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12th, November Strange But True

Photos Of Unusual Brains Left Behind In A Mental Hospital

WHEN patients at the University of Texas Mental Hospital died, their brains were removed... More »

12th, November News

Paedo-Panic: Puxton Park Would Have Let Jimmy Savile Watch The Birds

CAROLE Mideley has few sane words about the paedo panic. Last week a man was banned from Puxton Park park for being an adult male unaccompanied by a child... More »

12th, November Strange But True

Hospital Employees Get Stuck In An MRI Scanner After Oxygen Cylinder Mishap

As Sunil flew across the room - the cylinder still tucked under his left arm - he took hold of Ramaiah... More »

12th, November Money

This Ain't News; Benedict Cumberbatch Is Alan Turing's 17th Cousin

More »

12th, November Money

So Why Have Hungarians Making Sandwiches In Northampton Then?

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12th, November News

Free Harry Roberts - But The T-Shirt Costs

HARRY Roberts, the murderer who gave us the song 'Harry Roberts he kills coppers' is free. .. More »

12th, November Arsenal

Manchester United Balls: Radamel Falcao And The Arsenal Issue

MANCHESTER United Balls: How fit is Radamel Falcao?... More »

12th, November Celebrities

Fame Adacemy Meets X Factor: Alex Parks And Joe McElderry Are Learning To Write Songs

THE Daily Star's Mike Ward is serching for Parks. She is: The talent show winner who’s vanished without trace: a warning to every X Factor wannabe... More »

12th, November Celebrities

I'm A Celebrity: Michael Buerk Changes His Name To 'Feed The Playboy Bunny'

THIRTY years ago, Michael Buerk brought the pain of millions of starving Ethiopians to British screens. His BBC report in 1984 sparked Bob Geldof to create Live Aid.... More »

11th, November Music

Big Bank Hank Was 'Six Foot One And Tons of Fun' (August 5, 1957 – November 11, 2014)

BBH only became a rapper as he couldn't find a job connected to his oceanography degree... More »

11th, November manchester united

Manchester United Balls: You'll Never Guess Who Van Gaal's 'Sworn Enemy' Is

MANCHESTER United manager Louis van Gaal is trading on former glories. His tenure at United as been one of big-spending confusion. The buzzword is 'transition', but Southampton are proving that to be a load of balls... More »

11th, November The Consumer

The Wearable Futon Is A Thing Of Wonder

Japanese office supply company King Jim offer this lovely wearable futon and air mat set for a mere ¥4,500 (about £25, €30 or $40), because Japan... More »

11th, November News

Eric The Chick-fil-A Manager's List of Banned Words

Eric, a manager at a Chick-fil-A restaurant, made a list of words that he forbade his staff from uttering while at work... More »

11th, November Strange But True

Teen Takes ‘MDMA And Cocaine, Nicks Ambulance And Masturbates' In Police Station

MEET Colorado State University student Stefan Sortland, the 18-year-old who allegedly spent Halloween in the approved manner... More »

11th, November Manchester City

Manchester City Balls: The Alan Shearer Pundit Masterclass

IN "WASTED", Alan Shearer tells Sun readers how awful Manchester City are... More »

11th, November Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Mats Hummels Wants Arsenal But Only Manchester United Can Afford Him

TRANSFER Balls: With Arsenal's defence in a mess, the papers speculate on which stars could join the Gunners... More »

11th, November Celebrities

Dapper Laughs Raped My Funny Bone: Daniel O'Reilly Must Be Killed

The ubiquitous Dapper exists only at street-level, where working class men function... More »

11th, November News

Hart To Heart: Woman Marries Anonymous Sperm Donor Who Fathered Her Child

MODERN romance features Aminah Hart who wanted her daughter to meet her biological father - the one who sired her by donating his sperm... More »

11th, November Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: 7 Arguidos, DNA, A Lone Woman And Exclusives

MADELEINE McCann: a look at the missing child in the news. Today, 'Our Maddie' is back on the Mirror's front page... More »

10th, November Technology

Obama Moves To Control The Internet

IN the USA, Barack Obama saya the way to keep the internet free is to, er, regulate it... More »

10th, November Technology

New Drug Turns Your Fixed Adult Brain Into A Fast-Learning Child-Like Mind

NEW science means you adults can think and learn like a child... More »

10th, November News 3

Yes, Christians Are The World's Most Persecuted Minority

WHO are the world's most persecuted minoroty, asks "Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim thinks he knows... More »

10th, November News

Guns And Marijuana: Which US States Are Friendly to Both?

More »

10th, November In Pictures

13 Examples Of Lousy Design To Laugh At

The Reddit crappydesign gives us these examples of crappy design. .. More »

10th, November Celebrities

Shark Bite! Russell Brand Jumps The Shark With Irony-Free Parklife Parody

WHEN someone suggested that Russell Brand's Revolution burbling could be echoed with the Blur-inspired cry Parklife, Brand responded with this video... More »