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19th, September Sports

Sepp Blatter Misses Irony of His Pro-Ethics Tweet

FOOTBALL fans (and even some football fans) will tell you that Sepp Blatter, arch ruler of FIFA and world football, is not a nice, upstanding bloke... More »

19th, September News

Photos of The Day: Friday 19th September 2014

The day's news in photos... More »

19th, September Arsenal

Savage Balls: Manchester City Should Breaks The Rules, Chelsea Buy Success And Liverpool Didn't Win

Robbie Savage does no research... More »

19th, September News

Male Heart Patient, 60, Sues Hosptial For Sexual Assault By 33-Year-old Female Nurse

TO Chicago, where 33-year-old registered nurse Rachel Shaper has been sacked for allegedly assailing 60-year-old patient John Cantone with “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse”... More »

19th, September News

Daily Express: The Student Who Never Left Her Flat Except When She Did

THE Daily Express has news of a student who did not all that much... More »

19th, September The Consumer

Local News Watch: The Peterborough Telegraph Reviews Pizza Express

Pizza Express has been based in Cathedral Square for a fair few years and though I’ve walked past it close to a hundred times, I’ve never ventured in – until now... More »

19th, September News 1

IndyRef: Photos Of The 9 Happiest And Saddest People In Scotland

Reactions to the vote... More »

19th, September Technology 3

The iPhone 6 Launch Is The X Factor For The Even Less Talented And Derranged: Photos Of Apple Fans At Large

THE iPhone launch has become a seasonal event. Like the X Factor auditions, it allows the sane the chance to look at the demented and desperate being wrangled by the rich and successful... More »

19th, September Technology

Apple Makes Security A Selling Point: Your iPhones Are Police-Proof

BAD news for spies. Apple will not comply with police orders to unlock your iPhones, iPads. Why? Because it can't... More »

19th, September News

Marketing Balls: Made.Com Celebrates An Independent Scotland With Free 10 Groats Offer

Whoops... More »

19th, September Technology

Watch And Titter As First iPhone 6 Buyer Drops His New Toy On Live TV

TO Australia, where a bellend who queued to buy an iPhone 6 is showing it off to the excited Press... More »

19th, September Celebrities

Jason Donovan Vows To Kill ISIS And All Terrorists

Especially for you.... More »

19th, September Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Edinson Cavani To Arsenal Unless Manchester United Or Liverpool Place A Big Bet

Transfer Balls: Edinson Cavani To Arsenal Unless Manchester United Or Hull Place A Big Bet... More »

18th, September News

LA School District Surrenders The Grenade Launcher The Pentagon Donated But Keeps MRAP

DID you hear about the LA School district that surrendered the grenade launcher the Pentagon donated?... More »

18th, September News

Tabloid Hell: London Evening Standard Declares #IndyRef The 'New 'Black'

A pen and ink... More »

18th, September Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Anfield Thought Police Want Steven Gerrard To Be More Like Manchester United Fans

LIVERPOOL FC don't want their fans to swear at the match... More »

18th, September Money

Noooo! Venezuela Is Running Out Of Falsies!

Venezuela's chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job... More »

18th, September Royal Family

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch - Day 10: Bring Your Daughter Not To Malta

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch - Day 10: The BBC has " BREAKING NEWS"... More »

18th, September manchester united 1

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sell Mata To Juventus Because They Already Bought Vidal

TRANSFER Balls: Are Juventus going to buy Manchester United's Juan Mata?.. More »

18th, September The Consumer 5

You Can Buy Pope Francis' Skull Cap

What odds a nice Jewish boy buys one and wears it to synagogue? More »

18th, September News

The 20 Best Internet Reactions To The Indy Scotland Vote

We invade at dawn... More »

18th, September Celebrities

Kay Burley Calls IndyRef 'Yes' Campaigner A 'Nob' And Worse

THE increasingly bizarre Kay Burley has been doing her thing on Sky News again, this time referring to a Yes campaigner in the Scottish Independence Referendum as 'a bit of a nob'... More »

18th, September manchester united

Manchester United Balls: Fan Gets 'Sir Alex Feguson' Is Dead Tattoo

Who is Sir Alex Feguson. And what did he do in his 27 years on Earth?.. More »

18th, September News

Tabloid Highlights Of The Scottish Indy Referendum

HAVE you been getting your Indy Referendum news from the tabloids? If not, you missed some informative stuff... More »

18th, September News

Publisher Features Porn Star On School Textbook

Rocket News 24 reports that the MuangThai Book Center featured Japanese porn star Mana Aoki on the cover of 3,000 copies of its latest maths textbook... More »