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12th, August News

Scots Woman Attacks Plane Crew With False Leg As Passengers Sing Hokey Cokey

A FLIGHT between Tunisia and Scotland had to be diverted after a drunk passenger attacked cabin crew with her prosthetic leg... More »

12th, August Money

Of Course Scotland Could Use The Pound After Independence

More »

12th, August News 7

Israeli Tourists Break George Galloway’s Bradford Ban

WHEN George Galloway called for Bradford to be an “Israel-free zone” - “we don’t want Israeli tourists to come to Bradford” - holidaymakers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv fretted. What to do? Where to go now? More »

12th, August Strange But True

McDonald's Terminates Worker Who Put Free Swastika In Woman's Chicken Sandwich

LUCKY Charleigh Matice found a Swasticka in her McDonald’s, bought at a brand in Morehead City, North Carolina.... More »

12th, August Key Posts

What Happened To George Owen Smith And The Dead White House Boys?

GEORGE Owen Smith is the first victim positively identified from one of the 55 unmarked graves at the former Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida. Smith was 14 when he was sent to the school in October 1940, and was never seen alive by his family again... More »

12th, August Liverpool

Liverpool Balls: The Manchester City Double Winner Who Also Got The Reds Tattoo

ON the list of modern football stuff that annoys Anorak is 'The Double'. The Double used to mean the FA Cup and League title... More »

12th, August News

10 People Who Thought Robbie Williams Was Dead

HAVING reeived the Death Vulture news alert, tweeters responded to the death of Robin Williams by lamenting the very much alive Robbie Williams... More »

12th, August Celebrities

Robin Williams: The Sun Performs An Autopsy And Delivers Its Verdict

So. How did Robin Williams die..? More »

12th, August News 2

Belfast: Republicans and Loyalists Taunt Each Other With Israel and Hamas Support

ON a march in Belfast, Republicans and Loyalists use the war between Israel and Hamas to antagonise... More »

12th, August Arsenal 1

Transfer Balls: Samuel Eto'o Heads To Liverpool Via Arsenal, Everton, Ajax, Inter Milan And Sunderland

TRANSFER Balls: Is Samuel Eto'o heading to Liverpool? What about Arsenal, Everton, Ajax, Inter Milan or Sunderland? The Sun says he might be... More »

12th, August Celebrities

So. Farewell Robin Williams

He was 63... More »

12th, August News

ISIS: Khaled Sharrouf And His Son's Decapitated Head Toy

THIS is a picture of Khaled Sharrouf’s son, a child raised in the suburbs of Sydney, struggling with both arms to hold up the decapitated head of a slain Syrian soldier... More »

12th, August News

The Illinois State Fair Butter Cow (2014)

The 2014 Illinois State Fair butter cow is unveiled at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, in Springfield, Ill... More »

12th, August Music

Police Brutality: Music Against Cops

The list of people killed in controversial circumstances by US police forces is depressingly long and, of course, pop-culture has tracked and chronicled what's happened... More »

11th, August Sports

The Cleveland Pools: Britain's Oldest Open-Air Swimming Baths

The Grade II listed Cleveland Pools - a 200-year-old Georgian lido in Bath, Somerset - has secured funding of £4.1 million, including a development grant of £366,200, from the Heritage Lottery Fund... More »

11th, August Music

Michael Jackson: Taught Bubbles To Throw Poo At His Neverland Ranch

THERE'S a maid who worked at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and - you'd think she'd have barrowloads of amazing anecdotes from her job wouldn't you?... More »

11th, August Key Posts

The Art of Anti-Semitism: The Tricycle Theatre Only Admits Anti-Israel Jews While The National Prefers The Rich Ones

MANY words have been written about demands by London's Tricycle Theatre that Jewish Film Festival sever all ties with the Israeli embassy... More »

11th, August Politicians

When UKIP's Would-be London Mayor Frank Maloney 'Hated' Bitching Gays

FRANK Maloney, 61, the boxing promoter who worked to make Lennox Lewis Britain’s first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, is now Kellie. Says Ms Maloney... More »

11th, August News

Faces of the Day: Soaked Pedestrians Shelter From Rain Under London's Millennium Bridge

Summer in the city... More »

11th, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: The Independent Gets Arsenal News From Wikipedia

ONCE upon a time a journalist's job was to find answers. Now it's just about asking questions to get clicks. Take this balls from the Independent... More »

11th, August News

Groundhog Day 2: Barack Obama Plays George W Bush In The Iraq War Sequel

DID you hear Barack Obama making statement about Iraq airstrikes? Somewhere Bill Murray is waking up in a hotel room at 6AM to Sonny & Cher's 'I Got You Babe'... More »

11th, August Strange But True

E-Fit Of The Day: Essex Police Seek Man With Unforgettable Hair

E-fit of the day... More »

11th, August Arsenal

Transfer Balls: Manchester United Sign Mats Hummels And Lose Him To Arsenal

Is Mats Hummels leaving Germany for the Premier League? The media hasn't a clue. But that hasn't stopped hacks stating rumour, speculation and utter balls as facts... More »

11th, August Money

Labour MP Gloria De Piero Is Clueless Or Just Conniving About The Gender Pay Gap

OUR latest little excitement on the political front is that a Labour MP has decided to try to massage the facts about the gender pay gap. You'll see it all over the papers today, the gender pay gap is 20% or so, that this is appalling and only the Labour party is going to do anything about it.... More »

10th, August Strange But True 4

Is Nothing Safe: Man Arrested For Sex With Woman's Driveway

A man in Texas has been arrested and accused of humping a woman's driveway.... More »