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5th, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: You'll Never Believe Who Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Yeovil And Manchester United Didn't Bid For

Utter balls... More »

5th, September Celebrities

A Wonderful Painting of Joan Rivers By 'Hieronymous Bosch'

OUR pal Erin created this Painting of Joan Rivers if she had been painted by Hieronymous Bosch... More »

4th, September Celebrities

Joan Rivers (June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014)

Just one clip doesn't do her justice. She was the funniest.... More »

4th, September Strange But True

This Dinosaur Poo Is 40 Inches Long

This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite - fossilized dinosaur feces - ever to be offered at auction... More »

4th, September News 1

Manchester United Balls: A £60m Bid For Paul Pogba Sees Off Miserly Chelsea And Real Madrid

AND on it goes. The Summer Tranfer Season is over but the rumour mill keeps on churning... More »

4th, September News 1

Cat Hater Beheads Woman In North London: Let The Speculation Commence

NEWS that a woman was beheaded in Edmonton, north London, is not linked to any form of terrorism. Got that? Yes, it must have bene terrifying but it wasn't a beheading linked to any trcognised terrorist group. Probably... More »

4th, September News

Browse Yale's 170,000 Photographs Of The Great Depression (1935-1946)

YALE Universtity has published an archive of 170,000 photographs recording the Great Depression (1935 - 1946)... More »

4th, September In Pictures

The Fantasy Work Of A Taxidermist On The Edge

TAXIDERMY is the chance for the living to recapture life in the dead. Enrique Gomez De Molina goes a stop futher... More »

4th, September News

Ashya King: The 'CANCER FAMILY HELL' The Media Stoked

THE Daily Mirror continues to lead with Ashya King, the five-year-old boy with a brain tumour... More »

4th, September Strange But True

Mug Shot: Eye Shadow Thief Glam Up For The Camera

TO Arkansas, where Brandy Allen, 31, is under arrest on a charge of theft... More »

4th, September News

Reuters Report Into Journalism: BBC Should 'Adapt To Buzzfeed In Order To Survive'

WHAT next for the BBC? The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has reported on developing editorial standards for journalism - “Accuracy, Independence and Impartiality: How legacy media and digital natives approach standards in the digital age”... More »

4th, September News

Local News Watch: It's All Kicking Off In Surrey

Local news at its finest... More »

4th, September Celebrities

Game Of Thrones: Croatian Chruch Bans Naked Cersei Lannister From Enterting A Church

NO need to hack Jennifer Lawrence or Rihanna's iCloud accounts to find naked photos of them - just wait for casting central to offer them a job in Game of Thrones.... More »

4th, September Sports

Harry Redknapp Says England Should Play Leyton Orient

LAST night England defeated the mighty Norway 1-0 at a half-empty Wembley. It was dire. But... More »

4th, September Sports

Newcastle United Balls: PSG 's New Line of Crisps Features A ‘Yohan Kebab’ Flavour

NEWCASTLE United marketing department hang your heads in shame. PSG have luanched a new line of crisps and snacks with an actual ‘Yohan Kebab’ flavour, named in honour of former Magpie Yohan Cabaye... More »

4th, September Technology

A Humming Toilet Seat Fan That Sucks Out Your Ill Wind

HARD cheese for those of you like smelling your own farts? But good news for eveyrone around you. The toilet-seat with an in-built fan is here. CNet has more... More »

4th, September News 3

Fake Mobile Phone Towers Are Controlling Your Mobile - Blame The Lincolnshire Poacher

ARE fake mobile phone towers controlling your mobile phones? Popular Science count at least 17 fake mobile phone towers across the United States... More »

4th, September manchester united 1

Manchester United Balls: Louis Van Gaal Signed Arturo Vidal For £45m

THE Daily Star says Arturo Vidal is "all smiles despite missing out on Manchester United move". The inference is that the Chilean star is putting a brave face on things having missed playing for Manchester United. Although he never did say he wanted to leave Juventus... More »

3rd, September Celebrities

Blame Apple For Seeing Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence In The Nude

WHO to blame for the naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and, reportedly, 100 other stars leaked on the web? The hackers who took images from the star's iCloud account? No. David Auerbach blames Apple... More »

3rd, September Strange But True

A Look Inside And Outside The All-Black Chicken

Even the bones are black More »

3rd, September manchester united 1

Manchester United Balls: Red Devils Are Looking For An Official Escort Agency Partner

WHEN Burnley manager Sean Dyche talked not of League Leaders but Market Leaders, Manchester United Inc. nodded and very possibly punched the air and whooped.... More »

3rd, September News

eBay Is Down Worldwide

eBay is down... More »

3rd, September TV & Radio

Your All-Purpose 24-7 Rolling News Report

WITH TV news on 24 hours a day 7 days a week, every story must be teased out to last as long as it can... More »

3rd, September News

Ashya King: Hail Naveed King, The Big Brother Who Saved His Family From The Poisonous Police And Their Media Narks

ASHYA King is back with his parents Brett and Naghemeh King at the Malaga hospital where he is being treated for a brain tumour... More »

3rd, September Strange But True

Texas Woman Finds Face Of Jesus, Satan And Arthur Brown In A Moth

FIRE! More »