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11th, February News

Campus censorship: read the 'gay marriage' blog post that got Professor John McAdams sacked at Marquette University

More on how university is all about being compliant and comfortable. Marquette University are censoring the speakers: Professor John McAdams is being stripped of tenure by Marquette University for writing a blog post that administrators characterize as inaccurate and irresponsible.... More »

11th, February Liverpool 1

Liverpool Balls: lucky Spurs, Kane on the line and the Reds only have themselves to blame

How football journalism works... More »

11th, February News

Is Your Experience Of Sexual Assault Valid if it's for art? Best ask Paul Nungesser

Emma Gray clears up the debte over rape in "How To Tell If Your Experience Of Sexual Assault Is Valid In One Chart". This is it. The title asks: "Is Your Expeience Of Sexual Assault Valid?"... More »

11th, February News

Everything you need to know about Craig Stephen Hicks: he's white

Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, of Chapel Hill campus, USA, has been charged with the murders of dentistry student Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21 and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19... More »

11th, February Celebrities

What would you pay to see Charles Manson dead?

It turns out that Afton Elaine Burton, aka Star, only wanted killer Charles Manson for his body... More »

11th, February Books

50 Shades of Grey Balls sparks huge drop in birth rate

The Daily Star has a story that "300,000 set to get pregnant" as the 50 Shades of Grey film hits the national libido... More »

11th, February manchester united

Louis Van Gaal and the Manchester United Press Officer are football's version of Mel Brooks' The Producers

When Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal produces his dossier to prove his own legend, the assembled journalists are open-mouthed... More »

11th, February manchester united

Manchester United Balls: 'ranting' Louis Van loses his dentures and starts a double-act

Just six months into his time as Manchester United manager, and Louis van Gaal is "under fire". Reacting to claims that his United are an unattractive long ball team he produced evidence to the contrary. How well did it go down in the Press? In a word: very. They've lapped it up.... More »

10th, February Strange But True

End of Days: Girls born with twin fetuses

The Hong Kong Medical Journal reports that in November 2010 a newborn girl was born. Insider her were two 8 to 10-week-old fetuses... More »

10th, February Liverpool 1

Liverpool balls: Rodgers cranks up the pressure on Jordan Ibe

Liverpool manger Brendan Rodgers is complaining about Londoner Jordon Ibe, the 19-year-old with two Reds' games under his belt.... More »

10th, February News 1

Daily Express scare story: fat is good, better and butter for you

The Daily Express has news that "FAT IS KEY TO LIVING LONGER"... More »

10th, February Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Arsenal go for Nabil Fakir, Guillermo Ochoa and Bernd Leno

Transfer Balls: The last transfer window has only just closed but already the Sun is linking Arsenal to a new man: Lyon's Nabil Fakir... More »

10th, February News 1

German court says it's not racist to firebomb synagogues, mosques and churches so long as you have the right thinking

In "German Court Rules Synagogue Firebombing an ‘Act of Protest’", the Daily Beast takes up the story of three 'protesters' who ‘brought attention to the Gaza conflict" by setting fire to a synagogue... More »

10th, February Key Posts

Free Speech: the Charlie Hebdo lie seduces the thought police

Few of us in the UK had heard of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine, before so many of its staff were murdered by Islamists. David Cameron announced on Twitter that he was joining that 'unity' rally in Paris "to celebrate the values of Charlie Hebdo"... More »

10th, February Celebrities

Donald Trump's hair style will make him President

Donald Trump says his hair tsunami is real. Barbara Walters and Joan Rivers have both touched the hair on the telly. And still the rumours persists that Donald' Trump's hair is real - but real what?... More »

9th, February News

Rotherham: UKIP seek 'karma' for PC Hassan Ali as the Left and cowards let the racists in

News on the death of PC Hassan Ali reached the attention of UKIP's branch office in Plymouth, Devon... More »

9th, February Sports

Runbell: The most annoying device for the world's most annoying people

To accompany the crack of your knees, the thump of your heart and the panting, you joggers can get ringing. Or a-ringin'. Because Runbell is a the pedestrian early-warning system that alerts walkers, dawdlers and people enjoying the peace and quiet of a park or beach to your presence... More »

9th, February Books

Measles are for cool kids: extracts from Melanie's Marvelous Measles (the only book you'll ever read!)

MEASLES are back. And that's cool. Measles is the hipster disease.... More »

9th, February Technology 1

Remote control: Samsung TVs are spying on you

Shouting at the telly might be a good thing. Samsung says its smart televisions with a 'voice" function are listening. ... More »

9th, February News

Free Speech: comfortable students want Universities to censor free expression on Yik Yak

In the US of A, universities are clamping down on uncensorsed chatter... More »

9th, February News

New York shops sells edible chocolate Jesus, Ganesh Buddha and a mystery other for jihadis

To New York's East Village, where you can buy edible chocolate Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Lord Ganesh and the Virgin of Guadalupe... More »

9th, February Sports

QPR Balls: The surprising thing about Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp's career as QPR manager was cut short by his bad knees. It's a stroke of fortune that Rangers were not gunning for the Premier League title or one of the European places. Redknapp's selfless act could have placed a season of promise in jeopardy. As it is, Redknapp left QPR in a mess. Did anyone see it coming? Did Robbie Savage?... More »

9th, February Manchester City

Manchester City Balls: Yaya Toure makes Citizens a one-man team

In "Yaya Gaga" (?), the Sun says Manchester City "have not won a Prem game without Toure...but they still won't rush him back"... More »

9th, February Film

America ignores the Baftas in favour of the American Dance Institute's New Choreography awards

What does America think of the Baftas, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards? A look at the New York Times tells us the anwer is not very much. Or nothing... More »

9th, February News

The truth about dentistry at the 'gleaming' Dover immigration removal centre

In "DEPORTATION SCNADAL", the Sun focuses on dentistry at Dover immigration removal centre, aka The Citadel... More »