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14th, September 2014 Strange But True 1

Woman Aimed Loaded Gun At 11-year-old Boy Practising Clarinet

Neighbour Cheryl Ann Pifer, 60, allegedly took up her loaded rifle, took aim at the child and screamed, “Fire in the hole!”... More »

14th, September 2014 Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Ronaldo Makes 'SHOCK' Move To Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea And PSG

TRANSFER Balls: The Daily Express has an "EXCLUSIVE" about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid for a "shock" return to Manchester United...or Manchester City... More »

14th, September 2014 Celebrities

The Best of Nosemouth

Karl Malden is away... More »

13th, September 2014 News

Face of the Day: The Margarine Albert Einstein Sculpture

With E Numbers... More »

13th, September 2014 The Consumer

Artist Paints Women In The Bliss Of Cosmetic Surgery

ARTIST Jonathan Yeo paints women in the reposeful aspect of cosmetic surgery patients... More »

13th, September 2014 Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Blame The Algarve For Your Latest Holiday Read

THE Telegraph has been serialising Looking For Madeleine by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan. The book is available to order from Telegraph Books at £16.99 + £1.95 p&p.... More »

13th, September 2014 News

The War On ISIS Isn't A War It's An 'Effort' Says Barack 'Adrian Mole' Obama

WHEN is a war not a war? That question to Obama, who calls the assault on ISIS an "effort"... More »

13th, September 2014 Celebrities

Cilla Black Sends Ringo Starr Out For A Lump Of Coal

"Who threw the best parties in the 1960s? Obviously me!.." More »

13th, September 2014 News

Free Speech: Rotherham Council Worried About UKIP Abusing Your Kids Like Labour

ROTHERHAM Borough Council said in 2012 that two "not indigenous white British" were removed from their foster parents because the adults supported UKIP and the council disapproved of that party's stance on immigration... More »

13th, September 2014 News

Manchester Dogs' Home Fire: Teenager Bailed And Misty The Jack Russell Stars

THE 15-year-old boy arrrested in connection with the blaze at Manchester Dogs' Home has been bailed. The fire killed around 60 animals, but 150 dogs were rescued... More »

13th, September 2014 Politicians

What Obama Said About Iraq In 2008

IRAQ: "Only by redeploying our troops can we press the Iraqis to reach comprehensive political accommodation and achieve a successful transition to Iraqis’ taking responsibility for the security and stability of their country..." More »

13th, September 2014 manchester united

Transfer Balls: Ronaldo Wants Liverpool, Loves Manchester United, Signs For Chelsea And Stays At Real Madrid

More utter balls in the Daily Express... More »

13th, September 2014 News 1

Birmingham's Racist Bike Lanes Will Emancipate Women

“The vast majority of cyclists on our roads are young, white men... most elderly people are not going to cycle, and it would be dangerous for them to start on our streets now... women of any ethnic group who wish to wear modest clothing, and I count myself in that category, are not going to cycle. It is a discriminatory form of transport”... More »

13th, September 2014 News 1

Guardian Invites Rich Patrons To View It's Loss Making Intern Zoo

BARGAIN alert: For just £60 per month or a mere £540 per year, you can become a Guardian patron. What do you get for your cash?... More »

13th, September 2014 manchester united

Manchester United: Juan Sebastián Verón's Advice To Marcos Rojo and Ángel di María

IN the summer of 2001, Manchester United signed Juan Sebastián Verón from Lazio. The fomer Argentina captain has been talking to the Times... More »

13th, September 2014 News

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Get Two-For-Cesc Deal In Munir El Haddadi and Sergi Samper

TRANSFER Balls: Arsenal are linked by Spanish newspaper SPORT to Barcelona's Munir El Haddadi and Sergi Samper... More »

13th, September 2014 NSFW

Police Investigating Loud Screams Find Man Watching Porn Movie

Life mirrors Curb Your Enthusiasm... More »

13th, September 2014 News

Gravedigger Poses For Photo With Nephew Of Rotting Corpse He's Dug Up

TO a cemetery in Guardamar del Segura, near Alicante on Spain's Costa Blanca, where the a man's body has been exhumed... More »

13th, September 2014 Celebrities

The Chuckle Brothers Tweet From The Dave Lee Travis Courtroom Laugh-In

THE Chuckle Brothers - Barry and Paul Elliott - have been appearing as themselves both inside and outside Southwark Crown Court... More »

12th, September 2014 Celebrities

After 9/11 By Hunter S Thompson

Did he know? More »

12th, September 2014 Money

Mulberry Bags: Police Destroy £750,000 worth

Dealers attempted to smuggle more than 1,000 fake designer handbags worth more than £750,000 through Manchester Airport... More »

12th, September 2014 Celebrities

Gary Busey Wins Celebrity Big Brother: 'Prophet Or Madman?' Trading Card

“Fear is the dark room where the Devil develops his negatives..." More »

12th, September 2014 In Pictures 1

Ian Paisley: 6 April 1926 – 12 September 2014 - A Life In Photos

When a firebrand dies... More »

12th, September 2014 Chelsea 1

Liverpool 'Trolls' And The Trouble With Fabregas And Torres At Chelsea

THE Daily Mirror's Brian Reade - the man who 'assassinated' an area and its white population in the "White Man's Gulch" of Eltham - is upset at treatment meted out to Chesela's Cesc Fabregas And Liverpool's Fabio Borini:.. More »

12th, September 2014 Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: 'Blame' Arsenal And The Pope For Signing Danny Welbeck

The Daily Star is full of balls... More »