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11th, December 2014 Sports

Hereford United debacle continues as club suspended by FA

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10th, December 2014 Key Posts

False rape: the Scottsboro Boys become the model for UVA and campus crimes against men

Remember the Scottsbroro Boys? They were the nine Afro-American men tried and jailed for the rape of two white women in 1930s Alabama. The men - all of them - were innocent... More »

10th, December 2014 News 1

Shrien Dewani is innocent: but worse than that he's 'gay'

When lawyers for Shrien Dewani slapepd his bisexuality on the table in a South African court they quashed the entertainment and the case against their client. Not gay, Shrien could still fancy his murdered wife Anni Dewani... More »

10th, December 2014 The Consumer

Riot Police toys: teaching boys but never girls to smash rebellion

Only men get to smash rebellion... More »

9th, December 2014 In Pictures 1

Knitted Morrissey is wonderful (and Johnny Marr agrees)

It's not just the brow that are knitted on Morrissey. It's all of him.... More »

9th, December 2014 Arsenal

WOOF! Watch Aaron Ramsey's sublime stike against Galatasaray

Arsenal fans calling for Arsene Wenger's head. The naysayers who want Wenger out. The doom merchants and plastic fans who crave only success and weep and wail when they don't get it. Piers Morgan. This is not for you... More »

9th, December 2014 News

The Ugly Girls Club is out of your league, lads

Have you see the Ugly Girls' Club? Members convene at the Royal Holloway’s feminist society... More »

9th, December 2014 Liverpool

The Best of Man United v Liverpool

THE Merseyside derby... the Manchester derby... the North London derby... they're all well and good, but having a rivalry based on your postcodes is really very, very predictable... More »

9th, December 2014 Fashion

Fashion Fails: the 'Don't Open 'Til Christmas' WTF children's onesies

Fashion brand Hatley has some intersting items for the kids... More »

9th, December 2014 News

Rape Fantasises and Rolling Stone: sticking to the narrative in place of facts and truth

Sabrina Rubin Erdely's story on gang rape at the University of Virginia was all about the narrative. She looked for a tale that would fit her agenda... More »

9th, December 2014 Celebrities

BBC Balls: Star Wars in horrible no news story

The BBC at work... More »

9th, December 2014 Sports

Transfer Balls: Marco Reus in the Daily Express and only Liverpoool miss out

The Daily Express continues is exercise in trust online with its latest report on footballer Marco Reus... More »

9th, December 2014 Global Warming

Trees get email in Melbourne

Can you hear the trees talking? No. Maybe you should try writing to them. It turns out that trees love to email.... More »

9th, December 2014 News 1

Daily Mail advertises for Portuguese builders

If you build it, they will earn... More »

9th, December 2014 News

Peta says drinking dairy is like being gangbanged by a bull

What do People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have against women?... More »

9th, December 2014 Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat, looking for 'inconsistencies' and Amaral

Madeleine McCann: A look at the missing child in the news... More »

9th, December 2014 Strange But True

Modern romance: Heidi Creamer punched sister in face over sex toy

To Florida, where 48-year-old Heidi Creamer allegedly punched her twin sister in the face  during an argument over “Heidi’s boyfriend and a sexual toy (vibrator),” according to a police report.

Heidi was “screaming and her body was shaking,” noted an officer, who added that Creamer “attempted to break free from my grasp several times.” After being placed in a squad car, Heidi “began screaming that she was fighting with her sister Holly over a vibrator and her boyfriend.”
Such is life with the Creamer Sisters... More »
8th, December 2014 Sports

Football and Fans: No-one likes us, we don't care

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8th, December 2014 Fashion

Brendan Jordan arrives: the gayest boy in the world advertises for American Apparel

Brendan Jordan, is the 15-year-old who seized his chance when local news filmed in his area... More »

8th, December 2014 News

The UVA rape story is being used to beat and abuse white men

Judith Levine on the culture of using racism and bigotry to attack anyone who seeks evidence of a rape... More »

8th, December 2014 In Pictures

Backseat Lives: Neath taxi driver captures his fares at a time in space

Working as a taxi driver in Neath, Wales, Mike Harvey took a moment to photograph his passengers. This was not to better indentify them in police files. It was a record of his time. As he says... More »

8th, December 2014 Celebrities

Grumpy Cat's £64m fortune is pie in the sky

Facts? Who needs 'em... More »

8th, December 2014 News 2

Shrien Dewani fights to clear his name

Shrien Dewani is free. He did not have a part in the killing of his wife... More »

8th, December 2014 Celebrities

Oh, yes he did: Lionel Blair is not appearing in panto because all adults are suspected sex criminals

Lionel Blair is not appearing in panto. He explains why... More »

8th, December 2014 News 1

Westminster paedophiles: Exaro News and the spectre of Joseph McCarthy

Westminster paedophiles: Anorak's look at the allegations that politicians abused children in the 1970s and 1980s... More »