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26th, May Strange But True

Local News Watch: Bexleyheath Man Stops Wrong Bus

TO Bexleyheath, south east London, where a man has missed the bus. He ran into the road and stood in front of it. The drive called the police. They arrived and gave our hero 20 seconds to move. Or else... More »

26th, May Books 1

It’s A Bird! It’s A Dame! It’s Your Illustrated Guide To Supergirl!

WITH so many Marvel and DC movies coming out, it may be time to brush up on your comic book heroes and heroines, and there’s no better place to start than Supergirl. Although a Supergirl movie has only been rumored, this chick from Krypton deserves some attention... More »

26th, May Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Buy Benzema On A Wenger Whisper

THE Daily Star's Colin Harvey says "Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger drops MASSIVE hint about imminent Karim Benzema bid"... More »

26th, May Flashback 1

In 1985 The Press Association Presented The Future of Journalism

Reporters of the future... More »

25th, May Fashion

Mods, Rockers, Teds, Irish, Skinheads, Pikeys, Blacks And Jews: The People Banned From Anywhere Decent People Gather

And in the spirit of the holiday season, we pay tribute to all those who have found themselves at the wrong end of the freedom to exercise a policy of selective admission. Some serious, some, less so, but all the focus of heated controversy.... More »

25th, May manchester united

Transfer Balls: Schweinsteiger Becomes Manchester United's Fourth Bayern Munich Capture

HOT on the heels of Mike McGrath's scoop that Bayern Munich were keen to sell Arjen Robben to Manchester United (no, they're not), comes today's Sun sensation... More »

25th, May Celebrities

Katie Price: Kieran Hayler On Horsing Around With Jane Pountney's Hatchback

KATIE Price's third husband, Kieran 'Loud' Hayler tells Sun readers that he had sex with his wife's "best pal" in her stables... More »

24th, May News

Toni Christina Jenkins V Devin Barnes: Waitress Sued For Abusing Customer Who Called Her A Nigger

LET'S play Spot The Victim. This story is bade din the USA, so things will get complicated. In September 2013, Toni Christina Jenkins was working tables a Tennessee's Red Lobster... More »

24th, May Politicians 1

Nigel Farage: Friend To The Mentally Ill Of Essex But Not Newark

... the Tories know that they can only begin to push that message once the smoke raised by the European election result clears. This is where the Newark by-election – and Farage’s decision to sit it out – becomes interesting... More »

24th, May manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Robben Follows Kroos To Manchester United On A Golden Turd

IT'S too early award the Golden Turd Cup for the most bullshit transfer story of the season. But the Daily Mail's Chris Wheeler is going to be a hard scribe to beat... More »

24th, May Flashback

QPR Fans Outside Loftus Road With Their Tickets For The Match Against Chelsea In 1970

QPR V Chelsea on February 15 1970... More »

24th, May News

The Hunt For The Cheeki Rafiki: The Daily Mirror's Desperate Hunt For A Scoop

How many lifeboats? More »

23rd, May manchester united 2

Transfer Balls: Toni Kroos Snubs Manchester United After Signing For Them

WHAT really happened with the Toni Kroos to Manchester United story? More »

23rd, May In Pictures

Low-Budget Beasts: A Tribute To Low-Budget Beauty And The Beast Costumes

WE love the internet. It gives people with niche passion a chance to showoff their collections. And so it is with Low-Budget Beasts More »

23rd, May Cars

Bikes Of Burden: Massvie Loads Carried On Small Motorbikes In Vietnam

WHEN Hans Kemp moved from his native Holland to Ho Chi Minh City he was struck by the overburdened motorbikes... More »

23rd, May Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Diego Costa Joins Chelsea For £80m And Lukaku Scratches His Head

TRANSFER Balls: Anorak's seasonal look at the bilge and to-deadline guesswork passing for news in the mainstream media.... More »

23rd, May Flashback

The Sputnikburger And Small Dog - 1957

THIS picture shows an Atlanta, Georgia, restaurant's Sputnikburger, complete with small dog, November 4, 1957. Garnished with Czarist Russian dressing and caviar, the sandwich is topped with a large satellite olive pierced with three toothpicks for antennae... More »

23rd, May Books

Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2015 - Monthly Forecasts Of Uncanny Precision

SUCH a joy to be back among you, especially given the egregious state of blogging these days. I can but do my best, permitting you a glimpse of Arcati's ancient soul which bubbles with spite and acuity and long memory, though I dress it all up in a sage's garb and vocabulary of daunting endowment... More »

23rd, May The Consumer

110% Meat: Bubbledogs Come With A Free Foreskin?

The "110% meat" hotdog... More »

23rd, May Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea Sell Luiz To Barcelona And Also To PSG

TRANSFER Balls looks in on Chelsea's David Luiz... More »

23rd, May Music

Jack White: Bring Back The Clapometer At Gigs

More »

23rd, May Money 1

Montenegrin Patriarch: Conchita Wurst Caused the Balkan Floods

SO says one of the more conservative churchmen of the Balkans, that Conchita Wurst, the bearded bloke in a dress who won the Eurovision song contest, caused the Balkan Floods that have forced 150,000 people from their homes. Quite remarkable what God gets pissed off about really, isn't it?.. More »

23rd, May manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Toni Kroos Agrees To Join Manchester United And Then Doesn't

SO. Is Toni Kroos going to Manchester United? Just two days ago the Daily Express stated that the deal to take the German star from Bayern Munich to United had been done... More »

23rd, May News

War On Free Speech: Danish TV Journalists Defeats The Extremists With A Whistle

The war on free speech... More »

23rd, May Politicians

Look Natural Ed: The Best Of Ed Miliband V Food And Cameras

ED Miliband only needs a baby blue bow in his hair to look more like a gift to the Tory election strategy... More »