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Newspaper Reaction To David Davis

HOW the newspapers view David Davis’ stance on 42 days, by The Croydonian:

The Sun – “HAS David Davis gone stark raving mad? How else can we explain his silly act of self-styled martyrdom?…This was no noble cause. It was a shabby act of treachery. Mr Davis, a second-rate but ferociously ambitious politician, has not forgiven his rival for thrashing him in the Tory leadership race two years ago“. So the hotline from No 10 to Nws Group still works.

The Mirror – “This brave gamble by a popular politician from a humble background will make him a hero to many and establish him as rival for the Tory crown“. They must really hate / fear Cameron.

Express – No leader comment that I can find. Doubtless there are some micro celebrities in need of attention

Mail – No leader comment that I can find. Quentin Letts likes DD though.

Guardian – “He is right on ID cards, but only on the basis of an excessively sweeping mistrust of the state. The liberty he is concerned with is, almost exclusively, liberty from official interference. There is little place in this conception for freedom from destitution, for example, which only the state can provide“. (C sticks his tongue into his lower lip and makes ‘stupid’ noises)

Independent – “we agree wholeheartedly with the trenchant opposition of the MP for Haltemprice and Howden to “the slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms” that has taken place in recent years“. Crikey.

Times – No leader comment. A dull item by Riddell I could not face.

Telegraph – Mixed, but finishes ‘Mr Davis’s resignation may have been reckless, misguided and highly disconcerting for the political establishment – but, driven by principle, it is none the less laudable for that’. If they had got it wrong I would be cancelling it today. – “On the substance of these issues Mr Davis has right on his side. Pre-charge detention of up to 42 days remains unjustified: this was apparent all over again in Wednesday’s debate. Similarly, the case for curtailing personal freedoms to introduce ID cards has simply not been made. Too many civil liberties have already been taken away“.  

David Davis – at last someone is doing something interesting in politics…

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Gordon Brown Rap Attack

THE Gordon Brown rap:

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Learning To Hate Big Brother’s Alexandra de Gale

alexandra-gale4.jpgBIG Brother 9 Watch: Anorak’s looks at Big Brother news in the media…

WHAT does it matter that Osama bin Laden has not been caught and the Germans are playing football without us when we can all rally round and learn to hate Big Brother’s Alex De Gale?

Today’s chance to loathe Alex comes once again in the Mirror, where we lean that she “bullied girls at her old job”.

Talking about Alex’s time in Thomson Directories telesales in Purley, Surrey, Jake Homatas tells the paper: “She made a lot of enemies. She bullied girls or people who can’t carry themselves in conversation. She thrives on intimidation and ran over them verbally.”

Alex’s conversation technique is to affect an air of extreme touchiness and then bang on and on that you breaving her air is a violaytion of her personable spayce. Anyone seeking a right to reply or run is brought up short by Alex’s verbal tic of creating new words.

She is less the product of , as she claims, than someone who has been preparing for Big Brother by listening to the collected thoughts of John Prescott.

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42 Days To Save Lee McQueen, Murdoch’s Sun And Kelvin MacKenzie

rupert_murdoch_kelvin_mckenzie.jpgMR Gordon Brown, prime minister, is considering the burning issues of the day in the Sun:

Gordon Brown yesterday broke off from the oil crisis and 42-day detention row to speak on Britain’s most hotly debated issue – should Lee McQueen have really won the Apprentice? He took a pause from international politics to share his thoughts on the show…

More on the Brentwood office boy here.

(Picture: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

Is there anything else on Gordon’s mind, like, say, David Davis’ grandstanding on civil liberties? Say Gordon, whose Labour Party might not, er, dignify Davis’ call for a by-election on 42 days detention by fielding a candidate:

Everyone now recognises this is a stunt that has become a farce. At the first test of what their policy is on the big central issue of national security, the Conservative Party are totally divided.”

Yeah, everyone, Like Diane Abbott, Labour MP. But if Labour won’t stand, who will? Why, it’s former Sun editor and current Sun columnist Kelvin MacKenzie, that man with his finger on the cabbie’s raised pulse. But political campaigns are expensive. How will he pay for his?

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Malik Obama Of The Muslim Obamas

THE Obama haters will just love this:

Someone forgot to send Malik Obama the memo. Not to worry, I cannot imagine Barack would disown his brother any more than he would disown his own grandmother, pastor, fellow home buyer, Chicago political mentor or VP search committee chairman (via The Campain Spot at NRO).

Barack Obama’s half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background.

In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya.


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I Should Cocaine: Carla Bruni Shocks Colombians

cocaine.jpgTHE Colombian cabinet puts much value on popular culture.

Having heard the country’s vice president Francisco Santos opine that Amy Winehouse should be “sent to rehab”, and that Kate Moss should apologise for taking cocaine, the country’s foreign minister says a new song by the wife of the French president is “very painful for Colombia”.

Carla Bruni has recorded her third album on which she is heard to croon: “You are my drug / More deadly than Afghan heroin / More dangerous than white Colombian.”

Colombia’s foreign minister Fernando Araujo says that “coming from the mouth of the wife of the President of France, this type of statement is very painful for Colombia”.

Araujo may choose to call his opposite number in Afghanistan and create an axis of complaint, and a CD file sharing hot line.

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Labour Party To Field Terror Victim Against David Davis

DAVID Davis wants to make 42 days a big issue. And one Labour activist wonders:

Maybe instead of Labour fielding a candidate in Haltemprice & Howden we should find a Martin Bell type candidate – preferably a recently retired senior police officer, or a survivor or relative of a victim of a terrorist attack, to run under the following 5 word candidate description: “Independent – for detaining terrorism suspects”. 

Luck Akehurst Location: Labour Party activist since 1988 – firmly on the moderate wing of the party. National Secretary of Labour Students 1995-6.

File under beyond parody

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David Davis Speech For Freedom And Liberty

DAVID Davis is right to say

Now the counter terrorism bill will in all probability be rejected by the House of Lords very firmly. After all, what should they be there for if not to defend Magna Carta.

But because the impetus behind this is essentially political – not security – the government will be tempted to use the Parliament Act to over-rule the Lords. It has no democratic mandate to do this since 42 days was not in its manifesto.

Its legal basis is uncertain to say the least. But purely for political reasons, this government’s going to do that. And because the generic security arguments relied on will never go away – technology, development and complexity and so on, we’ll next see 56 days, 70 days, 90 days.

But in truth, 42 days is just one – perhaps the most salient example – of the insidious, surreptitious and relentless erosion of fundamental British freedoms.

And we will have shortly, the most intrusive identity card system in the world.

A CCTV camera for every 14 citizens, a DNA database bigger than any dictatorship has, with 1000s of innocent children and a million innocent citizens on it.

We have witnessed an assault on jury trials – that bulwark against bad law and its arbitrary use by the state. Short cuts with our justice system that make our system neither firm not fair.

And the creation of a database state opening up our private lives to the prying eyes of official snoopers and exposing our personal data to careless civil servants and criminal hackers.

The state has security powers to clamp down on peaceful protest and so-called hate laws that stifle legitimate debate – while those who incite violence get off scot-free.

This cannot go on, it must be stopped. And for that reason, I feel that today it’s incumbent on me to take a stand.

I will be resigning my membership of the House and I intend to force a by-election in Haltemprice and Howden.

– David Davis MP

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Diane Abott On 42 Days And Liberty

DIANE Abott is right:

I do not believe, as Ministers continue to insist, that there is some trade-off between our liberties and the safety of the realm. What makes us free is what makes us safe, and what makes us safe is what will make us free.

They are taking away our liberties…

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What We Know About Barack Obama

HEREUNDER is what we have come to know about Barack Obama: 

Thanks to them, we now know that Obama is a Muslim and a radical leftist — more specifically, a Marxist who idolizes Che Guevara. But we’ve also found out that he’s a fascist who’s like Hitler with a Messiah complex and cult-like supporters.

Additionally, we’ve discovered that Obama’s a racist, elitist snob who is blatantly unpatriotic and hates America and, not surprisingly, is married to someone who hates America even more.

But most disturbingly, it appears that Senator Obama might not be American citizen and is a Manchurian Candidate who’s quite possibly a terrorist.

Oh, and he’s a blood-drinking Jew puppy killer, too… 


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David Davis Resigns Over 42 Days

WOW: Shadow home secretary David Davis has resigned as an MP.

He is to force a by-election in his Haltemprice and Howden constituency which he will fight on the issue of the new 42-day terror detention limit.

Mr Davis told reporters outside the House of Commons he believed his move was a “noble endeavour” to stop the erosion of British civil liberties.

The 59-year-old is one of the best known Tory MPs and his resignation came as a complete surprise in Westminster.

Vote Davis out or give Brown a boost – Hobson’s Choice…

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Madeleine McCann: Why Gordon Brown Did It

mccann-stamp.pngMADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

The Madeleine McCann case is not making much news. But you can still find the missing child being used as a point of reference for lazy hacks looking for context:

DAILY MIRROR: “If I hadn’t been found I would have had a different life –

When she was cruelly snatched aged five months by a woman posing as a store detective, Natalie became Britain’s most famous baby.

That’s Natalie Horrell, in case you’ve forgotten.

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REASONS to like Barack Obama: He Smokes

obama-smoking.pngBARACK Obama smokes, and has smoked cigarettes

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Barack Obama told reporters in St. Louis today that he has fallen off the wagon and smoked cigarettes in the last few months…

Obama has been smoking for years, and his lifetime habit has stunted his growth making him only visible through a magnifying lens.

When needed in public, the real Obama employs a leggy former basketball player, one Nigel Hitler, to repeat his lines word for word and grab the lectern and nod in moments of quiet reflection.

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Kevin Maguire And UK Politics Fear Of A Black Man

mirror-race.jpg“WE’RE still a long way from a British Obama?” says the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Gordon Brown’s media vessel.

That must be disappointing news for Lord Levy, the former Labour fundraiser, who in reply to the question “Who would you like to see as the next Labour leader?” offers “Barack Obama”.

Says Maguire: “The Democratic US Presidential hopeful [Surely Democrat Party hopeful?] has bypassed rich vested interests by mobilising people, filling his war chest with thousands of small donations from ordinary citizens instead of a few megagifts tied to personal strings.”

He’s no Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lent her own campaign $10,000,000.

True enough that many “ordinary people” have backed Obama with small amounts. Obama’s state Senate campaign received $2,000 from companies controlled by Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the “politically influential Chicago businessman indicted last year on state government kickback charges”. As reported, “Rezko’s additional fundraising helped the rookie candidate set up shop.”

But if it’s not the money – it’s the skin colour that intersts Maguire (white). Maguire wonders if Britain will ever have a black leader.

“Yet the big question is whether Britain will follow suit and [should Obama win the presidential election] and vote a visible ethnic minority Briton into number 10.”

You mean an efnic like Michael Howard, the Jew, the son of a Romanian, who led the Conservative Party at the last election, the man the Mirror compared to Dracular and the Labour Party compared to Fagin?

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Ashley Dupre’s Tutela Valui

ASHLEY Dupre’s – his her – has a new tattoo that reads, in faux Latin: “tutela valui.”

The Daily News reports: 

Tutela, which is related to tutor, has to do with a protector or guardian. Valui appears to be a past form of the word strong.

“So I guess you would say it means, ‘I have a strong patron’ or ‘I have a strong keeper,'” said Doug Machle, assistant to the chairman in the classics department at the University of Washington.

“Or, actually, it’s more like, ‘My guardian was strong.'”…

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Dennis Kucinich Moves To Impeach Bush

Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles: Kucinich, a 2004 and 2008 Democratic candidate for the White House, abandoned a prior attempt to begin impeachment proceedings against Bush in January of this year. In April of 2007, Kucinich presented impeachment articles against Vice President Dick Cheney, but the effort went nowhere. Kucinich exclaimed that “impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against Iran.”


Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich defied his party leadership on Monday by calling for the impeachment of U.S. President George W. Bush for launching the Iraq war — but his move was not expected to go anywhere.

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The McCain Girls Return With McCainiac

THE US Presidential campaign has thrown up some memorable songs. This from the McCain Girls – the McCainiac…

More McCain Girls after the jump:

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Clinton’s Women: Gennifer Flower And Paula Jones Talk Cock And Bull

FORMER President Bill Clinton’s alleged former mistresses Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers have gone into business together.

The two started a site callled Interested parties can go and pay to watch videos of them talking about their sexual misfortunes with Clinton. Here’s just some of the names of the videos you can purchase:

“Hillary Running For President”

“Paula and the Presidential Penis”

“Gennifer’s Story and the Presidential Penis”


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Newspapers Investigate Labour And Conservative Sleaze

political-sleaze.jpgSLEAZY POLITICAL debate and in the papers:

DAILY MIRROR: Watchdog to look at Spelman expenses”

“The Tory sleaze crisis deepened yesterday,” says the paper. The apparent crisis is that Caroline Spelman, Tory Party secretary, used her child’s nanny to answer calls made to her constituency phone line.

You want more? Can you handle more?

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Stephen Fry Writes Michelle Obama Conspiracy Tape

michelle-obama.jpgMICHELLE Obama is on a tape, they say. She makes bad comments, they say. She says bad things, they say.


In Stephen Frey’s 2006 political thriller The Power Broker, there’s a similar storyline about a certain videotape that could ruin a candidacy. “But behind the scenes, I’ll f*** Whitey, and I’ll f*** him good, I really will.”

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Political Quote Of The Day: Jacqui Smith On ID Cards

id-cards.gifSAYS the Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP, the Home Secretary, on the matter of Id cards:

I know that ID cards will help me to prove more easily who I am

It’s that incredible…

Spotter: Ed


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GMTV Celebrities On Tony Blair

joe-absolom.jpgFORMER EastEnders’ actor Joe Absolom tells Teltext that he ducked out of giving Tony Blair a piece of his mind.

The actor said  had planned to challenge the former Prime Minister when they appeared together on GMTV. Says he:

 “I planned to say to Tony, ‘Why are we in the war?’ But when I met him in the studio I just said, ‘Wotcha, Tony!'”

It’s the wotcha on terror…

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Barack Obama Death Cult: Change In White Supremacy

barack-obama-death.jpgMORE news on the Barack Obama death cult in the Star, which says that the US presidential contender is being “shielded by a £50million security operation after death threats from twisted racist groups”.

How many untwisted, straight-down-the-line racist groups also wish death on Obama remains to be seen, but it could be more or less then three.

Says the Star: “FBI chiefs believe at least three white supremacist organisations want to assassinate the Democrat aiming to become America’s first black president.

The Star identifies the last bastions of white US Nazism as the National Socialist Vanguard, the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. No mention of Golf Clubs of America, the Skull & Bones society or the Baltimore Country Club.

Which may be evidence of the change Barack Obama promises in action…

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George Bush Uses Power Of Persuasion TO Increase Oil Supply

bush_action_figure.jpgGEORGE Bush told the New York Times on June 28, 2000: Bush Would Use Power of Persuasion to Raise Oil Supply.

Gov. George W. Bush of Texas said today that if he was president, he would bring down gasoline prices through sheer force of personality, by creating enough political good will with oil-producing nations that they would increase their supply of crude.

(Click the image) 

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Barack Obama: Radical Means Racism

ANDY Ostroy thinks radical measn racist. If you don’t like Obama are you just a racist?

The Republicans are great at framing issues and labelling candidates. And the new buzzword for Obama is radical. Right-wing radio host Sean Hannity has even re-named his show the “Stop Radical Obama express.” On his program Thursday he literally said “radical” about every fourth word. Radical, radical, radical. Get ready, Democrats. We’re gonna hear that word more in the next five months than we’ve heard in a lifetime.

Listening to Hannity’s program makes you wonder if he and his kool-aid-drunken listeners are not part of some twisted, brainwashed cult. They greet each other with “you’re a great American” and depart with “God bless you.” The level of ignorance that flows freely on this program is astounding. Hannity’s mission is clearly to poison anyone who comes within earshot of him with lies and deception about the Obamas. Here’s a few of his shameless rants from Thursday:

“I am telling you, Barack Obama will move this country in a direction that is so radical that it will shock your senses.”

“He (Obama) has views that would probably shock the average American.”

“He’s a Radical left winger, to the left of George McGovern.”

And on 1960’s terrorist William Ayers, embattled Chicago developer Tony Rezko and the Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger: Obama is “a phony. A friend of all these people, and who will associate with anyone who can help him politically.”

Throughout his program Hannity hammered home the term “radical associations” to describe these controversial relationships. It’s abundantly clear that Hannity’s goal for the next five months is to scare the hell out of his regular audience, and anyone else who might be listening for that matter.

Make no mistake: the constant regurgitation of the word “radical” is meant to conjure up all sorts of fear, anger and racial prejudice. Think “radical Muslim.” Think “angry black man.” Think Willie Horton. This sort of pandering to the racist dumbasses of America is beyond despicable, but it’s what the GOP does best. It’s pure propaganda. And like all good propaganda, if you say it enough it sticks.

That was a radical alternative to a reasoned argument…

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