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14th, April marijuana

Cannabis: non-psychoactive cannabidiol can curn your epileptic seizures

More evidence that marijuana can be good for you. A cannabis extract containing non-psychoactive cannabidiol cut epileptic seizures in half... More »

14th, April News

Times newspaper shocker: SKY TV porn and The Sun sex lines lead to demonic possession

The Times (prop. Rupert Murdoch) has amazing news: porn and drugs are the Devil's work.... More »

14th, April Politicians

Poli-Pix: Ed Miliband is yellow, David Cameron is pink and Nigel Farage is laughing

Poli-pix: a daily look at how the big politcal party leaders are presented in the tabloids. Biased much? You betcha!... More »

14th, April Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's 404 Page is wonderful

Hillary Clinton's 4040 Page looks like this... More »

14th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Don't worry Raheem Sterling drugs never did David Cameron any harm

The Daily Raheem Sterling delivers a bumper crop of news and views in the tabloids. Today Sterling coverage reaches peak tabloid as The Liverpool players is all over the Sun's front and back pages... More »

13th, April Sports

Southampton's James Ward-Prowse, QPR's Rio Ferdinand and Spurs' Lamela Are Redknapp's stars of the season

Southampton FC's James Ward-Prowse is the latest Saints player to catch the eye. But Jamie Redknapp knew all about the Premier League player before this season started. As Redknapp tells readers of his Daily Mail column, he picked Ward-Prowse as one of his "10 players to watch".... More »

13th, April Politicians

Turkish mayor erects massive robot statue

To Turkey, where Mayor Melih Gökçek of Ankara is being sued by the Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects’ Chambers for investing tax money on a wonderful 20-foot tall robot statue.... More »

13th, April News

'Gay' Enoch Powell: The Satanic Abuse panic collides with the VIP peado hunt

Westminster paedophiles: a look at reporting on the allegation VIPs abused children in the 1970s and 1980s.... More »

13th, April News

Woman who accidentally sent boss a text calling him a 'complete dick' sues for unfair dismissal

The Fair Work Commission says the "lighthearted insult" was enough for Louise Nesbitt to lose her job at Dragon Mountain Gold in Perth, Australia.... More »

13th, April Chelsea

Manchester United balls: foolish Juan Mata celebrates Chelsea

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has a blog. He wrote on it following United's 4-2 win over city rivals Manchester City. His article is entitled 'Outstanding Atmosphere at the Theatre of Dreams': Hi everyone... So much for the start. We'll fast forward to the bit where Mata talks about Manchester United's trip to Chelsea.... More »

13th, April Politicians

Poli-Pix: Ed Miliband is trusty in the Daily Mirror as George Osborne spits on your grave

Poli Pix: A look at how the tabloids portray our political masters. Today the Mirror leads with a photograpah of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband looking even-toned, groomed and steady... More »

12th, April News

Manchester 10-year-olds get Sex On The Beach in a 'Red Hot' Buffet

To the Red Hot Buffet World on Deansgate, Manchester, for a story that has the lot. .. More »

12th, April Celebrities

Arnie Schwarzenegger seductively feeds a woman a Brazilian carrot

Budding MPs and actors with political ambitions can rest assured that your past peculiarities need not be barriers to the legislative chamber.... More »

12th, April Celebrities

Simon Cowell is looking to adopt a child called Ernie

In 2013, Cowell trailed the idea of an adoption show by asking his twitter followers to suggest names for his news dogs. The dogs were adopted, of course, it being not yet possible to for Cowell to sire his own.... More »

12th, April Arsenal

Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling's smoking Arsenal audition

It's the Daily Raheem Sterling - a look at the Liverpool player in the news... More »

11th, April Liverpool 1

Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling is heckled and we loved it

Raheem Sterling was heckled yesterday. As Liverpool FC paraded their new kit, the 20-year-old was singled out for treament by one Liverpool fan. As Sterling took the stage to enthuse about the outfit, a voice shouted... More »

11th, April Sports

The amazing truth about Jordan Spieth's home life

Jordan Spieth is the 21-year-old golf sensation. The Sun profiles the 21-year-old Texan "dubbed 'Wyatt Earp'"... More »

11th, April Strange But True

Police hunt thief who stole $1 bag of dog poo from trucker's bed

To Des Moines, Iowa, where a thief has broken into a truck and stolen a bag of dog poo valued at $1.... More »

10th, April Politicians

Poli Pics: Ed Miliband loses his brain to Katie Hopkins' Electric Mayhem

Poli Pics is Anorak's new look at the pictures of politicians we see in the newspapers. These pictures are an easy way for news organs to show which side of the debte you're on. Selecting the right images to show your chosen leader looking good and their rival looking like a fool is the aim... More »

10th, April Celebrities

Amanda Holden: Simon Cowell Can Have Her Nipples For £2m

Amanda Holden heralds the start of vaude­villian Britain's Got Talent season whatever by telling the Sun she wants her nipples are insured for £2m. More »

10th, April Arsenal

Transfer balls: Sterling to Arsenal, Walcott to Liverpool and £20m in change

Transfer balls looks at today's reporting on Liverpool star and Arsenal target Raheem Sterling... More »

10th, April Sports

Richie Benaud: remembering the voice of summer

Richie Benaud (6 October 1930 – 10 April 2015) was the mellifluous, spare, controlled and powerful voice of summer. .. More »

9th, April Books

Pony power: highlights of Top Gear erotica fan fiction

old on your Top Gear hair it's going to be bumpy ride as we look at Top Gear erotic fan fiction. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are away... More »

9th, April News

Kent head teacher in biased 'schoolgirl' story shocker

News is that "top teacher" Sean Heslop, 47, is, reportedly, expecting a child - with a former pupil. We don't get to know her age in the Sun's "exclusive" report on the "Pregnant Teen Pupil", but the paper does label her a "girl"... More »

9th, April Key Posts

Ed Miliband V The Sun: mercilessly monstering and mocking Red Ed

Once upon a time, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband liked the Sun. It was his newspaper of choice. Ed Miliband was in 'Sun Country'. And he liked it... More »