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1st, March News 1

Anti-Semitism: UCLA Student Board Bars a Jew For Being a Jew

Anti-Semitism is now accepted. Jews got a good run after the war. But the USA is now once again rife with anti-Semitism.... More »

1st, March Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea and that £1bn move for Lionel Messi

Transfer Balls: The Daily Express is the apogee of all football drivel. Today the paper links Cheslea with Lionel Messi, the Barcalona megastar. The headline declares: You never know! Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho talks £200m Lionel Messi bid... More »

1st, March Chelsea

Police remind Spurs and Chelsesa fans they are all racists-in-waiting

To Wembley Stadium for the Capital One Cup Final between Chelsea and Spurs. The once "institutionally racist" Met police have erected an electronic sign to educate the mob... More »

1st, March Sports

Liverpool balls: Steven Gerrard and the Rochdale paedo

A source at Rochdale said: “He’s landed himself in hot water as his comments have brought the club into disrepute. A fair few people were appalled and reacted angrily..." More »

1st, March Sports

Church school busts 11-year-old for wearing a 'Zlatan' ponytail like a junkie

A spot of nominative determinism now, readers, as we spot Joe Head, 11, whose was rusticated for wearing his hair in a short ponytail in tribute to Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović.... More »

1st, March Liverpool

Transfer balls: Liverpool to sign James Milner from Manchester City with lower wages than Balotelli

Transfer balls: did you know that James Milner is desperate to join Liverpool. The Daily Express has an "exclusive"... More »

28th, February News 1

Jihadi John: Emwazi was driven to kill by R L Stine and Duke Nukem

The Jews did it... More »

28th, February News

How Buzzfeed took eight years of messing around to own #thedress

You read about #thedress? You might have read about it on Buzzfeed. The site scooped got 27 million pageviews for #TheDress. How did they do it? Well, it's not that easy. Paul Ford explains that what looks like a simple post is the result of years of trail, error, money and fun.... More »

28th, February Money

Max-Hervé George might be the world's richest man if Aviva acknowledges his existence

"Dear god almighty, you’ve got to read this," writes Tim Worstall. He links to a story on the FT about Max-Hervé George, 25, who has taken on insurance company Aviva France. ... More »

28th, February News

10 reasons why became Mohammed Emwazi became Jihadi John

So. Why did Mohammed Emwazi become Jihadi John? How deos a "humble" schoolboy in a pink jumper became an alleged seriel killer and snuff movie star? More »

27th, February News

Homeless man caught in $5 police drugs sting sentenced to life imprisonment

In the USA, a man who agreed to buy $20 worth of marijuana for a stranger in exchange for a $5 finder's fee has been arrested. The $5 was marked note. The deal was a police sting... More »

27th, February manchester united

Manchester United injury balls: Robin Van Persie is out for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks

Football balls: whan a player is injured the media goes into overdrive. They love it. Manchester United's Robin Van Persie has poorly ankle. But how long will be out for?... More »

27th, February Sports

BBC pundit Robbie Savage is forced to seek refuge in his Bentley

Robbie Savage, the Match of the Day pundit - your tax pounds at work, readers - has escaped a driving ban.... More »

27th, February Technology

Women in science: everything 'manned' is now robotic on the feminist internet

Rose Evelth has news for woman in science... More »

27th, February The Consumer

These 'Lil' Lager' baby bottles are great for toddler pub carry outs

Why you need to decant beer into a bottle was beyond me until one of the crew at Anorak Towers said that not all pubs do draught beer carry outs. If your baby hasn't finished their pint - and those eyes are bigger than their tum-tums - they can tip the dregs into this handy 'Lil Lager' bottles... More »

27th, February Strange But True 4

Watch a car robber knock himself out when his brick bouces off a window

“At first I didn’t know what had happened, this was about 1am and we were just finishing up and heading home I seen this guy lying flat on his back with blood pouring from him, so naturally enough my partner and I went over to help him.," says Gerry Brady, owner of the Pheasant pub in Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland... More »

27th, February Strange But True

Life is imitating Laurent Chéhère: house flies away

Life is imitating Laurent Chéhère, whose “Flying Houses” are "reconstructed houses appear to float in a silvery sky". In Klamath County, Oregon, a 1,200 square foot house has vanished. Did it fly away? Sheriff Frank Skrah tells media: "We had a complete home stolen. This isn't a motor home, this isn't a mobile home and this is a 'home... it was on the foundation you see it on now." More »

27th, February Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenal reduce transfer budget by £30m to get Paul Pogba

TRANSFER Balls: a lolok at utter drivel being presented as football fact in the mainstream mdia. Today we look at the Daily Express' story of "Arsenal's £50m spree"... More »

27th, February News

The West groomed Jihadi John because Muslims have no self control

WE know that The man known as Jihadi John is one Mohammed Emwazi. Lest you be unable to muster your own thoughts on the man who accused of murdering seven foreign hostages, other have spoken.... More »

26th, February Strange But True

Moscow man wakes up to find his testicles have been stolen by organ traffickers, just like Chicago

Dmitry Nikolaev says he was chatted up by a young woman in a Moscow bar. He says they had a drink. And a sauna, as you do. Then he blacked out.... More »

26th, February Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Liverpool and Chelsea's Kevin De Bruyne wants to play for Arsenal and Manchester United

Transfer Balls catches news of Wolfsburg winger Kevin De Bruyne, 23. The BBC notes that the player "says he would be open to a Premier League return"... More »

26th, February News

Do more BBC journalists than Muslims have sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists?

Charlie Hebdo now has a print run of 2.5m. The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and other newspapers whose journalists are undervalued and underpaid (surely content providers - ed) may worry that sackings and short contracts will be escalated to more drastic staff-cutting profits-raising measures... More »

26th, February Key Posts

ISIS seduced Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, 15, and Kadiza Sultana with a free Chelsea teddy

By now the faces are familiar. Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, all from London, travelled to Istanbul on 17 February to join Islamic State. A source says the teens made it to the Turkey-Islamic State border and "Abu Ali with his men received them on the other side."... More »

26th, February Celebrities

Facebook autofills Cliff Richard's' description on official profile to include the 'police'

As Chris Applegate says: So Facebook now autofills celebs' descriptions on official profiles, which can lead to unfortunate juxtapositions... More »

26th, February News

Jihadi John is British ex-pat Mohammed Emwazi (Tulisa is away)

The mask peels up. And we can refvals that the lunatic known as Jihadi John is Mohammed Emwazi... More »