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8th, December 2014 News 1

Eleanor de Freitas and Alexander Economou is a tale of victims and causes

Alexander Economou, 35, was accused or raping Eleanor de Freitas, 23. He was innocent. But the police and State would not let the matter drop More »

8th, December 2014 Arsenal

Arsenal balls: fans who want Wenger sacked should support Spurs or godless Chelsea

rsenal manager Arsene Wenger is not going to be sacked, and certainly not dismissed mid-season... More »

8th, December 2014 Celebrities 1

Why is Benedict Cumberbatch 'glum'? That question to the paparazzo with his camera on 'stun'

Why is Benedict Cumberbatch "glum"? The Daily Express tells readers... More »

8th, December 2014 News

You'll never guess how Rose West has become 'creepy'

or those of you who quite fancied Rose Wrest, the woman sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 10 young women and girls, disappointing news... More »

8th, December 2014 Celebrities

Princess Beatrice implicated in North Korean hacking shocker

Princess Beatrice has been 'HACKED"... More »

7th, December 2014 Key Posts

Jackie said 'no' to Rolling Stone: how the magazine passed the University of Virginia rape story

So. How did Jackie's story of being a victim of gang rage at a University of Virginia fraternity ever make it into Rolling Stone? She didn't want it in print. But the story fitted an agenda. .. More »

7th, December 2014 News

The New Republic becomes clickbait

More »

7th, December 2014 In Pictures

Same-Sex Couples in 1980s America: Portraits of love on the edge

Sage Sohier's photographs of love - Same-Sex Couples in 1980s America - is a work explained by its time... More »

7th, December 2014 Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Roderick MacDonald, No Suspects And DCI Nicola Wall

Madeleine McCann: a look at reporting on the missing child in the news... More »

7th, December 2014 Strange But True

For sale: the anti-Christ sword

To Austin, Texas, where a Cragslist advert tells of a cursed, double-handed 18th century broadsword... More »

7th, December 2014 Strange But True

World's oldest two-raced cat is dead

Frank and Louie, the world's oldest living two-faced cat, is no longer the world's oldest living cat. Both Frankie and Louie are dead... More »

7th, December 2014 Chelsea

Chelsea Balls: it was the Arsenal supporting ball boys wot dunnit

Hurrah for the ball boys! More »

7th, December 2014 Strange But True

Man has sex with Christmas turkey: Is Nothing Safe?

Is nothing safe..? More »

6th, December 2014 The Consumer 2

Mock the poor with a Clinton Cards 'Council Estate Santa Clause Christmas Card'

Cop a load of this Christmas card from @ClintonsTweet. It''s 'funny'.. Well, so Clinton Cards says... More »

6th, December 2014 Celebrities

The 22 most marvellous and ridiculous items Burt Reynolds is selling at auction

Burt Reynolds is selling the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit - billed as "maybe the coolest car ever". It isn't... More »

6th, December 2014 News 2

Paris Rapes: 'Because you are Jewish'

Dangeorous times to be a Jew in France... More »

6th, December 2014 News

How lad culture will save you from the UVA rape story

The story of a gang rape at University of Virginia fraternity has been all over the web. Only, Sabrina Rubin Erdely's story in Rolling Stone magazine lacked one thing: fact. The rape story turned out to be a non-rape story. But many had sezied on it as a sign of horrors on university campuses.... More »

6th, December 2014 Arsenal

Arsenal Balls: Alexis Sanchez on life, loves and being tough

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal's tireless Chilean, is talking to The Times' Rory Smith. Sanchez is tough. The old story about foreigners not liking it up them is bunkum... More »

6th, December 2014 News

Alois Brunner was Syria's agent who trained Kurds in Turkey

Now that Alois Brunner is dead, we can learn all about him... More »

5th, December 2014 Anorak Pets

Thief hypnotized London shopkeeper before robbing store

To the Hops ‘N’ Pops wine merchants, Highgate, north London. It's September 11 and owner Aftab Haider, 56, is being spoken to by a customer More »

5th, December 2014 Key Posts 17

Kyron Horman says: let's tie Terri Horman to a tree and beat her with sticks

Kyron Horman - Anorak's look at the story of the misssing Oregon child in the news... More »

4th, December 2014 Sports

Do referees show bias against football teams? Let's review the data

More »

4th, December 2014 Key Posts

Tabloid Tropes: the Daily Star holds the front page for Big Brother

The Daily Star (prop. Richard Desmond) often leads with news of Big Brother, the show on Channel 5 (prop. R. Desmond)... More »

4th, December 2014 News

Tabloid Tropes: The Daily Express cured Diabetes in 2014

The Daily Express spent a large part of 2014 talking about Diabetes. Well, when it wasn't holding the front page for Dementia news and Madeleine McCann... More »

4th, December 2014 Key Posts

Tabloid Tropes: The Daily Express cured Alzheimer's in 2014

The Daily Express spent a large part of 2014 talking about Dementia. The story never went anywher, but then... do its readers know? More »