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6th, December 2014 News

How lad culture will save you from the UVA rape story

The story of a gang rape at University of Virginia fraternity has been all over the web. Only, Sabrina Rubin Erdely's story in Rolling Stone magazine lacked one thing: fact. The rape story turned out to be a non-rape story. But many had sezied on it as a sign of horrors on university campuses.... More »

6th, December 2014 Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Alexis Sanchez on life, loves and being tough

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal's tireless Chilean, is talking to The Times' Rory Smith. Sanchez is tough. The old story about foreigners not liking it up them is bunkum... More »

6th, December 2014 News

Alois Brunner was Syria's agent who trained Kurds in Turkey

Now that Alois Brunner is dead, we can learn all about him... More »

5th, December 2014 Anorak Pets

Thief hypnotized London shopkeeper before robbing store

To the Hops ‘N’ Pops wine merchants, Highgate, north London. It's September 11 and owner Aftab Haider, 56, is being spoken to by a customer More »

5th, December 2014 Key Posts 17

Kyron Horman says: let's tie Terri Horman to a tree and beat her with sticks

Kyron Horman - Anorak's look at the story of the misssing Oregon child in the news... More »

4th, December 2014 Sports

Do referees show bias against football teams? Let's review the data

More »

4th, December 2014 Key Posts

Tabloid Tropes: the Daily Star holds the front page for Big Brother

The Daily Star (prop. Richard Desmond) often leads with news of Big Brother, the show on Channel 5 (prop. R. Desmond)... More »

4th, December 2014 News

Tabloid Tropes: The Daily Express cured Diabetes in 2014

The Daily Express spent a large part of 2014 talking about Diabetes. Well, when it wasn't holding the front page for Dementia news and Madeleine McCann... More »

4th, December 2014 Key Posts

Tabloid Tropes: The Daily Express cured Alzheimer's in 2014

The Daily Express spent a large part of 2014 talking about Dementia. The story never went anywher, but then... do its readers know? More »

3rd, December 2014 NSFW

My Little Pony sex experiment ends in carnage

My Little Pony fans are a curious bunch... More »

3rd, December 2014 In Pictures

Dinner Diamonds: this fake food jewelry is fabulous

Japan-based company Hatanakan has the pefect gift for your significant self, or other: dinner necklaces. Although, a few look the wear has had one too many sherbets... More »

3rd, December 2014 Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Get Chelsea Reject Reus, Who Agreed To Join Barcelona, Manchester United And Real Madrid

The Daily Express says Mrco Reus is heading to the Premier League. He's coming to Liverpool. No, Arsenal. No, wait, Manchester United. He's not going to Real Madrid... More »

3rd, December 2014 Books 1

God'll Fix It: when Jimmy Savile confessed to his demons in 1978

Book of the day is the 1979 tome, God'll Fix It, the divine words of Sir Jimmy Savile... More »

3rd, December 2014 Arsenal

Arsenal balls: Wenger and the title dream 'deadline'

More utter balls... More »

3rd, December 2014 Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Balotelli Is Only A Racist If You Think He Is

Liverpool Balls: Mario Balotelli is attracting attention for posting a message online that contained a racist trope. Balotelli says he will fight any FA ban.... More »

3rd, December 2014 News 1

Galliano and Balotelli merely echo the free speaking anti-semites at the polite dinner table

These are dangerous times to be a Jew... More »

3rd, December 2014 Celebrities

Daily Mail sexism: Kate Moss' knees are 'cursed by Voldemort', Madonna and Demi Moore wear Satan's skin

BREAKING. Kate Moss's knees have been 'cursed by Voldemort'. Daily Mail has the scoop.... More »

3rd, December 2014 Celebrities

Russell Brand V The Sun: The New Era Fourth Estate

Russell Brand is to sue the Sun. He's done it before.... More »

3rd, December 2014 News

Scared St Paul's School pupils go about London in disguise

Pupils at St Paul’s School, in Barnes, London, are in disguise.... More »

3rd, December 2014 News

Giraffe Conservation Foundation says giraffe meat is 'sweet and delicious'

"Slightly unhelpful info from head of Giraffe Conservation Foundation"... More »

3rd, December 2014 Key Posts 3

Madeleine McCann Arrests, Clues And Trolls: All The 2014 Front Pages

Madeleine McCann is the story that keeps on spinning... More »

2nd, December 2014 Film

Mark Kermode's Reviews As Painfully Honest Film Posters

We love this. Patrick Smith has used BBC Five Live’s film critic Mark Kermode's bon mots as film poster reviews.... More »

2nd, December 2014 Technology

How To Build An Electric Train On your Kitchen Table

This is how you build an electric train. with magnets, a battery, and a copper coil... More »

2nd, December 2014 News 2

The List of Things Banned From UK-Made Porn

And it seems that female pleasures are the things being hit hardest... More »

2nd, December 2014 Celebrities

Shia LaBeouf: Two Witnesses Come Forward To Slam Detective Piers Morgan

Shia LaBeouf alleged he was raped. Piers Morgan mocked him. And now.... More »