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3rd, January Celebrities 3

Morrissey Is Writing Books Because No-One Likes His Records Anymore

"The actuality is that radio stations will not play my music, and the majority of people have lost faith in the music industry,’ he claimed. "It’s generally assumed – quite rightly – that the number one chart positions are ‘bought’ by the major labels, so there really is no passion left in pop or rock music."... More »

3rd, January News 1

Azealia Banks: Once Promising, Now Dead In The Water

Banks is planning to tour the UK this year too and it will no doubt be popular. However, she's piled so much hype and ego on herself, that she's become a curiosity show. The critics have invariably already written their reviews, thanks to continual unpleasant behaviour and her needless point-scoring... More »

3rd, January Flashback

All The Cool Cats Chewed Beatmint Gum In 1964

Chewvy... More »

3rd, January Sports

Greater Manchester: Stockport County Fans Threatened With Eviction For Being Too Smelly

“To the two guys in black leather jackets who have recently started sitting in some of these seats. Sorry. There's no way to put this without hurting your feeling..." More »

3rd, January Film

Watch The Day The Clown Cried: Jerry Lewis's Holocaust Horror Show

Yes, I’m unhappy with the work that I did. But who am I preserving it for? No one’s ever gonna see it. But the preservation that I believe is that, when I die, I’m in total control of the material now. Nobody can touch it. After I’m gone, who knows what’s going to happen? I think I have the legalese necessary to keep it where it is.... More »

3rd, January News 3

The Guardian's Reporting On The Akademik Shokalskiy Is Selective, Biased And Hilarious

Five basic Antarctic facts for climate change sceptics ... 1. It is large and cold... More »

3rd, January Global Warming

MV Akademik Shokalskiyv Laugh In: Trapped Climate Scientists Discover Helicopters Are Faster Than Global Warming

The Anarcttic is home to the coldest place on Earth.On August 10, 2010, satellites recorded the temperature at minus 93.2C (-135.8F), in East Antarctic Plateau at an altitude of about 3,900m (12,800ft). The coldest temperature on the ground was recorded in July 1983 at minus 89.2 C (-128.6F) at the Vostok Research Station, Antarctica... More »

3rd, January Cars 1

Car-B-Cue Season In France: 'Just' 1,067 Vehicles Torched On New Year's Eve

This is a a “significant” year on year reduction of more than 10 per cent, claims Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister. He hails it as a “positive result”... More »

3rd, January Strange But True

Christmas Row Watch: Husband Abused Wife With Turkey Neck

Michael Mullady, 49, of Spring Hill in Hernando County allegedly assaulted his wife with a turkey neck... More »

3rd, January Flashback

Strange and Terrible Fitness Products from the 1970s

THE NEW YEAR has arrived. Time to once again pledge to stop eating like a starved cow and get going on a weight loss program. Catalogs and magazines in decades past were full of wonderfully terrible options to start you on the Grand New Year’s Tradition of Fitness Plans Doomed to Failure. Let’s have a look at a few... More »

2nd, January The Consumer

Kleenex For Sale On Amazon: Mum Of Three Teenage Boys Almost Cuts Her Hand On A Sock

I want to start this off by thanking Kleenex for selling these in 36-packs. I've put it on subscription, and if they want to start selling a 72-pack, sign me up. I have three reasons for needing this much Kleenex, and their names are Liam, Samuel and Hank... More »

2nd, January Film

Pink Floyd: Syd Barrett’s First Trip (Magic Mushrooms) Filmed In 1966

This experimental silent short is very rare (filmed in 8mm) and only lasts 11 minutes. Nigel Gordon, film student, filmed Syd Barrett while he tripped on mushrooms. This film is made up of two parts. Part 1: Syd tripping at Gog Magog Hills. Part 2: April '67, Pink Floyd right after they signed their first recording contract, with EMI Records at Abbey Road Studios... More »

2nd, January Key Posts

Which Newspaper Hates Migrants The Most? A Look At Those 2013 Front Pages

THE ROGARIANS are among us. On January 1 2014, the Romanian and Bulgarians united to invade the British Isles. Armed with a EU Directive, these villains are right now stealing your kids, using your cashcards, moving into your bedroom (quick, go check) and doing nothing - NOTHING - to help the England cricket team. Liz Gerard investigates the horror... More »

2nd, January Flashback

FLASHBACK To 4 May 1945. The "Instrument of Surrender of All German Armed Forces In Holland, In Northwest Germany And in Denmark"

This is the "Instrument of Surrender of all German armed forces in Holland, in north west Germany including all islands, and in Denmark". The pact was signed by Britain's Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, and agreed by Germany's Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeburg and other members of the German high command, at Luneburg Heath, May 4, 1945. The ceasefire took effect from 8am on May 5... More »

2nd, January Strange But True

Waiter: There's A Fox In My Chinese Ass

News is that your packet of Wal-Mart donkey meat contains other meats. The Five Spice donkey meat sold in Wal-Mart's China stores has been found by the Shandong Food and Drug Administration to contain fox... More »

2nd, January The Consumer

For Sale: Barbecue Helps Man Bed Scarlett Johanssen On The Back Of A Unicorn

It is with a heavy heart that I must put this invaluable relic of culinary excellence up for sale, as there is only so much power that one man can wield for so long. Many moons ago, I unwittingly bought this magical forge of nourishment from a sand swept bazaar named 'Barbecues Galore'... More »

2nd, January Celebrities

Operation Yewtree Calls Cheryl Cole?

James Robertson is helping the Daily Mirror gain ground on by wrapping a lot of words around wrapping a story around Cheryl Cole's Instagram photo.The headline tells readers: 'Cheryl Cole celebrates New Year by kissing the luckiest boy in the entire world'... More »

2nd, January Money

No, The NSA Can't Hack Your iPhone Any Time It Likes

One of the claims that was made over the break was that the NSA, the US crypto spies, could hack into anyone's iPhone any time. This was all as a result of the Edward Snowden documents of course. The sad thing about this is that it was rather blown up out of proportion by one Jacob Appelbaum, one of the hangers on along with Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras, around those Snowden documents... More »

2nd, January News

My Cloud Pal: Danielle Bruckman Recreates 2013 In Selfies Taken On Her Lost iPhone

On January 1, 2013 my phone escaped me and somehow fell into the hands of a man with a killer mustache. Thanks to Apple and some kinks in the cloud, I receive all of his pictures in my photo stream. Here are his selfies as re-enacted by yours truly... More »

2nd, January Sports

Solskjaer Takes Cardiff City Job To Prove Just How Mental He Is

Solskjaer could've gone to Aston Villa - a much more sensible outfit - in 2012, but he refused, instead preferring to work with an absolute maniac at Cardiff... More »

2nd, January Music

BBC Wusses Out Of Top Of The Pops Anniversary Special Because of Jimmy Savile

Cut Savile out of the edit and celebrate the music and you're left with a wonderful and, one of the most comprehensive documents of the British pop charts. Celebrating TOTP isn't making excuses for Savile. In fact, leave him out of it entirely and you wouldn't even miss him... More »

2nd, January Money

Train Fares Rise: Blithering Sutpidity From The Campaign For Better Transport

They're whining about how train fares are going up again: and as usual, they're managing to get entirely the wrong end of the stick. Here's their complaint about fares... More »

2nd, January Strange But True

Michigan Woman Shocked To Find Snake Living In Couch She Found On Street

"We smelled it and everything - it looked okay.We peeled off the cushions, cleaned it up, never saw anything," says Holly wright of the sofa she found in the street in Grand Rapids, Michigan... More »

2nd, January News

Independent Uses Mandela's Funeral To Bash Israel

Do you shape the news to fit your agenda? Do you see in every news story the chance to bang a drum for what it you believe in or desire? In his "2013 - the year in review. Peter Popham writer in the Independent of Nelson Mandela... More »

2nd, January News

Drop The Dead Possum: Things Dropped on New Year's Eve

How did you know when 2014 had arrived? What singled the change? Was it a text from your mum? A kiss from a waiter? Or were you stood in Kennett Square in Chester County, Pennsylvania, waiting for the eight feet wide and 7½ feet tall illuminated mushroom to drop from a crane at the stroke of midnight?... More »