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11th, August Strange But True

E-Fit Of The Day: Essex Police Seek Man With Unforgettable Hair

E-fit of the day... More »

11th, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sign Mats Hummels And Lose Him To Arsenal

Is Mats Hummels leaving Germany for the Premier League? The media hasn't a clue. But that hasn't stopped hacks stating rumour, speculation and utter balls as facts... More »

11th, August Money

Labour MP Gloria De Piero Is Clueless Or Just Conniving About The Gender Pay Gap

OUR latest little excitement on the political front is that a Labour MP has decided to try to massage the facts about the gender pay gap. You'll see it all over the papers today, the gender pay gap is 20% or so, that this is appalling and only the Labour party is going to do anything about it.... More »

10th, August Strange But True 4

Is Nothing Safe: Man Arrested For Sex With Woman's Driveway

A man in Texas has been arrested and accused of humping a woman's driveway.... More »

10th, August News 4

What They Really Mean When They Call Israel Nazis

WHY do protestor angry at Israel and the war with Hamas call the Jewish state and its people Nazis?... More »

10th, August Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Thomas Vermaelen Agreed To Leave Arsenal For Manchester United (Via Barcelona)

TRANSFER Balls: How the media covered the transfer of Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen... More »

10th, August Key Posts 1

The Top 20 Unhelpful Celebrity Fans Of Premier League Teams 2014

With the Premier League season fast approaching, what better time to look at the twenty clubs and consider, not their new signings or their likely achievements, but their famous fans?.. More »

10th, August News

Christians Run From The Falling Quranic Curtain

OUR politicians are at last speaking about the terror, torture, mass murder and genocide being meted out upon Christians and other minorities by the Islamic State in Iraq, writes Cranmer... More »

10th, August Strange But True

Topless Nun Missing In Nottinghamshire

HAVE you seen The "Cupcake, Vicar?" scarecrow, or "Sister Mary", winner of the second prize in the Caythorpe, , screcrow contest?... More »

10th, August manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sign Arturo Vidal For £7m More Than They Already Paid Juventus

TRANSFER Balls: Is Arturo Vidal heading to Manchester United?... More »

10th, August News

Ebola Spread By Tabloid Terror

DO British Airport workers read the Daily Mirror? We ask becsue today the Star leads with news of a strike over Ebola fears.... More »

10th, August News

Local News Watch: It's All Kicking Off In Sevenoaks, Kent

Fishy times in Kent... More »

9th, August Key Posts 1

Bloodthirsty Jews And Pet Palestinians Are The West's Dream Team

ARE you an anti-Semite? If so, join the band of the righteous. These are good times. .. More »

9th, August Arsenal

Adrian Durham’s Devotion To Arsenal Sets The Benchmark For True Gunners Everywhere

Listeners to talkSPORT – the national radio station that pumps out sing-along ads for builders’ merchants 24/7 from a ketchup-stained studio on south London – will know that surly Drivetime anchor Adrian Durham has redefined the terms ‘troll’ and ‘shock jock’ to the point where neither really does him justice any more... More »

9th, August TV & Radio

Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious: Forget Football, Forget Athletics, Great TV Sport Is All About Sheds

With Eurovision been and gone, Britain’s Got Talent over and X Factor still over the horizon, I’ve been jonesing for a televised competition to root for. Alright, so there was The World Cup and The Commonwealth Games but neither of can compare with…Shed of The Year... More »

8th, August Money 1

Does Apple Deliberately Slow Down Its Old iPhones?

That's the question that's asked over in the New York Times, whether Apple deliberately slows down its old iPhones so that people will go out to buy a new model... More »

6th, August Celebrities

Justin Bieber Really Does Scare The Wild Animals Away

More »

1st, August News 4

Save Gazza And Gaza: Is The Human Race Too Stupid To Continue To Live?

THIS is one of those little stories that can make you very worried indeed about the future of the human race... More »

30th, July TV & Radio

Crossover appeal: When two shows collide

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30th, July Money

Men Really Are Better At Maths Than Women

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30th, July News

The Greatest Female Superheroes!

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28th, July TV & Radio

Mic Wright's Remotely Furious: Trouble at The Mill and Problematic Penguins

Outside the sun was shining, inside The Mill was on the telly, dragging all light and hope from the world. The first series of Channel 4’s historical drama based on the archives of the Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire... More »

27th, July News

Only Bigots, Haters And Nihilists Are All Hamas Now: An Israeli Arab Writes

Dear so-called "peace-seeking people", "pro-ceasefire people" and "peace and reconciliation activists", Forgive me for not taking your nice dreams and peace demonstrations and wishes so seriously... More »

26th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls Full House: Marco Reus Joins Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool And Man City

So, is Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus heading to the Premier League? As ever, the media contest is to link every top player with every top English club.... More »

25th, July Money

Whatever The Mail Says Google Just Isn't Avoiding UK Tax

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