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13th, January News

The incredible 30 linkbait phrases Buzzfeed uses to get clicks before your cat dies

What Buzzfeed character are you? More »

13th, January News

Free speech is now compulsory: here are the rules

It is illegal to speak out aganst free speech... More »

13th, January Strange But True

Sex tip of the day: how to fold your penis into a human love chair

Sex tip of the day is provided by Nigeria's Pulse, in partnership with Origami Monthly: Some men believe that because of their penis size, they cannot enjoy sex or give pleasure to their women. But they are wrong as there are positions for every size... More »

13th, January News

Phi Kappa Psi are criminals-in-waiting: University of Virginia implements nutzoid rules for innocent students

Now the story has been debunked, the Phi Kappa Psi is back in the game. But the rules have changed. Universersity president Teresa Sullivan has created a new Fraternal Organization Agreement Aimed to Enhance Safety.... More »

13th, January News

Barack Obama backs San Antonio Spurs over free speech and Paris

So. Barack Obama wasn't at the Paris unity rally (formerly the rally for free speech)... More »

13th, January In Pictures

8 reasons you should not call Charlie Hebdo racist

If Charlie Hebdo is racist we're all shafted.... More »

13th, January Celebrities

Big Brother racism: Ken Morley needs to get cancer and jihad if he wants to be an anti-racist

Racism. It's big news. The Daily Mirror leads with it. No. not the top story about Islamists murdering Jews in Paris... More »

13th, January News

Terror attack on US military: Pentagon denies retweeting Piers Morgan

The Daily Mail states the bald facts on its front cover. More »

13th, January News

This week's Charlie Hebdo, featuring Muhammad: 'All is forgiven'

It's brilliant! More »

12th, January Key Posts 2

Anti-semitism is thriving: Jews of France keep a bag packed under the bed for the coming Exodus

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls is the Socialist son of Spnish immigrants. He sees the anti-Semitism... More »

12th, January Strange But True 4

Questions on Islam: 'Is it permissible to make snowmen?'

Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid is answering you questions on Islam. Under 'New Fatwas', the Sheikh talks about snow... More »

12th, January manchester united

Transfer Balls: Thomas Muller and Paul Pogba say the same thing to Manchester United

And Thomas Muller? "MANCHESTER UNITED are on red alert after Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller was offered to Real Madrid for £45m...." More »

12th, January Celebrities

Big Brother: 'pervy' Ken Morley never did call anyone 'Chalky' nor appear on Television X

Celebrity Big Brother got rid of Jeremy Jackson for "allegedly trying to grope Chloe Goodman in the house loo". And like you we have no idea who is is, either. It's now expelled Ken Morley. Why?... More »

12th, January The Consumer

Hipster hotel The Hoxton uses Charlie Hebdo murders to advertise its new Paris branch

Hipster hotel The Hoxton stands accsued fo using the m urders of Charlie Hebdo staff to advertise its business... More »

12th, January Books

2014 Bulwer-Lytton winner: 'When the dead moose floated into view the famished crew cheered...'

And the winner of the 2014 Bulwer-Lytton contest is: "When the dead moose floated into view the famished crew..." More »

12th, January News

Free Speech: But not for Condoleezza Rice and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Matthew Continetti nails the free speech phonies... More »

12th, January News

Get Marc Jacobs to the Kurds now: because like the Nazis, jihadis look cool in uniform black

One reason the Brownshirts out-attracted the Communist youth street gangs was the Nazis’ investment in uniforms... More »

12th, January Celebrities

Anita Ekberg confronts the paparazzi in 1960

Face of the day: the late, great Anita Ekberg... More »

12th, January Strange But True 2

Woman regrets getting squirting penis tattoo on her shoulder

“I let my mates draw whatever they wanted. I have the word ‘Dyke’ on my ankle, and then one drew the penis on my shoulder. I knew what they were doing and didn’t mind at the time. It was just a joke and I thought it was funny. But..." More »

12th, January manchester united

Manchester United Transfer Balls: Aymeric Laporte and Nathaniel Clyne make it 30

Manchester United Transfer Balls: let’s catch-up with players signed by United this January Transfer window. The experts in the mainstream media have been informative... More »

12th, January News 6

Jews deserve to be murdered wherever they are: Well, so says the BBC

The BBC reporter Tim Wilcox is talking to a Jewish woman scared for her future in the face of murderous anti-Semitism... More »

12th, January News

Fox News gaffe-master Steve Emerson says sorry to the people of the Birmingham (now twinned with Mecca)

#Jewsuisunexpert... More »

11th, January News 3

Fox News expert on Islam UK: Only Muslims are allowed to enter Birmingham

Terrorism 'expert' Steven Emerson states that Birmingham, UK is 'entirely Muslim' and that non Muslims 'simply don't go in'... More »

11th, January Key Posts 2

What no Muslim anti-semitism? The media focus on Islamophobia ignores attacks on Jews

The Charlie Hebdo massacre and murders at a kosher supermarket in Paris got everyone talking about free speech. But what about the racism? More »

11th, January Sports

Paul Gascoigne Death Watch: The Sun scans Gazza's 'slippers' for signs of a story

Paul Gascoigne Liver Watch: the Sun can't leave Paul Gascoinge alone. The former Spurs, Newcastle and England footballer has been fighting alcoholism.... More »