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1st, May Strange But True

Another WTF Japanese game show - Spread Your Legs

Japan out-weirds itself again... More »

1st, May Strange But True

Wanted man arrested after ‘liking’ his own wanted poster on Facebook

Much as we like the idea that villains are master crimianls who stay one step ahead of the rules and bend technology to their aims, the reality is that many criminals are idiots.... More »

1st, May Strange But True

Naked women broke into stranger's house and asked homeowner: 'Am I Pretty?' (photos)

Intruder of the Day is Makena Marie Haydon. The Arizona Daily Sun 20-year-old Makena broke into a stranger’s house. She then removed all her clothes and bounced up and down on his bed... More »

1st, May News

Amazon shoot a massive penis into space

This is the unmanned Blue Origin suborbital spacecraft, New Shepard, which has soared 307,000 feet into the skies.... More »

30th, April Strange But True 1

Is Nothing Safe? Goat in court to see her rapist jailed

To Kenya, where a man is forced to confront the goat he raped, in court before getting 10 years in prison. More »

30th, April The Consumer

Prepare to vomit with embarrassment: 'Taste & Colour' by Green & Black’s is every sense of terrible

As Robert Popper says: "Prepare to vomit with embarrassment".... More »

30th, April Arsenal

Arsenal: player's mother banned by club for 'scuffle'

The mother of Arsenal youngster Ainsley Maitland-Niles has reportedly been banned from entering the club’s training ground after scuffling with a member of the Gunners’ back-room staff during a recent Under-21 game. More »

30th, April In Pictures

South Korean seaweed farms seen from space

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has photos from January 2014 of seaweed farms around Sisan Island, South Korea... More »

30th, April News

Comment is Weird: brilliant Tumblr takes the piss out of Guardian writers

As Xeni Jardin says, "every single one of these is a gem". Comment Is Weird is a parody of the Guardian's Comment is Free. Just when you think something is beyond parody, someone goes and proves you wrong... More »

30th, April News

A day out in Southend with the skinheads 7th April 1980 (photos)

On 7th April 1980, John Downing photographed skinheads enjoying the bank holiday weekend in Southend, Essex.... More »

30th, April In Pictures

Wonderfully insane buildings from the Soviet era you can still visit

The wonderfully insane Soviet-era building you can still see standing... More »

30th, April News

New US drugs czar is a recovering alcoholic

The White House has made Michael Botticelli it's US Drug Czar. Botticelli is now director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). And the best bit is that he's recovering alcoholic.... More »

30th, April Strange But True

Watch Sufi holy men pop out their eyeballs on knives (video)

To the Urs Festival in Rajasthan, India, where Sufi Muslim holy men are showing their love for God by sticking knives into their eyes. The men are devotees of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti. More »

30th, April Strange But True

Dungeons and Dragons players are possessed by the Devil (video)

The Devil at play... More »

30th, April News

Lord Janner: the State-serving Goddard inquiry is an affront to justice

Lord Janner: a look at reporting on Lord Greville Janner in the media... More »

30th, April Strange But True

Obituary of the day: Stella is survived by a 'shitload' of grandchildren

The obituary notice for Dorothy A. “Stella” Scrobola tells of a “unique, caring individual who touched the lives of all who knew her.” Stella is mourned and celebrated by her six children and many, many grandchildren... More »

30th, April News

Darpa self-steering bullets follow targets round corners

“True to Darpa’s mission, Exacto has demonstrated what was once thought impossible:..." More »

29th, April Celebrities

1974: Iggy Pop Performs 'Murder of the Virgin' at Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco

Before the car insurance ads... More »

29th, April Key Posts

Pump it up! David Cameron will never be a politician

Has there ever been a worse speech than David Cameron’s ridiculous address to an audience of lucky businessmen in London?... More »

29th, April News 1

Free Speech: The Hoya wants to censor debate on 'rape culture'

ee Speech is under threat at Georgetown University. The college's student magazine, The Hoya, wants to no-platform a woman they don't approve of.... More »

29th, April Arsenal

Trasnfer balls: Manchester United keep and lose de Gea to Real Madrid as Casillas stays to play for Arsenal

Utter balls... More »

29th, April Cars

China's booth babes ban leads to ridiculous protest (photos swf-ish)

In China, the car of your dreams has legs, a clear complexion, lashing of lipstick and breasts... More »

29th, April Politicians

Lord Janner: the Iraq war, fiddling expenses and lies

Lord Janner Watch: a look at Labour peer Lord Greville Janner in the media... More »

29th, April Celebrities

Ed Miliband gets egged in Russell Brand's kitchen

When Ed Miliband popped over to anti-voting comedian Russell Brand for a televised chat in the kitchen, the papers reacted. What do the tabloids make of Ed's meeting of minds? More »

29th, April Celebrities

Courtney Stodden sex tape is here: see the preview stills and thrills

Celebrity sex tapes give perps and pervs the chance to see a famous face and body in the throes of passion. The more unlikley the sex tape star, the more seductive the skin flick. So. News that America’s penumatic sweetheart Courtney Stodden is offering her working genitals for public consumption will need considerable marketing... More »