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3rd, December Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Balotelli Is Only A Racist If You Think He Is

Liverpool Balls: Mario Balotelli is attracting attention for posting a message online that contained a racist trope. Balotelli says he will fight any FA ban.... More »

3rd, December News 1

Galliano and Balotelli merely echo the free speaking anti-semites at the polite dinner table

These are dangerous times to be a Jew... More »

3rd, December Celebrities

Daily Mail sexism: Kate Moss' knees are 'cursed by Voldemort', Madonna and Demi Moore wear Satan's skin

BREAKING. Kate Moss's knees have been 'cursed by Voldemort'. Daily Mail has the scoop.... More »

3rd, December Celebrities

Russell Brand V The Sun: The New Era Fourth Estate

Russell Brand is to sue the Sun. He's done it before.... More »

3rd, December News

Scared St Paul's School pupils go about London in disguise

Pupils at St Paul’s School, in Barnes, London, are in disguise.... More »

3rd, December News

Giraffe Conservation Foundation says giraffe meat is 'sweet and delicious'

"Slightly unhelpful info from head of Giraffe Conservation Foundation"... More »

3rd, December Key Posts 3

Madeleine McCann Arrests, Clues And Trolls: All The 2014 Front Pages

Madeleine McCann is the story that keeps on spinning... More »

2nd, December Film

Mark Kermode's Reviews As Painfully Honest Film Posters

We love this. Patrick Smith has used BBC Five Live’s film critic Mark Kermode's bon mots as film poster reviews.... More »

2nd, December Technology

How To Build An Electric Train On your Kitchen Table

This is how you build an electric train. with magnets, a battery, and a copper coil... More »

2nd, December News 2

The List of Things Banned From UK-Made Porn

And it seems that female pleasures are the things being hit hardest... More »

2nd, December Celebrities

Shia LaBeouf: Two Witnesses Come Forward To Slam Detective Piers Morgan

Shia LaBeouf alleged he was raped. Piers Morgan mocked him. And now.... More »

2nd, December News

109 Women Prosecuted For False Rape In Five Years: But How Many Were Lying?

The 'campaigners' say 109 women were prosecuted for false rape claims in five years. The story lacks a key fact.... More »

2nd, December In My Pants 1

Headmaster Found Giving Head to Maths Teacher

More »

2nd, December News 1

Alois Brunner Is Dead

Alois Brunner is dead. Adolf Eichmann's assistant condmend 128,500 Jews to the Nazi death camps. Brunner led the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna from 1939 to 1943... More »

2nd, December Celebrities

High Life! Anyone Know How Much Russell Brand's House Costs?

So. You want to know how much Russell Brand's house costs... More »

2nd, December News

Westminster Peadophiles: John Allen, Michael John Carroll And Defaming The Dead

Westminster Paedophiles: a daily look at reporting on the theory that polticans abused children in the 1970s and 1980s... More »

2nd, December Strange But True

Three Escorts In A Hot Tub Arrested In Row Over Who Earns The Most Money For Sex

To South Carolina, where Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office has arrested three men in a hot tub... More »

2nd, December Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Mario Balotelli Apologises

A man who lets of fireworks in his bathroom might not be someone who thinks things through... More »

2nd, December Liverpool

Bigots Of Wigan Rejoice: You Can Now Attack Liverpool's Mario Balotelli For Being A Black Jew

Mario Barwuah Balotelli's mother is a Jew. She's the daughter of Holocaust surivors. Mario is a black Jew. This is great news for racists who are tired to attacking the player's skin tones. They can now broaden their chants... More »

1st, December News

The Murder Of Zemir Begic: Racism And Mayhem In America

Zemir Begic is a name you hear lots more. Zemir Begic was 32. He'd been married to Arijian for six months... More »

1st, December News

The Silicon Valley Jungle: Life In America’s Largest Homeless Camp

Feid, an unemployed union carpenter, lives in a fortress of netting and plastic tarp with a cat named Baby. He’s one of the 278 people who’ve claimed a spot in the thicket of cottonwood trees along Coyote Creek. He first moved here four years ago when he ran out of work... More »

1st, December Politicians

Tony Blair's Christmas Card: Now Feed Them To The Pigs

The teeth follow you round the room... More »

1st, December Manchester City

Manchester City Balls: You'll Never Guess Whose Top Of The List To Replace Pelligrini

Who will be the next manager of Manchester City? City fans might look at Manuel Pelligrini and think, 'Why change?' He's doing well. But the Chielean's inability to behave badly means he's no good for stories. Better to look for a new broom... More »

1st, December In Pictures

Wonderful Photos Of Ra Paulette's Hand Designed Light New Mexico Caves

American artist Ra Paulette has spent ten years carving into caves in New Mexico’s desert.... More »

1st, December Strange But True

Nob The Builder: Sutton Handiman Filmed Masturbating In Client's Home (Video)

Handimen beware: you are being observed. More »