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What difference does it make? Hillary Clinton’s Banghazi balls

HILARY Clinton stood by the caskets of four Americans murdered (but not raped) in Benghazi and said:

“This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing do to with.”

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Nigel Evans comes out the police station’s ‘rear entrance’

Nigel Evans assault allegations

NIGEL Evans, Tory MP and Deputy Speaker in the House of Commons, denies raping a man and sexually assaulting another.

It’s the gay element that’s making the story swing in some tabloids. Some readers have accused me of overreacting. Maybe I have. But then I read  how the Daily Mirror ends its report:

Officers specialising in sex offences quizzed the former Tory Party vice-chairman at Preston police station. He was freed last night after about 12 hours and was driven away through the police station’s rear entrance.

That can’t be accidental?

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Nigel Evans: Deputy speakers arrest laced with whiff of homophobia

nigel evans rape

NEWSPAPERS lead with news that Nigel Evans has been arrested on suspicion of rape. Mr Evans is the deputy Speaker of the House of Commons and the Conservative MP for Ribble Valley. He is accsued of raping two men in their 20s between July 2009 and March 2013 in Pendleton, Lancashire. So. How do you report the news?

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David Cameron on UKIP and the BNP: we must respect racists who win votes

Local council elections

DAVID Cameron is for turning:

“Ukip is sort of a bunch of … fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists mostly” – April 4, 2006. 

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Zombie Thatcher – the book of Maggie in the afterlife

BOOK of the day: Zombie Thatcher by Bronwen Winter Phoenix (Author), Al Terry (Illustrator):

thatcher zombie


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In 1995 Margaret Thatcher refused to jump (video)

margareth thachter jump

MARGARET Thatcher refuses to jump. In 1995, Swedish host Stina Lundberg Dabrowski asked Maggie to jump. Margaret Thatcher said no.

Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Ed Miliband all reply in one voice: “How high do you want us? And when can we come down?”

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UN bozo poses with fake Bono


POLITICIANS love hanging around with pop stars don’t they? It gives them the chance to feel vaguely important and they hope that a little cred will rub off on them so they can impress their bosses or voters.

Well, one United Nations dignitary was left trying to prise his foot from his mouth after he tweeted a picture of himself with U2 frontman, Bono (Mr G8). Oh wait. It wasn’t Bono. It was a man dressed up like Bono.

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UKIP Watch: trawling for ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’ standing in the local elections

dick delingpole

DAVID Cameron called UKIP “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”. In another age, he might have called them prospective voters. As the local elections loom, sections of the press are focusing on UKIP. The coerage is not always fair. They are looking beyond UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the head-shaking politician whose incredulity at life is evidenced in his way of speaking in lists, a man who could describe cup of coffee as “It’s brown, it’s foreign, it’s bad for you and it has no place on British life.”

Let’s see what the press has come up with so far:


The Telegraph produced this:

Sushil Patel

Gis daughter is Priti Patel, the Conservative MP. Mr Patel is  standing in the Bushey South division of the Hertfordshire County Council.

Priti Patel told the Daily Telegraph:

“No matter what, whatever the outcome of this, he is still my Dad and I still love him. Nothing will change that, not even Ukip.”

Dick Delingpole


James Delingpiole writes about his brother:

Though I had no intention of writing again about the absurdity of the anti-Ukip stories being circulated in the media, this one is too funny not to mention. For the full story you must visit my brother Dick’s blog post...

Dick writes in the Telegraph:

It’s no secret that I’m currently standing as a Ukip candidate for the forthcoming council elections. What was a secret until now is my Nazi past. As the photo above proves beyond doubt, I was present at one of Hitler’s rallies. I was also clearly part of an early cloning experient. And in case you hadn’t yet worked it out, this is all utter nonsense. But it has been seized upon by my Tory opponent in Thursday’s local election.

Moments after tweeting the above image with the words “I’d better get rid of this old Facebook photo before the Tories get hold of it” I received a phone call from a local hack. It went something like this:
Hack: “Simon [my Tory opponent, and incumbent councillor] is afraid that you’re a Nazi.”
Me: “But it’s a parody of Conservative Central Office trawling through Ukip candidates’ Facebook pages. Why do you suppose they’re doing that?”
Hack: “To dig up dirt.”
Me: “So Simon’s just doing what he’s been told by head office.”
Hack: “No, he seems genuinely upset. You see, he doesn’t do Twitter, so he might not understand. I think he really believes the photo.”
Me: “But I wasn’t even around in 1940! And… there are three of me.”
So in a bit of a sweat I hastily deleted the tweet. Then thought about all the other pictures I have on Facebook. Were there any of me with guns or knives?

Anna-Marie Crampton

She’s standing for council election in East Sussex.

Crampton was suspended by the eurosceptic party ahead of next week’s local elections after comments attributed to her were posted on a conspiracy theory website questioning who was responsible for the Holocaust during the Second World War.

“Holocaust means a sacrifice by fire. Only the Zionists could sacrifice their own in the gas chambers,” Crampton allegedly wrote.

“The Second World Wide War was engineered by the Zionist Jews and financed by the banksters to make the general public all over the world feel so guilty and outraged by the Holocaust that a treaty would be signed to create the State of Israel as we know it today.”

UKIP said:

While she will still be on the ballot paper as a Ukip candidate we want voters in her district to realise that she is not representing the party and the people of east Sussex,” said a spokesperson.

“Rest assured that her views are not held by the party and do not reflect the views of our other excellent candidates.”

She tweeted:

“I’m NOT antisemitic. I NEVER said I do not believe in the holocaust. I’ve clearly been trolled. I do post on Zionism as a political movement”

Political Scrapbook alleges:

Contrary to reports elsewhere, no evidence has emerged of Crampton denying the holocaust — but her Facebook account was indeed used to blame it on a Jewish conspiracy.

Crampton has yet to explain away apparent praise for forged The Protocols of the Elders of Zion — arguably the most notorious anti-semitic tract ever produced — as containing “all you need to know”.

Chris Scrotton 

The Daily Mail wrote:

Mr Scotton, backs a number of controversial groups on his Facebook page.

This includes him ‘liking’ the official page for the controversial far-right organisation English Defence League.

He has also ‘liked’ Facebook groups which include ‘Racism? No mate it’s just ethnic banter’, ‘No more mosques in Britain’ and ‘I hate it when I lose my black friend in the dark.’

John Sullivan

John Sullivan, the party’s candidate for the Newent division in Thursday’s county council elections, was alleged to have made anti-gay comments on Facebook. Gay Star News addressed his remarks after one of its readers spotted them online. Gay Star News accused Mr Sullivan of claiming in a post that regular physical exercise ‘prevents’ children from ‘becoming’ gay and the Victorian method of physical exercise ‘released tension and thus avoided homosexuality’.

Harry’s Place spots a few more problems for UKIP:

The Times reported on Saturday that Alan Ryall who was the party’s candidate in Wickham (he quit after the story broke) admitted to membership of the BNP for “one or two years” but now “found it too extreme”. The Times also uncovered Peter Lucas in Devon who was listed as a “student member of the BNP” but he denies this. As does Chris Byrne standing in leafy Surrey; “That wasn’t me” he claims.

Tommy Robinson

The Backbencher reports:

Backebencher: There is a quote on the EDL’s Facebook page which states: “I think all nationalist parties should stand aside in areas that UKIP have a good chance of winning. Lets not split their vote. We might take a couple or a few hundred votes of them, we don’t come no where and we’ve cost UKIP the win because they come 50,60 votes behind Labour.” Is that the EDL endorsing UKIP?

Robinson: ‘Yeah. What parties are there? I always get asked this about why the EDL got into politics. It is all set against you – it is impossible to do without millions of pounds funding, etc etc. Now who is going to change what is happening is this country from the point of immigration and Islam? I remember a speech Lord Pearson done 2 years ago, he was the ex leader of UKIP…(Google dialogue)…where he questioned about the EDL, and everything he said in his speech about what is happening to this country about the demographics of Islam, and the Muslim birth rate, and the threat to the nation – I remember watching that and thinking “bang he has got it on the head; he’s hitting every nail on the head, I agree with everything he is saying.” But to hear a well educated; say for example my own mother doesn’t agree with what I stand for; but when I show like Lord Pearson saying what we are saying, because they are saying exactly what we say, just in a different way – do you know what I mean?’

And then the barrel was scraped.

Bradley Monk

A UKIP candidate has posted snaps of himself online as shamed pervert Jimmy Savile, The Sun can reveal. Bradley Monk, 19, wore a Savile mask to a Halloween party as the scandal over the DJ’s paedophile past raged last year.

The politics student is standing in Hampshire County Council seat Winchester Eastgate tomorrow.

Our revelation of the Facebook photos fuels the growing furore over who UKIP is allowing to stand…

Confronted by The Sun, Monk grovelled last night: “It was meant as a harmless joke. I’m in no way endorsing Savile — what he did was disgusting.”

On the positive side for UKIP, we can now name other party members other than the ubiquitous Farage…

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George W. Bush’s name is not mud anymore

George bush dogs copy

HOW popular in George W Bush?

Harry Enten says he isn’t:

Back in 2010, Gallup asked Americans what their retrospective approval rating was for Presidents John F Kennedy through George W Bush. In every instance except for one, the retrospective approval was higher than the final approval was when they left office. Most Republicans, for instance, love to make fun of Jimmy Carter. Carter was the only president of the 20th century to lose re-election after replacing a president of a different party. He left office with a 34% job approval rating. His retrospective job approval rating in the 2010 Gallup poll jumped by 18pt.

Second, Bush’s retrospective approval is the second worst among presidents in the last 50 years ago. To save you doing the math, Carter’s 52% approval rating is higher than Bush’s 47%. Only the Watergate-tainted Richard Nixon recorded a lower retrospective approval than Bush.

Michael Baron has a different view:

“Perhaps Bush’s name is not mud anymore. A Washington Post/ABC poll asked respondents to rate Bush’s performance for the first time since December 2008, when only 33 percent rated it positively and 66 percent rated it negatively. What the pollster found is that today 47 percent approve and 50 percent disapprove of Bush’s performance. That approval number is precisely the same as President Obama’s in the most recent Post/ABC poll.”

The less he does the more they like him.

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The Margaret Thatcher commemorative candle snuffer

Margaret Thatcher cande snuffer

NOW that Margaret Thatcher has died and the funeral is over, what will you do to keep her memory alive? Peter Jones has a solutions. The smart shop for household items has for £185 a Bronte Margaret Thatcher Extinguisher*.

This exquisite hand-made and hand-painted fine bone china figurine is of Mrs Thatcher depicted at the start of her parliamentary career on the evening in 1959 when she successfully contested the Finchley seat. Comes with a limited edition certificate personally signed by Margaret Thatcher. Limited Edition 300 Height 4″.

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Laugh as Toronto’s mayor walks into camera full tilt


YOU have to be hard-nosed to survive in politics and Toronto’s mayor – Rob Ford – found this out the hard, literal way as he walked at full tilt into a TV camera.

Ford was rushing out of a committee meeting at Ontario’s City Hall when he walked briskly into the snout of a large camera.

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New Zealand parliament erupts in Maori love song as same sex marriage bill is approved

TO New Zealand for some a capella singing. The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill – Third Reading – Part 20 has been passed. A Maori love song fills the air:


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How many people attended Margaret Thatcher’s funeral?

Politics - Margaret Thatcher - Appleford Farm, East Anglia

HOW many people lined to route to see Margaret Thatcher’s funeral?

More than 250,000 lined the streets of London, clapping and cheering as her coffin processed through London – Daily Mail

…estimates put the number of people on the streets at 100,000 – Daily Telegraph

Margaret Thatcher funeral attended by ‘Essex Man’ – BBC

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Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral in 48 photos

MARGARET Thatcher’s funeral was a made-for-media event. The mountain of puff and guff that paved its way were hard to ignore. We did as nation meet Thatcheration point.  Now she is gone, we can move on.

Baroness Thatcher funeral

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Margaret Thatcher v Princess Diana: How People’s Princess Tony Blair scooped David Cameron

Britain Thatcher Funeral

COMPARE and contrast the deaths of Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, as told by Alastair Campbell, Tony’s Blair’s older spin doctor. He writes on his blog:

…Cameron decided to…tear up his own travel plans, and head back to London effectively to demand a recall of Parliament…

So we are left with the question – why? What was so urgent that these tributes could not wait until Parliament was back? And it is hard to escape the conclusion that as a politician, not as a national leader, Mr Cameron and his team saw some advantage. Perhaps, as has been suggested to me by a civil servant, he was worried that the many Thatcher worshippers on the Murdoch papers, the Mail, the Telegraph and the Express would turn their ire further upon him if he did not bow down in worship with them. Perhaps he felt some potential benefit in associating himself closely with a strong leader who, in death, was likely to have greater focus on achievements than failings. Perhaps he felt that this association would help him with his right wing which fears he is not a strong leader, and that his brand of Conservatism is shipping support to UKIP. Perhaps he thinks her presence back at the heart of national debate will help him with the difficult decisions ahead, on welfare for example.

Some of his readers write in response:

Gilliebc –
Cameron is doing what he always does, i.e. making it up as he goes along and not missing an opportunity to bathe in what he probably sees as reflected glory. He’s an opportunistic media savvy, snake oil salesman.

KDouglas −
Yep, you’re right. This is a seedy attempt by the Conservatives to promote themselves…

Readers may well recall the words of Campbell’s boss Tony Blair when Diana’s died:

“I feel like everyone else in this country today, utterly devastated. She was the people’s princess, and that’s how she will stay, how she will remain, in our hearts and in our memories forever.”

Princess of Wales death - Tony Blair speech

Campbell wrote in his Diaries:

alastair campbell diana 4


 alastair campbell diana 2



alastair campbell diana 1


alastair campbell diana

Such are the facts.



Photo 1:Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a reading next to the coffin of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her funeral service in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Wednesday, April 17, 2013. Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s Iron Lady, was laid to rest Wednesday with a level of pomp and protest reflecting her status as a commanding, polarizing political figure. 


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How the regional press reacted to the death of Margaret Thatcher

HOW did the local newspapers respond to the death of Margaret Thatcher? Did Nottingham and Dorset have a shared view of the thrice-elected Prime Minister? What about Wales and Scotland? Is she lamented in Derry as she might be in Oxford?

A few of the juxtapositions between Thatcher’s image and the other fornt-page news jar and amuse: The Daily Echo (Bournemouth) has news of hospital bugs; the Hull Daily Mail has news of a “benefit cheat mum” and the Yorkshire Evening Post says “Heart Ops Get The Go AHead”. Maggie died from a stroke.

Let’s see:


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Turn Your Back On Thatcher: the funeral protest that might be a Poznan

Turn Your Back On Thatcher

REBECCA Lush Blum has created the Facebook page Turn Your Back On Thatcher: police sanctioned protest about this grotesque state funded funeral.

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What the Margaret Thatcher death parties taught us

Britain Thatcher

WHAT did we learn for the Margreat Thatcher death parties? Personally, I learned nothing. I knew she was divisive. I knew the BBC was idiotic (they banned the Ding-Dong The  Witch Is Dead song). I knew anyone who wears a jester’s hat in public shouldn’t and that anyone over 12 who sees juggling a mode of self-expression has issues. And that was it.

Writing in the Daily Express, Peter Hill learnet more:

Thatcher’s dead ‘parties’ have shown the political Left to be utterly unworthy of government. They have shown the political Left to be utterly unworthy of government, motivated as they are by spite, envy and pettiness and, as Mr Blair has pointed out, devoid of any purpose other than protest. 

Labour’s leaders have affected to distance themselves from the shameful, graceless mob but that’s where their support comes from. Let’s hope voters remember.

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Andrew Mitchell now working as a solver of ‘reputational threats’

Plebgate scandal

ANDREW Mitchell, the Tory MP for Sutton Coldfield who lost his job as the Party’s Chief Whip when he was accused of calling Downing Street police “fu**ing plebs” has a new job. Mitchell, who denies using the p-word, has been hired by Montrose Associates.

What do they do, then?

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, the threats and the opportunities multiply and take on new forms… They face new challenges arising from corporate relationships and partnerships, political and reputational threats, and regulatory and security concerns. Handled correctly, these different dimensions of international business represent opportunities to stand out and grow more successfully.

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Margaret Thatcher: The Trafalgar Square party in photos

THE pathetic BBC made the drive to make a Judy Garland Wizard of Oz No.1 in the hit parade a meaningful political act by banning it. Others who wanted to celebrate Baroness Margaret Thatcher death have been drinking in Brixton and meeting in Trafalgar Square. There, a man held aloft a pig’s head. It was not his own. “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie – dead, dead, dead,” came the chant. A few Millwall fans arrived and tried to tear down a banner. And it was, all said and done, a bit pathetic.


Picture 1 of 18

People hang a likeness of Baroness Margaret Thatcher from a cord during a Thatcher's dead 'party' organised via Facebook, in Trafalgar Square, central London, following her death.




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Kiwi Minister says 3D printers can produce drugs, planets and MPs

Maurice-Williamson 3d
3D printing is the new wonder what will turn your home into a factory. But New Zealand’s Customs Minister Maurice Williamson is gravely concerned. He says the average household printer will soon be printing contraband:
“If people could print off … sheets of Ecstasy tablets at the party they’re at at that time, that just completely takes away our border protection role in its known sense… In the near future we will need to protect a digital border instead of just locating physical objects as we do now. If it’s made of atoms, you’ll be able to print it… [it] will change the very existence of mankind beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations”
Beam, him up, Snotty:

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Munchkins and Flying Monkeys at war over Maggie Thatcher’s funeral

DING! DONG! This was the day the newspapers decided to be more like The Onion. It is what Margaret Thatcher would have wanted. She was always sticking up for the little people.

Tomorrow, the Flying Monkeys explain why they always backed the miners.The Sun front page  13.04.13  MUNCHKIN FURY AT MAGGIE DING DONG SONG

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The BBC bans Judy Garland: Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead (and so is Maggie Thatcher)


THE idiotic BBC has decided not to play the Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead, the tune from the Wizard of Oz reinvigorated by the anti-Margaret Thatcher. It will not feature on the Official Chart Show. All 51-seconds of it have been censored.

Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper tells the BBC:

 “The decision I have made is I am not going to play it in full but that I will play a clip of it in a news environment. When I say a news environment, that is a newsreader telling you about the fact that this record has reached a certain place in the chart and here is a clip of that track.

“It is a compromise and it is a difficult compromise to come to. You have very difficult and emotional arguments on both sides of the fence.

“Let’s not forget you also have a family that is grieving for a loved one who is yet to be buried.”

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Freedom loving Daily Mail upset as BBC chief refuses to ban Thatcher Ding-Dong death song – oh, the irony

BBC ding dong thatcher

THE Daily Mail has campaigned for press freedom. It says “no” to Leveson. The same Mail wants the BBC to ban Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead, the ditty from the soundtrack of the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz and sung by Judy Garland.

It’s in the Top Ten following Margaret Thatcher’s death.

@MartinBelam notes:

Maybe Mail/Telegraph could campaign for some kind of state regulation of the media to prevent Wizard of Oz songs being broadcast?

ding dong thatcher mail

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Margaret Thatcher dies: how Melbourne students ‘celebrated unreservedly’

Miners Dispute - Selby

TO mark the death of Margaret Thatcher, the kids  of the Students’ Council of University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) passed a motion to “celebrate unreservedly”.

Party! Booze? Fags? Pop? The students…

… asked for the a screening of Ken Loach’s documentary film Which side are you on? to ‘continue the celebration’.

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