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14th, August Key Posts

10 Actors Who Swapped The Boards for the Bandstand

PART Kermit, part hipster, Michael Cera is loved by many (and he probably irritates a fair few too, but that's normal) and has starred in a bunch of films that make people in Converse Chuck Taylor's go weak at the knees... More »

14th, August Celebrities

The Huddersfield Examiner Picks A Great Day To Profile Cliff Richard's Dead Ringer

Former Longwood resident, Kytsun Wolfe, will perform in the region for the first time since he left to pursue his entertainer dream... More »

14th, August Liverpool 16

Liverpool Balls: Brendan Rodgers Wishes Alexis Sanchez Had A Telly

LIVERPOOL Balls and a daily look at the wisdom of Brendan Rodgers, who says... More »

14th, August Celebrities

Police Raid Sir Cliff Richard's Home In Investigation Over Alleged Child Abuse

From the shadows... More »

14th, August News 1

ISIS Wins Because The Iraqi Army Won't Fight For A Country That No Longer Exists

AS ISIS butchers its way across Iraq, we wonder what happened to the Iraqi Army?... More »

14th, August Celebrities

Robin Williams Death Show: Fox News Milks The Dead "Coward' And Kicks His Kids In The Guts

Pass the bucket... More »

14th, August Strange But True

Mug Shot: Woman Really Enjoyed Breaking Father-in-Law's Windows

She told the arresting oficer, “This was fun and they are a bunch of bitches..." More »

14th, August Music

Marianne Faithful Knows Who Killed Jim Morrison

LOOKEE here: Marianne Faithful must have a new album coming out. .. More »

14th, August Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls Royal Flush: Edinson Cavani Wants Manchester United But Heads To Arsenal

Utter balls... More »

14th, August manchester united

Transfer Balls: Guess Who Manchester United Are Swapping For Arturo Vidal

Our headline invites you to 'Guess Who Manchester United Are Swapping For Arturo Vidal". Guess right and you could be a journalist with these fine newspapers... More »

13th, August News 1

Associated Press Journalist Simone Camilli Killed In Gaza

War reporting... More »

13th, August NSFW

Grapefruiting: Auntie Angel's Oral Sex Trick That Makes Your Eyes Sting

AUNTIE Angel wants you to get your man “grapefruited”. Auntie Angel is an oral sex-ologist. She is not sponsored the Grapefruit Growers Society of America (at least not officially)... More »

13th, August Sports

West Ham Balls: Diego Poyet Says New Teammates Andy Carroll And Stewart Downing Are Crap

AND so it begins: the digital generation grows up and find their vapid utterances and dumb photos posted on Facebook and Twitter (but nor MySpace nor Bebo) coming back to kick them in the careers... More »

13th, August News

Expressive Ecstatic Emotion of A Mental Illness In 1933

The agony... More »

13th, August Strange But True

Man Killed By Anal Vibrator

This must be a rather sad way to go, death by anally inserted vibrator... More »

13th, August Strange But True

Statue Of Jesus Christ Grows Human Teeth

THE 18th Century Mexican statue of Jesus Christ is kitted out with human teeth. Did they grow? Is the statue posssed? It is real human being dipped in a plastic resin? CNet reports... More »

13th, August News

LibDems Align UK Government The Clerical Fascism Of Hamas And Want Israel Destroyed

The LibDems have a little problem... More »

13th, August Sports 3

Glenn Hoddle Wanted Spurs But God Chose QPR As His Punishment

GLENN Hoddle - the hymned Queen of Godlers Green - is back in top flight English football. The Daily Mirror notes his retusn as a QPR coach... More »

13th, August News

Foreign Press Association Accuses Hamas Of Intimidating Journalists

What do we see..? More »

13th, August News

Are Anti-Depressants Over-Prescribed?

ARE anti-depressants over-prescribed. Stephen Lawrie, Head of the Division of Psychiatry, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuro-Imaging, Director of PsySTAR at University of Edinburgh, takes a view... More »

13th, August Celebrities

Lauren Bacall In Rare And Wonderful Photos: - September 16, 1924 – August 12, 2014

A Hollywood great... More »

13th, August manchester united

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Pip Liverpoool, Arsenal And Chelsea To Stroppy Marcos Rojo

TRANSFER Balls: the world awakens to the news that Manchester United are in for Argentina's World Cup left back Marcos Rojo, currently at Sporting Lisbon... More »

13th, August Celebrities 1

Robin Williams: Mail, Express, Metro, Mirror And Sun Turn Killer Depression Into A Sensational Suicide

SO. How have the British Press reacted to the news that Robin Williams died? At first they lamented the passing of a favourite entertianer. Then... More »

12th, August News

Scots Woman Attacks Plane Crew With False Leg As Passengers Sing Hokey Cokey

A FLIGHT between Tunisia and Scotland had to be diverted after a drunk passenger attacked cabin crew with her prosthetic leg... More »

12th, August Money

Of Course Scotland Could Use The Pound After Independence

More »