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3rd, July Sports

Talking Balls: You'll Never Guess Who They're Calling The 'New' Ronaldo

WHO is the new Cristiano Ronaldo? The Press love to look for the next big thing, the Ronaldo-alike who will be the world's best player... More »

3rd, July Celebrities

X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole Survives Alleged Criminal Singer

AFTER the succesful prosecutions of showboi types Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall, Max Clifford but not Jimmy Savile, the Sun seeks to highlight entertiainers who might be engaging in criminality... More »

3rd, July Liverpool 4

Transfer Balls: Luis Suarez Leaves Liverpool For £70m As Arsenal Get £32m-Rated Alexis Sanchez For £20m

TRANSFER Balls: A look at Luis Suarez's likely move form Liverpool to Barcelona, as told by the mainstream media. Do they know anything? Let's find out... More »

3rd, July News 1

Time For The British Police Arrest ISIS Trolls And Other Existential Threats

ISIS is spending some of its time trolling the UK and the USA... More »

2nd, July Celebrities

Rolf Harris: 'When I Was 11 I Started Having Baths With My Mother'

ANYONE looking to analyse why Rolf Harris molests children can take a look at what he tiold the TV Times in 1974... More »

2nd, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Barcelona Begin Alexis Sanchez Auction As Arsenal, Liverpool And Manchester United Check His Teeth

TRANSFER Balls: Is Alexis Sanchez heading from Barcelona to... Liverpool? Let's see what the trusty media have been saying today... More »

2nd, July The Consumer

Life Mirrors Seinfeld: Alfredo Barsuglia's Forbidden Swimming Pool Is Somewhere In The Mojave Desert

LOOKING to cool your heels on Route 66? Well, if you can find Alfredo Barsuglia's swimming pool. It's somewhere in the Mojave desert. And it's clean. The 11 x 5ft pool is fitted with a solar-powered filter and chlorination system.... More »

2nd, July Music

Death Metal Band Unfathomable Ruination To Play Until They Literally Run Out of Oxygen

They are going to play a gig in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they run out of oxygen. That's right. They're going to play until they can't breathe anymore and their hearts start doing weird things... More »

2nd, July News 2

Hessy Taft: The Perfect Nazi Baby Was Actually A Jew

THIS is the most lovely story about a prank that was played upon the Nazis back in the 1930s... More »

2nd, July Celebrities

The Flying Circus Comes To Town: Monty Python’s Hidden Gems And Forgotten Sadism

In honour of the reunion, but in the spirit of discovery, we offer a selection of the Pythons’ most obscure back pages…. More »

2nd, July Strange But True

Swedish Man Enjoys Cold Comfort Of Having 63 Names

SAY, hello to Kim-Jong Sexy Glorious Beast Divine Dick Father Lovely Iron Man Even Unique Poh Un Winn... More »

2nd, July Celebrities

Juxtaposition Fail: Monty Python Suffer From Dementia

Whooops... More »

2nd, July Liverpool

Transfer Balls: Luis Saurez Leaves Liverpool To Be A FIFA Ambassador In Barcelona

TRANSFER Balls presents the Daily Luis Suarez - a round-up of news on the Liverpool striker? Barcelona are increasing their charm offensive by seducing the player with honeyed words... More »

1st, July Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Sergey Malinka And Robert Murat Relive The Horror

MADELEINE McCann: It's the seventh summer of the missing child in the news media. This is today's news... More »

1st, July Sports

Wimbledon Vine: Australia's Nick Kyrgios Just Crucified Spain's Rafael Nadal With This Fasntasic Shot

Easy... More »

1st, July manchester united 1

Manchester United Balls: Luke Shaw Is Worth Six Times More Than James Rodríguez

THE story goes that Monaco and Colombia's £38.5m star James Rodríguez could have played for Manchester United... More »

1st, July Music

The world needs a bar run by GWAR

More »

1st, July Celebrities

Jonah Hill Says Sorry For Gay Slur

THIS weekend, Jonah Hill found himself being chased around by the paparazzi. Nothing new there. However, one of them started mocking him in a bid to provoke a response. One of them teased Hill, saying: "I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy."... More »

1st, July Books

JK Rowling Thinks Phone Hackers Are 'Dicks'

AFTER the mind-melting success of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling is able to do as she pleases. She's clearly still got a huge love for writing and, as we know, she's got balls bigger than Godzilla. So, in her next novel, she's decided to have a go at those responsible for phone-hacking... More »

1st, July Music

Are the Arctic Monkeys 'indie' Enough?

INDIE. There's a funny word. In music terms, it used to mean 'signed to an independent' label. That meant bands signed with Stock Aitken & Waterman would be in the weekly indie charts. However, at some point, 'indie' meant 'a specific type of rock music'... More »

1st, July The Consumer

Tokyo Shop Sells Recycled Alcohol

TO Tokyo, where locals can buy used booze at Liquor Off... More »

1st, July Money 2

Even The Labour Party Is Beginning To Understand The Housing Market

IT'S taken its time but the basic problem with the UK housing market seems to be seeping into even Labour Party minds. That problem being that there's not enough housing so it's too bloody expansive. We should therefore try to build more. .. More »

1st, July Music 2

WuBabies: Raekwon Shows Off Baby Wu

While promoting gangbangers, drug deals, drug use and obscure kung fu films, they were the middle class muso's hip hop group du jour. They became something of a meme. And now, it has most certainly happened as twin babies have been named after the Clan's Raekwon and Ghostface Killah... More »

1st, July Celebrities

22 Ways Rolf Harris Corrupted Your Childhood

We've pulled together a gallery of 22 ways in which Rolf Harris presented himself as lovable man you could trust. But if you look now, it's wonder he got away with for so long. He really is remarkably creepy... More »

1st, July Celebrities

Rolf Harris: The Nude Boy Photo And His Mona Lisa Smile

He hid in plain view - right to the end: Denying all charges, Harris tried to entertain the court by singing snippets of one of his well-known songs... More »