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14th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Chelsea, Arsenal, Sami Khedira And A Bouncing Cech

TRANSFER Balls: Much talk about Sami Khedira, the Real Madrid and Germany player linked with a move to Arsenal and Chelsea... More »

14th, October manchester united

Manchester United Balls: A Killer In The Hotel And The Newspaper Offices

THE Sun leads with news of Manchester United and the killer in the hotel... More »

14th, October Celebrities

Ched Evans Turns Judy Finnigan Into A Monster

IS there anything that makes you think the Daily Mirror is not siding with Judy Finnigan in the matter of footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans... More »

14th, October News

The Detroit Watch Mystery: Sgt. Alex Vinson Does Time

WHEN a man's body was found in Detroit, police noted the smart German-made watch on his wrist... More »

13th, October News

Why There Are No Zebras In Porton Down

ANTHRAX makes your greass greener... More »

13th, October In Pictures

Photos Of The Day: October 13 2014

Today's 10... More »

13th, October Key Posts

FIGHT! The Most Brutal Sporting Punch-Ups Ever

PROFESSIONAL sports (and amateur events) can, as we all know, get a little bit out of hand. Players pump themselves up for the occasion and, sometimes, all the wiring in the athlete goes wrong and that energy is transferred into violence... More »

13th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Take £12m Loss On Mesut Ozil For Not Playing Him In The Middle

TRANSFER Balls: Is Mesut Özil on hio way out of Arsenal? The Guardian has news... More »

13th, October The Consumer 1

Who Drew This Massive Knob On The Banksy Artwork On A Folkstone Wall?

SAD news for art fans. A critic has augmented a Banksy artwork on Folkestone's Rendezvous Street with a generous penis... More »

13th, October Liverpool 2

Liverpool Balls: 'Tired' Bighead Raheem Sterling Is No Diehard 'Rested' Leighton Baines

Alongside Alan Shearer's drivel-to-deadline for the Sun about how Sterling is a big-time Charlie who should be ashamed of himself and is unfit to wear the shirt, a small box appraises each England player... More »

13th, October Liverpool

Liverpool's Raheem Sterling Is Not Nearly As Tired As Alan Shearer, Robbie Savage And All Cloth-Eared Pundits

LIVERPOOL FC's Raheem Sterling is a bright talent. He's a great prospect for England. So. Time for the media pundits to get on his back and apply the pressure. He's 19. He can handle it. Right?... More »

13th, October Money

Not Only Did Hitler Have Only One Ball, He Was A Wanker

More »

13th, October Books

Jack Kerouac’s Google Driving Directions: On the Road for 17,527 Mile

Thanks to Gregor Weichbrodt's work on Google Maps, you can now study this 45-page manual of driving directions to all locations mentioned in the book. On the Road for 17,527 Miles is a treat... More »

13th, October Key Posts 2

Oil Wars: Saudi Arabian Terror And Obama's Subservience Are At The Heart Of The IS Crisis

Last year, Syria's Bashar al-Assad was the enemy. He had crossed Barack Obama's "red line", the President of America reasoning that shooting people in the face was not as bad as poisoining them... More »

12th, October News 2

Bad Names: Manchester's Yewtree Grooming Dog Parlour

Might want to look at the name again...? More »

12th, October News 1

Faces of 1971: GIs Ed Norris And Bob Dickey Smnoke Marijuana In Saigon

Roooooool, another one.... More »

12th, October Politicians

Things Douglas Carswell Compares The Conservative Party To

UKIP MP, Tory turncoat and man of Clacton Douglas Carswell likes comparing the Conservative Party to things... More »

12th, October News

Ebola: Sign Tells Liberians To 'Stop Washing Dead Bodies'

Preventing Ebola in Liberia... More »

12th, October News

Captagon Pills Keep The IS Jihadis Cool As Kobane Bleeds

THE People brings readers: Inside Kobane: Drug-crazed ISIS savages rape, slaughter and behead children... More »

12th, October News

Ebola: Lessons From The SARS Epidemic And Panic

You can’t take a corkscrew with you on an aeroplane, but you can take a deadly virus. However much we want to believe the soothing words from the authorities about how difficult it is to catch ebola — and they are right — we may still feel a primordial shudder... More »

12th, October manchester united

Want To See Photos Of Manchester United 'Ace' Antonio Valencia's Willy?

FOR those of you not turned on by naked selfies of fiftysomething Tory MP Brooks Newmark, the Sun offers the option on Line 2 for naked slefies of "MANCHESTER United ace Antonio Valencia"... More »

12th, October News 1

Photos Of Brook Newmarks Penis MP: The Big Ben Bellend And Thought Crimes

BROOKS Newmark MP continues to be front-page news. The Tory MP exposed (literally) in a sexting sting is on the Mirror's front page... More »

11th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Manchester United's Paul Pogba Dreams Of Arsenal, Wants Chelsea, Hunted By Liverpool But Moves To Manchester City

TRANSFER Balls: Is Paul Pogba heading to Manchester City. The Times says City are weighing up a move for the former Manchester United player, now with Juventus. More »

11th, October News 2

Daily Mail Readers Lay Into Malala

“Send her back home.” “How come she’s still here?” “The UK taxpayer has been stumping up the bill for her to fly around the world...” More »

11th, October The Consumer

What Makes the Titanic Museum Attraction the #1 Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?

Before the promotional video a question from the good folks who thought this a winning idea... More »