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6th, January The Consumer

Foodie Balls: Making Mushrooms With 'Raindrops Tapping Me On The Collarbone And Hawks Screeching On The Updraft'

.Raindrops tapping me on the collarbone, bootsteps swallowed by sodden moss, hawks screeching on the updraft.'.. More »

6th, January News

Daily Mail Duped By Fake Fox News Story About Missing Woman

How do you prank the internet? Well, you could pretend to be a Fox News reporters saying you'd f*** a missing woman if she's found... More »

6th, January Flashback

1930: The Plan To Drain And Dam The North Sea And Create DOGGERLAND

Walking from Harwich to Amsterdam... More »

5th, January In Pictures

Funny Graffiti- 10 More Examples

Graffiti is a crime. It can also be very, very funny... More »

5th, January Celebrities

Aspen Colorado Plane Crash: No Celebrities Hurt - BREAKING

The news nadir... More »

5th, January Celebrities

The Death Of Errol Flynn And His Under-Age Girlfriend Beverly Aadland

The picture of Flynn, from May 1959, was taken a month or so before his fiftieth birthday and he’s accompanied by his girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, who was still a few months from her 17th birthday that September. According to Beverly’s mother, a former showgirl called Florence and who wrote about Flynn and Aadland’s romance in a book called ‘The Big Love’, by the summer of 1959 they had already been together for a year... More »

5th, January manchester united

Mini Cab For Moyes: A Look At The Manchester United Manager’s Expressions As The Red Devils Lost To Swansea

Hugh Laurie is away... More »

5th, January News

Everton: Robbie Savage's Crystal Balls

How football experts work: Robbie Savage continues to think about Everton... More »

5th, January Global Warming 2

The Freezing Polar Vortex Is God's Punishment For Not Believing In Global Warming Say Weather Experts

Can the freezing weather be blamed on global warming..? More »

5th, January Flashback

Balliol Balls: Three Englishmen Saved from Boiling Pot By Cannibal Chief, Who Was Friend at Oxford University

Sure, the story ran of "an amazing story - which may or may not be true". Get a load of the "three young Oxford graduates" sat in three pots, each vessel seasoned to perfection... More »

5th, January Flashback

Making Coins At The Royal Mint (Photos)

On the factory floor at the Royal Mint... More »

5th, January News

Death For Land: Israel And Palestine Peace Deal Makes More Trouble Ahead

One man's hero is another man's terrorist or murderer. What to make of the news in the New York Times of peace deals between Israel and the Palestinians?... More »

5th, January News

Gun Control: Carrying A Concealed Weapon Won't Protect You From Idiots

Gun crime USA. Is carrying a gun a good thing?.. More »

5th, January Strange But True

Life Imitates The Day Today: Man Blows Up Pet Dog

To Stevenson, Washington, to see Christopher Wayne Dillingham, 45, jailed for blowing up Cabella, the family's dog he thought possessed by the devil... More »

5th, January Celebrities

Everyday Sexism: How To Draw The Celebrity Female Figure

In "Hourglass figure is a thing of the past... we’ve all gone square", the Sun produces guide to womanhood... More »

5th, January Celebrities

Jim Davidson Is Always 59: The Media Licked Its Lips When The Celebrity 'Savile' Cops Swooped

Here's Jim to talk about his "sex arrest agony" — Every minute I thought I would end up going to jail — I feared cops were out to convict me but I was not going to be Savile's scapegoat... More »

4th, January News 3

Smell Like I Sound: Top Ten Lyrical Low Points of the 1980s

“Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran "Smell like I sound. I’m lost in a crowd." BEG PARDON? What does that even mean to smell like you sound? No offense to Duran Duran; it’s a great song, and let me say right off the bat that I happen to enjoy most songs on this list... More »

4th, January Celebrities

The Ronnie Biggs Story: Money, Arsenal And Going Punk In Rio

Before 8 August 1963 (his 34th birthday) Biggs was a small-time criminal. On that day, he took part in Britain’s biggest-ever heist, and the rest of his days were lived in the public eye… More »

4th, January Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Three 'Suspects' And Meeting Harry Redknapp

A look at the missing child in the news. The papers have news... More »

4th, January News 1

North Korea: Did Kim Jong-Un Eat His Uncle? The 120 Dogs Continue To Starve

In June 2013, about 100 protesters from a South Korean right-wing civic group staged an anti-North Korea demonstration, slashing a North Korean flag and burning an effigy of leader Kim Jong-Un... More »

4th, January Global Warming

Antarctica’s Climate Change Leave Huge Carbon Footprint On The Ice They Polluted

"The Chinese captain is an incredible ambassador for his country," she said today. She is very lucky that China, which normally incurs the wrath of the climate change lobby due to its fondness for new coal-fired power stations, has chosen the path to wealth – which includes ships and helicopters able to rescue scientists in distress – rather than a path to carbon-free enlightenment... More »

3rd, January Celebrities

Morrissey Delivers To Deadline: Cilla Black And Jamie Oliver Eat Babies And The Meat Eating Queen Is Like A Paedo

Imagine, for example, if you were in a nightclub and someone said to you "Hello, I enjoy bloodshed, throat-slitting and the destruction of life," well, I doubt if you'd want to exchange phone numbers... More »

3rd, January Music

The White Devil And His Music: The Heavy Metal Subculture of Black Africa

Is Heavy Metal, the music sound hewn in the British Midlands, big in black, sub-Saharan Africa? South African photographer Franck Marshall found a pocket of metal in Botswana... More »

3rd, January Celebrities 3

Morrissey Is Writing Books Because No-One Likes His Records Anymore

"The actuality is that radio stations will not play my music, and the majority of people have lost faith in the music industry,’ he claimed. "It’s generally assumed – quite rightly – that the number one chart positions are ‘bought’ by the major labels, so there really is no passion left in pop or rock music."... More »

3rd, January News 1

Azealia Banks: Once Promising, Now Dead In The Water

Banks is planning to tour the UK this year too and it will no doubt be popular. However, she's piled so much hype and ego on herself, that she's become a curiosity show. The critics have invariably already written their reviews, thanks to continual unpleasant behaviour and her needless point-scoring... More »