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11th, April News 1

Keira Knightley Confesses An Addiction To Food

GARY Neville fan Keira Knightley was discussing her favourite places to eat in Hello! magazine. Knightley likes all sorts of food, stating: “I’m a real food addict.”... More »

11th, April Madeleine McCann

Chloe Campbell Is Australia's Madeleine McCann

MADELEINE McCann: The media has news of another Maddie... More »

11th, April Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: World Cup Striker Stickers Shocker

IS the Sun turning into Viz? ... More »

10th, April Flashback 5

Paleotechnology: A Curious Glimpse Into An 80s Computer Book

Suffice it to say, things have come a long way in just a short amount of time, and it’s a lot of fun to look back. So, let’s jump into Living With Computers by Patrick G. McKeown (1986)... More »

10th, April Flashback

1955: Ruth Ellis Shoots Her Lover David Blakely Outside the Magdala Pub in Hampstead

ON this day in 1955 Ruth Ellis shot her lover David Blakely outside the Magdala pub in Hampstead.... More »

10th, April Music

Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theorist Sues Seattle Police Department

One man, called Richard Lee, is a Kurt Cobain death conspiracy theorist and he's suing the Seattle Police Department. He used to have a public access TV show called 'Kurt Cobain Was Murdered'. It's no 'Everybody Loves Ray'.... More »

10th, April Film

Watch Jean-Pierre Léaud's Fantastic Audition for The 400 Blows In 1958

FRENCH cinema's intense The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups - the French title comes from the idiom, faire les quatre cents coups—“to raise hell”) features a fantastic performance from Jean-Pierre Léaud as the delinquent adolescent Antoine Doinel... More »

10th, April Sports

Chelsea Balls: The Richest Teams Dope The Transfer System To Ensure Unequal Competition

THE loan system isn't fait, is it? It favours the rich clubs. It favours Chelsea... More »

10th, April Music

Red Hot Chili Peppers Used As Guantanamo Bay Torture T(rack)

OF all the dreadful, heart-wrenching stories to come from Guantanamo Bay, the news that the CIA are using the Red Hot Chili Peppers music as a torture device is surely the worst... More »

10th, April In Pictures

Marutaro: The Hedgehog of 1000 Faces

Hedgehogs aren't just for crisps.... More »

10th, April Flashback

Pope Leo XIII And A Cup of Bovril: 'The Two Infallible Powers' c.1900

HERE'S an unusual advert for a nice cup of Bovril, as drunk by Pope Leo XIII. It's from circa 1900. .. More »

10th, April Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: If Not Diarra Then Who Is The ‘Former Arsenal Star Fighting Jihad In Syria’?

WHO is the former "Arsenal "star fighting as a jihad warrior in Syria", as The Sun revealed... More »

10th, April Key Posts 1

Admit it Guardianista Handwringers, You Love Game of Thrones For The Sex And Violence...Just Like The Rest Of Us

THAT irritating rubbing noise you can hear is the handwringing from British TV reviewers who love their restarted weekly dose of Game of Thrones but must make sure to tell their readers how appalled they are by the objectification of women and the gratuitous violence... More »

10th, April Celebrities

1937: John Barrymore and Elaine Barrie Stage The World's Most Awkward Kiss

FLASHBACK to June 28, 1937 at a Los Angeles station - file under awkward kisses... More »

10th, April Music 1

Were KISS Anti-Semitic?

LIFE as a member of KISS must be more mental than living in a hedge filled with laughing spiders. And depressing too. More depressing than Gene Simmons blood-chilling sex tape. No, we're not providing a link. Look for it yourself. You'll never listen to Foreigner in the same way again... More »

10th, April News

The Times Thinks It's OK To Call Male Golfers Fat: Is It Different For Girls?

Why is it ok to attack a man for his looks but not to 'bully' a woman? More »

10th, April Flashback

The Top 10 Sappiest Songs Ever Recorded

We can’t go calling every romantic ballad “sappy”. Just as depressing songs have their place, so do overtly romantic songs. Perhaps, the best way to illustrate sap at its worst is by example. So, here we go... More »

10th, April Flashback

1981: IRA Hunger Striker Bobby Sands Elected To Westminster As MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone

ON April 10, 1981, IRA prisoner and hunger striker Bobby Sands was elected to Westminster as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Bobby Sand's victory was the second time the voters of Fermanagh and South Tyrone had elected a republican prisoner as their MP. The first, Philip Clarke, in 1955, was disqualified because the law then did not allow convicts to take up political office... More »

10th, April Celebrities

Ultimate Warrior Jams Brian Hellwig: Gloriously Mad And Regrettably Gone

THE Ultimate Warrior has died at the age of 54, WWE has sadly confirmed. Born James Brian Hellwig, Warrior electrified kids and adults alike during his time as a fearsome wrestler of the WWE (formerly WWF). His wild antics, shock of crazy hair and charged entrance made him a hit with those who are fans of professional wrestling.... More »

10th, April Money

Dodgy Maths: Where Apple Goes Wrong In Calculating The Samsung Damages

YES! We've another exciting instalment of the Apple v. Samsung patents battle and this time Apple are asking for over $2 billion in damages from the Korean firm. The problem is that they've used a very dodgy indeed method of trying to calculate those damages.... More »

10th, April Film 2

The Five Most Shocking Death Scenes Of The ALIEN Franchise

For a death scene to be considered shocking, it must be one that the audience can't see coming. In other words, we expect that Colonial Marines fighting aliens by the pack are going to die, or that confused convicts running from a monster in a dark corridor will come to a bad end... More »

9th, April manchester united 1

Manchester United Balls: United Fans Beg David Cameron To Offer David Moyes Full Support

Dear Mr Cameron, We would like to offer our sincerest sympathies with regards to the recent problems you have been experiencing concerning the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Mrs Maria Miller and her subsequent resignation which was reported in the media today.... More »

9th, April Celebrities

Peaches Geldof And The Shameless Double Standards Of The Tabloid-Bashing Guardian

WRITING on Peaches Geldof in the Guardian, Hadley Freeman says 'The Geldofs were Britain's first celebrity family". The article is called: 'Beyond pain': Peaches Geldof, Paula Yates and one family's epic suffering"... More »

9th, April Money

If Your Looks Got You The Job Don't Complain When The Job Goes When Your Looks Fade

LIFE is indeed unfair and it is entirely true that some of us lose our jobs after our looks start to fade. The latest little scare story being that we don't have enough middle aged and older women on the tellie, telling us all how the world is in the news and the like... More »

9th, April Celebrities

Jessie J Moves Beyond Her Bisexual Phase Into The Husband Zone

Well, recently, she's said she only dates men now, which saw a huge backlash from all corners, with some assuming she'd said she was bisexual in a bid to sell some records... although, last time we checked, no-one ever sold more units by simply being bi. With this, Jessie J has issued a statement responding to criticism. More »