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8th, September Technology

Digital Cameras Are Just So Confusing

Just remember to point it the right way... More »

8th, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Sign Adrien Rabiot Then Sell Him To Roma To Smash Manchester United's Kevin Strootman Bid

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express has news for Arsenal fans: Paris St-Germain are looking to offload midfielder Adrien Rabiot to Roma. PSG are after Roma's Kevin Strootman, 24, who is also a target for Manchester United... More »

8th, September Key Posts

Your 100% British Soul Extravaganza!

BRITISH soul music is in a very, very good place at the moment and one of the leading lights of the scene is the wonderful Sam Smith, who has just announced a big ol' UK tour for Spring 2015... More »

8th, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sign Arsenal Target Juan Cuadrado Who Agreed Barcalona Deal

More utter balls... More »

8th, September Technology

Horrors! The Internet Is Too Full For eBay And Cats

BILLLIONS reel as it is revealed that the internet is actually full. It's this that led to eBay falling over this week... More »

8th, September Manchester City 1

Manchester City's Micah Richards Chooses Style And Substance Over Cash

Living the dream... More »

8th, September Sports

Euro 2016 Championships Qualifying Match: Gibraltar Field 2 Footballers Against Poland

Polish player may care to keep on the right side of number 6... More »

8th, September Strange But True

Mug Shot Of the Day: Arie Jr Patterson Is Hot Stuff

That a disguise..? More »

8th, September Money 1

Idiocy In Your Local Tesco: A Bad Apple Story

SO a bloke goes along to Tesco and has a look at the apples on sale. He's like to buy some lovely fresh British apples. And why not?... More »

8th, September News

Calais Migrants Resort To Their Last Hope Of Reaching The UK: The Human Rights Posters

IN Calais, France, migrants have been protesting, demanding human rights protection. They have alleged police brutality against them, with some claiming to have suffered broken hands and legs... More »

8th, September Money

Witchcraft Eradicator Sues British Humanist Association For Half A Billion Dollars

THE British Humanist Association has a court case looming... More »

8th, September Strange But True

Cherries Waffles Tennis Arrested In Florida

TO a Juno Beach surf shop in Florida, USA... More »

8th, September Celebrities

Big Brother: 'Lesbian ' Kisser White Dee Becomes The Birmingham Resident'

WHEN the Daily Star declares "White Dee In BB 3-Way Romp", you don't know whether to look or look away... More »

7th, September News

Edmonton Murder: Palmira Silva's Alleged Killer Nicholas Salvador Is No Longer a Muslim

IS Nicholas Salvador Muslim? When news of Palmira Silva's murder broke, the Press lead with the story that she'd been "beheaded" in her Edmonton, North London, garden... More »

7th, September Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Manchester City Target Spurs Striker Jay Rodriguez

TRANSFER Balls: A look at football reporting. Is Jay Rodriguez heading from Southampton to Spurs or Manchester City?... More »

7th, September Film

Watch Dock Ellis The Movie: 'I Took LSD And Pitched A Perfect Game For the Pittsburgh Pirates'

Dock Ellis took drugs and played pro sports. He's the subject of the film No No: A Dockumentary. Ellis was a player for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1970 he pitched a no-hitter while off his face on LSD.... More »

7th, September In Pictures

Fun With My Marijuana Bonsai Tree (Photos)

The bud is a tree... More »

7th, September Arsenal 2

Arsenal Balls: Giroud And Arteta Sign New Contracts And Leave Arsenal

ARSENAL Balls: A look at media reporting on Arsenal FC... More »

7th, September News

Islamists Earn Israel $15bn

How's that plan working out..? More »

7th, September News

Ashya King: Now He's 'Our Ashya' Brett and Naghemeh King Are No Longer Jehovah's Witnesses

ONCE upon a time cancer-striken five-year-old Ashya King had been placed in great peril by his Jehovah Witnesses parents Brett and Naghemeh King... More »

7th, September manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Klopp Replaces Van Gaal In May As Cuadrado And Vidal Arrive

MANCHESTER United Balls: a glance at terrible media reporting on United... More »

6th, September Celebrities

X Factor Lookalikes: Lola Saunders Looks Like Lindsay Lohan

LOLA Saunders, a 20 year old fishmonger from South Shields, gave a terrific performance on the X Factor... More »

6th, September News 3

Compare And Contrast Reporting On Jeremy Forrest And Emily Fox, Teachers Who 'Groomed' Underage Pupils

COMPARE and contrast the reporting on Jeremy Forrest, the teacher who went on the lam with his 15-year-old pupil and teacher Emily Fox, who had sexual relations with one of her 15-year-old pupils, a female... More »

6th, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal And Manchester United Woo Virgil van Dijk's Girlfriend From Celtic

TRANSFER Balls: Arsenal are going to fight Manchester United and Manchester City for Celtic’s Virgil van Dijk. No, really. We read it in The Metro. Today that paper reports... More »

6th, September News

Russian TV Broadcasts Video Game Fan Art As An Example of WWI US Propaganda

THE Moscow Times says Russia's state TV network Channel One broadcast the above poster as an example of WWI US propaganda. You might know it better as fan art for the video game Team Fortress 2... More »