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14th, November 2014 Strange But True

Life Imitates Seinfeld: Ne-Yo And Mary Hart's Voices Can Give You Seizures

"I'LL be walking around the supermarket doing my food shopping and I have to put my earphones in to listen to my own music just in case it comes on," says Zoe Fennessy, 26, of Nottinghamshire. Every time she hears singer Ne-Yo's voice she suffers an epileptic seizure... More »

14th, November 2014 News

Leicester Mercury Says Haymarket Shopping Centre Has NOT Cancelled Christmas

Phew... More »

13th, November 2014 Celebrities

Kim Kardashian's Bum Makes A Hot Cup Of Coffee

One lump or two? More »

13th, November 2014 Sports

Sheffield United Should Pick Ched Evans Over Jessica Ennis

CHED Evans might not be scaring off Sheffield United fans but their celebrity patrons are running. Evans, a convicted rapist, is out of prison and training with his former Sheffield United teamates. No United player has complained, at least not publicly. .. More »

13th, November 2014 News

Free Speech: Lefty Twitter And The Ideas Police

“It may be tempting to embrace the violent power of the state as the solution to ideas and expression you find hateful and ugly..." More »

13th, November 2014 Sports

FIFA Corruption: Shock: 5 Amazing Facts From Qatar And Russia's World Cup Bids

FIFA has been found by their own investigation to be cleaner than Mother Teresa's laptop. The investigation also discovered... More »

13th, November 2014 Politicians 2

Ed Miliband Stars In The Greatest Photo Ever (For Anyone Keen To Look Unelectable)

He's behind you! More »

13th, November 2014 Sports

Hark at FIFA's 10 Best Goals of The Year!

TEN outrageously good goals have been named on the shortlist for the FIFA Puskás Award for the best goal of the year. Makes a nice change from all the political jostling and allegations of corruption and the like, what has been blighting football at the minute... More »

13th, November 2014 Politicians

BNP Wants You To Mark Remembrance Day On November 12

Never forget... More »

13th, November 2014 Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Which Player Is Heading To Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham, Swansea, Everton, Hull And Spurs?

TRANSFER Balls: Marseilles striker Andre Ayew has uttred not word on moving to the Premier League. But that hasn't stopped the media from speculating... More »

13th, November 2014 News

The Creative Class Are Heading Back To The Suburbs

More »

13th, November 2014 Money

The Scientific Proof Of Why Blokes Don't Go For Fat Birds

More »

13th, November 2014 News

Wheelchairs And Prams Fight For A Fair Service On The Bus

WHO has right of way on a bus: wheelchairs or pushchairs? No contest surley. Wheelchairs must win. Children can be carried. Unless you're on an ATOS bus in which case the wheelchair user can bloody well walk... More »

13th, November 2014 The Consumer

Wrist-Slitting Photo Hidden Inside Child's Toy

OTHER Parents presents the loving mum who bought her 2-year-old daughter an Evil Stick. She thought the EVIL STICK wouild contain a picture of a fairy or some other 'normal' figure. Instead, as she tells us... More »

13th, November 2014 Strange But True

Starbucks Exorcism: Watch Coffee Drinkers Purge A Demon

THE demon of tax avoiders stands no chance as the Stabuck on W. Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas... More »

13th, November 2014 News

Sidcuip Burger Bar Bans Wheelchair-Bound Woman For Smelling Bad

"BASICALLY I went into a cafe, it's one that I always go to except during the summer I've been sitting outside. It wasn't great weather so this time I sat inside..." More »

13th, November 2014 Strange But True

Man Aims Loaded Gun At Teenage Relative In Battleships Game Row

CHRISTIMAS is coming. Fetch the boardgames. And hide the weapons... More »

13th, November 2014 Celebrities

Incredible Pre-Photoshop Photo Of Kim Kardashian's Ass For Paper Magazine

So. This is Kim Kardashian's naked bum before the depilators and photsohoppers got to work... More »

12th, November 2014 Celebrities

Tabloid Legends: Benjamin Pell the Bin Man

TABLOID legends: Benjamin Pell the Bin Man used the so-called dark art sto get a story. He was very good at it.... More »

12th, November 2014 News

Rotheram Abuse: The Police Called Me A Liar And Destroyed My Statement

"He took me to a lay-by; kept calling me a liar, saying he'd read my files and that I was a liar..." More »

12th, November 2014 News

Black Marks And White Boards: Minneapolis Schools Set Racial Quotas For Discipline

IN the USA, where equiality rules, Minneapolis public schools have set a racial quota for discipline... More »

12th, November 2014 Arsenal

Arsenal Thrash Spurs But Chelsea Not Manchester United Win The Football Map Of London

IN London: The Information Capital by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti, the academics plotted London's football clubs by popularity on Twitter for the 2013/14 season... More »

12th, November 2014 Sports

Ched Evans Taught Me To Rape But Paul Gascoigne Made Me Beat Up Women

CHED Evans, the convicted rapist is back in the news because he's been invited to train at Sheffield United FC... More »

12th, November 2014 Strange But True

Photos Of Unusual Brains Left Behind In A Mental Hospital

WHEN patients at the University of Texas Mental Hospital died, their brains were removed... More »

12th, November 2014 News

Paedo-Panic: Puxton Park Would Have Let Jimmy Savile Watch The Birds

CAROLE Mideley has few sane words about the paedo panic. Last week a man was banned from Puxton Park park for being an adult male unaccompanied by a child... More »