their New LP

WU TANG CLAN have never been more popular, mainly because people who don't really like hip hop really like wearing their t-shirts, throwing up ironic 'Wu' handsigns in photographs and smoking weed now and then. For real fans of The Wu, they know how arduous it is trying to follow everything they do... More »

8th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Doesn't Eat Young Boy With Down Syndrome In Park

CAN Liverpool's bristling Luis Suarez be loved? On Liverpool's Reddit page, we spotted this picture of Suarez in Calderstones Park with a young boy with down syndrome... More »

8th, April Film 1

Eegah! 10 Amazingly Bad Movie Titles

Perhaps, it’s best to look back a few decades. It may not be possible to scientifically lay out the all-time worst, but we can certainly make like Freddy and Finger a few candidates... More »

8th, April Celebrities

Peaches Geldof: An Untimely Death Was Her Tabloid Destiny

The celebrity death is heralded by people on social media shouting "FIRSTS!" and the "ker-ching" of big media's cash register. Who can be first to dash out a few hundred words of speculation veering between the mawkish an the insulting about the dead person they never knew?... More »

7th, April Celebrities

Modern Job Ad Of The Year: Beyonce Pays Her Interns In Selfies

WANT to wok for Beyonce Knowles, the minter pop goddess? Well, here's is your big chance to live the dream - to get paid in selfies... More »

7th, April Celebrities 2

Peaches Geldof: Death Inspires Metro To Produce The Most Horrendous Front Page Of All Time

This is horrendous.... More »

7th, April Flashback

Circa 1780: Francis Gerber's Vampiryc Research Case

It was here he was introduced to a man, whose daughter had been murdered by what the villagerscalled a “Blood thief”. Gerber was escorted to a shallow grave where the killer lay, who had been caught and lynched, leaving his mangled corpse to the elements... More »