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25th, April Books 1

Inside Scarfolk: An Interview With The Mayor Of Dystopia UK, Richard Littler

IF you've visited Richard Littler's Scarfolk, you will have come away with vision of how life was in mid 20th Century Britain. Scarfolk is a dystopian town in the North-West of England gripped by fear of witches, children and salad... More »

25th, April Film 6

“If He Fires Me, I’ll Thank Him For It”: Five Great Character Moments in the Timothy Dalton James Bond Era

AS James Bond, agent 007, Timothy Dalton only lived twice. The actor, who long performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company, starred in two of EON’s Bond films, The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989) and his brief tenure as the super-spy remains a controversial one with Bond fans to this day.... More »

25th, April Strange But True

Watch Artist Milo Moiré Use Her Vagina To Give Birth To A Picture

WANT to see Swiss artist Milo Moiré give birth to a painting? No. She's not got one rolled up inside her vagina. And it's not certainly not framed. Nothing so conventional for Milo.... More »

25th, April Money

Who Would You Trust More, Paddington Bear or Farage?

WHO wants to be Nigel Farage’s PA? That's not euphemism. You won't have to sleep with him. He's not a Cabinet Minister... More »

25th, April In Pictures

Los Encadenados Of Nicaragua: The Chained Ones Photo Gallery

In these April 18, 2014 photos, youths in a masks poses for pictures during a break while participating in "Los Encadenados", or The Chained Ones procession on Good Friday during Holy Week in Masatepe, Nicaragua. .. More »

25th, April Music

Oasis Are Getting Back Together For One Huge Gig

This, of course, means that they'll be headlining Glastonbury next June. Of course, if Oasis are getting back together, they'd be wise to avoid Glastonbury and just do a massive outdoor gig of their own, where they can keep all the money for themselves. They might look stupid, but they know where the pennies lie... More »

25th, April News

Legal Highs: Kids Smear Burt's Bees On Their Eyes To Get A Buzz

FASTER than the officials can ban the legal and illegal highs, the kids are looking at news says to get goofed. They've tried smoking bed bugs, and the one's still able to move and use their hands have moved on to “Beezin".... More »

25th, April Anorak TV

Things That Exist: The Mobile Toilet That Runs To You

TO Lehi, Utah, and Dan Pearce has spotted a portable toilet with the runs... More »

25th, April Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Mesut Ozil Is Remade As A Chocolate Egg

GARY Lineker flogs fatty food crisps to sports fans. And in Germany, the budding sport stars can tuck into World Cup 2014 Kinder Surprise eggs, such as this one featuring Arsenal star Mesut Ozil... More »

25th, April News

Essex Police On Patrol In Chelmsford Blast Sound of da Police by KRS One

GOOD to see that Essex Police patrolling the mean streets of Chelmsford, Essex, has downloaded our compilation of the Greatest Songs ABout The Police (not all of them in favour. But was it right for one of the force's marked police car to blast from its speakers Sound of da Police by KRS One?... More »

25th, April Flashback

England Prepare For The 1966 World Cup Final With Golf, Cricket And Laughter

FLASHBACK to June, 22 1966... And all that.... More »

25th, April News

Fancy A Shag? Then Chase The Bird With The Fat Arse

What they've done is go and question women about their sexual behaviour. They've also measure the width of their hips (this is the bone measurement, not the muscle and fat over it). And they've found that women with wider hips are more likely to have a one night stand (ie, a quick shag with someone met in the pub) than women with narrower hips. .. More »

25th, April Film

5 Unspeakably Awful Songs of 1980s Horror Cinema

Many horror flicks of the 1980s managed to get it right. The soundtrack to Halloween is expertly menacing, as were the soundtracks to Dario Argento’s films (thanks in no small part to Goblin). Perhaps one day we’ll look at the ones that did things right, but today we’re looking at the ones who did things oh so terribly wrong... More »

25th, April Flashback

Bikinis And Babes Of The 1960s Camping and Outdoor Life Exhibition In Olympia, London

THE 1960s were all about the babes. The bikini, the mini skirt and those kinky boots released women. For the first time since dinosaurs roamed the Earth (see documentary), the sun kissed bare legs and arms. Fresh air circulated freely around the female form. And these city gels were free to move to the countryside. No heavy boots sheepskin vests for the modern women. For her it was mini skirts a-go-go for all days and all weathers... More »

24th, April In Pictures

Vicky The 29-Year-Old Orangutan Undergoes A Sinus Operation In Chester (Photos)

FACE of the week: Jawed Tahery from Nuffield Health The Grosvenor Hospital in Chester and a team of vets from Chester Zoo perform sinus surgery on Vicky the 29-year-old Bornean Orangutan from Blackpool Zoo. .. More »

24th, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Fan Updates His "Moyes Out' Buttocks Tattoo

THE Manchester United fan who inked a ‘Moyes Out’ tattoo on his buttovcks has updated the m-arse-terpiece? to proclaim "Moyes Out JOB DONE".... More »

24th, April Money

Housing Association Valleys to Coast in Bridgend Offers Bedroom Tax Victims A Free Creme Egg

HOW was the bedroom tax for you? Did you manage to save for your next egg? The Housing association Valleys to Coast in Bridgend thanks you for fighting on through the austerity crisis by sending you a 60p 'Creme Egg'. .. More »

24th, April Flashback

1966: When Harry Roberts Killed Coppers And A Dalek Looked The Other Way

ON 12 Dec 1966, Harry Roberts, John Witney and John Duddy were convicted of the murders of David Wombwell, Christopher Head and Geoffrey Fox... More »

24th, April TV & Radio

BBC Three Was Killed Off To Make Room For New Versions of Old Versions Of Older Books

WHILE the world moves on at a terrifying speed, there's one thing you can always rely on - the BBC's fondness for wheeling out the cadavers of old books... More »

24th, April Flashback 1

1973: Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' Played At 33 RPM Reveals An Unexpected Secret

IN 1973, Dolly Parton released the song Jolene. It would become a smash hit. But did you know that when played at 33 RPM, it sounds like this.... More »

24th, April manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Daily Mail Leads Contest To Write The Most Useless David Moyes Story

MANCHESTER United are without a full-time manager. The players are running wild. Order has broken down. The Daily Mail's Richard Arrowsmith spots the truants tearing up the shopping precinct... More »

24th, April Flashback

1984: New York Subway Commuters Giggle At Nude Walter Mondale On A Penthouse Magazine Cover

No longer can visitors to Coney Island plunk down a few coins to play the unsettling attraction called "Shoot the Freak." And seedy, edgy, anything-might-happen Times Square? These days, it's all but childproof... More »

24th, April Music

Arcade Fire Are Arcane Dire: Guitar Band Takes Swipe At Electronic Music

Arcade Fire - the very definition of catholic rock 'n' roll music - hit out at Coachella for the amount of non-guitar acts on the bill. Of course, attacking electronic music has an implied 'that's music for stupid people - they don't realise how much more they'd like 'real' music... sheeple.'... More »

24th, April News 1

Are You Having Sex For The Required 7 Minutes?

THE latest from yet another of that long line of "sex doctors" who would tell us all how to do it. Which is that you might be having sex that average number of times, two or three times a week, but you might also not be having sex for long enough... More »

24th, April Books 1

Tormented And Alone: The Neurotic Dreams Of The Ladies Of Romance Comics

READING old romance comic books is like slipping into the subconscious mind of the mid-century female. It was a time when their entire well-being and happiness revolved around dumb men; when every single action and decision was predicated on pleasing oblivious males. Thus, in comic after comic, with rarely an exception, you have the requisite scene of the beautiful female lying in bed pining desperately over some clueless oaf.... More »