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15th, October Celebrities

Public School Never Made Me Gay: Benedict Cumberbatch And Those Curious Boys

BENEDICT Cumberbatch is plugging his film The Imitation Game. He plays Alan Turing, the mathematician and computer scientist whose key work decrypting German codes in the second world war helped the war effort termendously. Turing died in 1954. He had been convicted of gross indecency for being gay... More »

15th, October Money Is For Sale: A Booming Industry In Death And Fear Needs You

HOW capitalism works: the domain name is for sale. You can buy it for $150,000. Jon Schultz is selling. He also owns and, which is nice. .. More »

15th, October Sports

Serbia V Albania In Photos: The Drones, The Flares, The Fight And No Goals

SERBIA V Albania was action packed. Fans in Belgrade saw the Alabanian flag depicting a 'Greater Albania' flown over the pitch by a drone... More »

15th, October News

Ched Evans: A Tale Of Love, PR And A Victim Who Wants To Forget

CHED Evans, a convicted rapist and Sheffield United footballer, is dating Natasha Massey. She was dating him before he was jailed for five years in 2012 for raping a 19-year-old in a hotel room. She was dating him at the time of the rape... More »

15th, October Strange But True

Man Arrested For Aggressive Cleaning

TO Southington, Connecticut, where a man has been arrested for agressive cleaning... More »

15th, October Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Roderick Macdonald, Brighton Victims And A Ghost Child

More »

14th, October News

These Are The 'Bizarre' Things That Happen After You Win A Nobel Prize

IN 2011 astrophysicist Brian Schmidt won the Nobel Prize in Physics. He went on the Nobel circuit. He travelled. A lot. ‘There are a couple of bizarre things that happen..." More »

14th, October News 2

The NUS Bans Free Speech And Won't Condemn IS For Fear Of Looking Islamophobic

THE National Union of Students has voted. And it will not condemn ISIS... More »

14th, October Music

Highlight From Iggy Pop's John Peel Lecture for BBC Music

HIGHLIGHTS from Iggy Pop's John Peel Lecture for BBC Music at the Lowry theater in Salford, Manchester... More »

14th, October The Consumer 1

North Korean Airline Koryo Air Rejects The Ryanair Steak Sandwhich And Anger

Which is the world's worst airline...? More »

14th, October Politicians

Tony Abbott Goes Shirt To Nipple With Topless Vladimir Putin

FIGHT! More »

14th, October News 5

Oscar Pistorius 'Will Be Gang Raped' In Prison

OSCAR Pistorius shot his lover dead. But he can't got to prison because... More »

14th, October Sports 2

Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling Has Only 18 Hours Off A Week To Sleep, Eat And Call His Agent

Ian Wright adds his view to the Raheem Sterling story - the one about his being too 'tired' to start for England in Estonia... More »

14th, October In Pictures 1

Rare And Wonderful Photographs Of Syria Before 1940

Syria is a historical hotspot... More »

14th, October Strange But True

Is Nothing Safe? Blackburn Man Has Sex With A Teddy Bear To The Iggy Pop Beat

IS Nothing Safe? A 38-year-old Blackburn man was arrested for burglarising an allotment after police matched his DNA to semen found inside a teddy bear... More »

14th, October The Consumer

Along The Underground Railroad At Night

WE can travel down the Underground Railroad with Jeanine Michna-Bales, who created Through Darkness to Light, the slaves' journey to freedom in Canada... More »

14th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Chelsea, Arsenal, Sami Khedira And A Bouncing Cech

TRANSFER Balls: Much talk about Sami Khedira, the Real Madrid and Germany player linked with a move to Arsenal and Chelsea... More »

14th, October manchester united

Manchester United Balls: A Killer In The Hotel And The Newspaper Offices

THE Sun leads with news of Manchester United and the killer in the hotel... More »

14th, October Celebrities

Ched Evans Turns Judy Finnigan Into A Monster

IS there anything that makes you think the Daily Mirror is not siding with Judy Finnigan in the matter of footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans... More »

14th, October News

The Detroit Watch Mystery: Sgt. Alex Vinson Does Time

WHEN a man's body was found in Detroit, police noted the smart German-made watch on his wrist... More »

13th, October News

Why There Are No Zebras In Porton Down

ANTHRAX makes your greass greener... More »

13th, October In Pictures

Photos Of The Day: October 13 2014

Today's 10... More »

13th, October Key Posts

FIGHT! The Most Brutal Sporting Punch-Ups Ever

PROFESSIONAL sports (and amateur events) can, as we all know, get a little bit out of hand. Players pump themselves up for the occasion and, sometimes, all the wiring in the athlete goes wrong and that energy is transferred into violence... More »

13th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Take £12m Loss On Mesut Ozil For Not Playing Him In The Middle

TRANSFER Balls: Is Mesut Özil on hio way out of Arsenal? The Guardian has news... More »

13th, October The Consumer 1

Who Drew This Massive Knob On The Banksy Artwork On A Folkstone Wall?

SAD news for art fans. A critic has augmented a Banksy artwork on Folkestone's Rendezvous Street with a generous penis... More »