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18th, November 2014 News

Devon Man Guilty Of Possessing 9 Pence Worth Of Cannabis

TO North Devon Magistrates's court, where Christopher Saunders, is answering the charge of being in with possession of nine pence worth of cannabis... More »

18th, November 2014 Anorak TV

Cowboy Policeman Takes On Wheelie Riding Biker In The City of London

TWO lines to listen out for in this video of a man on a bike doing a 22mph wheelie in the City of London and the policeman ticking him off... More »

17th, November 2014 In Pictures

Artist Makes Surreal Freakish Body Sculptures

THESE life-like sculptures by Jonathan Payne look like chewy, crunchy pieces of raw meat. The warty skin, demented toenails, primary sexual characteristics contorted and paired into unnatual horrors are captivating... More »

17th, November 2014 News

Free Speech Abort! Oxford University Students Run Scared Of Abortion Debate

BRENDAN O'Neill and Timothy Stanley are going to debate abortion at Oxford Students for Life's Abortion Culture debate. Or are they? Cherwell, the independent student newspaper of Oxford University, has news... More »

17th, November 2014 News

Jimmy Savile And The Married Bisexual Monk And Convicted Child Abuser Who Fixed Clocks For Kids

Confidential social services reports confirm that Keith Harding, an antiques expert who appeared on the 1980 Christmas edition of the show, was involved with the notorious campaign group, the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie)... More »

17th, November 2014 Sports

Study: Footballers With Wider Faces Are Most Aggressive

A STUDY of the 2010 World Cup revealse that a player's facial width to height ratio (FWHR) predicts his aggressiveness... More »

17th, November 2014 News

Transfer Balls: Marco Reus Chose Chelsea Over Arsenal And Liverpool In A Spin

TRANSFER Balls: Is Marco Reus heading to Chelsea? The Daily Express has been updating readers with no news whatdsover... More »

17th, November 2014 Money

Money Buys Happiness: Lottery Winners Reveal What Happened Next

WHAT happens after you win millions on the lottery?... More »

17th, November 2014 Strange But True

Groom's 15-Year-Old Bride Turns Out To Be A Boy

Balak Ram of Biharipur village, Uttar Pradesh, was a bachelor aged 37 and frequently taunted for it. His family had long been hunting for a bride for him... More »

17th, November 2014 News

Life Imitates Seinfeld: Stop Or My Teenaged Daugther Shoots!

eavily armed tactical officers surrounded a 12-unit apartment building in Waterloo, southern Ontario, Canada, on Saturday afternoon, after citizens and police reported gunshots... More »

17th, November 2014 Key Posts

Free Speech: The FA Wants Malky Mackay Charged With Thought Crimes

EAT your heart out Ched Evans, writing in the Telegraph Jason Burt turns his gaze on Malky Mackay, the former Cardiff City manger whose offensive private emails became a public stick with which to beat him... More »

17th, November 2014 manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Angel Di Maria Dreams Of PSG Who Never Wanted Him

ANGEL DI MARIA has revealed why he joined Manchester United. The massively under-paid player tells one and all why he left Real Madrid for a British record of £59.7million and £280,000-a-week compensation.... More »

17th, November 2014 Money

Newspaper Asks Its Journalists To Deliver Door To Door

One of California's largest newspapers has asked reporters and other employees to help deliver papers on Sundays, according to a memo obtained by Reuters, the latest sign of the toll that financial woes are taking on print journalism.... More »

16th, November 2014 News

Nick The Whistleblower Shows Us The Murderous Westminster Peadophile Gang We Want To Believe In

Child abuse is an abhorrent crime. But this rush to believe the whistleblower is pandering to the conspiracy theories of a powerful network of paedophiles... More »

16th, November 2014 Sports

World Cup Fix: Phaedra Almajid And The Cult Of Conspiracy

IN "Fixer’s World Cup offer to England" the Sunday Times has the latest news from Planet FIFA... More »

16th, November 2014 Celebrities

Adele Dodges Bob Geldof And His Live Aid Chuggers: Three Cheers For Adele

THE Sun leads with news of singer Adele and Live Aid 30, the Bob Geldof-driven charity single for Ebola victims... More »

16th, November 2014 Key Posts

Jimmy Savile Compensation: Victims Roll Up To The Great Charity Give Away

HOW much does one of Sir Jimmy Savile's victims get? The Sun knows: OUTRAGED victims of Jimmy Savile have been told to expect payouts of just £7,500... More »

16th, November 2014 Celebrities

Not News: Paul Gascoigne Wears His 'Beloved Blue Dressing Gown' To Put Out The Rubbish

IN tabloids' glory days, Benjamin Pell would fish through your bins for information. Now the straightened Sun brings news of a famous face putting his bins out for collection... More »

15th, November 2014 Newcastle United

Anonymous At Manchester United And Everton David Moyes Is Now On Show

David Moyes has taken the top job at Real Sociedad. The former Manchester United manager might not have a clue what he's let himself in for. Helpfully, former Sociadad manager Chris Coleman has news for the Scot... More »

15th, November 2014 News

Lars Klevberg Teaches Media To Treat Everything From the Middle East As A Fake

DO you believe what you see coming from the Middle East? You should doubt it... More »

15th, November 2014 News

Police Seek 'Socially Awkward' Asian Male Who Chatted Up Women On Campus

Round up the usual suspects... More »

15th, November 2014 News

Women Are Child Abusers: Gwendolynn Lindgren Is Not A Man

IT's not only men who attack children. But if you read the mainstream media, you wouldn't know it.... More »

15th, November 2014 NSFW 2

This 1912 Brothel Menu Is For Men With Cash And Goose Quills

Goosing the birds... More »

15th, November 2014 The Consumer

Dr Who Specials: The Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper And Toilet Aimer

DECORATE your Christmas Tree with a weeping angel, as seen on Dr Who... More »

15th, November 2014 Strange But True

Smarties Are A Drug: School Expels Students For Snorting Candy

At least three middle school children in Clovis, New Mexico, are accused of snorting Smarties on campus... More »