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Hillary Clinton Gay And Lesbian

SAYS Hillary Clinton:

As I have traveled around the country these past twelve months, what I sensed in my heart has been confirmed – America is embracing its LGBT sons and daughters with an acceptance and understanding as never before. On the campaign trail, a father of a gay son will ask about ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. A woman will ask why she can be discriminated against just because of who she is. Sometimes they wait furtively for the crowd to thin and then whisper their confidences in a soft voice and sometimes they stand up proudly at town meetings and want me to share my views on how I will help lead the change to assure that this country fulfills its promise to everyone.

Let me tell you what I have been telling voters across America. I am fully committed to the fair and equal treatment of LGBT Americans. For seven long years, the Bush Administration has tried to divide us – only seeing people who matter to them. It’s been a government of the few, by the few, and for the few. And no community has been more invisible to this administration than the LGBT community.

I will change that. The best evidence of what I will do as President is what I have already done.

* I am proud of my record as First Lady, as a U.S. Senator and as a candidate for President in working toward the fair and equal treatment of LGBT Americans.
* I am proud that as Chair of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee in 2006, I worked closely with LBGT community to develop a smart strategy that defeated the Federal Marriage Amendment. I am proud of fighting the FMA as divisive wedge politics at its worst.
* I am proud to be a co-sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligation Act which would grant the same benefits (including health insurance) to domestic partners of federal employees that are currently offered to employees’ legal spouses.
* I am proud to have authored the Early Treatment for HIV Act, which expands access to vital treatment options for low-income individuals living with HIV, and fought to fully fund the Ryan White CARE Act.
* I am proud that I hired a National Director of LGBT Outreach within a month of announcing my candidacy for President and to have openly gay and lesbian staffers serving at all levels of my campaign.
* I am proud to have a National LGBT Steering Committee of over 130 that includes openly LGBT elected officials, Board members and opinion leaders on issues ranging from transgender rights, to HIV/AIDS, to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”.
* I am proud to have marched in Gay Pride parades as both First Lady and as Senator and to have spoken in front of so many LGBT audiences ranging from the Human Rights Campaign, Empire State Pride Agenda, the Hetrick Martin Institute, PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis), and the American Foundation for AIDS Research.
* I am proud to have fought Republican efforts to demonize and marginalize the LGBT community, and I will continue to do that as President.

We have so much work to do. When I am President, we will work together to make sure that all Americans in committed relationships have equal benefits and that nothing stands in the way of loving couples who want to adopt children in need. We’re going to expand our federal hate crimes legislation and pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and assure that they are both fully inclusive of all people. And finally, we will put an end to the failed policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Courage, honor, patriotism and sacrifice – the traits that define our men and women in uniform – have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

My father was a conservative Republican, who held very traditional views for much of his life. Yet in his last years, it was a gay couple who lived next door who provided much of the compassion and comfort he and my mother needed as he grew ill. And it was that same neighbor who held his hand as he died. If my father can move, America can move.

To each and every LGBT American, I say this. You have done so much to help this country understand your lives by simply being open and honest about who you are and living your lives with dignity. Thank you for your courage. It is time that we recognize your hard work. I know that this country is ready for changes in the law that reflect the evolution in our hearts.

America deserves a President who appeals to the best in each of us, not the worst; a President who values and respects all Americans and treats all Americans equally no matter who they are or who they love. I want to be that President. I want to be your President.

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Hillary Clinton’s Fashion Disasters

hillary-tragic.jpgIN US Weekly magazine, Hillary Clinton picks her all-time worst outfits.

On the creation featured here, says Hillary: “I’m a big believer in recycling — even carpets!”

Of course, in looking back and laughing along with us, Hillary may overlook the here and now.

Donatella Versace surveyed the ubiquitous Hillary trouser suit and noted: “She’s a woman and she should be able to show that. She should treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics.”

Hillary, who dresses like she’s about to award a vibrating club to the best female golfer, is touchy about her fashion.

A Gawker intern once endured this conversation with her Clintoness:

Me: “Senator Clinton, I must say you look splendid. Who are you wearing?”
Mrs. Clinton looks as if I have just asked her the eighth digit of Pi, but says nothing. PR minion quickly steps in.
PR minion: “What s it look like she s wearing? It s a white jacket. Just like I’m wearing a black shirt, and you re wearing a pink one.”
It appears PR minion is a master of deductive reasoning. This is going to be a fierce battle of wits.
Me: “I mean, who specifically designed it?”
Awkward silence ensues
PR minion: “Who are you?”
Well played, PR minion. Well played
Me: “I’m Neel. Who are you?”
PR minion: (Avoiding my question) “I suggest you leave.”
Me: “Was I wrong to ask that question? I mean, it seems to me kind of a layup, no?”
PR minion: “How about you, me, and your boss have a little discussion about all of this.”
Me: “Easy, easy. Sheesh.”

First Ladies

blue_dress.jpgShould Hillary be judged on her fashion sense? And should she be judged against her presidential agonists or their First Ladies? Michelle Obama dresses like Oprah Winfrey’s tailor. And Cindy McCain wears polo necks that make her seem as if she’s being piped atop a additive-laced cake.

Hillary presents an opportunity for designers. We don’t expect to see her in a blue dress over a snappy thong, but she is attracting excitement.

It was the esteemed St Louis Post Dispatch that reported how “the fight to dress Hillary Clinton is turning into a wild, rocky ride, with New York, Los Angeles and Arkansas designers all vying for her favor.”

Arkansas awaits…

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The Science Of Hating Cherie Blair


“Golly! Who would have guessed that Tony and Cherie were actually two halves of a bisected hermaphrodite?”

And then along came Cherie Blair who, at the top of her profession and with a mind of her own, represented everything that made them shudder. Once again, the gloves were off, and this time the liberal-Left misogynists were joined by Right-wingers who had been forced to button their lips in the Thatcher years.

A book published this week, The Darlings of Downing Street, subtitled ” The Psycho-Sexual Drama of Power”, seeks to turn Cherie-loathing into a science. In medical terms, it is all diagnosis and no examination, as the author, the biographer Garry O’Connor, provides little evidence and not a single note on his sources, if any.


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Banarama Does New Labour Funding

CASH. Politics:

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Empty Seats At Obama Rally

obama-empty-seats.jpgDID you see the panoramic shot of a 14,000-strong Barack Obama crowd in Boise?

They’re going over-the-top for Obama.

Over in Los Angeles, they’re going bonkers for Barack.

Cameras to the left, fans to the right, celebrity supporters straight ahead…  

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Lembit Opik Needs A Spare Cheeky Girl

LEMBIT Opik, darlign of glossy mags and a Cheeky Girl has a lookalike.

Stage actor Neil May, 40, from Leicester, signed with an agency but demand for a Lembit lookalike, so far, has been a little disappointing, reports the BBC.

Perhaps he needs a Cheeky Girl. We hear there is one going spare…

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Bugging Out With Sadiq Khan

id-cards-gordon-brown.pngLABOUR MP Sadiq Khan is the subject of controversy.

The Sunday Times reports that officers from Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist branch bugged visits by Mr Khan to Milton Keynes prison in 2005 and 2006.

Khan wants to know the truth. And this is the same Mr Kahn whose views on civil liberties – ID cards, anti-terrirsm laws  – can be found here.

Would he be upset if one of us were bugged?

UPDATE: The BBC 10 ‘clock news says officials knew of the bugging last year, but Ministers only just found out. Maybe if they had the ability to gather intelligence..?

Pic: Hack

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Hillary Clinton Cries, Again

clintons-tears.jpgHILLARY Clinton cried once. Her composure wasn’t shaken by a question about the poor or the downtrodden, but by a softball lobbed by a woman at a coffeshop asking how she managed to get out of bed and soldier on each day.

And now President Jeremiah is at an event at the Yale Child Study Center, where she worked while in law school in the early 1970s.

Penn Rhodeen, who was introducing Clinton, began to choke up, leading Clinton’s eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye. At the time, Rhodeen was saying how proud he was that sheepskin-coat, bell-bottom-wearing young woman he met in 1972 was now running for president.

Here’s Hillary: 

“Well, I said I would not tear up; already we’re not exactly on the path.”

English speakers might not be able to understand what Hillary is talking about, her language is that of the American corportate office, but her rheumy eyes tell a universal story.

This is a woman prepared to repeat herself. Can we cry? “Yes we can!,” reply the masses in full cry.

The risk is that Hillary’s tears will become cliched, a nervous tick. At moments of high tension, President Ahmadinejad will introduce a kitten into the summit and reduce America’s leader to a wet-faced mess.  

We are unsure how Americans will react to so much crying. In Britain we like to think of oursleves as grounded stiff-upper-lipped cynics. But when Princess Diana died we emoted. Indeed, anyone not crying was seen as the essence of evil, something much less than human, a Nazi or a member of the House of Windsor, perhaps.    

But Hillary knows her audience.  

Look out for Hillary ululating as the sun rises over a field of corn and she tells us how lonely she is. Vote for Hillary – she needs your support… 

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Maria Shriver Endorses Barack Obama

arnold_0105.jpgREPORTS the LA Times: “The California first lady, who apparently wavered until almost the last minute, aligns herself with other members of the Kennedy clan.”

Do the Kennedys get to vote, what with them being American royalty?

Shriver tells us: “I thought, if Barack Obama was a state, he’d be California.”

Rich, spoilt, lacking in power, depleted of energy, sticky, prone to tremours, ready to fall into the Ocean, famous for its faults, the third largest state …  

Says Shriver, reaching the stage at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion after attending her daughter’s equestrian show: “Diverse. Open. Smart. Independent. Bucks tradition. Innovative. Inspirational. Dreamer. Leader.”

Bucks tradition, says the unelected daughter of the Kennedy clan…

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William Hague And The Luftwaffe

THE Croydonian sees William Hague:

“Having rediscovered a really rather good second hand bookshop the other day, I have availed myself of ‘Stranger than the Bullet – an unconventional history of the vote‘, and will be doling out snippets from it whenever the mood takes me”:

The shockingly silly photo opportunities continued unabated in 2001…First, there was the mistake only narrowly stopped from turning into a disaster when William Hague spoke outside an aircraft museum in Essex [Doubtless Duxford. C]. A smart aide noticed that he was speaking in front of a World War Two Luftwaffe plane. Only the strategic movement of a few supporters and their placards made sure that he did not appear in the next day’s papers against a backdrop of swastikas“.


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PM’s Pets: Stop Donald Trump, Sex Toys For Teens And Chuck Norris Road

lisboa-poldraw.jpgANORAK’S fairly regular look at those petitions appearing on the Prime Minister’s website.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Introduce cat control restraint whereby cats are confined to their owner’s property and a compulsory neutering and microchipping scheme to protect cats put in place… Change legislation that affects cat ownership, they have slipped under the radar for far too long – Rozzalin White

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Lower the legal age for the purchase of ‘Sex Toys’ to 16. Currently the legal age for purchase of sex toys is 18. The legal age for consent to sex is 16 – Danny Beattie

Read the rest of this entry »

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Oabma, Clinton, Romney, McCain: Rock, Paper , Scissors

McCain beats Clinton.

Clinton beats Romney.

Romney beats Obama.

Obama beats McCain.

Who’s who? And is Obama wallpaper? 


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Bigamists And Polygamists Can Claim Multiple Benefits

NEWS is that husbands with multiple wives will be allowed to claim extra welfare benefits.

Reports the Telegraph: “Even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, the decision by ministers means that polygamous marriages can now be recognised formally by the state, so long as the weddings took place in countries where the arrangement is legal…

New guidelines on income support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) state: “Where there is a valid polygamous marriage the claimant and one spouse will be paid the couple rate … The amount payable for each additional spouse is presently £33.65.”

In Britain, bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in prison. Jail may be more costly than paying out benefits.

We will wait and see how long it is before an MP is found to be paying his entire harem from the Commons’ cheque book…

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Politics Is A Family Business

peter-hain-toast.jpgPETER Hain employs his 80-year-old mother on a House of Commons salary of £5,400 a year.

Hain has used Adelaine Hain as a part-time secretary for 16 years.

The Telegraph reports that more than 170 MPs – one in four – employ family members.

Indeed, more power to them. The money saved on advertising positions vacant and interviewing candidates must save the public purse a not inconsiderable sum. 

Anroak recommends this policy being developed and candidate MPs required to have at least one member of the family with decent shorthand, a sound telephone manner and their own pen…  

Owen Paterson, the shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland whose wife Rose is paid almost £30,000 year to work for him, said: “If you can find me a Cambridge graduate who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of my constituency, who is willing to work long and anti-social hours at very short notice for that sort of salary then good luck. Until then, my wife is the best person for the job.”


Picture: Peter Hain is toast – Poldraw

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Norman Tebbit’s Plan To Cull Gun Culture


It’s the Sunday’s Express’ front-page news, and the headline of the year.

“Tory peer Lord Tebbit wants to tackle Britain’s gun culture by teaching boys how to shoot.”

Isn’t it time we brought back National Service, let the lads take the Empire shooting test, perhaps at each other?

Little changes about Norman Tebbit. A picture proves Tebbit to look very much as he did in the pomp, all skin, hollowed cheeks and pied dog hair.

One thing that has altered is that Tebbit plan provides for free bullets, based on hand-outs not earnings, a reversal on the former Conservative Party chairman’s traditional position.

Says Tebbit:

“Kids should go out on shoots. It gives them a sense of excitement and kids, particularly young boys, have a need for a degree of violence.

“It is much better than playing a ghastly computer game. To have them struggling through the brambles, seeing people shoot is much more in the interest of the kids.

“Boys would soon find themselves in a man’s world and having to obey instructions.”

It’s an idea. But there is a suspicion that the strategy is a ruse to cull the hoodies and reduce the country’s Asbo mountain.

Look out for jousting-style tournaments, in which lads get on their bikes and cycle towards each other with guns blazing…

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Labour MP’s Husband Makes House Calls

“HUSBAND of MP probed by police over f-word phone rant,” notes the Mail.

The celebrity polce force was called in after a local councillor complained about a call from Tony McCarthy, husband to Portsmouth North MP Sarah McCarthy-Fry, who happens to be a senior parliamentary aide to Labour Chief Whip Geoff Hoon.

Says the paper: “He was furious after they jokingly discussed her actions during a protest march when she helped drag a dead Christmas tree through the streets of the city.” What to joke about there? She was making a valid point about who hard it is to drag a dead Christmas tree through the streets. Blessed are the dead Christmas tree draggers.

McCarthy told Councillor Fazackarley:

“I do not suppose you will give me a ring back because you are an odious little b*****d . . . You don’t have the bottle to ring me back, do you, because you are a real little t****r. Why don’t you join the f*****g Tories, you odious little t****r.”

Says Mr Fazackarley: “I was shocked that someone I have known for 15 years should use such language. You don’t expect the husband of an MP to ring you up in the early hours effing and blinding.”

Indeed, usually you leave that kind of thing to the MPs themselves, or to someone speaking to a call centre…

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Barack Obama Does Bob The Builder, The It People’s Chorus

CAN Barack Obama do it? Yes we can. Can Hillary Clinton do it? Yes we can. Can it all be set to a melodious honied beat? Yes it can:

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Clinton And Obama Dream Ticket Is Race And Sex

CNN to Senators Clinton and Obama: “People all over the country are saying if you got together it would be a Dream Ticket”.

Senator Obama: “I was a friend of Senator Clinton before the nomination race began and I will be a friend of Senator Clinton’s after the nomination race is over”.

Senator Clinton: “The Republicans are more-of-the-same, we represent change. You can tell that just by looking at us”.

Change is a woman and black man. Everything else is pretty much the same…

Feel the electricity. Feel the change…


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Clinton And Obama: Feel The Electricity


Or is it static?Spotter: Althouse

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Hillary Clinton Gets Bush

SAYS Hillary Clinton: “It took a Clinton to clean after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush.”

(I’ve re-read the headline and it contains a whiff of unpleasantness. Anyone read Fishing For Boys?)

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Tom Cruise And Hillary Clinton

TOM Cruise And Hillary Clinton are the dream ticket:

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Mike Huckabee On What Makes America Great

MIKE Huckabee has been to San Francisco. He says:

“The beauty of America is that a person can come and even make a disruption, and you know what, that person is not going to be taken out and shot.”

Aim high, America. Better yet, aim at the moose…

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Magic Moments With Boris Johnson

boris-johnson-magic.jpgA PICTURE of Boris Johnson in the Mirror.


A woolly hat pulled over his haystack hair, the Tory candidate for London mayor is walking in the city in the company of two men. Johnson has his left hand stuffed in his outside jacket poket.

The two men are each reaching with their right hands inside their left inside coat pockets.

If this were America, we might suppose Johnson was about to be offed. Insterad he smirks, perhaps waiting to be presented with a huge bunch of cotton flowers, a white rabbit or Paul Daniels.

The story, and one is hardly needed, is that Johnson “refuses to apologise for failing to declare £234,000 of campaign donations”. These were not made by him, rather to him.

Johnson says he was told he did not have to register the money. He may be right. The Mirror does not say.

What we do learn is that it’s all desperately unfair, particularly in light of how Peter Hain was hounded from his job as Work And Pensions minister over undeclared funds.

“TRICKY TORY,” says the Mirror. “Shazzamm!” say the paper’s reporters.

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Bill Clinton Says Slow Down Economy To Combat Global Warming

firstladybillclinton.jpgBILL Clinton says that to combat global warming industrialized nations need to: “We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions ’cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren.”

This appears an odd thing to say, with the US worried about recession. (Video here.)

But, then, if there is a recession, President Hillary Clinton can blame it on global warming. Recession will be a good thing.

Right? Right on!

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Let’s Have A Heater Debate: EU Wants Patio Heaters Banned

patio-heaters.jpgFIONA Hall, a Liberal Democrat MEP, says: “Patio heaters are scandalous because they are burning fossil fuels in the open sky, so producing vast quantities of CO2 with very little heat benefit.”

Surely, much depends on how close you are to the heat? And if you place the patio heater indoors, does it still qualify as a patio heater or is it more of a radiator, or a death trap?

The Telegraph says the proposal has been attacked by publicans, who say bars and pubs need the heaters for customers driven outside by smoking bans. Readers learn that the trade has invested £86.5 million in heaters over the past year and “a ban could cost pubs, cafés and restaurants an estimated £250 million a year in lost business”. Not to mention what it would do to the market in new patio heaters.

To give balance to Hall’s argument the paper calls upon Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party. Says he: “Not content with devastating the pub trade with the illiberal and ill-informed smoking ban, these autocratic busybodies now want to make smokers stand in the cold and the rain.

“We are constantly being told that the continental café culture is something to aspire to. But a ban like this will hammer the cafés of Brussels, Stockholm and Copenhagen just as surely as the pubs of Leeds and Sevenoaks.”

Is Farage saying that Leeds and Sevenoaks have much in common with those European capital cities, so creating a united European view of the matter? Or is it just all a slight on Brussels to bracket the seat of European power with a town in Kent? And do the people of Sevenoaks mind?

Let’s have a heater debate…

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