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21st, May News

Hacking: Will John Prescott discuss Paul Gascoigne's £188,250 compensation in his Daily Mirror column?

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21st, May Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Manchester United mock Liverpool with Raheem Sterling broadcast

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21st, May Strange But True

Dubai tourist imprisoned for tapping policewoman's shoulder to ask for directions

To the fascistic hellhole that is Dubai, where a Kazakh tourist has been arrested for tapping a policewoman on the shoulder and asking her for directions to Dubai Mall... More »

21st, May Strange But True

Deliah Smith is away: man arested in row over how to boil an egg

In the 1980s, TV cook Delaih Smith taught the British how to boil an egg. She did not tour the US, an oversight that has led to a row in Florida.... More »

20th, May News

Howler of the year: Washington Post accuses Prince Charlie of being an IRA member

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20th, May Chelsea

Transfer balls: Chelsea get Paul Pogba for less than half Manchester City paid for him in March

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20th, May The Consumer

London property madness: former Chelsea council flat on sale for £1.1m

A third floor flat in unlovely Keppel House on Brompton Cross, Chelsea, is on sale for £1.5m... More »

20th, May News

Hive Mind: watch the first 21 days of a bee's life in 60 seconds

The first 21 days of a Bee’s Life in 60 seconds is a video by photographer Anand Varma and the bee lab at UC Davis.... More »

20th, May News

Highlights of the Universal ShowQueen Pageant 2015: the world's greatest transgender and drag divas compete

The Universal ShowQueen Pageant 2015 features the world's greatest transgender and drag divas in competition. The winner was Aleeciya Ashton, aka Jerrica Benton... More »

20th, May Strange But True

Rhyl man broke into girlfriend’s house and wrote 'Cheating cow' on carpet with brown sauce

At Prestatyn magistrates’ court Martin Roberts, aged 34, pleads guilty to burglary in Rhyl. His crime was not in the taking, rather in what he broke into his girlfriend's house and wrote “Cheating cow” with brown sauce on her carpet... More »

19th, May Strange But True

Teachers ate school hamster to teach children about value of life

Yu, a teacher in South Korea, reportedly killed the school's pet hamster in front of children and ate it.... More »

19th, May Celebrities

Former Thompson Twins singer Alannah Currie stuffs her furniture with roadkill

Alannah Currie, once of the three-piece 1980s band The Thompson Twins, now works as an upholsterer... More »

19th, May Strange But True

Hong Kong Pooey! Woman spotted and photographed taking a poo in public

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19th, May Music

Mike Young's YouTube Channel is the greatest kamikaze karaoke this side of Tokyo

Richard Metzger points us toward the work of Mike Young, whose YouTube channel is a beautiful horror of kamikaze karaoke. A few highlights appear... More »

19th, May Liverpool

Liverpool: The Sun passes off the BBC's Raheem Sterling scoop as its 'Exclusive'

Last night the BBC reported that Raheem Sterling was arranging his Liverpool departure... More »

18th, May Chelsea

Watch Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas earn the season's most ridiculous red card

Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas has been sent off for kicking the ball at West Bromwich Albion' Chris Brunt.... More »

18th, May Sports

Migrants working on Qatar's glorious 2022 World Cup are living in Shangri-la says BBC report

The Qatari government wanted to show invited journalists how well its's treating migrant workers toiling on its World Cup Sandlantis. But four BBc journalists thought it an idea to do some actual journalism, peeling away from the group to see things not on the official tour. .. More »

18th, May Sports

Injured ball boy teaches Maria Sharapova the art of silent comedy

The thing I noticed was that when the ballboy face planted (into actual plants) at the women’s final of the Internazionali BNL D’Italia he made less noise than Maria Sharapova does executing a drop shot... More »

18th, May News

Henry Scott Holland on death: 'I have only slipped way into the next room'

A note on death by Henry Scott Holland (27 January 1847 – 17 March 1918)... More »

18th, May News

Mother of three found guilty of raping sleeping man

Chantae Marie Gilman, 28, admitted climbing on top of a sleeping man and raping him. Gilman, a 16-stone mother to three, says she can't recall anything. .. More »

18th, May manchester united

Manchester United: watch Louis van Gaal sing about Louis Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal on Louis Van Gaal.... More »

18th, May News

Dominique Sharpton wants $5m for sprained ankle - bravely hikes up mountain on holiday

Al Sharpton's daughter Dominique Sharpton, 28, is suing the city of New York for allegely spraining her ankle on a wonky pavement.... More »

18th, May News

Anti-Semitism: Greek town erases Star of David from Holocaust memorial

Officials at the Greek port of Kavala were scheduled to unveil a memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust - 1,484 Jews in the city were murdered by the Nazis. But the burgers won't show the tribute to the dead because the monument features a Star of David... More »

18th, May News

Hull City's drug-taking Jake Livermore could be a journalist for the Sun

The Sun says "Good riddance" to Hull City's Jake Livermore who faces the "sack over drugs shame". A routine drugs test revealed traces of cocaine on Livermore's urine. The club suspended him. His future is uncertain... More »

18th, May manchester united

Manchester United: David Dea Gea Learns From Van Gaal's Krul Lesson And Heads To Real Madrid

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