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21st, May Celebrities 9

The Most Interesting Man In The World: Actor William Smith

THE Dos Equis guy has nothing on actor, William Smith. No – I didn’t say Will Smith. We’re not talking about the Fresh Prince here, folks. I’m talking about William Smith the world’s biggest badass and Renaissance Man... More »

21st, May News 1

Epic High School Science Prank Lands Paris Gray In The Sulfur Hydrogen Iodine Thulium

JESSICA Lee made this chemistry joke in her final school yearbook. Jessica thought her photo needed a quote. So. She quoted Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G.: More »

20th, May Key Posts

The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon

SO. UKIP staged a carnival in Croydon. All carnivals are crap. This one was no exception.... More »

20th, May Money

Wheat Watch: This Is About Irrigation Not The Crop Being Grown

AN interesting little report trying to insist that people who grow rice are more social, more cooperative, than people who grow wheat. Unfortunately, while the phenomenon they describe might well be true they've not quite ascribed it to the correct cause... More »

20th, May News

Turkish Press Loyal To Erdogan Blames Jews For Soma Mine Disaster

IF you want to see what anti-semitism looks like, head to the Middle East, where books shops and newsagents are full of racism. And take a look at the front page of Turkey's Yeni Akit newspaper, where the shocking news is that the Soma mine owner's son-in-law is a Jew... More »

20th, May Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann Spotted In Turin

Add Turin to the list... More »

20th, May Money

Bob Marley's Ghost Arrives In Court

ONE thing you can always rely on, with the music industry, is that someone is going to sue someone else, trying to stake a claim to a song, or music, they had no part in writing. And people wonder why the music industry is on its arse.... More »

20th, May Manchester City

Manchester City Balls: Yaya Toure To Get Two Birthdays A Year And A Going Home Present

Let's repeat that. The man paid a fortune to play for Manchester City is going to leave the club because they did not wish him Happy Birthday. As jubilant City players gave manager Manuel Pelligrini the bumps, did Toure reel with envy?... More »

20th, May Music

Black Keys: Proud To Be Luddites

FANS of the Black Keys are, like the band themselves, people who look back at a fabled 'golden age' of rock that doesn't actually exist... More »

20th, May Film

Mötley Crüe Goes 'Triple R': The Best Bits From The Hot Mess Film

IF there's one thing you can say about Mötley Crüe, is that their band name is a total pain in the arse to type on a computer, if you want to do it correctly. Of course, there's more to Mötley Crüe than that - they're a hilarious hot-mess too... More »

20th, May In Pictures

Awkward And Perverted Photos From Russian Social Media

People of Ukraine - meet your new overlords... More »

20th, May Celebrities

Babes And Gadgets: Suzi Crandall Models The Gibson Girl In 1948

Film actress Suzi Crandall with a “Gibson Girl,” an emergency wireless apparatus for ditched trans-ocean fliers in Hollywood, Los Angeles on March 25, 1948... More »

20th, May In Pictures

Princes Charles And Camilla Meet The Topless Stunna In Canada

PRINCE Charles and Camilla have been on a tour of Canada... More »

20th, May Liverpool 1

Transfer Balls: Luis Suarez Leaves His Kids In Liverpool As He Heads To Real Madrid

It's the summer of Luis Suarez.... More »

19th, May Money

Pass The Happy Pills: The Internet Is Depressing The Children!

ONE of the great problems in this modern world is that people are forever confusing cause and effect. Or if you prefer, forgetting that correlation does not mean causation. And so it is with this latest report that the internet is making our precious little children sad... More »

19th, May Music

Someone tell Rita Ora There's No Fast-Track To Stardom

YOU may have seen Rita Ora's face knocking around and indeed, may have heard some of her songs on the radio. However, putting the sounds to the face is a trickier prospect. While Miley Cyrus and One Direction swiped the pop crown from Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift (for a bit), Rita Ora is lording it up in the VIP section... More »

19th, May Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Wenger Sings For 1 Year, Two Years And 3 Years, Say The Experts

SO. Arsene Wenger is signing up for more Arsenal. What do we know about the contract?... More »

19th, May Film

LOLZ: Dr Brule Reads Scarlett Johansson's Lines In Her

Set in the Los Angeles of the slight future, the story follows Theodore Twombly, a complex, soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people.... More »

19th, May Key Posts

10 Ways The Football Association Turned The FA Cup From Magic To Tragic

THE Football Association had a rude awakening earlier this year, when chairman Greg Dyke’s blueprint for English football was unceremoniously snubbed by the powerbrokers of the Premier League. The FA may be sidelined and neutered, but they can’t take away its heritage. For the simple reason that the FA itself has been doing the job itself... More »

19th, May Celebrities

Euphemism Of The Day: Rolph Harris 'Polishes Wood'

IN Nick Pisa's report on the Rolf Harris sex trial, he tells Sky News readers... More »

19th, May Film

Sainsbury's Offers Shoppers A Chance To Buy The 12 Years A Slave Look

DID you watch the film 12 Years A Slave and think ' nice threads, dude'?... More »

19th, May Flashback

Manchester United Balls: Ryan Giggs Plays For Salford Boys

Giggs the budding talent... More »

19th, May Flashback

Manchester United Balls: Ryan Giggs Plays For Manchester City Boys In 1989

Giggs plays for Manchester City... More »

19th, May Music

Led Zeppelin To Reunite At An Alright Jamaican Party

IT seems weird when really famous bands don't get back together, especially when the lead singer is still alive. Look at Abba. Look at Talking Heads. Look at The Smiths. Look at Led Zeppelin... More »

19th, May Politicians 1

Turkish PM's Advisers Goes On Sick Leave For Injuries Sustained Kicking A Protestor

Yusuf Yerkel, was with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, touring Soma after the mine disaster when he hurt his leg. More »