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23rd, April Strange But True

Suspected Killer Wants Tattoo Spelling 'MURDER' Removed Before His Court Date

TO Kansas, where suspected killer Jeffrey Chapman says the tattoo spelling a mirror image of the word "MURDER" on his throat might prejudice a jury... More »

23rd, April Flashback 9

The Eight-Track Miracle: 8 Reasons It Failed

WHEN eight-track tapes hit the shelves in the latter part of the Sixties, it was seen as a godsend. All of a sudden, you could listen to your music collection in your car, or out-and-about with the new boom-boxes. There were even rumors it would completely replace the vinyl record. Yet, just over a decade later, the humble cassette tape was able to drive it to extinction... More »

22nd, April Flashback

Wonderfully Sexist Dating Advice From 1938

IT'S 1938. Your breath is fresh, so you've pulled. And you're on a date. What next?... More »

22nd, April manchester united 1

Manchester United Balls: Moyes Sacking Proves Spurs Reject AVB Was Right About Media Bias

MANCHESTER United fan Gary Neville points out that giving a man a six-year contract, such as the one the United board gave David Moyes, and then sacking him after 10 months is odd. Neville has been consistent. But what of Martin Samuel, who wrote in the Mail when Andre Villas-Boas was being shown the door at Spurs... More »

22nd, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: The 5 Best Stories About Louis Van Gaal

HEAVILY tipped to be taking over from David Moyes at Manchester United after the World Cup, Louis van Gaal has a bit of a reputation in football circles of – how can we put this delicately – being a bit of a deranged megalomaniac, with many cracking apocryphal stories and quotes being attributed to the man over the course of his long career in football.... More »

22nd, April In Pictures

Greek Village Of Vrontados Celebrates Easter With A Rocket War

YOU know when it's Easter in the Greek village of Vrontados, on the eastern Aegean island of Chios, because rival churches either side of a valley engage in a "rocket war"... More »

22nd, April Celebrities

Steve Jobs Biopic Stars Danny Boyle and Leo DiCaprio

EVER looked at Steve Jobs and thought: "There's a guy I'd like to watch a film about!" Imagine the thrills and spills as Jobs goes to the bank to get a loan! Gasp as Jobs does some soldering on a motherboard! Swoon as he buys 30,000 black turtle neck sweaters!... More »

22nd, April Music

The Libertines Reuniting 'To Pay Off Smack Debts', Probably

SYPHILITIC grot-rockers, The Libertines, could well be making a comeback, which is great news for all those awful humans who live in a permanent state of mildew and have brown teeth and own nothing but four tattoos and a book of tedious soul-searching poetry. How do we know about this comeback? More »

22nd, April Money

Google, Apple, Intel - All Getting Sued For Screwing The Workers

YOU may or may not worry very much about some of the richest workers on the planet getting screwed over by the companies they work for... More »

22nd, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: What The Experts Said When David Moyes Was Made Manager

DAVID Moyes has been a poor manager at Manchester United. But what did the experts say when he was appointed to the job?... More »

22nd, April Fashion 3

Slacks Relapse: A Look At Chick Pants Of The 1970s

Just as the miniskirt had been a proclamation of the youth culture, pants became a proclamation of gender equality. If men can wear hideous corduroy bell-bottoms, by God, the women can too!... More »

21st, April manchester united 2

Manchester United Balls: Newspapers Agree That Moyes Was Right To Be Paranoid

DAVID Moyes is on his way out of Manchester United. The man who made a complete hash of managing the Premier League Champions is out of Old Trafford.... More »

21st, April News

'The Daily Mail Timeline of Shame, For Your Viewing and Sharing Pleasure'

Does it give you cancer? More »

21st, April Celebrities

Peaches Geldof: Psst! Wanna See A Dead Celebrity?

PEACHES Geldof was buried today. The Guardian has a feature called: Peaches Geldof’s funeral – in picture : Stars from the world of show business attend the service at St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence church in Kent... More »

21st, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: David Moyes 'Sacked' Just As Season Ticket Renewal Notices Got Out

Join the dots.... More »

21st, April Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Lukas Podolski Instigates A New Kind Of Handshake

The pre-match handshake has been mired on controversy. We've wondered whether or not Anton Ferdinand would shake John Terry’s hand before or after wiping his nose on his own palm? Would Rio Ferdinand shake Ashley Cole’s hand, or simply hand him a choc-ice?... More »

21st, April News

The Problem With Whistling: Teen Sets World Record For The Highest Note Ever Whistled

THE more specious the world record, the more Anorak appreciates it. Know that Walker Harnden, 19, from Pittsboro, North Carolina, has whistled the highest note ever.... More »

21st, April Flashback 1

Khat In 1985: The North Yemen Artisan Chews Khat Surrounded By His Daggers And Swords

FLASHBACK to January 11, 1985: The Khat Man... More »

21st, April Money 2

Garden Centres Lose £5,000 A Day From Outmoded Religiously Sectarian Rules

THE claim is that garden centres lose £5,000 each by being forced to close on Easter Sunday. This is, of course, an intolerable imposition of Christian rules on a country that isn't in fact very Christian any more.... More »

20th, April News 4

Kyron Horman: Caring Hearts Want Step-Mum Terri Tortured And Killed

Anorak's look at the missing Portland, Oregon, boy in the news. Today we spot a message for Kyron's step-mother Terry Horman on Facebook. An 'Elizabeth Degroff-Crego' wants Terri tortured sent to Hell... More »

20th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls Easter Miracle: 'Nailed' Luis Suarez Rises Again At Carrow Road

LIVERPOOL Balls: And on Easter did the Messiah of Afield rise again on the Carrow Road pitch... More »

20th, April News

London's New 'Neo-Nazi Outfitter' Thor Steinar Doesn't Sell Black Shirts

WHAT do bigots wear? A branch of the German fashion label Thor Steinar has opened in Finchley, north London... More »

20th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls Photos Special: Luis Suarez Wins The Title For The Reds

Luis wins! More »

20th, April Key Posts 21

Banning Khat Turns Black Immigrants Into Criminals

WE need to talk abut Khat. We'll begin with Khat the cat, the three and a year-and-a-half-old pet who attacked his human hosts. He clawed the face of its owner's sister, tore into the arms and legs of its owner's mother and gashed the legs of its owner's young brother... More »

20th, April Politicians

Ed Miliband: Once A Jew Always A Jew (Like Disraeli)?

ED Miliband has been in Israel, rediscovering his Jewish roots. The Daily Mail quotes the Labour leader as saying: "I would be the first Jewish prime minister if we win the election."... More »