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22nd, July Music

FrancaisOK: The brilliant and popular music of France

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21st, July Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Arsenal Sign Sami Khedira On The Never Never

IS Sami Khedira leaving Real Madrid to play for Arsenal? Transfer Balls - Anorak's look at utter bilge presented as fact to news-hungry football fans - spots news on the website CaugthtOffside. It is an "EXCLUSIVE"... More »

20th, July Strange But True

Bride Ties Month-Old Baby To Dress And Drags Her Down the Aisle To Please Jesus

Amen to that... More »

20th, July News

Regret The Error: Cumbernauld News And Kilsyth Chronicle Apologises For 'Envy'

Alison Masterson is away... More »

20th, July Celebrities

Cheryl Cole's Baby Vanishes

COMPARE and contrast the news of Cheryl Cole's womb in the Daily Star... More »

19th, July News 9

#GazaJ19: On The Israel-Gaza March With Bigots, Humanitarians, Dead Baby Pornographers And Bullshitters

PEOPLE massed in London today to protest against Israel's actions in Gaza. Many came to sue for peace. Others wanted genocide and Israel to be annihilated... More »

19th, July Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea Want Miranda But Mourinho Doesn't

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19th, July Arsenal 2

Arsenal Balls: Kick Mourinho And The Moralisers Out Of Football

JOSE Mourinho says Arsenal's Jack Wilshere is setting children a bad example... More »

19th, July In Pictures

All You Can Feel: Sarah Schoenfeld's Cosmic Photos Of Liquid Drugs Spots

Sarah worked at a Berlin nightclub, looking on at the results of stimulants and highs on bright young things. Altered states and other worlds in a dangerous drop of the hard stuff... More »

19th, July Arsenal 2

Arsenal Balls: Adrian Durham Is Shouting At Pigeons

THE Daily Mail's Adrian Durham continues his routine attack on Arsenal with a tour de force. Ignoring facts - many of which are stated in his own paper - Durham focuses on three Arsenal players involved for Germany in the World Cup final... More »

19th, July Film

Woody Allen Was Right! Steak Is Healthy!

The idea was that he went to sleep for 200 years and thus has to learn how to deal with his new world that he wakes up in. Sorta a Woody Allen take on Rip Van Winkle.... More »

17th, July Books

Marvel Are Turning Comics Upside Down With Gender And Race Swaps

“It’s about time,” says Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort of the change. “In 2014, this should be a thing that we shrug off, it shouldn't be seen as revolutionary, but it still feels exciting.” More »

17th, July Music

Listen To David Bowie's Isolated Vocals for Ziggy Stardust

WHO wants to hear David Bowie's isolated vocals for Ziggy Stardust? We do. And you should, too. .. More »

17th, July Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Sami Khedira Agrees Arsenal Move Without His Agent Knowing

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16th, July Money 2

The 10,000 Hours Rule Doesn't Actually Work: The Tabula Rasa Fallacy

IT'S a common enough idea, that you need to practice at something for 10,000 hours to actually be any good at it.... More »

16th, July Music

The Beatles Tour De Force: Ron Howard Pipes Them Live and Direct To The Masses

On film, their live prowess has been somewhat neglected... More »

16th, July manchester united

Transfer Balls: Arturo Vidal Gets 'Manchester United' Shoved In His Mouth

TRANSFER Balls: Let's see how the Press deal with Arturo Vidal... More »

16th, July Arsenal

Daily Mail Attacks Manchester City's Joe Hart And Arsenal's Jack Wilshere For Following Its Health Tips

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15th, July Sports

Arsenal's Smoking Jack Wilshere Relights The Spirit Of 1966

ARSENAL'S Jack Wilshere has been spotted smoking...again... More »

15th, July Music

The BBC Defends Black Music Critcism... And Quite Right Too

The top 5 was made up of Sheeran, Disclosure, Tinie Tempah, Sam Smith and Rudimental and Austin Daboh BBC Radio 1Xtra's music manager defended the list:... More »

15th, July Technology 4

Stop Trying To Turn Women Into Scientists And Engineers Says Expert

GIVEN the way that the entire society seems to agree that we should have roughly equal numbers of men and women doing the same sort of jobs it's a bit of a surprise to find an expert insisting that this is all codswallop.... More »

15th, July News

1953 Photos: Christine Jorge, The GI who Became a Woman, Passes Her Driving Test In New York

After the change... More »

15th, July Key Posts

Kidrock: The Best, Worst And Most Confusing Youthful Hits And Misses

Some of it polished, some of it as confusing and brilliant as the children that made it... More »

15th, July News 6

Lancashire School Sends Out This Letter Pandering To The Thickos

THIS letter was sent by Barrowford School to its leavers.... More »

15th, July News

Transfer Balls: Toni Kroos And The Manchester United Dream That Never Was

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