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1st, July Celebrities

Rolf Harris: The Nude Boy Photo And His Mona Lisa Smile

He hid in plain view - right to the end: Denying all charges, Harris tried to entertain the court by singing snippets of one of his well-known songs... More »

1st, July Anorak TV

How To Drop A Huge Douglas Fir Tree Between Two Buildings

HOW do you cut a very tall tree in a very tight space. Scott Augur explains... More »

30th, June Books

Kill The Toff: The Prolific John Creasey And His Class Act

THE Toff, or to give him his proper name, the Honourable Richard Rollison, was the creation of the novelist John Creasey and first appeared in the tuppenny weekly crime magazine in 1933. The first novel ‘Introducing the Toff’ appeared in 1938. There were eventually fifty-seven books in the series the last of which, ‘The Toff and the Dead Man’s Finger’ wasn’t published until five years after the author died in 1973... More »

30th, June Celebrities

Terry-Thomas, Jimmy Tarbuck And The Diamond Cigarette Holder Heist

TERRY Thomas had arrived. It wasn’t exactly overnight but most people thought so. It was 1946 and he was compèring a revue called Piccadilly Hayride at the Prince of Wales Theatre. The revue, its star Sid Fields and the gap-toothed compère were a tremendous success... More »

30th, June Books

Abnormal Tales: 33 Vintage Lesbian Paperbacks From the 50s And 60s

Here, for your vulgar amusement, are 33 covers of sinful tales of women who love women (the horror!). I’ve divided them up into 3 categories. Just because it’s filth, doesn't mean we can’t keep it organized. More »

30th, June Fashion

Those Swinging 60s Sweater Studs That Made Men Easy And Women Yield

YOU'VE seen them – those needle-craft booklets that were so popular in decades past. When it was fairly common to construct your own clothes (a skill that fell off a cliff in the 1980s), these little pamphlets were freaking everywhere – from your mom’s sewing basket to the grocery store checkout aisle... More »

30th, June Film

10 Ridiculous (But Awesome) Horror Movie Tag-Lines of the 1980s

IF the Seventies proved a fertile time for imaginative horror filmmakers, the 1980s very much represented a new age of plenty, a span wherein every idea that had worked in a movie once before was hauled out a second, third and sometimes fourth time... More »

30th, June Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: You'll Never Guess Which 'Legend' Is A World Cup Star

A leg-end... More »

30th, June Money

Poverty Hasn't Doubled In The Past 30 Years But Inequality Has Risen

DESPITE what The Guardian would love to be able to tell us it simply isn't true that poverty has doubled in the past 30 years. Inequality has increased, that's true, but poverty and inequality are not the same thing... More »

30th, June Celebrities

Sting Ditches Own Children From Will As He Plans To Spend His Vast Fortune On....

Sting's sat on £180m and he doesn't want his children to have it... More »

30th, June Music

PHEW! Jesus The Jew Would Approve of Gay Marriage, Says Elton John

"If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him - as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was - saying this could not happen," said John. "He was all about love, compassion, forgiveness and trying to bring people together. That's what the church should be about."... More »

30th, June Money

The Real Problem With Inheritance Tax Is That The Rich Don't Pay It

THERE'S another report out detailing what's wrong with the current system of inheritance tax in the UK. And this report gets right to the heart of what's actually wrong with this current system. Which is that the rich bastards don't actually pay it while anyone who owns a house in London does. It's not actually a tax upon the rich: it's a tax upon the middle class... More »

30th, June Music

Lana Del Rey vrs The Guardian: Frances Bean Cobain wins

YOU may have missed it, because she's so tragically dull, but Lana Del Rey recently said she was tired of living and basically glamorised singers who had died too young. She said these words in the Guardian, which she then refuted by saying she was lead-on. The Guardian then published the audio of the conversation, which shows she wasn't... More »

30th, June Film 1

The Day of the Animals: The 5 Strangest 'Revenge-of-Nature' Movies of the 1970s

Between 1970 and 1979, more than a dozen genre films involved Mother Nature striking back against man for his mis-use of pesticides, his damage of the ozone layer, and for polluting previously unspoiled terrain... More »

30th, June Money

Breaking News For Fools: Investigation Finds That Perrier Water Is A Rip Off

THE Dispatches team over at Channel 4 has uncovered shocking evidence of the way that Perrier is woefully overpriced, actually being more expensive than honest to goodness beer and cider. Clearly the Frenchies are simply ripping us all off... More »

30th, June Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Loving Sanchez Joins Liverpool Who Sell Sterling To Real Madrid And Suarez To Barcelona

More utter balls.... More »

30th, June Money 1

The Government's Smith Lawson and Company Student Loan Scam: Who's Wonga Now?

YOU'LL recall that Wonga just got into very hot water over sending threatening letters to people who had not repaid their loans. The problem was that they made the letters look like they came from solicitors of debt collectors: but they were in fact just run off on the company's own printers using a few names cobbled together... More »

30th, June Fashion

Men's Fashion Watch: Hyperventilating At The Thom Browne Show, Paris

MEN'S Fashion Watch - the gift that keeps on giving - heads to Paris for the 2015 spring/summer show. Next sunmmer this is what all the gentlemen will be wearing... More »

30th, June Strange But True

Man Arrested For Using 'Non-Disney Words'

More »

30th, June Key Posts

Ear We Go Again: The Tooth About Celebrity Ear-Bites From The Clash To Luis Suarez

Hot on the heels of the Suarez outrage comes news of another bizarre biting from Brazil. Pictures have emerged of England fan Robert Farquharson having his ear bitten off by a ‘fellow’ England supporter in the Arena Corinthians stadium following the defeat to Uruguay... More »

29th, June Money 8

WHO Wants To Ban The Thing That Makes Smokers Quit Tobacco: E-Cigarettes

Here's the letter anyway, one sent to the WHO and arguing that e-cigarettes must be placed under the same restrictions as fags themselves.. More »

29th, June Music

Listen To This Ear-Breaking Collection Of The Worst Demo Tapes From The 1980s

In the late 1980′s, my cousin gave me a cassette that instantly became an obsession of mine. It was a tape, compiled by a UK record company – and made purely for internal use – featuring the worst songs they’d ever been sent from the thousands of demo tapes they received each year.... More »

29th, June Celebrities

Jimmy Savile Ravished The Dead: The 1990 Interview With The BBC's Yorkshire Ripper

IN 1990, Sir Jimmy Savile talked to Q Magazine of his sexual interst in fresh corpses... More »

29th, June Books 2

1940s Pre-Code Comic Book Horrors And Dr Wertham's 1954 Seduction of the Innocent

Dr. Wertham's 1954 book, Seduction of the Innocent, was an American bestseller - it tapped into the fears of parents from sea to shining sea and led to the a frenzy of censorship in the comic book world. The irony, however, is that the book was so poorly researched, that much of its content was simply made up. Of course, the public didn't give a baker's f**k about facts, and Seduction of the Innocent became a sensation... More »

29th, June Liverpool 2

Transfer Balls: Suarez Stays To Partner Sanchez As 8 More Bite Victims Come Forward

TRANSFER Balls - in association with the Daily Luis Suarez: as ever the aim for the Press is to spin to-deadline news from unnamed 'sources'... More »