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4th, July Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Liverpool Sell Luis Suarez For £63m But Barcelona Buy Him For £80m

TRANSFER Balls: Is Luis Suarez off from Liverpool? Today's news round-up now follows... More »

4th, July Celebrities

Feast And Famine: Marilyn Monroe Was Not Some Porky Lardbucket, She Was Tiny

HALF the time we're told that the entire country is becoming obese, waddling around with dripping rolls of fat hanging from our frames, the other half the time we're being screamed at for our unhealthy obsession with being thin... More »

4th, July Key Posts

15 Terrifying Weapons From The ISIS Hello Kitty Arsenal - And How To Beat Them

THE jihadis of ISIS are uysing Hello Kitty notepads to organise their massed ranks. Eitehrt hat, or else the pad in the phot below is offial ISIS merchandise, sent from the Great Kitty herself. ... More »

4th, July Key Posts 1

Mic Wright's Remotely Furious: The (not so) Secret Life of Students versus The Honourable Woman

STUDENTS get drunk, do stupid things and feel homesick: those were the shocking secrets uncovered in the first episode of The Secret Life of Students, Channel 4’s latest slice of unflinching voyeurism... More »

4th, July News

Cute Alert: ISIS Trolls Recruit Hello Kitty To Jihad

Be afraid! More »

4th, July Strange But True

Other Parents: Dad Left 11-year-old Daughter Home Alone With Loaded Gun While He Got Head Tattoo

OTHER Parents presents John Ruiz, 41, who left his 11-year-old daughter home alone with a loaded weapon while he nipped out to get a head tattoo... More »

4th, July News

Isis Imitates Monkey Dust: At Home With The Black Country Jihadis

MONKEY Dust foretold the ISIS jihadis - Black Country chapter... More »

4th, July News

The Hunt For Racist Australian Train Woman Sue Wilkins And The Moral Voyeurs (Video)

The ranting woman verbally assaults a man and woman stood in front of her. She calls the man white trash. She says the wolman by his side is a "gook". She says, "Look at this bogan here. He can only get a gook, he can't even get a regular girlfriend. It's so sad." .. More »

4th, July Celebrities

One Dimensional Lindsay Lohan to Sue GTA For Turning Her Into A 2D Cartoon Character

And, make no bones about it - Lohan wants "serious money" as compensation, or else things are going to get pretty ugly... More »

3rd, July manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Newcastle United's Siem De Jong Damns Van Gaal With Praise

Utter balls in the Sun... More »

3rd, July Sports

World Cup Balls: Lionel Messi Saves Angel From A Red Face

WHEN Angel Di Maria salved a terrible perfoemance for Argentina against Switzerlande (he gave the ball away 51 times) with the game's only goal, the Mirror saluted the man who had set him up: Saviour Messi To The Rescue... More »

3rd, July News

Stanley O’Neal And Google V Robert Peston Puts The Case For More Libraries

WANT to manage your reputation on Google? Well, just ask them to press 'delete'... More »

3rd, July News

Why The West's Gap Year Jihadi Rappers Use Youth Culture To Get An ID

WHY does a seemingly sane, intelligent, academically ambitious young man leave Cardiff, as Nasser Mauthana did, and decide to wage holy war in Syria and Iraq? Why are young British male Muslims like Aberdeen schoolboy Abdul Raqib Amin attracted to the idea of waving the militant black flag of ISIS. Why are so many tuning in to cheer on the brethren?.. More »

3rd, July News

Policing Free Speech Takes Up Half Of The Force's Time

CHIEF Constable Alex Marshall, head of the College of Policing told BBC Radio 4's Law in Action that policing social media is full-time job... More »

3rd, July Money

Surprise! Union Think Tank Says Unions Should Have More Power!

THIS really is a turn up for the books. A union funded and financed think tank has decided to reveal to the world that the cure for all that ails us is that unions should have more industrial and political power. Just allow the shades of the recently departed Bob Crow to have their way and everything would be peachy... More »

3rd, July Music

Oh. A Superhero Film Written by Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane

When Kane was asked when the duo will release new material, he said: "It's something we always talk about y'know? But I think we're gonna write this film first anyway before we hit back into that." "It's gonna have a sort of X-Men kind of vibe and sort of set in the '60s, but I can't give anymore away than that."... More »

3rd, July Sports

Talking Balls: You'll Never Guess Who They're Calling The 'New' Ronaldo

WHO is the new Cristiano Ronaldo? The Press love to look for the next big thing, the Ronaldo-alike who will be the world's best player... More »

3rd, July Celebrities

X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole Survives Alleged Criminal Singer

AFTER the succesful prosecutions of showboi types Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall, Max Clifford but not Jimmy Savile, the Sun seeks to highlight entertiainers who might be engaging in criminality... More »

3rd, July Liverpool 4

Transfer Balls: Luis Suarez Leaves Liverpool For £70m As Arsenal Get £32m-Rated Alexis Sanchez For £20m

TRANSFER Balls: A look at Luis Suarez's likely move form Liverpool to Barcelona, as told by the mainstream media. Do they know anything? Let's find out... More »

3rd, July News 1

Time For The British Police Arrest ISIS Trolls And Other Existential Threats

ISIS is spending some of its time trolling the UK and the USA... More »

2nd, July Celebrities

Rolf Harris: 'When I Was 11 I Started Having Baths With My Mother'

ANYONE looking to analyse why Rolf Harris molests children can take a look at what he tiold the TV Times in 1974... More »

2nd, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Barcelona Begin Alexis Sanchez Auction As Arsenal, Liverpool And Manchester United Check His Teeth

TRANSFER Balls: Is Alexis Sanchez heading from Barcelona to... Liverpool? Let's see what the trusty media have been saying today... More »

2nd, July The Consumer

Life Mirrors Seinfeld: Alfredo Barsuglia's Forbidden Swimming Pool Is Somewhere In The Mojave Desert

LOOKING to cool your heels on Route 66? Well, if you can find Alfredo Barsuglia's swimming pool. It's somewhere in the Mojave desert. And it's clean. The 11 x 5ft pool is fitted with a solar-powered filter and chlorination system.... More »

2nd, July Music

Death Metal Band Unfathomable Ruination To Play Until They Literally Run Out of Oxygen

They are going to play a gig in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they run out of oxygen. That's right. They're going to play until they can't breathe anymore and their hearts start doing weird things... More »

2nd, July News 2

Hessy Taft: The Perfect Nazi Baby Was Actually A Jew

THIS is the most lovely story about a prank that was played upon the Nazis back in the 1930s... More »