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11th, October The Consumer

What Makes the Titanic Museum Attraction the #1 Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?

Before the promotional video a question from the good folks who thought this a winning idea... More »

11th, October Music

World's Got Talent: Movii Go H Make The (Hair) Cut

WORLD'S Got Talent presents four-piece ensemble novii god h... More »

11th, October Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Julian Draxler To Arsenal When The Question Marks Are Answered

The Press is full of rubbish..... More »

11th, October Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: Ines Sequeira, Belief And Unnamed Sources

MADELEINE McCann: Anorak's regular looks at the missing child in the media... More »

11th, October News

Nude Hackers, Brooks Newmark And The Daily Mirror's Double Standards

THE Daily Mirror has news of nude hackers... More »

10th, October Celebrities

Bond 'Girl' Lea Seydoux: The Photos (NSFW)

Lea Seydoux is the female face of the news James Bond film, Bond 24. She's a talent... More »

10th, October Politicians

UKIP Welcome You To Clacton-on-Sea 'Apart From...'

...apart from... More »

10th, October Books

How To Photograph Black-Eyed Children

THE Black-Eyed Children (aka Black-eyed kids: BEKs) have been making news. But how do you take a photo of a BEK or, indeed, any other kind of ghoul?... More »

10th, October The Consumer

This Advert For Thorne Travel Has The Lot

Take them away.... More »

10th, October The Consumer

San Diego's McKamey Manor Is Bloody Terrifying

Here are a few requirements you must pass to even be able to enter: you now must be 21 years of age... More »

10th, October News

A Free Press Does Not Mean Police Approving Only The Voices The State Likes To Hear

MICK Hume is right. He writes in the Times about press freedom, linking the police raids on tabloid journalists to the police spying on the Daily Mail's phones... More »

10th, October News

Funny Names: It's Not Nominative Determinism It's Just Parental Choice

THE Manchester Evening News has a few words on funny names and nominative determinism... More »

10th, October Politicians

Faces Of The Day: Douglas Carswell Annexes Clacton For UKIP

Faces of The Day... More »

10th, October Chelsea

Transfer Balls: Chelsea, Liverpool And Raheem Sterling In Classic Reader Sting

TRANSFER Balls: A look at utter drivel being passed off as football news in the mainstream media. The Daily Express has a question.... More »

10th, October Celebrities

Sadie Frost 's Tips For Absorbing Wine And Negative Energy

TABLOID headline of the week arrived via the Daily Mail... More »

10th, October News

Never Shout 'I Have EBOLA' On A Crowded Plane Because This Is What Happens

We have a situation... More »

10th, October In Pictures

Moppa: Gravestone Artist Creates Visions Of Horror

EUGENE Kuleshov, aka Moppaa, is a 27-year-old Russian who honed her artist's eye engraving portraits on gravestones... More »

10th, October Chelsea

Manchester United Hardman Roy Keane Beats The Living Daylights Out Of Chelsea's Jose Mourinho

BY now you'll be wondering what former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has been up. How's the anger? Are the dogs well?... More »

10th, October Key Posts

The Truth About Jihadi Brides In Islamic State

HOW did you become a jihadi's bride?.. More »

10th, October News 2

The Sun Scores A Hit With Its Muslim Woman In A Union Flag Headscarf Cover

THE Sun has been leading with IS, the group the media labels "so-called Islamic State"... More »

10th, October News

British Passengers Screened For Ebola, UKIP And AIDS As Panic Spreads In The Media

TYe nerspapers haven't a clue... More »

9th, October News

Gordon Ramsay's Porn Dwarf Impregnates Hen Night Bride

Facts..? More »

9th, October Celebrities

11 Who Should be Cast in Ghostbusters 3?

AS you may have heard, Ghostbusters 3 is definitely happening. However, there's a twist - writer and director Paul Feig says the new film will be an all-female Ghostbusters cast and he will be writing it alongside Kate Dippold (from Parks and Recreation)... More »

9th, October News

Teenager Murdered His Mother And Lost His Virginity To Her Corpse

After caving her head in he reached into the hole to “grab her brain”... More »

9th, October News

Watch The Gun That Makes And Fires Paper Airplanes

Want! More »