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9th, January Arsenal 1

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Isco, Ramos and Luis Suarez arrive in a party of 54 new signings

Arsenal Transfer Balls: it's been a busy, busy, BUSY January for Arsenal, who had at the last count bought 48 new players. Well, so say the experts in the mainstream media.... More »

9th, January News 2

Free Speech: The Sun says the cornerstone of our democracy is 'nonsense'

Following the murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine, the Sun says "free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy". We are in a "freedom fight". But... More »

8th, January News

Germany's Titanic shows craven US media: 'We are Charlie Hebdo'

The German satirical magazine Titanic has announced a press conference.... More »

8th, January Music

Jah Wobble: when kids from pokey council flats all over London made music

Jah Wobble is talking to the Guardian. Wobble was John Wardle until a drunken Sid Vicious slurred it... More »

8th, January Sports

Transfer Balls: Messi & Luis Suarez Cheslea and Manchester City bound?

More »

8th, January News 4

Charlie Hebdo Massacre: The Jews did it

Yesterday, men screaming '“Allahu akbar” murdered 12 people in Paris when they attacked the Charlie Hendo magazine offices. Like you, we know who did it. Yeah. The Jews. Always the Jews... More »

8th, January News

Piss Christ! Associated Press censors library lest it provoke murderous Christianists

Piss Christ! Can we all says that in unison. Piss Christ! Anyone shoot you in the face? Anyone threaten to murder you?... More »

8th, January News

Free speech no buts: Buzzfeed writer says Charlie Hebdo dead are not victims

Now that 12 people are dead the liberals can return to the view that free speech is free with no 'buts'? ... More »

8th, January manchester united

Manchester United Transfer Balls: Van Gaal signs Arjen Robben, Gareth Bale and 26 others

Manchester United Transfer Balls: let's catch-up with players signed by United this January Transfer window. The experts in the mainstream media have been informative... More »

8th, January Strange But True

Local News Watch: Bolton hunts tiny hedge bandits

Local News watch spots goings on in Bolton. The Bolton News reports: A COUNCILLOR has hit out after thieves stole trees from decorative flower pots in Bromley Cross... More »

8th, January Politicians

Turkish politician suspended after farmers carreid him through dirty snow

Those green wellies worn by British politicians when wading past flooded homes might not be so bad... More »

8th, January News 1

Charlie Hebdo were asking for it: it's reverse ecumenicism, dummy

n 2006, Christopher Hitchens spoke about the Kurt Westergaard, the Danish caricaturist came under attack from Islamists after he had drawn a 2005 caricature of the Prophet Mohamed with a bomb hidden in his Turban. The cartoon was one of 12 similar cartoons on Mohamed published Jyllands-Posten newspapers.... More »

8th, January News

Charlie Hebdo massacre: murderous Islamophobia and free speech made us do it

After the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, the liberal turns to Islamophobia... More »

7th, January News

Viva La Liberte: Berlin's daily newspaper BZ leads with every Charlie Hebdo cartoon

The perfect response to the attack on free speech and Enlightenment. Vive la liberte!... More »

7th, January Liverpool

Liverpool Transfer Balls: Mario Balotelli is not a patch on Mario Balotelli

Is it time for Liverpool to get shot of Mario Balotelli? Well, reading the Daily Mail you would think it was.... More »

7th, January In Pictures

Charlie Hebdo: a wonderful stand for freedom in photos

Free speech is not only for when you agree with the speaker... More »

7th, January In Pictures

Charlie Hebdo: 10 great cartoon reactions to mass murder

10 great reactions to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo... More »

7th, January News

Charlie Hebdo v The Financial Times: It was the victims fault for provoking Muslims with drawings

The Financial Times says the slaughter at the offices of Charlie Hebdo was the result of stupidity. No. Not them, the killers. The victims... More »

7th, January Key Posts 5

Charlie Hebdo: Islamists tap into the West's war on free speech

You crying? You feel the prick of tears? You angry? You should be. You should be furious. The cold-blooded attack on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo claimed 12 lives. You should weep for the lives of the murdered. They were champions of free speech and free thinking. .. More »

7th, January marijuana

Police blotter: Man in 'I have drugs' T-shirt arrested had drugs

To Florida, where John Balmer is asking "Who Needs Drugs?" The message is written on his T-shirt... More »

7th, January Sports

Caley Thistle tell fans to 'pay what you can'

More »

7th, January News 2

Radical Islam declares war on taking the piss and everything we should value

This looks like war. We should fight it as hard as we are able... More »

7th, January Politicians 1

That awakward moment when Joe Biden tried to kiss a girl (Gif-tastic)

Vice President Joe Biden was there at the swearing-in for the 114th Congress. He met Maggie, the young daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). And she met him... More »

7th, January Arsenal

Arsenal Transfer Balls: Marco Reues, Sami Khedira are two of 48 new signings and COUNTING

Arsenal Transfer Balls: let's catch-up on what players are being signed by Arsenal in the Janaury 2014 Trasnfer Window. The Press are never wrong. .. More »

7th, January News

Nazi Hunters target Derbyshire after Swastika: life imitates Alan Stoob

To Derbyshire, where Nazi hunting police are investigating a "hate crime". A swastika was drawn in snow... More »