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6th, April Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: Flanagan Goes Down In Slow Motion And Anthony Taylor Misses CCTV Footage Of Carroll's Assault

LIVERPOOL are top of the Premier League. They defeated West Ham United 2-1. They scored two penalties. The first was a pen. The second shouldn't have been. The Hammers' goalkeeper Adrian got to the ball first. We captured Jon Flanagan's tumble on camera... More »

6th, April Books

Boys' Fiction: Ripping Yarns From The Victorian and Edwardian Heyday of Public School Fiction

AT last, a welcome repeat of Michael Palin and Terry Jones’s Ripping Yarns – post-Python parodies of all things public school and derring-do... More »

6th, April Liverpool 2

Liverpool Balls: Manchester City To Buy Luis Suarez, Who Hates Brendan Rodgers

Txiki Begiristain, City’s director of football, says he knows the contents of Suarez's Liverpool contract. He "believes" the contract Suarez signed in December 2013 contains a release clause making a transfer viable if the player wants to move... More »

6th, April News

Mug Shot: Man Wearing Appropriate T-Shirt Arrested For Drunk Driving

MUG Shot of the day features 21-year-old Ross McMakin, of Philomath, Oregon, arrested last Sunday on multiple charges including driving under the influence of intoxicants... More »

6th, April Flashback

Manchester United 1963: Tony Dunne, Bobby Charlton, Noel Cantwell, Pat Crerand, Albert Quixall, David Herd And The FA Cup Hat

FLASHBACK to May 25th 1963: FA Cup Final: Manchester United v Leicester City. Manchester United players celebrate with the FA Cup after their 3-1 win: (l-r) Tony Dunne, Bobby Charlton, Noel Cantwell, Pat Crerand, Albert Quixall, David Herd... More »

6th, April Arsenal

Arsenal Seek New Bobby Charlton: Arsène Wenger Says Injuries May Be Down To Hair Loss Treatments

ARSENAL'S list of injuries is a running sore. for Gunners fans. Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Abou Diaby, Lucas Podolski, Mesut Özil, Jack Wilshere and Laurent Koscielny others have endured lengthy lay-offs this season. Who to blame?... More »

5th, April Books

1978: Spiderman's Celebrity Party (Can You Name All The Guests?)

So 1970s... More »

5th, April Celebrities

Courtney Love Reads Kurt Cobain’s Handwritten Suicide Note (1994)

KURT Cobain left a long hand-written suicide note. It included the words of Neil Young from the song “My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue): “Better to burn out / than to fade away,” Neil Young is 68 years old. Cobain was just 27 when he ended his life 20 year ago this weekend... More »

5th, April Flashback 2

1933: Everton's Bill 'Dixie' Dean Holds Up The FA Cup As The Team Emerge Onto Lime Street, Liverpool

FLASHBACK to May 1 1934... More »

5th, April Flashback 1

1984: Everton Fans Invade The Arsenal Pitch As Southampton Are Beaten In The FA Cup

Football in the 1980s was not all about hooligans... More »

5th, April News

Free Speech Watch: Maria Miller, Leveson And State Bullying To Keep The Facts Secret

MARIA Miller is the Tory MP and Culture Secretary. She is involved in discussions over the future of press regulation. She wants more of it. She is just one of the cross-party elite (and you can include artists in this illiberal group) who like free speech but want to insert a "but" after it. She wants limits on freedom... More »

4th, April The Consumer

Vancouver Restaurant Invites Musicians To Play Free Of Charge - And One Makes A Great Counter-Offer

Brilliant.... More »

4th, April In Pictures

Visions Of Aintree: Ladies Day 2014 (NSFW)

AINTREE 2014 - Ladies' Day highlights... More »

4th, April News

The State V Gareth Davies: The Police Persecution of A Journalist Is Part Of A War Against Free Speech

GARETH Davies is chief reporter of the Croydon Advertiser. Police have served him with an harassment order, a “Prevention of Harassment Letter”. His offence? He put allegations to a convicted fraudster. Free speech is under attack... More »

4th, April In Pictures

Tokyo Compression: Faces Of Japanese Commuters Gasping For Life On The City's Trains

DO you suffer from claustrophobia? If you do, then The Tokyo railways system is not for you. German photographer Michael Wolf has captured the cheek-to-cheek commute endured by Japanese commuters in Tokyo... More »

4th, April Flashback

1914: 'How It Feels To Be Forcibly Fed' Like A Suffragette By Djuna Barnes

ON September 6 1914, the prolific writer, artist and journalist Djuna Barnes wrote How It Feels To Be Forcibly Fed for The World Magazine. Barnes was a reporter working on a series of "stunt stories"... More »

4th, April Flashback

2004: The 'Bin Laden Determined To Strike In US' Memo

Memo of note... More »

4th, April Celebrities

Watch Jon Ham Strike Out On 1990s Love Show The Big Date

JON Ham aged well. In the mid 1990s, Ham appeared on the TV dating show The Big Date, hosted by Mark Walberg.The man who would knock them bandy as Mad Men's Don Draper strikes out. More »

4th, April Key Posts

Mic Wright's Remotely Furious: A Harsh Handbrake Turn - From How I Met You Mother To How Tim Hetherington Lost His Life

I'VE been thinking about bad endings this week; one in fiction and one, dreadfully, tragically real. Pulling together the finale of How I Met Your Mother, which used a by-no-means unexpected passing to tie up loose ends, and the real death of Tim Hetherington, the astounding documentary photographer whose life is the subject of Which Way Is The Front Line From Here?, in one TV column may seem crass. It probably is. But that’s how TV works, mashing together different stories, shifting tone more awkwardly than a local radio DJ... More »

4th, April Money

Mad Men Rejoice: Plain Packaging For Cigarettes Will Increase Branding

AS you'll know there's a move to get to the plain packaging of cigarettes. This is the rather strange idea that if we can't associate red with Marlboro and white with Silk Cut then we'll smoke fewer cigarettes overall. Quite why is never really explained but we are assured that it will be true... More »

4th, April Celebrities

James Franco On Cloud 17: Conspiracy Theories And 1970s-Style Honest-To-Goodness Perviness For Teenage Girl

AS you're probably aware, arch-hipster James Franco has been rumbled online, trying to tap off with a 17 year old Scottish girl. A variety of messages were batted back and forth, with Franco being a little persistent in trying to get his end away... More »

4th, April News

Argentina's FAP Party Pays Tribute To Falklands Anniversary With Nicked Picture From Band of Brothers Poster

TO Argentina, where the political party FAP (I kid you not) pays tribute on Falklands anniversary by, erm borrowing a picture from Band of Brothers:... More »

4th, April Celebrities

Tom Daley Is Gay, Not Bisexual, Okay?

People who are visible and gay are incredibly important to society, because the more people who are proud, the more gibbering, hooting berks who oppose it will have to suck it up. Fact of the matter is, what homophobes have yet to work out is that you can disagree with homosexuality, be it through a religious conviction or whatever, but you don't get the right to decide whether someone else is gay or not... More »

4th, April Celebrities

Darren ‘Sumbarine’ Gough and ex-TOWIE ‘Star’ Amy Childs Are In A 'Plutonic' Relationship

But the Mail reports that the nature of their relationship is much hotter and steamier than a mere bedroom romp. In fact, it says that "the fashion designer [that’s Amy] went on to say that her relationship with Gough is strictly plutonic"... More »

4th, April Celebrities 3

1944: Carmen Miranda And 'John Wayne' Flirt By A Lonesome Deanna Durbin

FLASHBACK to November 28 1944... More »