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KATE Bush once sang a song about Ken Livingstone, former leader of the GLC, Member of Parliament and the first democratically-elected Mayor of London.


PA 1653815 Kate Bush Sings About Sex Machine Ken Livingstone

Mr Ken Livingstone, former leader of the GLC, and labour parliamentary candidate for the Brent East constituency, outside his campaign office. 1987.



Ken is the man that we all need,
Ken is the leader of the GLC.

Who is the man we all need? KEN!
Who is the funky sex machine? KEN!
Who is the leader of the GLC? KEN!
Who is the man we all need? KEN!

The Comic Strip revisited the tune:

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Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts Tue, 26 Aug 2014 09:48:16 +0000 putin scratch post Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts

KITTY Cat kitsch takes on political idologies with these fine scratching posts and litter boxes by The Pussycat Riot.

The voodoo doll-style posts are £4,500.00 a totem; but the poo trays are just £3.00.

1 Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts dictator scratching post Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts pussycat riot Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts

pussycat riot 1 Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts

Look on as your sweeti pie-foo-foo rips out Putin’s eyes and craps on Kim Jong Un, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

From the very heart of the Internet we raise our banner with #ThePussycatRiot: a new protest movement to unite the cats of the world and their owners in opposition to cyber censorship. We aim to raise awareness of the oppressive regime Preventing people from freely enjoying the boundless wealth of mankind’s innovation and creativity … And cat videos. [...]

[The Putin- and Kim Jong Un Cat Scratching Posts are] one-of-a-kind product protest and the ultimate feline satirical statement. An incredibly lifelike cat scratching post Modelled on Kim Jong-un and Putin for your censorship-hating cat to scratch.


1 Pussycat Riot Rips Into Putin: Dictator Themed Litter Boxes and Scratch Posts


Spotter: The Pussycat Riot website, DM

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Scottish Independence: Deep-Fried Food For Thought Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:32:28 +0000

PA 20715810 1 Scottish Independence: Deep Fried Food For Thought


WILL you vote for an independent Scotland? Are you a Scots Braveheart rejecting Britain and all the fusty Middle Englanders? Are you just bored with the UK and think separation is something to do, a move that will enliven the moribund political debate?

Do you just want to declare your Scottishness?

Do you see the vote as chance for the Left to reject Tories?

And what is Scottish? The Scottish National Party keeps producing images of the past. But why would anyone vote for a retuen to a monoculture? The BBC talks about the “formula for Scottishness“. It’s not about blood and lineage, says the BBC; being Scottish is about “my accent, vocabulary and appetite for cholesterol-rich foodstuffs still mark me out as a Scot”.

Is that it? If you like deep-fired Mars bars, can understand Rab C Nesbitt without subtitles and can do an impression of Mike Myers’ Fat Bastard (the same voice he did for proud Scot Shrek), you are Scottish. Tick those boxes and you can get our own country and be ruled exclusively by others just like you. Unless the leaders do as promised an swiftly join the EU.

So. It’s not really an indepedent Scotland the YES campaigners want. It’s a bigger recognition of what Scots are.

But what is that? Or is it best defined by what it isn;’?

WORLDbytes hosted a debate about the referndum. Watch it below.


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LibDems Align UK Government The Clerical Fascism Of Hamas And Want Israel Destroyed Wed, 13 Aug 2014 16:10:47 +0000 PA 8679734 LibDems Align UK Government The Clerical Fascism Of Hamas And Want Israel Destroyed

Liberal Democrat Party Leader Nick Clegg (centre), and PPC David Ward meet members of the public during a visit to Printing Roller Services in Bradford, Yorkshire.

THE Liberal Democrats has excerpted influence on the Government. The UK  will suspend some of its arms exports to Israel if the current ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is broken.

The business department said a review of UK exports to Israel had identified the 12 licences for “components which could be part of equipment used by the Israel Defence Forces in Gaza”. They include equipment for military radar, combat aircraft and tanks.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, said: “We welcome the current ceasefire in Gaza and hope that it will lead to a peaceful resolution. However, the UK government has not been able to clarify if the export licence criteria are being met. In light of that uncertainty we have taken the decision to suspend these existing export licences in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities.

“No new licences of military equipment have been issued for use by the Israeli Defence Forces during the review period, and as a precautionary measure this approach will continue until hostilities cease.”

The export suspension comes after a long and fierce battle within the coalition over restricting arms sales to Israel. The prime minister, David Cameron, and the foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, have been resisting demands from Cable and the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg calling for the immediate suspension of exports.

So. If Hamas continue to fire rockets willy-nilly at Israeli civilians, Israel cannot respond?

What Vince Cable said was:

“We welcome the current ceasefire in Gaza and hope that it will lead to a peaceful resolution. However the UK Government has not been able to clarify if the export licence criteria are being met. In light of that uncertainty we have taken the decision to suspend these existing export licences in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities.

“No new licences of military equipment have been issued for use by the Israeli Defence Force during the review period and as a precautionary measure this approach will continue until hostilities cease.”

The Lib Dems then sent out a clarification:

This is a coalition and this is as far as we have been able to reach in collective agreement with the Conservatives.”


PS – It’s nothing to do with bigory and doube-standards. Oh, no.

It’s nothing to dow ith a LIbDem MP supporting Hamas and terrorism:


Screen shot 2014 08 13 at 16.50.44 LibDems Align UK Government The Clerical Fascism Of Hamas And Want Israel Destroyed

He’s no fan of Israel:

“Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid State of Israel last?”

Revolting stuff. By Zionist, he means Jews.

Those Jews who never learn, said Ward:

“Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Jews sadden him.

Hugo Rifkind in the Times:

“Something is different now. Antisemitism has always spiked when Israel deploys the Israeli Defence Force, but this time the ire is not confined to Israelis. Instead, far more than before, protesters are using, and twisting, the word “Zionists”. Many, even most, probably don’t mean any harm by it. Perhaps they see it as a narrowing term, a way to specifically not attack all Jews or even all Israelis, but merely those who wish to ethnically cleanse Palestine of Palestinians and put Jews there instead. The trouble is, “Zionism” doesn’t mean that. It’s a broad term and it refers to the simple fact of there being a Jewish homeland at all. Believe in a two-state solution? You’re a Zionist. Strive for a bi-national state? Also a Zionist. The United Nations is Zionist. Technically, even the Palestinian Authority is Zionist; that’s what the damn word means.”

And Ward is in the clear. LibDem Chief Whip Don Foster bleats that he will take no action:

“David has subsequently repeated his apology and placed it and his explanation on his website.

In light of that apology, the assurance by David Ward that he would do all he could to ensure comments he made would be in a form that would be difficult to misinterpret, and that he will continue – in relation to the Israeli//Palestinian situation – to condemn violence on both sides and support moves for a cease fire, I do not intend to take further action in relation to the tweet.

I am conscious that this decision will not satisfy some people. To them I would say, at a time of considerable international unease in the Middle East, comments have been made by politicians from all parties that have been unwelcome by some or other section of society.

The question I have had to answer is not, did the comments by David Ward cause offence to some people (within the party or outside), but did they bring the party into disrepute?

David accepts that his tweet did cause offence to some people. He recognises that the use of Twitter as a form of communication can lead to misinterpretation and accepts the need for greater care in the future. However, I do not believe it was in any way anti-Semitic or motivated by anti-Semitic intentions and I do not believe his tweet brought the party into disrepute.

I believe that his statement including an apology on 23rd July should draw a line under this matter.”

StandForPeace has more on the LibDems little problem with Jews.

But let’s end with a few words from Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist living in East Jerusalem:

…Hamas depends on death, which gives it power and allows it to raise funds and purchase weapons. Hamas has never been interested in liberating the Palestinian people from the occupation. And Israel will never be able to destroy the infrastructures it has built. Only we, the Palestinian people, can do that.

It was the Gazan residents’ responsibility to rebel against the Hamas rule. We knew what they were doing to us, but we let ourselves off easy and allowed it to happen.

Will all this death finally teach us a lesson? I hope so. The lesson is that we must get rid of Hamas and completely demilitarize Gaza. And then open the crossings.

I’m saying this as a loyal Palestinian. I’m saying this because I am concerned about my people’s future.

Free Gaza…from Hamas.

Fania Oz-Salzberger, daughter of the author Amos Oz, adds:

Being moderate, as Aristotle already noted, does not mean being in the exact middle. Reality is never symmetrical.

For one thing, Hamas is far worse, as a government, than any Israeli government has ever been. The militants of Hamas and Islamic jihad in Gaza are far more brutal, on the ground, than the Israeli army. They surround their fighters with children, store their arsenal in schools and hospitals, including UNRWA institutions, and threaten or kick out any journalists who dare report it. They deliberately aim their rockets at Israeli kindergartens and clinics. If they had Israel’s air force and artillery power, the ensuing massacre of Israelis would dwarf anything we see in Gaza today. When I write these truths, some commentators brand it as Israeli propaganda. But I’d make a lousy propagandist. As a critical member of civil society, I never accept the official reports of my government and army wholesale, but truths are truths whatever their source.
Religion, I’m afraid, often plays an irrational role in this story. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has never been about Judaism and Islam, but about territory and sovereignty. Today, fanatic Islamists have highjacked the Palestinian cause, while extremist orthodox Jews insist on settling every part of the biblical Israel at the expense of compromise. Some radical Christians are entering the fray too, unhelpfully theologizing their unconditional support for one side or the other.

Which is why moderate atheists like myself needs all the support we can get from moderate Muslims, Christians, and observant Jews. The dividing line in the current battle is not between the three religions, nor is it between the religious and the irreligious. It runs – this time it’s my turn to borrow a phrase from my father – between all fanatics and all moderates.

Stand up for humanity…

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Israeli Tourists Break George Galloway’s Bradford Ban Tue, 12 Aug 2014 16:16:49 +0000


WHEN George Galloway called for Bradford to be an “Israel-free zone” -  “we don’t want Israeli tourists to come to Bradford” – holidaymakers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv fretted. What to do? Where to go now? But some had either pre-booked the trip or just decided that Galloway was an utter pillock and anywhere he was needed a bit of relief.

So. Shneur Zalman Odze and some Israeli pals made the trip to Yorkshire. Shneur says a “steady stream of people came over to wish us well and distance themselves from Galloway’s hate speech”. Shneur says Bradfordians gave their Israeli visitors a “tremendous reception”, reflecting on an “amazing afternoon” of “well wishes and interesting conversations”.


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When UKIP’s Would-be London Mayor Frank Maloney ‘Hated’ Bitching Gays Mon, 11 Aug 2014 11:07:22 +0000 PA 1363045 When UKIPs Would be London Mayor Frank Maloney Hated Bitching Gays

Olympic and Commonwealth Heavyweight Gold Medalist Lennox Lewis (right) with his promoter Frank Maloney at a press conference at Scribes wine bar in London, to announce Lewis’ upcoming fight with Andy Gerrard. Date: 07/09/1989


FRANK Maloney, 61, the boxing promoter who worked to make Lennox Lewis Britain’s first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, is now Kellie. Says Ms Maloney:

“I was born in the wrong body and I have always known I was a woman. I can’t keep living in the shadows. That is why I am doing what I am. Living with the burden any longer would have killed me. What was wrong at birth is now being medically corrected.”

She’s been supported by many:

Johnny Nelson, former WBO cruiserweight champion, wrote on Twitter: “Frank Maloney, read your story. It’s your life, don’t make others stop who you are. Ignorance is the problem of others, not yours.”

Tony Jeffries, the Olympic bronze medal-winner, noted: “Crazy the news about my old boxing promoter Frank! Fair play to him for coming out. #BeHappy #1Life”

Maloney stood as UKIP candidate in Barking at the 2010 general election.

Frank was backing “BRITIAN“.


frank maloney fail4 When UKIPs Would be London Mayor Frank Maloney Hated Bitching Gays



In 2004, he stood to be UKIP’s London Mayor.


PA 1966032 When UKIPs Would be London Mayor Frank Maloney Hated Bitching Gays

Boxing promoter Frank Maloney arrives in a three-wheel van at The Sports Cafe in London’s Haymarket. Maloney is is the UKIP candidate for London Mayor. Date: 07/06/2004


The BBC reported:

Gay Conservatives have called on the UK Independence Party to sack their London mayoral candidate over his “homophobic” comments. Frank Maloney said he would not be campaigning in the borough of Camden because there are “too many gays”. His claims prompted the Gay Tories to brand him a “dangerous extremist” who “should resign or be sacked”…

But Mr Maloney defended his remarks… “I have said I don’t want to campaign around gays because I don’t think they will vote for me. I don’t think they do a lot for society. I don’t have a problem with gays, what I have a problem with is them openly flaunting their sexuality… I’m more for traditional family values and family life. I’m anti same-sex marriages and I’m anti same-sex families… If you are homosexual, you are homosexual – just get on with your life and stop bitching about things.”


Screen shot 2014 08 11 at 11.57.16 When UKIPs Would be London Mayor Frank Maloney Hated Bitching Gays

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Groundhog Day 2: Barack Obama Plays George W Bush In The Iraq War Sequel Mon, 11 Aug 2014 10:02:12 +0000 PA 20611757 Groundhog Day 2: Barack Obama Plays George W Bush In The Iraq War Sequel


DID you hear Barack Obama making statement about Iraq airstrikes? Somewhere Bill Murray is waking up in a hotel room at 6AM to Sonny & Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’.



But Vice President Jim Biden’s record isn’t stuck. No. He’s changed his tune:



But at least Obama isn’t like Geroge W. Bush.



Or is he?

After Obama launched attacks on Iraq he went to play golf:


PA 20611455 Groundhog Day 2: Barack Obama Plays George W Bush In The Iraq War Sequel

President Barack Obama follows through on a swing while golfing at Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014. President Obama fled Washington for his familiar spot on Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week summer vacation. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)


President Barack Obama is fending off criticism for playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard in the midst of crises in the Iraq and Gaza. Having held a press conference in Washington on Saturday, in which he warned the that Iraq would be a “long term project”, the President left for a two-week holiday at the Massachusetts resort with his wife, Michelle, daughter Malia and dog Bo.

Now. About that change…

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Labour MP Gloria De Piero Is Clueless Or Just Conniving About The Gender Pay Gap Mon, 11 Aug 2014 06:19:24 +0000 PA 8574499 Labour MP Gloria De Piero Is Clueless Or Just Conniving About The Gender Pay Gap


OUR latest little excitement on the political front is that a Labour MP has decided to try to massage the facts about the gender pay gap. You’ll see it all over the papers today, the gender pay gap is 20% or so, that this is appalling and only the Labour party is going to do anything about it. Here’s the Mail as an example:

It will take another 60 years before women earn the same as men at the current pace of change, Labour warned today.

Women still earn just 80p for every pound men take home and the pay gap widened last year.

Shadow women’s minister Gloria De Piero accused the Tories of the ‘turning the clock back’ for female workers by failing to do more to reduce unfairness in the workplace.

Latest figures show that in April 2013, men earned £12.86 per hour and women £10.33, a gap of 19.7 per cent.

It marked an increase on 2012, when the gap was 19.6 per cent, with women paid £10.05 to men’s £12.50.

Since 2010 the pay gap has closed at a rate of only 0.3 per cent per year on average, according to the House of Commons library.

There’s a problem with this. Which is that Harriet Harman tried using the same set of statistics 5 years ago. Looking at male and female full time wages men do earn more. Looking at female and male part time wages women earn more. But the one thing you shouldn’t do is try to add part time and full time wages together in order to get to a total pay gap. Which is what Harman did and what De Piero is doing. This is such a no no that the chairman of the Statistics Authority, Sir Michael Scholar, wrote to Harman and said that she shouldn’t do this. The letter is here:

In the meantime, I enclose a copy of a note that the Statistics Authority will shortly publish on its website. This clarifies why figures as different as 12.8 per cent and 23 per cent have been used and explores different options for presenting the gender pay gap in an impartial and objective way.

The note explains that the figure of 23 per cent quoted in the GEO press release relates to the median hourly earnings of all employees (full-time and part-time combined) whereas ONS’s figure of 12.8 per cent is based on the difference in the median hourly earnings of full-time employees only. Neither measure is entirely satisfactory as an impartial and objective headline estimate. The former rolls together the quite different levels of hourly earnings for part-time and full-time employees; while the latter excludes the earnings of around one quarter of all employees.
These considerations suggest the need for a more extensive set of measures to present the differences between the earnings of men and women. Indeed, it is the Statistics Authority’s view that use of the 23% on its own, without qualification, risks giving a misleading quantification of the gender pay gap.

I trust that you will find this note of value pending the further work that ONS is planning on this issue later this year.

De Piero should know of this letter in which case she’s feeding us porkies, isn’t she? And if she doesn’t know of this letter then why the hell doesn’t she know of it?

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Australian Politician Jacqui Lambie Wants ‘A Well Hung Man With Heaps Of Cash’ Fri, 25 Jul 2014 05:13:21 +0000 THESE might well be the sexual preferences of many of us, not just politicians. It’s just that we tend not to expect a politician to say so quite so publicly. But fair dinkum to the Ozzies, they have managed to elect one who actually tells it like it is:

Jacqui Lambie, an Australian MP who shares the balance of power in the upper house, has apologised after declaring in a radio interview that she is looking for a partner who is “well-hung” and loaded with cash.

“They don’t even need to speak,” said Ms Lambie, a 43-year-old single mother of two.

Sending all the criminals and the whores down there 200 years ago seems to have done wonders for their honesty, eh? She went on:

Asked about her bikini line, she said: “Right now the state I’m in, you’d want to bring out that whipper snipper [garden lawn trimmer] first. It’s a very scary area to talk about this morning.”

While it’s fun to hear this sort of stuff it should be said that we’re grateful that it doesn’t happen here. Do we really want Harriet Harman telling us of the state of her Brazilian? Or even Peter Mandelson come to that.

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Even The Labour Party Is Beginning To Understand The Housing Market Tue, 01 Jul 2014 11:35:26 +0000 IT’S taken its time but the basic problem with the UK housing market seems to be seeping into even Labour Party minds. That problem being that there’s not enough housing so it’s too bloody expansive. We should therefore try to build more. As the Labour Party’s head of their investigation into the housing market says:

Sir Michael Lyons told the Guardian he had identified protracted delays in the release of land as the single biggest cause of Britain’s housing crisis.

This is all really very simple. There’s no shortage of land in the UK. Only about 3% of it is houses at the moment: in some counties we have more than that in use as golf courses than we do houses.

It’s also true that houses are gargantuanly expensive: but it’s not actually the houses that are. It’s the land underneath them that is expensive. And more than that, it’s the permission to build a house on a particular piece of land that is. Farmland goes for £10,000 a hectare. Land with planning permission goes for £1,000,000 a hectare in the South, on which you’re allowed to put 14 or 15 houses.

It’s the little piece of paper, the planning chitty, that costs the money. So, obviously, the answer is simply to issue more little pieces of paper, more of those planning chitties, so as to bring down their scarcity value.

Which is, of course, what the Coalition has been trying to do with all that talk of loosening and my God haven’t people been screaming about it.

Now that we’ve got the Labour Party onboard with this obvious truth then, given that it’s going to be either the Tories or Labour as the next government, we might actually see some serious movement on this.

Houses are expensive because we don’t issue enough planning permissions. Issue more, more quickly, and house prices will fall. It’s so simple that even the Labour Party is now getting it.


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Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Care About Money As She Earns $600,000 A Year Wed, 25 Jun 2014 07:58:43 +0000 PA 12575565 1 Chelsea Clinton Doesnt Care About Money As She Earns $600,000 A Year


THIS is a fairly brazen piece of behaviour. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, insists that she’s not really motivated by nor worried about money. Which is interesting because she’s on a $600,000 a year contract with NBC to do the odd bit of TV reporting now and again. Oh, and she’s married to a finance whizz kid and lives in a $10 million apartment.

I guess quite a lot of us wouldn’t be all that worried about money at that sort of point:

Despite Chelsea’s self-proclaimed disinterest in money-making, a report last week surfaced that she was paid $600,000 by NBC last year to do a smattering of reporting

It is not uncommon for well-known anchors to earn multiple millions per year, but Clinton’s reported annual salary is high for the frequency of her segments.

By comparison, her salary is higher than both of the last two editors of the New York Times.

The paycheck from her NBC contract has helped Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky buy a $10.5 million apartment next to New York’s Madison Square Park last spring.

As someone who works in this media world let me point out to you that $600,000 a year for doing a couple of TV reporting spots a month really is not the way that the industry generally works. Doing a 30 minute documentary for the BEEB might make you a few thousands pounds. A 10 minute slot on a news show as a guest gains you between nothing and £100 maybe. And sure Americans are rather more generous with the cash but not that much. And I know from personal experience that squeezing any sort of fee out of a news organisation is difficult.

We might even begin to think that this is a little sweetheart deal: it would be quite amazing to find anyone at all who wasn’t the child of a former president being offered such a deal. And even that’s not quite right: the child of anyone other than a possible future president would find it very tough to get such a deal.

But you know, rich bird being paid a fortune to do near nothing isn’t motivated by money. So, that’s alright then, isn’t it? Rich but her heart’s in the right place.

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Fidel Castro’s GAZ-built Chaika Limo – Photos Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:06:46 +0000 TAXI Moises Suarez turns on the radio inside the Soviet-made limousine taxi cab that once belonged to Fidel Castro’s fleet which he rents from the government in Havana, Cuba.

Many aspects of his GAZ-built Chaika – Russian for ‘seagull’” – are original, from the camel-colored headliner to the radio with its buttons and knobs labeled in Cyrillic lettering. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)


PA 20170973 Fidel Castros GAZ built Chaika Limo   Photos


PA 20170192 Fidel Castros GAZ built Chaika Limo   Photos PA 20170173 Fidel Castros GAZ built Chaika Limo   Photos PA 20170180 Fidel Castros GAZ built Chaika Limo   Photos PA 20171105 Fidel Castros GAZ built Chaika Limo   Photos

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JK Rowling Doesn’t Want Scottish Independence Wed, 11 Jun 2014 15:38:55 +0000 PA 1401984 JK Rowling Doesnt Want Scottish Independence


THE political hot-tatty that is Scottish Independence has seen most people thinking ‘it doesn’t really matter whether Scotland would be better off independent, they’ll probably vote ‘Yes’ just to get away from the Tories and UKIP’.

Comedian Limmy is a huge vocal support of independence. So is Kevin Bridges, Alan Cumming, Sean Connery and actor Brian Cox. David Bowie and Alex Ferguson aren’t keen on the idea.

Billy Connolly says he’s staying out of it.

And now, JK Rowling, has put down her writing pen and, from her Harry Potter riches, has donated £1m to the anti-independence campaign ‘Better Together’.

Like Sir Alex, Rowling is a long-standing supporter and donor to the Labour party. Rowling’s donation is the largest single gift anyone has given to Better Together. It just so happens to be run by her pal, Alistair Darling, who you’ll remember as the bloke who was a Labour chancellor and had grey hair and black eyebrows drawn on with permanent marker.

In a statement on her website, Rowling, who happens to still live in Scotland, said: “I came to the question of independence with an open mind and an awareness of the seriousness of what we are being asked to decide.”

“My hesitance at embracing independence has nothing to do with lack of belief in Scotland’s remarkable people or its achievements. The simple truth is that Scotland is subject to the same 21st-century pressures as the rest of the world.”

“It must compete in the same global markets, defend itself from the same threats and navigate what still feels like a fragile economic recovery. The more I listen to the yes campaign, the more I worry about its minimisation and even denial of risks.”

“Whenever the big issues are raised – our heavy reliance on oil revenue if we become independent, what currency we’ll use, whether we’ll get back into the EU – reasonable questions are drowned out by accusations of ‘scaremongering.’ Meanwhile, dramatically differing figures and predictions are being slapped in front of us by both campaigns, so that it becomes difficult to know what to believe.”

“If we leave, though, there will be no going back. This separation will not be quick and clean: it will take microsurgery to disentangle three centuries of close interdependence, after which we will have to deal with three bitter neighbours.”

“I doubt that an independent Scotland will be able to bank on its ex-partners’ fond memories of the old relationship once we’ve left. The rest of the UK will have had no say in the biggest change to the union in centuries, but will suffer the economic consequences.”

So there you go.

JK Rowling versus Alex Salmond. Who will win? There’s only one way to find out.


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Hilary Clinton Finds Meher Baba’s Mission To The West In A Stuffed Teddy’s Paw Sat, 07 Jun 2014 13:06:41 +0000 meher baba Hilary Clinton Finds Meher Babas Mission To The West In A Stuffed Teddys Paw


IS Hilary Clinton stuffed?

New York Magazine notes a moment recorded in Hilary’s new memoir:

“[I]t was [former Secretary of State] George Shultz who gave me the best gift of all: A teddy bear that sang ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ when its paw was squeezed. I kept it in my office, first as a joke, but every so often it really did help to squeeze the bear and hear that song.”


The Indian mystic and sage Meher Baba (1894–1969) often used the expression “Don’t worry, be happy” when cabling his followers in the West. However, Meher Baba communicated variations of the sentiment; fuller versions of the quote – such as, “Do your best. Then, don’t worry; be happy in My love. I will help you” — which incorporate responsibility with detachment, as well as the master/disciple spiritual relationship. In the 1960s, the truncated version of this expression by Baba was printed up on inspiration cards and posters of the era. In 1988, McFerrin noticed a similar poster in the apartment of the jazz band Tuck & Patti in San Francisco. Inspired by the expression’s charm and simplicity, McFerrin wrote the now famous song, which was included in the soundtrack of the movie Cocktail, and became a hit single the next year. In an interview by Bruce Fessier for USA Weekend magazine in 1988 McFerrin said, “Whenever you see a poster of Meher Baba, it usually says ‘Don’t worry, be happy,’ which is a pretty neat philosophy in four words, I think.”


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You Won’t Believe The Filthy Tsarist Muck Putin Serves Journalists Mon, 26 May 2014 10:25:02 +0000 SAY what you like about Vladimir Putin (some of you might even live and adapt to your injuries) but he puts on a decent spread. This is the menu served after the press conference with the world’s leading news agencies and Russian President Vladimir Putin which was held in St Petersburg, Russia in May 2014.

His one error was in only serving Russian wine (which is a bit like Irish tea 210):


PA 19932643  You Wont Believe The Filthy Tsarist Muck Putin Serves Journalists

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Nigel Farage: Friend To The Mentally Ill Of Essex But Not Newark Sat, 24 May 2014 20:03:50 +0000 PA 19913250 Nigel Farage: Friend To The Mentally Ill Of Essex But Not Newark


NIGEL Farage has shown the elite that you can shake up politics.

Rafael Behr and Matthew Parris have written two thoughtful pieces on UKIP man.


… the Tories know that they can only begin to push that message once the smoke raised by the European election result clears. This is where the Newark by-election – and Farage’s decision to sit it out – becomes interesting. The seat has a solid Tory majority of 16,000. With different boundaries in the past, it has returned Labour MPs. The present vacancy exists because the incumbent, Patrick Mercer, resigned over egregious breaches of parliamentary rules regarding cash for lobbying. It is the kind of contest that delivers an earth-shaking upset ahead of a general election when there is a prevailing sense that the country is about to jettison the government of the day – as in the run-up to Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide and Gordon Brown’s despatch in 2010. No one in Westminster detects such a mood abroad today. Labour is playing down its chances. The Liberal Democrats will be happy just to finish ahead of the Bus Pass Elvis Party.

Farage looked at the odds and decided that he, too, couldn’t win…

In Newark, the party’s candidate is Roger Helmer, a 70-year-old former Tory MEP whose record of social commentary includes defending a policy to repatriate immigrants, claiming that some rape victims should “share part of the responsibility” for being attacked and sympathising with people who finding homosexuality “abnormal and undesirable”…

Nigel Farage’s jovial bluster is no longer sufficient to launder the more sinister views that swirl around him. He turns tetchy when challenged over his distaste for foreign languages spoken on trains. His casual conflations of Romanian nationality and criminal behaviour have prompted hostile comment from previously indulgent Tory-leaning newspapers. Farage seems unsure whether he should be defending the assertion or apologising for it.



…Collectively, an era is as vulnerable as an individual to bouts of mild mental illness. Nations are susceptible to paranoia because rumour spreads and people echo and amplify each other’s fears until the crowd has forgotten what was the original harm. Nobody who goes about the country as I do, knocks on doors, talks to political meetings and attends party grassroots social occasions as I do, can have failed to notice that fear and resentment of immigrants does not reduce as proximity to living, breathing immigrants reduces. Ukip’s big Essex successes yesterday — Castle Point, Basildon, Southend and Thurrock — are all more than 80 per cent “white British”.

If anything, indignation bears an inverse relationship to justification. In my own party it increases, too, with age, and especially among those who are no longer earning a living but imagine — usually from reading the newspapers — that they speak for those who are. Immigration has had a more profound impact on London than anywhere else, so is London awash with purple and yellow? On Thursday London said “no thanks” to Ukip. Few in the Derbyshire Peak District have ever knowingly seen a Bulgarian in the flesh. But you’ll find more indignation about Bulgarians in Buxton than in Battersea. Somebody needs to point out these truths.


Nigel Farage’s UKIP is the empty vessel into which people pour their hates.


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War On Free Speech: Danish TV Journalists Defeats The Extremists With A Whistle Fri, 23 May 2014 08:40:49 +0000 HOW do you deal with intolerance? How do you face down someone who won’t listen and doesn’t want anyone else to either? How do you deal with censorship and enemies of free speech? With the reverse whistle:


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Look Natural Ed: The Best Of Ed Miliband V Food And Cameras Fri, 23 May 2014 08:22:26 +0000 ED Miliband only needs a baby blue bow in his hair to look more like a gift to the Tory election strategy.

Anorak’s problem with him is that he can’t speak properly. His inability say even the most basic words without sounding like a balloon fating out the last vestiges of air grates.

Politically, he’s limp. After years of coalition rule, the Labour Party hasn’t laid a glove on the Tories. Their Plan A seems to have been to sit back and let UKIP destroy the Conservatives. But they failed to realise that UKIPs job was to smash the BNP and many Labour voters don’t like foreigners much, either. After all, it was the Labour Government that made Romanians and Bulgarians second-class Europeans by keeping then out of Britain when those two nations joined the EU in January 2007. Romanians and Bulgarian had to wait seven years to join the Poles in the UK. The Labour Party failed to spot that its own illiberal polities were not all that different to UKIP’s. 


Screen shot 2014 05 23 at 09.25.14 Look Natural Ed: The Best Of Ed Miliband V Food And Cameras


They are surely heading for defeats at the next election.

But before Ed goes, he’s being turned into laughing stock:


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UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent Thu, 22 May 2014 20:09:21 +0000 WE took lots of photos of UKIP Leader Nigel Farage arrives at Cudham Church of England Primary School in Cudham, Kent, to cast his vote in today’s Local and European elections:

PA 19900399 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent


PA 19900036 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19900234 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19899824 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19900664 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19900159 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19900237 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19900758 1 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent PA 19900525 UKIP Photos: Nigel Farage Heads To Cudham Church of England Primary School in Kent

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Prince Charles Know His History: Vladimir Putin Is Doing A Hitler Thu, 22 May 2014 09:02:59 +0000 PA 19887374 Prince Charles Know His History: Vladimir Putin Is Doing A Hitler



WHAT are we to make of the news that Prince Charles likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler? Charles didn’t make his views known in a public address. He was, as the BBC put it, “privately conversing” in Nova Scotia, Canada, where one day he hopes to be head of State. Charles told a woman whose relations were murdered in the Holocaust: “And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.”

A senior Russian diplomatic source tells the Telegraph:

“We are seeking clarification [from the FCO] at a working level. It’s not clear if it is an official position. The response from Clarence House is it was a private talk. We hope there is nothing behind it. But it is unclear to us: what does it mean? He is the future king, after all… It is very serious. Every family in our country lost someone in that war.”

Over 20millions Russian died in World War 2.

As for it being an official position, what does that mean? Charles has no great power. All he does is talk. All he has are opinions.

Labour party MP Mike Gapes says Charles should be mute. “In constitutional monarchy policy and diplomacy should be conducted by parliament and government. Monarchy should be seen and not heard,” he tweeted.

He can’t speak? Gapes added:

“If you are heir to throne or monarch what you say matters. Normal ‘free speech’ argument not relevant.”

Charles is now a non-human, a thing not allowed human rights.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg does not agree with Gapes:

“I have never been of this view that if you are a member of the royal family somehow you have to enter into some Trappist vow of silence. I think he is entitled to his views. But I don’t know whether those were his views because I just don’t think providing a running commentary on what were private conversations is useful to anybody.”

David Aaronovitch takes a view in the Times:

Hitler’s pretexts for the annexation of the Czech Sudetenland in 1938 and the invasion of Poland in 1939 were similar…On September 1, 1939, Hitler made a speech announcing war with Poland, which began with a long prologue of justification concerning the Free City of Danzig, a city with a large majority of Germans and a Nazi government, and the “corridor” of Polish land that separated it from the Reich. “Danzig was and is a German city! The corridor was German and is German! These regions owe their cultural development exclusively to the German Volk . . . Danzig was torn from us.”

On March 18 this year Mr Putin announced the annexation of Crimea to a selected audience at the Kremlin. In a speech punctuated by standing ovations and TV cutaways to women crying with joy, he began by telling them: “Crimea has always been an inseparable part of Russia. This firm conviction is based on truth and justice and was passed from generation to generation, over time, despite all the dramatic changes our country went through during the entire 20th century.”

It was the Treaty of Versailles that robbed Germany of the corridor and divided its Volk. It was the post-1989 chaos that finally deprived Russia of Crimea. “Millions of people went to bed in one country and awoke in different ones, overnight becoming ethnic minorities in former Union republics,” said the Russian president, “while the Russian nation became one of the biggest, if not the biggest ethnic group in the world to be divided by borders.”

In 1938 and 1939 that claim was made in Germany…

In Crimea and elsewhere in Ukraine, said Mr Putin, “time and time again attempts were made to deprive Russians of their historical memory, even of their language and to subject them to forced assimilation.”

Unsurprisingly, the citizens of Crimea “turned to Russia for help in defending their rights and lives, in preventing the events that were unfolding and are still underway in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities”.

Help was forthcoming because “no honourable great power could calmly tolerate such a state of affairs for long”, as Hitler put it. Or, as Mr Putin said: “Naturally, we could not leave this plea unheeded; we could not abandon Crimea and its residents in distress. This would have been betrayal on our part.”

The Guardian ignores that and simply calls it a “gaffe”.

But it wasn’t. He said what he meant. He made no faux pad. His was not a social blunder. He said what he meant. And it’s a view not entirely unsupported by historical fact.


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UKIP: One Out Of Two Romanians Agrees wIth Nigel Farage Wed, 21 May 2014 12:08:49 +0000 PA 19776472 UKIP: One Out Of Two Romanians Agrees wIth Nigel Farage

DID you enjoy that Channel 4 News interview, the one where Jon Snow asked two Romanian guests what they thought of UKIP and Nigel Farage’s comment on “unruly Romanians”? We met Mariana Gordan, a woman who moved to the UK as a refugee, escaping the murderous nutjob Ceausescu. She’s lived here for 35 years. Snow asked her:

“How would you feel if somebody told you you would have to live next door to Nigel Farage?”

Gordan’s reply was clear:

“I would say he wasn’t far wrong about his… you know… I wouldn’t want to live next door to a bunch of unruly Romanians myself, whether in England or in Romania.”


“Of course, he was right, Romania is not a civilised country… this is not a race issue, I do not think Nigel Farage is racist. I think he’s learned something from this influx of Romanians, some of them because are mixed up with gypies… it’s just politically incorrect to call them gypies anymore… you can’t… we can’t even tell them apart. They have bad habits of exploiting their women and children and they are unruly”.

And on she went:

“My argument is not about race, it is about right and wrong. Britain is the most civilised country in the world and if people come here they should be civilised.”

The film begins in rather unsettling fashion, as the guest in red has a stare off with the camera:     You got the impression Snow did not get the response he wanted. It turns out that – get this – not all Romanians are the same. They don’t even see themselves as equal. Who knew? Brendan O’Neill wonders:

What’s it all about? It can’t simply be down to the arguments Farage espouses. Take immigration. Loads of political and media types are illiberal on immigration, favouring strict border controls. Indeed, it was Labour, whose supporters in the media choke on their macchiatos whenever Farage mentions the word ‘Romanian’, which took the unusual step of keeping certain Romanians and Bulgarians out of Britain when those two nations joined the EU in January 2007. This instantly turned Romanians and Bulgarians into the second-class citizens of Europe, who did not enjoy the same freedom of movement as Poles and others who had joined the EU in the 2000s. It takes politics to a new low for Labour leaders and Labour-leaning commentators to gasp in horror when Farage says something dumb about Romanians moving in next door, considering it was their party which for seven years physically and legally prevented Romanians from moving in next door. 

Nigel Farage is not to everyone’s tastes. But he’s an adult keen to say things the elite only allude to.

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The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon Tue, 20 May 2014 19:54:30 +0000 PA 19880910 The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon


SO. UKIP staged a carnival in Croydon. All carnivals are crap. This one was no exception.

In 2011, UKIP’s party’s director of communications and European candidate, Patrick O’Flynn, told Daily Express readers that London’s Notting Hill Carnival was a “propagandist message” and should be shut down. It’s not. It’s got no message. It’s just cramped, dull and full of people pretending to have al fresco fun. It rivals only Zurich for its cloying sense of civic pride. And that’s in neat and tidy Switzerland where they understand it if you want to kill yourself.

UKIP’s carnival would be a monocultural village fete on wheels. UKIP, the Party that dreams of Leni Riefenstahl directing episodes of Midsomer Murders (we all know who did it; just high time everyone else knew it, too), staged its carnival. The party booked a band of steel drummers (trad jazz for the ethnic vote), who left when they found out they’d be playing Yellow Bird for Nigel Farage and his supporters. But before the UKIPers had time to stick Max Bygraves singing Under the Coconut Tree on the gramophone, a gang of intolerant protesters turned up to scream that the UKIP party was intolerant.

One banner declared:  “We are Romanians and we don’t feel comfortable with your racism.”

We’re not sure how being Romanian makes you especially intolerant of racism. The European Roma Rights Centre reports:

The Romanian Secretary of State for Minorities within the Ministry of Education has stated he would “not send his child to a school where there was a significant share of Roma.” 

In 2013, Der Speigel reported:

Outrage has erupted among advocacy groups in Romania after the state channel TVR broadcast an anti-Semitic Christmas song calling for Jews to be burned in a chimney. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), the song ran on a Dec. 5 broadcast by the rural-targeted TVR3 channel.

You can see the broadcast here.

No. It’s not being Romanian that makes you an anti-racist. It’s being a sensitive, confident human being that does that. Many Romanians in the home country would think UKIP a bunch of Jew-boy pinkos.

Farage had been scheduled to pop up and show us how much redder in he face he’d got that day (by the time of the election, and with a decent dry spell, Farage’s arrival on the telly will be heralded with a health warning to adjust your set lest it melt). But Nige never showed, despite Winston McKenzie, a former UKIP leadership contender and ex-boxer, saying that he was on his way. McKenzie later explained why Nigel never arrived:

“It’s not a case of being scared. It’s a case of realising you are a responsible husband and former smiley man and the leader of a political party. There’s certain situations that you avoid.”

He then aded:

“Croydon, which was once a nice place to shop, has now become a dump. How can you [expect] an international leader to turn up somewhere he feels unsafe?”

Eh? What country is Farage a leader of, and can we sink it?



PA 19880495 The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon PA 19880498 The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon PA 19880500 The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon

PA 19880502 The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon

UKIP candidate for Croydon Winston McKenzie speaks to his leader Nigel Farage on the phone in Croydon town centre where was due to speak, but didn’t turn up.

PA 19880506 The UKIP Carnival In Photos: Pinko Jew Boy Nigel Farage Is Prig Of The Dump In Crap Croydon

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Turkish PM’s Advisers Goes On Sick Leave For Injuries Sustained Kicking A Protestor Mon, 19 May 2014 13:19:46 +0000 PA 19827858 Turkish PMs Advisers Goes On Sick Leave For Injuries Sustained Kicking A Protestor


TO Turkey, where the the PM’s adviser is on sick leave for injuries to the leg he used to kick a protester.



Yusuf Yerkel was touring Soma with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan when he hurt his leg.

Medics at the Ankara Atatürk Training and Research Hospital diagnosed Mr Yerkel with soft tissue trauma. The report states:

“There are 10×10 cm oedema, bruises and soft tissue panicula on the right knee, and bruises and soft tissue panicula on the left shoulder and front of the chest. The patient has been diagnosed with soft tissue trauma as there is sensitivity with leg and arm movements and difficulty with walking.”

Medics urge Mr Yerkel to use his head, literally, the next time, or else run the considerably risk of further inflaming the damage.

The man who injured Mr Yerkel’s leg has yet to apologise…

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Listen As Nigel Farage Gets Vigorously Shafted By An Invisible Romanian On The James O’Brien Show Fri, 16 May 2014 13:20:22 +0000 Screen shot 2014 05 16 at 14.19.02 Listen As Nigel Farage Gets Vigorously Shafted By An Invisible Romanian On The James OBrien Show

The mask slips


FINALLY! UKIPS’ one-man-band Nigel Farage is exposed by LBC’s James O’Brien to be the crap politician he surely is. His one mission was to destroy the BNP and EDL. Job done. Anything other than that, the man’s a dead duck.

Just after the 20 minute mark, UKIP’s head of communications Patrick O’Flynn interrupted the interview to stop it.

But the best bit is just after 17mins, when Farage is asked to talk about the difference between Romanian and German kids. The word “quality” is used…


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Just Like The Greens, UKIP Try To Shut Down Free Speech Thu, 15 May 2014 20:22:55 +0000 free speech Just Like The Greens, UKIP Try To Shut Down Free  Speech

THE METRO heralded the arrival of “the tweet police”, the anti-free speech brigade who nick you for saying nasty things (but only if the target is a popular one). The story went that the twitter cops had called on Green Party member Michael Abberton. He had mocked up a UKIP poster on Twitter. He was “fact checking” UKIP’s ten-point party policy.

UKIP councillor offended. (So much for the stiff-upper lip.) They contacted the police. And the police, in their wisdom, laced up their heavy boots and went over to have a word with the tweeter.

Abberton was unimpressed, noting: “Is it not a matter for concern that a political party would seek to silence dissent and debate in such a manner?

Quote so. It’s nuts.

It’s illiberal censorship, much like the Green Party leader who said the “scientific debate on climate change is over” and “any cabinet minister or government adviser who does not agree with the ‘scientific consensus’ about climate change should be removed from office”.

The Green Party leader is Natalie Bennett. She says of the UKIP tweet:

“This police action is both disturbing and surprising. That an apparently general complaint from a political party about not liking what was said about them could have led to a police visit that many would find intimidating is an extremely serious incident that demands immediate investigation. Free speech is a precious right that we must defend.”

Shutting down debate is what people afraid of debate do. And it’s not surprising the police get involved. They are less about the law and preserving hard won freedoms than they concerned with their own PR…

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