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15th, April Sports

Manchester City Balls: Daily Mail Creates The Weakest Back Page Story Ever

IN the race to produce a new story on every leading club every day of the week, the Daily Mail does not flinch. Today, the paper of record leads with news that Manuel Pellegrini has visited a cashpoint machine. More »

15th, April Film 3

Through a Glass Darkly: 5 Horror Films and TV Episodes about Mirrors

THE painter Pablo Picasso once asked who can see the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter. Popular horror films and television programs have long highlighted all three possibilities, but focused most intently, perhaps, on the mirror... More »

15th, April Celebrities

James Corden Says Something Truly Incredible About People At The Brits

FEEL free, at any point during this article, to tut to yourself "Cuh! Including yourself are we, Corden?" James Corden has hit out at some of the "horrible" people who attended the Brit Awards while he was doing a very thorough job hosting the dreadful ceremony... More »

15th, April Film

The New Noah Is Looking A Bit White - And There's A Weird Reason For That

European artists painted Jesus as a white guy and everyone cleverly ignored the fact that he would have at least been olive-skinned, or even darker. He definitely wasn't some white guy with fair hair and a neat beard who looked like he might be the road manager for Creedence Clearwater Revival.... More »

15th, April Money 2

Would You Use Facebook As A Bank? Because They'll Be Asking You Soon

IT looks like Facebook is going to open itself up as something of a bank. Why not, they've a billion users already and that could make them the largest bank in the world by a long way if they can pull it off. They're starting over here in Europe too... More »

15th, April News

Doctors Successfully Create And Implant Working Lab-Grown Vaginas For Women (And Men)

PSST! Want to buy a vagina? Four women born with an underdeveloped or absent vagina have been living with artificial ones for the past four years. The women hd Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome(MRKH).... More »

15th, April Key Posts

10 Terrible Easter Treats From Your Christian Childhood

EASTER is upon us. How will you celebrate? Chocolate and sweet treats are traditional methods. Let's take a look at some of the best Easter sweets for Jesus:... More »

15th, April Money 1

Airbnb Home Share Is A Boom To Prostitution

YOU may or may not know what Airbnb is. It's a system whereby people can rent out their homes, or an extra bedroom, for a couple of days or a week or whatever. And therefore it's also a website where you can rent a room in a town for a week or a night or two or whatever.... More »

15th, April Strange But True

Saudi Arabians Go Loopy For The Penguin Dance

You'll p-p-p-pick it up.... More »

15th, April Arsenal

The 1989 FA Cup Final: After Hillsborough The Media Portrayed Liverpool Fans As Scum

AFTER Hillsborough and the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans at the FA Cup semi-final, the Reds played the win. And won, beating Everton 3-2 in extra time at Wembley Stadium. After the horrors of Hillsborough, the cage around Wembley was removed. And when Everton scored their equaliser with virtually the last kick of normal time, the Blues fans celebrated by running onto the pitch... More »

15th, April Fashion

Vintage Footwear Adverts Unlaced

LADIES – no need to fight. There are shoes aplenty in this article, so there are more than enough for the both of you. Here is a cornucopia of retro footwear adverts that should keep everyone satisfied for a while. .. More »

15th, April Key Posts 1

Hillsborough: 96 Liverpool Fans Killed By 'A Slum Sport Watched By Slum People In Slum Stadiums'

FIVE weeks after the horrors of Hillsborough, when 96 Liverpool fans died at the FA Cup semi-final, the mighty Reds won the FA Cup. The final was a Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton, played at Wembley Stadium, London, on 20 May 1989... More »

15th, April Flashback

Hillsborough In Photos: A Lone Liverpool Fan Sits On The Broken Terraces

Hillsborough In photos.... More »

14th, April In Pictures

Photos of The New Banksy Artwork By GCHQ, Cheltenham

THIS is the new graffiti work, suspected of being a Banksy, which appeared on the side of a house on Fairview Road adjacent to St. Anne's Terrace, Cheltenham... More »

14th, April News

Boeing Dreamliner: US Air Tweeted This Photo Of A Woman With A Toy Plane In Her 'Lady Hanger'

THE Boeing 787 Dreamliner also did sound a bit like a tampon. Maybe that explains why, US Airways reacted to a woman who complained of a bad flight with a photo of a woman with a model of a Boeing 777 in her vagina?.. More »

14th, April Sports

Someone Has Made A Great Video Of The US Masters As Crazy Golf

WE love crazy Golf. But we don't much like sensible golf. YouTuber Simon Connor has found a way to make sensible golf crazier... More »

14th, April News

Britain's Biggest Hero Lives In Stonegate And Ticket Inspectors Spread TB In Cattle

THE biggest fare dodger in railway history is Our Hero. Every work day for five years Our Hero travelled from his home in Stonegate to London's Canon Street station. He worked out that if he swiped an Oyster card at Canon Street but not at Stonegate, East Sussex, the machine undercharged him... More »

14th, April Strange But True

Who is Ann Arbor's Mystery Slide Pooper?

It's all swings and roundabouts... More »

14th, April Strange But True

Meet Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene of Australia

MEET Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ's girlfriend. Mary lives in Australia. She is "somewhat known historically but largely unknown". She hangs out with Jesus, known locally as AJ... More »

14th, April TV & Radio

What We Learnt From David Letterman's Retirement: Be Online And Be A White Male

FOR years, David Letterman has been a televisual tour-de-force. However, the rug was getting pulled from under his feet, thanks to being old-school. Of course, the only thing more old-school than Letterman himself, is the business he works in... More »

14th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Funny Foreinger Luis Suarez Is Good For A Giggle

THE hacks spending their days discussing Luis Suarez have yet to create a single word as entertaining as the man himself's actions. The racism and cheating and biting have all been terrible, just terrible. But - boy - has he kept us entertained... More »

14th, April Liverpool

Liverpool And Manchester United Balls: It's Like 2013 All Over Again

LIVERPOOL Balls: The very big-spending, foreign-owned Reds are at the Top of Premier League. Having beaten very very very big spending foreign-owned Manchester City 3-2, Liverpool are two points above very, very big spending, foreign-owned Chelsea. To the Daily Mail's Martin Samuel this is a triumph of the English spirit... More »

14th, April News

Man Banned From Buying Alcohol In Co-op After Joking It Was For 12-Year-Old Daughter

“THAT'S your beer sorted out,” said Kieran O'Sullivan, 48, to his sober 12-year-old daughter as they attempted to pay for beer at a Co-op supermarket in Worthing, West Sussex. We say attempted because the cashier heard the quip and banned Kieran from buying the booze.... More »

14th, April News

Thieves Make Off With $15,000 Of Nads Hair Removal Cream

WHEN thieves breaking into a store in Barrie, Ontario, failed to crack the safe, they settled on fleeing with $15,000 worth of hair-removal products... More »

14th, April Flashback 5

Polyester Prayers: Gospel Family Album Covers of the Seventies

THE 1970s was a decade set ablaze with countless Jesus Freaks and Holy Rollers cranking out an untold number of gospel records. There seemed no end to the number of artists Bound for Glory and preaching the Good Word. What holds them all together is not only their brand of music, but also their total inability to produce an album cover that is not jarringly awkward. The hideous fashions, the frightening hair styles, the creepy vibes... each one is a tiny miracle of condensed tackiness and unease. Hallelujah!... More »