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24th, March Celebrities

Julie Newmar In Playboy, Photos And On Growing Old

JULIE Newmar was Catgirl. On April 27, 2013, we went to see Julie take questions at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place, in Chicago. Julie was the first Catwoman to TV's Batman. Her fabulous portrayal of the comic book temptress in the 1960s Batman has been praised in musical and film... More »

24th, March Celebrities

Watch This 1979 Kate Bush Documentary On Her Liverpool Empire Show

KATE Bush is touring again. Why did she ever stop? This 1979 BBC Nationwide documentary might shed some light on that question... More »

24th, March Cars

1970 In Photos: England World Cup Footballers Get Free Ford Cortinas In Brentwood, Essex

Feel the glamour... More »

24th, March Flashback

1958: Anti-French Cartoons Showing A Fat Marianne Murdering Algerian Children

An anti-French cartoon, showing a fat Marianne killing Algerian women and children while held up by a U.S. - marked bayonet in Cairo, Egypt, March 30, 1958... More »

24th, March Books

What Men Don't Like About Women - Read This 1945 Guide To Being A Man

IN 1945, Thomas D Hornton wrote the book What men don't like about women... More »

24th, March Money

It's EU, Stupid: Apple And Amazon Get Stung By Osborne In The Budget

THAT'S what the newspapers are reporting this morning, that Osborne has stung the big internet companies like Amazon and Apple by changing the rules on VAT rates. Although it's not actually Osborne who has done this, it's the EU... More »

24th, March Sports

Real Madrid And Barcelona Balls: El Classico Dishes Up The Fabled Double Face-Grab

THE El Clasico football rubber between Real Madrid and Barcelona was at 2-2 when Cesc Fabregas and Pepe executed the fabled double face-grab. It is the peek-aboo... More »

23rd, March Sports

Chelsea Balls: Romeo Ashley Cole Makes Pascal Craymer Think Of Brad Pitt

READERS who recall stories of Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole's vomit-fuelled extra-martial sex will enjoy the Sun's report on the player's love affair with "Ex-Towie star: Pascal Craymer... More »

23rd, March Flashback

1983: Simon Birrell of Norwich Shows His BBC Micro Computer Game Bug Bomb To Virgin Interactive's Richard Branson

Sixteen-year-old Simon Birrell (r), of Norwich, with millionaire Richard Branson, of Virgin Records fame, with the new video computer game, called 'Bug Bomb', which was designed by Simon... More »

23rd, March Books

Read Robert Crumb's Weirdo Comic Book On Philip K Dick's LSD-Driven Meeting With God

WE get to see the face of God in Robert Crumb's Book Of Genesis. But was the representation of the Creator accurate? In 1974, Crumb gave us another image of God... More »

23rd, March Flashback 1

Norwich City Council Takes Delivery Of A Massive Computer In 1957

You should see the size of the pockets... More »

23rd, March Liverpool 1

Liverpool Balls: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Auditions For The Manchester United Job

All post-match interviews will be like this, with the man once nicknamed The Baby-Faced Assassin translating other managers' words into what they really mean to say... More »

23rd, March Strange But True

Drunk Yorkshire Woman Drove To McDonald's Drive Thru When Staff Refused To Seve Her Unless She Was In A Car

WENDY Simpson had been drinking when she walked up to the Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, branch of McDonald's... More »

23rd, March Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Police At War Over Euclides Monteiro, The Black African White Child Snatcher

MADELEINE MCCANN: Anorak's look at the missing child in the news... The Sunday Express is the only appear to lead with the missing child. And its news is chilling... More »

22nd, March News

Fox News WTF Question Of The Decade: 'It took 2000 years to find Noah's ark, will we ever find flight MH370?'

FOX News' anchors are are required by the terms of their contract to ask the most asinine questions imaginable... More »

22nd, March Key Posts

Fred Phelps' Dying Words: 'I Do It With Boys' And Other Magic Moments In The Westboro Baptist Church

FRED Phelps, the man whose catchphrase was "god hates fags" and whose media-savvy Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas commandeer the dead and famous for their own self-promotion, is dead... More »

22nd, March In Pictures

The Best of SellotapeSelfies

This is exactly how plastic surgery. At last three of the people below are A-list Hollywood stars. Can you spot them?... More »

22nd, March News

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Fox News Fail Illustrates The Importance Of The Comma

MALAYSIA Airlines Flight MH370 illustrates the importance of the comma... More »

22nd, March Celebrities

The Moment The Tabloids Feasted On L'Wren Scott's Death And Mick Jagger's Face

WHEN fashion designer L'Wren Scott was found dead, her boyfriend Mick Jagger was in Australia, on tour with the Rolling Stones... More »

22nd, March News

Torquay Police Bypass Journalists And Publish Direct On Local Newspaper Website

AFTER the hacking scandal broke, there were many stories about cosy the police, media and politicians had become. It looks like sensitive information is now mere merchandise. Where are the checks and balances? Who is watching whom?.. More »

22nd, March Strange But True

Man Arrested For Locking Wife In Shed For Singing 'Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead' When His Mother Died

TO Cornwall, where Andrew Salmon reportedly locked his wife in a garden shed when she began singing “Ding dong, the witch is dead” following death of his mother... More »

22nd, March Arsenal

Uncanny Lookalikes: Arsenal Players Kieran Gibbs And Oxlade-Chamberlain (Spotted By Andre Marriner)

ARSENAL were two goals down to Chelsea when referee Andre Marriner sent off Kieran Gibbs for playing goalkeeper... More »

22nd, March Flashback

Playboy Club Bunnies Play Malcolm Allison's Planet of the Apes Team At Football In 1973

FLASHBACK to August 5 1973: The Playboy Club Bunnies too on a Planet of the Apes team at London's Hurlingham Stadium. The game was in aid of the World Wildlife Fund... More »

22nd, March Film

Planet of the Apes Character Galen Has A Haircut In 1975

"Make me look like Charlton Heston..." More »

22nd, March Key Posts

Madeleine McCann: Black Euclides Monteiro Is A Brown Moroccan And Other Facts

MADELEINE McCann: Anorak's look the missing child in the news. In 2009, Cape Verdean national Euclides Monteiro, 40, died in a tractor accident. His name has been linked the missing child. There is no evidence that he stole the child... More »