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GE17: The reactionary Progressive Alliance will eat itself

The alternative to Theresa May’s Tories is to vote for a rival party. It pretty much doesn’t matter which one. They’ve decided to be the same. The BBC tells us:

Jeremy Corbyn needs to get round a table with the Greens to discuss ways of developing a progressive alliance, it’s co-leader Caroline Lucas has said.

Bit odd, no?

The alliance of Labour, Green, LibDem, SNP and whoever else opposes the Tories points to one alternative – a two party answer. You can have the one leader one nation Conservatives, or the multi-leader, one world alternative.

As Tim Worstall wonders, why not all just join the same party?

Robert Harries replies:

Because the Labour Party are far too pro-industrial socialism and (in theory) want to forward policies for material abundance for the masses, while the Greens are just austerity-socialists, middle class ‘moralists’ and neo-Malthusian moronic shites who aim for us all to be poor and think working class people going on cheap flights on holiday is a terrible thing.

It’s happening!

The Green Party has been the main driver of such alliances so far, having stood down for Labour or the Lib Dems in Ealing, Hove, Ilford, Hove, Oxford West and Abingdon, Richmond Park and Twickenham, while the Liberal Democrats agreed to stand down in Brighton Pavillion to enable Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas a better chance of retaining her seat.

Labour has meanwhile made it clear at a national level that it would not support such alliances, but activists in a number of constituencies have nonetheless defied such orders and decided not to back their own candidates in order to increase the chances for another progressive candidate in the region.

If you don’t back your own candidate – and how crap must they be? – you reduce the electorate’s choices. How is that progressive?

Lib Dem grandee Vince Cable has been caught on tape sharing such scandalous information that the Conservatives have felt honour-bound to release it to the general public.

In the “secret tapes”, Cable refers to Labour’s Rupa Huq, who is defending her marginal seat of Ealing Central and Acton…

Cable, who is fighting to regain his former seat in Twickenham, lets slip that he gave Huq a lift home after a TV appearance and they “talked for a couple of hours”. The former Coalition Business secretary then drops the bombshell: “It was very clear that on almost every issue our views were almost identical.” He urges “our people around the country” to “think and act in a constructive way”.

The plan seems simple: create an anti-democratic ego-led mess so that before long we’ll be begging to be controlled by the EU’s anti-democratic egomaniac technocrats.


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Daily Express: Macron win overshadowed by breaking Broccoli news

Having supported UKIP and Marine Le Pen’s Presidential bid (she was backed by former UKIP and Express columnist leader Nigel Farage) – “Good news for the UK’ EU trembles as Marine Le Pen victory would make pound STRONGER” (April 17);  “‘It will be GAME OVER’ Le Pen victory will DESTROY European Union’, warns former Italian PM” (March 1); “Marine Le Pen will BREAK DOWN the European Union even if she LOSES, experts claim” (April 23) – how does the Daily Express cover the news that Le Pen lost and Emmanuel Macron won in France?

Answer: with Broccoli.


express macron

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Bloody Corbyn And Brexit: Voters’ deliver candid message to Labour

It turns out that having rubbished the electorate for being thick and voting the wrong way in the referendum, when you go asking for them to vote for you you get told to naff off.

The former leader of the Labour group on Leicestershire council, Robert Sharp, is upset. He tells the Leicester Mercury:

“I am personally disappointed but we saw it coming. I have said before that it has been tough on the doorstep. We have struggled to get local issues noticed.

“All we have had back at us is Brexit and ‘bloody Corbyn’. I don’t want to sound like a bitter candidate who has just lost his seat and is trying to blame someone else, but Jeremy Corbyn has had a negative impact on this campaign.”

Jeremy Corbyn brexit

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BBC pundit: ‘Everyone who votes Tory is a racist’ and Labour is mystified by Brexit

On BBC TV’s Newsnight, former Newsnight Economic’s Editor Paul Mason – he now works at Channel 4 –  has news for all Tory voters. It’s all about race.


PS: You anti-racists can vote Labour, then, which has no problem with racism at all.

PPS: Brendan O’Neill knocks:

racism labour brexit

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Green Left Weekly: ‘British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has done remarkably well’

jeremy corbyn the green paper


Australian publication Green Left Weekly aims to deliver “news and ideas the mainstream media won’t”. For instance, it’s the only paper we can find that says “British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has done remarkably well since Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s April 19 announcement of general elections on June 8.”

Green Left Weekly reported that on May 4. Two days on and the poisonous mainstream media has a different view on Corbyn’s performance.


council elections theresa may corbyn newspapers


Spotter: Tim Worstall

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You Janus: John Prescott demands ‘cheap publicity stunts’ to damage Theresa May

Compare and contrast former deputy prime minister John Prescott’s views on TV debates.


Sky's TV debate campaign is cheap publicity for Murdoch. Gordon can beat Cameron any day of the week. Doesn't need to go on Sky to prove it

September 2 2009:

“Sky’s TV debate campaign is cheap publicity for Murdoch. Gordon can beat Cameron any day of the week. Doesn’t need to go on Sky to prove it.”


john prescott tv debates may


April 17 2017:

Empty seat her.

Is Mr Prescott’s view altered by the fact that in 2009 uninspiring anointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown was a poor performer on live TV and Labour could only lose – but in 2017 uninspiring anointed Prime Minister Theresa May is a poor performer on live TV and Labour can only gain?



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Brexit thrives as voters bring about the demise of UKIP and Labour’s slow suicide

UKIP’s vote share in the Council election is down by 16%. They are demolished. The good news is that this also demolishes the argument that a vote for Brexit was a vote for racism and Nigel Farage’s monocular views.


Operation Black Vote launched the campaign, due to be shown in London and Manchester, to encourage people from ethnic minorities to register and vote in the EU referendum   Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Operation Black Vote launched this to encourage people from ethnic minorities to register and vote in the EU referendum


Brexit lives on and thrives as UKIP dies on the vine.

At 09:00 BST, across the 23 English and Welsh counties that had fully declared results, the Tories had control of 10 authorities and 561 seats, a net gain of 155.
Labour had control of five authorities and 404 seats, a net loss of 125. The Lib Dems had 143 seats, a net loss of 28. UKIP had failed to win any seats, a net loss of 41, while the Greens had picked up five.

Labour are being eroded. Jeremy Corbyn could reduce a Tory landslide by resigning immediately. The Tories only need slap his face on posters to secure voters in the General Election. He won’t, of course. Labour is so far to the Left that it’s now anti-Labour.

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GE17: Diane Abbott creates 250,000 more police officers on up to £8,000 a year each – maybe

When Diane Abbott went on Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio show to talk about Labour’s plans for Government, she told listeners what 10,000 extra police officers would cost. They would cost about £80m. Or £300,000. Or it might be more. Or less. Or something in the middle. Maybe.

Here’s Diane – your future Home Secretary – to explain:


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Indian minister gives 700 brides wooden bats to beat drunk husbands

To India, where a politician is equipping women with foot-long wooden bats “for beating drunkards”. The first batch of bats was presented to 700 brides during a mass wedding on Saturday.

As Gopal Bhargava handed out the gifts, he told the women that only after attempting to reason with their drunk husbands should they “let the wooden paddles do the talking”.


india wooden bats

“You’re FOUR it now!”


The Guardian notes:

Bhargava said he wanted to draw attention to the plight of rural women who face domestic abuse from their alcoholic husbands.“Women say whenever their husbands get drunk they become violent. Their savings are taken away and splurged on liquor,” he said.

He’s ordered a further 10,000 bats to give to future brides.

But all might not be as it seems. The bats are the same type used to help clean dirty laundry. Yeah. It’s a trap!

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Antisemitism and homophobia is better aired than buried

When David Ward was removed as a Liberal Demorcrat candidate in the upcoming General Election because his party’s leader Tim Farron operates a “no tolerance – zero tolerance – of anti-Semitic remarks”, Ward told BBC News.

“I am a liberal through and through. How on earth could I be racist or be anti-Semitic?”

Steady. That’s a rhetorical question as illustrated by Ward continuing:

“I would defy anybody to find one single derogatory comment I’ve made against a Jew which was not related to something being done in Israel.”

Looking aside from Farron’s apparent ignorance of Ward’s words before Theresa May and the Tories pointed them out to him in the Commons, and marvel at the man’s defence.

Brendan O’Neill:

Wow. There it is. The modern problem with ‘the Jews’ summed up: it is okay to hate ‘the Jews’, or at least to be derogatory against the Jews, if you’re attacking Israel, if your apparently loftier target is the Jewish State and its militarism. This speaks to the way in which attacking Israel has become a means of being derogatory about Jews, who are seen as bearing responsibility for various military crimes, and, among the more far-out left, for economic malaise and global instability, too. This is the anti-imperialism of fools.

Back to Farron, and why he thought it right to condemn Ward as soon as the media glare was shone on his opinions. Mind, this was in the same week that Farron discovered that he was ok with gay sex. It was, he said, not a “sin”. The odd thing is that Tim’s an Evangelical Christian, and they believe that homosexuality is wrong. Where does that leave Tim, then? Does the man have the courage of his convictions?

Rod Liddle:

As a Christian, then, Tim was a few burning embers short of the full Cranmer when it came to loyalty and conviction — but it saved his political skin. By way of explanation he mumbled something about specks of sawdust and removing the plank of wood from his own eye. I’d remove the large block of wood from inside your cranium, mate, before you start wittering on in that wet George Formby accent about bloody sawdust. Drop your beliefs just so the gibbering Twitter monkeys don’t get you? Sell out your god for an extra five seats in the Commons? Anyone ever tell you at Bible class about Judas?

In a free country you should be able to say what you like, however stupid or bigoted. Farron’s banning and flimflammery befuddles his message. What does he believe in? What does he think?

It’s not progressive to find Jews guilty of collective guilt because of your weird obsession with Israel over, say, China, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russian, Thailand or anywhere else with problems. And it’s just as weird to spend your time wondering about men having consensual sex because you read a book and believed everything in it to be factually true. But it is a triumph of free speech in a free society to give full throat to your prejudices and let others offend you with theirs.

Rather than this banning and revisionism being an oddity, Tim Farron’s illiberal liberalism is very much in keeping with the age of no-platforming people with whom you don’t agree and banning things that upset you. If you can’t say what you think, it’s not just the bastards and bigots who miss out. We all lose.

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Dalston Momentum and Hackney Momentum’s clarification is beyond parody

On Twitter., Dalston Momentum – based in Hackney, London – has a message for Hackney Momentum – based in Hackney, London – about an upcoming event:

Hackney Momentum asked us to point out they’re engaging voters with performance theatre, NOT performance art

Hackney Momentum asked us to point out they're engaging voters with performance theatre, NOT performance art


Satire is not dead. Yet.

As for the event, well, it tells us:

In this meeting we’ll be using performance to help people develop ways of getting Labour’s message across.

Bring your own tissues.

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Tim Farron finds his backbone and blocks David Ward over ‘antisemitic’ comments

In today’s Sun we read that the LibDems have approved David Ward as their candidate for Bradford East. Ward lost the seat to Labour in 2015. Ward is the man who likened “the Jews” to the Nazis, the paper reminds us.

But just as we started to think there is no exit for such nastiness we learn that LibDem leader Tim Farron has sacked Ward. Farron says Ward’s comments about Jews were “deeply offensive, wrong and antisemitic”.

HURRAH! Finally one of them gets booted out. Other politicos accused of anti-Semitism get suspended. “I believe in a politics that is open, tolerant and united. David Ward is unfit to represent the party and I have sacked him,” said Farron.


Corbyn anti-semitism


But, as the Guardian points out, the sacking only occurred after Theresa May criticised Ward’s selection following a question from Eric Pickles during prime minister’s questions. Pickles asked if May “shares my disgust that a former member of this house criticised by the home affairs select committee for antisemitism has been selected for Bradford East for the Liberal Democrats?”

May said voters would be “disappointed to see the Liberal Democrats re-adopt a candidate with a questionable record on antisemitism”. The paper notes:

Ward has also said he would be willing to fire rockets from Gaza into Israel and praised the Labour MP Naz Shah after she was suspended by her party for antisemitic posts on Facebook.

Naz wasn’t kicked out. She was suspended. She was re-educated. She discovered that anti-Semitism is a form of racism. Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West – what is about that place? – delivered an apology, albeit with a sympathetic backstory.

“The language I used was anti-Semitic, it was offensive,” she said. “What I did was I hurt people and the language that was the clear anti-Semitic language, which I didn’t know at the time, was when I said, ‘The Jews are rallying.'”

She then went on a journey:

Ms Shah said she had been on a learning journey in recent months and had received “amazing compassion” from the Jewish community. “I didn’t get anti-Semitism as racism,” said Ms Shah. “I had never come across it. I think what I had was an ignorance.”

With her abhorrent views unchecked, Naz had made it all the way to be a front-bench advisor in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. Until she was exposed in the media, at no point did Shah think anti-Semitism could be wrong, let alone racist. Is that because everyone around her was as ignorant as she was? Or is it because anti-Semitism is rife in Labour, which is a safe space to be an anti-Jewish bigot? We can give ink to our thoughts on polling day.

Says Farron: “I don’t select our individual candidates and nor should I. But let me be clear, I won’t tolerate antisemitism in my party. David Ward has been disciplined in the past and if he or anyone else makes antisemitic remarks in this campaign I will expect the party to act quickly and decisively, as we did when we suspended a candidate in Luton South yesterday …Ashuk Ahmed, was suspended over Facebook posts that compared Zionism to the Nazis.”

Don’t panic, lads. You can always go back to school and stand as a representative for the NUS.

The National Union of Students (NUS) is embroiled in a fresh anti-Semitism row after three candidates holding or running for positions on its executive committee were revealed to have made offensive comments.

In online posts seen by The Independent, one current member of the union’s National Executive Council shared a video mocking Jews as having big noses and being tight with money, while another publicly suggested Jewish people are tight-fisted and said he wanted to destroy Israel.

A third, who is seeking a position on the union’s executive in elections being held this week, wrote an offensive Twitter message referring to Jews and using the phrase “Heil Hitler”.

Good job the Left has no issue with Jews. We know this because Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti told us there is no anti-Semitism in Labour Party.

Vote now. And vote often.

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Theresa May: “We want to lead the world in preventing tourism”

On the hustings for GE17, a nervy Theresa May tells the electorate: “We want to lead the world in preventing tourism.”


Spotter: Adam Bienkov

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The French Election is a huge waste of paper

The French election are riding high on the news cycle. The field has narrowed into a straight fight between Front National’s Marine Le Pen and independent Emmanuel Macron. Round 2 will be defined not what the French are for but what they are against. Do you want a samey rosy-fingered dawn (Marcon) or a honey-soaked past dipped in aspic (Le Pen)?

But this post is about the system. In Round 1, French voters were given 11 pieces of paper – 1 for each candidate. In the booth they choose 1 and put it in envelope. The rest are, presumably, thrown away.  More paper is printed than used. There is no electronic voting and very few voting machines.



Michæl Saunby tweets: “Avoids the need for pencils, which some (kippers) have a phobia of.”

Indeed, at the EU referendum some voters smelled a rat:

@Rox_Tans tweeted: “When you vote take a pen with you! They just tried making me do mine in pencil yeah ok so you can rub it out? Don’t think so bruv.”

Echoing this sentiment, @Kez_777 wrote: “Please make sure you take a BLACK PEN with you to vote as pencil votes can be tampered with (I wouldnt put anything past Cameron) #VoteLeave”

So is the French system better?


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Emily Thornberry: ‘There are people who poo who create a lot of jobs’

Emily Thornberry, Labour MP and shadow Foreign Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn’s Cabinet of anyone who lives within walking distance of his Islington home, is on Radio 4. She says: “There are people who poo who create a lot of jobs.”


That’s the jobbies sorted.


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Labour’s party political broadcast showing indoctrinized Corbyn Kids backfires

Labour’s latest electoral move is to take a teacher and show her instructing her students that education is safe in Labour’s hands. She’s shown indoctrinating her seven to eight year old students after they ask her some questions about politics. The internet rose to the challenge: what happens when they ask some difficult questions?



corbyn labour teacher


labour ppb teaching IRA

labour ppb teaching IRA

corbyn labour teacher party political broadcast

Spotter: Robbie Travers

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UKIP candidate delivers manifesto in the style of a Beat poem

UKIP candidate Gisela Allen has delivered her manifesto. Answering the question ‘Why do you want to be a councillor?” in Glasgow’s Garscadden/Scotstounhill ward, Gisela just lets it all pour out.

As Liam Kirkaldy‏ tweets: “There’s really a lot going on in this UKIP candidate’s election pitch. It’s like a stream of consciousness beat poem.”


gisela allen UKIP


Is it a spoof?

Bill Kidd, SNP MSP for Glasgow Anniesland, thinks it’s real. “Ms Allen with these outlandish statements has become a manifestation of all that makes her party so very unrepresentative of the constituents in Garscadden/Scotstounhill, or for that matter in Glasgow and Scotland,” he opines.

Labour candidate Eva Murray adds: “I’ve seen Ms. Allen’s comments and I, along with the many people in the communities I have spoken to strongly disagree with many if not most of them. We must aim to be an inclusive and caring society, which is exactly why I’m proud to be a Labour candidate in this election standing on the values of equality and fairness. I am sure the people of Garscadden/Scotstounhill will reject these shameful comments from the UKIP candidate.”

We looked and its turns out that Gisela Allen does exist and she is a UKIP candidate!

gisela allen UKIP


Spotter: Liam KirkaldyClydebank Post

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Caption writers protect the Easter Bunny from would-be Trump assassins and Elma Fudd

The President of the United States is on the LEFT.


trump bunny left caption


“Excellent use of parentheses. Bravo caption writers.” tweets @Zoeparamour.

“Sometimes Breaking News comes at exactly the perfect moment” adds @Melissajpeltier.


donald trump rabbit


Spotter: Twitter/@MelissaJPeltier & Twitter/@ZoeParamour

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Tim Farron is the illiberal Liberal

Tim Farron is the LibDem’s leader. He’s an Evangelical Christian. Does he think gay sex is a mortal sin, a crime against God? Conservative MP and former deputy speaker Nigel Evans asked him. “I do not,” says Farron. “I am very proud to have gone through the lobby behind the Honourable Gentleman under the Coalition Government where the Liberal Democrats introduced gay marriage, equal marriage and, indeed, did not go as far as it should in terms of recognising transgender rights. There’s so much more to be done. If we campaign in this election for an open, united and tolerant society, then we need to make sure we are not complacent in any way about LGBT rights.”

Farron was asked the same thing on Channel 4 News. “A while back I asked you whether it was true that you believed homosexuality was a sin, and you struggled to answer,” said Cathy Newman. “Now you’ve had a while to consider that question, what is the answer?” “I don’t think I struggled to answer, I talked about how I’m not in a position to be making theological pronouncements,” replied Tim.”…As a liberal, I’m passionate about equality – about equal marriage, about equal rights for LGBT people, fighting not just for LGBT rights in this country but overseas.”

Tim Farron’s beliefs are his own affair. You can believe what you like. When he abstained from voting for same-sex marriage in May 2013, he did so because it felt the right thing to do. Good for him. Not every movement necessitates the crushing and humiliation of our enemies. Freedom means expressing our heartfelt beliefs and causing offence. Hathos draws many towards religion and strict god-given moral codes as it once drew censors to outlaw gay sex. It exists for knowing narcissists to mock and use to define our righteous selves – we are what we are not. And we are not wrong.

We could be generous to Tim and think that he’s recognised his prejudices and done the liberal thing in discounting them in policy for the common good? Love for the ineffable and all human beings propels his support for gay rights. Maybe. Maybe not.

The gut feeling is that Tim Farron speaks with the conviction of a man who has read one book and agreed with everything in it. He says, “We are all sinners.” That’s a cop out. He’s an illiberal Liberal.


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Daily Mirror news trust: Arsenal and Theresa May are both for turning

How about this for wraparound newspaper cover. The Daily Mirror’s front page leads with Theresa May’s “U-turn”. Having said there would be no General Election before 202o, May has called one for June 8 2017.


daily mirror u-turn may theresa


If it’s all about trust, what are Mirror readers to make of the paper’s back page news story that Arsenal have made it clear Arsene Wenger will still be manager next season? The paper says Schalke defender Sead Kolasinac, 23, has been been told Wenger will remain at Arsenal for a further two seasons.

June 8 is one for the diary. And while you’re on that page, you might care to put a line through another event scheduled for that month. On June 30 2017, Arsene Wenger is to quit the club. We read that in the Daily Mirror.


Daily Mirror wenger quits Arsenal


Such are the facts.


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Theresa May is the people’s champion in her pro-Brexit General Election

There will be a General Election on June 8 2017. Theresa May wants Parliament to approve her call for a summer poll. She needs Labour to back her request – she needs two thirds of MPs to back an early-term General Election. They dare not deny her. What purpose is there in Opposition if you do not take your chance to unseat the incumbent Government? May’s message is clear: put up or shut up.

(We’ll have a Labour government on June 9th or my name’s not Pascal Thatcher-Livingstone III.)

Theresa May hopes to be a leader the demos voted for and not just the Conservative’s place holder.

She hopes the Tories will annihilate Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour at the polls, as they surely will.

She hopes UKIP voters will vote Tory, as they surely must.

She hopes there will be no new populist, left-wing pro-Brexit party to bloody the establishment’s noses.

The election will be a vote on Brexit. The Government’s majority is small. Division in Westminster, says May, is trying to undermine and scupper the will of the people. The news is stuffed with ex-PMs, unelected Lords, the very rich and connected chipping away at the people’s will. We voted for Brexit. We voted for change, more say, openness and being closer to the leaders and law makers who represent us. Everyday people saw a chance for something different and seized it.

May wants all parties to put forward their plans for Brexit and let the people decide which they prefer. A vote for the Conservatives is, she says, a vote for Brexit and a vote that will see the will of the people carried through.

A vote for May’s Tories is a vote in the national interest. Three other reasons to vote Tory are:

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s going to be a Tory landslide.


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Donald Trump gets to work on his Nobel Peace Prize

trump bomb


Russian and US relations are are at all time low. Well, so say the papers. Two big players in the Balkanisation of the Middle East are at loggerheads. How did this happen?

Ever since Donald Trump became President stories of his ties with the Russian regime have ridden high on the news cycle. Talking and doing business with Russia were portrayed as wrong. We were even told that Trump was Vladimir Putin’s puppet. A video of Trump being urinated on by prostitutes in a Moscow bedroom was being used to blackmail the leader of the free world. Well, so they said. We never did see the tape. And big deal that a reality TV star should feature in such a sodden sex video. The footage might even explain why Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye Went, feels comfortable hanging out with The Donald.

What’s odd is that from being in Putin’s pocket, Trump is now striking a blow for freedom and the American way.

He achieved this by bombing a Syrian airbase. Dinners and sex are bad. Bombs are good. So goes the narrative. So much for Trump’s isolationism and withdrawal from the Middle East. To be Presidential you need to bomb the hell out of another country.

Interventionism is the American way. Trump is the commander in chief who can order the U.S. military into action whenever it suits his judgment. And if the enemy is horrific enough, it’s all good.

Trump was pricked into action by news that Syria’s President Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people. The use of such weapons was President Obama’s red line. Assad is, said White House spokesman Sean Spicer, worse than Hitler – words that demean the Holocaust and echo the Left’s pre-bombing view that Trump is Hitler incarnate.

Interfering in someone else’s war means taking sides. In the hierarchy of killing machines, chemical weapons are worse than Syrian ‘rebels’ pulling up alongside busloads of evacuees and blowing up 126 of them – including 68 children. Pick your poison. We’re going with the rebels. They seem nice.

And so just a few months into office and Trump is morphing into his predecessors: positioning America as the word’s great therapeutic power and well-armed moral policeman. Vote Tump. Get Hillary Clinton. No need to explain your domestic policy and do the hard bits. Just look for something nasty on the world’s woodshed and blow it up.

And Trump’s got a taste for the Establishment’s way. No sooner had he fired missiles into Syria, then he dropped a massive bomb on Afghanistan. He’s rattling his sabre at North Korea. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the era of “strategic patience” is over. Pyongyang should prepare.

This is how you win the Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama scored his in 2009. His administration oversaw the “expansion of the CIA’s targeted killing program, which the Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates has killed between 2,528 and 3,648 individuals in Pakistan since 2004… Among those civilians, according to Amnesty International, was a Pakistani grandmother killed alongside 18 civilian laborers in a 2012 strike. The grandmother’s family came to Washington, D.C., last month to testify before Congress and urge an end to drone warfare.”

Trump’s no disruptor. He’s more of the same old. When it’s hard at home the President defines America by his adventures overseas. And the media always cheers.


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Donald Trump encouraged to bring his own solid golden coach for UK state visit

Donald Trump “insists” on riding in a golden carriage during his UK visit. No, not his gold carriage. That thing’s too wide for British streets, and the rhinestone-crusted wheels will mark the tarmac. Trump prefers to hitch a ride with Her Majesty in her golden coach in a procession down the Mall. At an estimated cost of £33.5m a mile, Trump may care to get the bill or get a Cab.


Queen-Trump- state visit


The Times says President Trump is “adamant” that the big procession in the gold coach forms part of his State visit. This contrasts with President Barack Obama’s 2011 visit. The man of the people chose to travel in an armoured, bullet-proof car to meet the Queen. The gold coach is more vulnerable. This presents a security issue.

An anonymous source tells us: “The vehicle which carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack like a low-level rocket grenade. If he’s in that vehicle he is incredibly well protected and on top of that it can travel at enormous speed. If he is in a golden coach being dragged up the Mall by a couple of horses, the risk factor is dramatically increased.”

Maybe they can reach a happy compromise. Is Princess Anne’s roller still operational?

“There may well be protections in that coach such as bulletproof glass, but they are limited,” the source continues. “In particularly it is very flimsy. It would not be able to put up much resistance in the face of a rocket propelled grenade or high-powered ammunition. Armour-piercing rounds would make a very bad show of things.”

Think of the paintwork!

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The Last Easter: nuclear war, nuclear bunker puzzles and killer eggs

It’s Easter, when Christians thank God for being alive. But will they make it to next Easter? The newspapers are full of doom.

On the Mail, it looks like two reality TV stars are threatening to blow up the world. But it’s not Kim Kardashian, of course, it’s Mr Kim, North Korea’s hereditary leader, and Donald Trump, formerly of The Apprentice and now as President of the USA giving top jobs in USA Inc. to enthusiastic amateurs, not all of whom he’s related to.


kim's threat north korea trump


At least the Mail is looking on the bright side of life with this brilliant front page.


easter trump


Over in the Mirror, help is at hand for all of you spending the holiday in nuclear bunkers. The paper’s tales of Armageddon are padded by a full eight pages of puzzles and games. The world might well be “IN CRISIS”, but there’s no excuse to be bored at you await annihilation. You can even place a bet, and those cheeky bookies will most likely lay odds on you being alive to collect any winnings and them being around to rub their stumps when you don’t.


daily mirror death trump war


And hold any thought of enjoying your Easter chocolates left by the housebreaking Easter bunny. Those Easter eggs are out to kill you, says the Daily Star.


daily star easter


Happy Easter!


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