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12th, March News

Court tells man he can't smoke in his own home

First they said you can't smoke in the bar. Then they said you can't smoke in the stadium. Now Washington DC's Edwin Gray has been banned from smoking inside his own home. No-one he lives with him in what has been the family home for 50 years minds his smoking marijuana or tobacco... More »

11th, March Strange But True

Philippines police arrest man who raped a cow and made her pregnant

The Philippines police showcase Andy Loyola, arrested after he was allegedly caught having sex with a missing cow. .. More »

11th, March News

Tabloid tropes: why Daily Mail readers are happiest in the world

What is the happiest age of your life? No need to answer because the 'Daily Mail Reporter' knows. It's 34.... More »

11th, March TV & Radio

Vince Gilligan says: stop tossing pizzas on the Breaking Bad House

Fans of Breaking Bad like to re-enact the scene from the Caballo Sin Nombre episode that features Walter White flipping a pizza on to the roof of his house... More »

11th, March News

New Statesman journalist wants 350,000 Jeremy Clarkson untermensch murdered

Sarah Ditum writes on Jeremy Clarkson, the journalist suspended from presenting Top Gear amid allegations that he punched a BBC colleague... More »

11th, March Liverpool

Liverpool balls: 'Disgraceful' Muslim Reds fans caught praying on unofficial prayer mat

The Asian Age has the story of the Liverpool fan who said two Muslim fans praying during the team's FA Cup quarter-final clash against Blackburn Rovers were "a disgrace"... More »

11th, March In Pictures

The nude models of Buffers Model Railways: rail enthusiasts go spotting

Railway enthusiasts are buying little naked figures in compromising positions for their model railways. Made by Germany's Noch, Buffers Model Railways sells the adult models from its Axminster Devon, store.... More »

11th, March News

Sex libel: All Indian males are suspected rapists

YOU can libel an entire people, milions and millions of them. Did you know that all Indian males are suspected rapists? ... More »

11th, March News

Phone hacking: The Mirror ruined Steve McFadden's love life, drove Paul Gascoigne to alcohol but murdered no-one

The phone hacking scandal calls EastEnders actor Steve McFadden. He says Daily Mirror stories while he was romancing co-star Lucy Benjamin "destroyed" their love affair.... More »

11th, March TV & Radio

Listen to BBC presenter John Inverdale discuss rose-c**ed glasses: radio fail

ON BBC radio, John Inversdale is talking about his rose-c**ted glasses... More »

11th, March News

Islamic State get torture tips from watching Teletubbies and Game of Thrones

Emwazi is a "huge fan of the Teletubbies". French journalist Nicolas Henin, who was kidnapped by Islamic State, says Emwazi and the jihadis "watched everything from Teletubbies to Game of Thorones"... More »

10th, March Fashion

The beast milk facial bar opens in Chicago

Got breast milk? Got a face? Then you can save $$$$ of skin treatments. But if you still want to be pampered, then head down to Chicgao spa Mud... More »

10th, March Celebrities

Jeremy Clarkson suspended over fracas following hullabloo, brouhaha and imbroglio

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is on gardening leave. He's been suspended by the BBC "following a fracas" with a producer. Yes, a fracas. Not a brouhaha. Not a kerfuffle. And most certainly neither an imbroglio nor a tawdry hullabloo. .. More »

10th, March Arsenal

Manchester United fans cheers for Danny Welbeck as his mis-controls the ball

How football journalism works: the Dail Mail v the Daily Star. Last night Manchester United lost 2-1 to Arsenal in the FA Cup. Danny Wellbeck, formerly of United, scored the winning goal... More »

10th, March News

Killer surgeon Padge-Victoria Windslowe was the 'Travis Perkins of buttock injections'

Padge-Victoria Windslowe is the self-styled "the Michelangelo of buttocks injections".... More »

10th, March Sports

The All Hair Hockey Team 2015 are ready to be appraised

It's all about the hair... More »

10th, March Arsenal

Manchester United v Arsenal shocker: Ozil scores more but Cazorla wins

No football match is complete without newspapers awarding players a score out of 10. Last night's match between Manchester United and Arsenal was no different... More »

10th, March Arsenal

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney teaches dumb foreigners Angel Di Maria and Adnan Januzaj the Great British Dive

Writing on Arsenal's FA Cup win over Manchester United, Martin Samuels turns to the matter of diving... More »

10th, March Music

Fantastic Trip Advisor comments on The Beatles Abbey Road crossing

Although iconic, the Abbey Road zebra crossing has always been just a working crossing. Hasn’t stopped Trip Advisor. More »

10th, March News

Giant ginger Scottish rats run amok at Cheltenham

The Daily Star leads with news of rats. Ginger Rats. Scottish Ginger Rats! ... More »

9th, March News 1

Oklahoma frat boys get publicly shamed and lynched online

"There will never be a ni**** in SAE. There will never be a ni**** in SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me There will never be a ni**** in SAE." More »

9th, March Strange But True

Listen to a right Charlie call the police on his wife for stealing his cocaine

“Me and my lady’s having a misunderstanding n’ shit about something I bought,” says Robert Collins of Alliance, Ohio. “I bought some cocaine earlier, and she wanted to take my cocaine.”... More »

8th, March News

Free speech is quarantined in the zone of intolerance at Dixie State University, Utah

Free speech is under attack at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. .. More »

8th, March Arsenal

Transfer balls: Arsenals fans learn that Manchester City will sign Jack Wilshere for £30m

Transfer Balls catches sight of the Daily Star's lead sports story that Arsenal's Jack Wilshere is off to Manchester City for £30m... More »

8th, March News

Arsenal sex scandal: shaven Alexis Sanchez and sex tape survivor Vale Roth

More »