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Jordanian MP pulls gun in TV debate on Syria

TO Jordan, where Mohammed Shawabka MP is debating stuff with  Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, a former MP and cheerleader for Syria’s President Assad.  Shawabka says Murad is “an agent of Syria”. Murad says Shawabka is “an agent of the Israeli Mossad”.

Offender, Shawabka tosses one of his shoes at Murad. He then pulls a gun.

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Leading Democrat hits the wrong fracking button

OOPS! Hitting the wrong button when you’re in power can cause a problem. Clive James once said of President Gerald Ford:

“In the Bob Hope Golf Classic, the participation of President Gerald Ford was more than enough to remind you that the nuclear button was at one stage at the disposal of a man who might have either pressed it by mistake or else pressed it deliberately in order to obtain room service.”

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Strickland nails Romney in the Cayman Islands while America dreams

ON money in America:

“Oh, what a contrast, my friends, between these two men who would be president! President Obama is betting on America and American workers, and Mitt Romney is betting his resources in the Cayman Islands, in Bermuda, in Switzerland and God only knows where else he is putting his resources” – Ohio governor Ted Strickland speaking truth to powerful Barack Obama today.

Meanwhile, most of America is investing its money on the Mega Millions lottery.

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MP Craig Emerson expresses himself through the power of dance

MP Craig Emerson, the Australian Minister for Trade and Competitiveness, is dancing to the Greens’ tune. Emerson is expressing his thought on his party’s carbon tax through the medium of dance.

As Emerson dances for ABC News in an illustration of the impact of a carbon tax on the South Australian mining town of Whyalla, we wonder if this might catch on? David Cameron could do a breakdance to illustrate criem figures, or broken dance, as he would term it; for Ed Balls it’s The Hustle; Geroge Osborne can do his (alleged) line dance;  and so on….

Her’e Emerson. Someone plug him into the National Grid. Set the arms to ‘Windmill’:


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Zion’s Sudan Brigade making progress says presidential assistant Nafie Ali Nafie

WHEN in doubt, blame the Jews:

Earlier on Sunday, presidential assistant Nafie Ali Nafie was quoted as blaming the unrest on a conspiracy to provoke an “economic earthquake” in Sudan.

“Zionist institutions inside the United States and elsewhere … are exploiting the latest economic decisions to destabilize the security and political situation,” the state-linked Sudanese Media Center quoted him as saying.”

Nafie said the government had evidence of collusion between rebel groups in Darfur, politicians in arch-foe South Sudan and Zionist institutions in the United States to sabotage Sudan. He did not present the evidence.

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The Nelson Mandela Car Air Freshener Is Available in ‘46664’ hats and shirts

HOW will you be celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday? Once upon a time, before Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest and became the West’s go-to face for democracy cheerleading, any celebrity worth their salt was shaking Mandeal’s hand, or stood in his downstairs hallway waiting to shake his hand.

This year will be different. This year you can get the Mandela look as a fashion range “inspired” by the South African President.

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Michael Gove contemplates first class sex with his leggy au pair – Sarah Vine happy to watch

WORKING for a Government that can’t do maths must be tiresome for Education Secretary Michael Gove. You are trying to prove to the country that hard work and basic numeracy get you to the top whilst being ordered about by Fruit Ninja champion and former pothead David Cameron. The Tories love to tell you that competition matters, whilst bagging all the best jobs by dint of birth and access to cash and favours.

So. Here’s Gove’s wife, Sarah Vine, telling Times readers that she co-opted her au pair into running the mummies race at her children’s school sports day. It is not beyond parody, but it comes close. She reveals,“I met my husband on a skiing trip in Meribel (or Merryhell, as we liked to call it)” and that she admires “his ability to know when he was beaten.

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The top worst politician interviews of all time

CHLOE Smith MP presents the 10 worst TV political interviews of all time:

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Bill Clinton and George Dubya Bush will now read their autocues

BILL Clinton and George Dubya Bush will now read their autocues: “We Could Float On My Dream Shuffler”…

Spotter: biotv

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Barack Obama and the marijuana toking Choom Gang – Ruby Dreams of My President

ZOMBIE CANNIBALS are about to run legal in Barack Obama’s Chicago. The city has voted to decriminalise minor marijuana possession. Possessing cannabis is illegal. Now, however, owner will get a fine. Chicago joins Seattle, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is approaching sense.

We’re still not there yet, though. The decision to fine and by how much will be left to the Chicago police service. Get caught holding less than 15g of weed and expect a fine ranging from $250 to $500.

The move was brought by Barack Obama’s old Chief of Staff mayor Rahm Emanuel. He was aided by Chicago police superintendent, Gary McCarthy, who said most of the 20,000 yearly arrests of marijuana possession create criminal cases that are dropped. This new way frees up police time to chase actual criminals and count all that money from fines, an estimated $7m.

So. As Chicago finds a legal way to tax illegal marijuana, we look at President Obama. Did he inhale?

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Tony Blair edits the London Evening Standard – 45 minutes after his last effort

TONY Blair is back for another stint as the London Evening Standard’s guest editor. So tweets Evgeny Lebedev, owner of The Independent titles and London Evening Standard.

You and the Iraqis may recall Tony’s last effort editor the paper, of September 24, 2002:

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Life mirrors Viz: Finbarr Saunders is in Knoxville (fnar!)

LIFE mirrors Viz: Finbarr Saunders exists, and he’s standing for elected office on Knoxville City Council (Warf!). Says Finbarr, a teacher at Oak Ridge Schools (Burble!):

Knoxville is an exciting place and getting better every day.


The Biscuit Festival, Dogwood Arts, the Farmers’ Market, First Friday, Mardi Growl, Rossini Festival, Hola, Shakespeare on the Square — there’s something happening all the time in Knoxville.

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Cherie Blair and Nancy Dell’ Olio herd goats over London Bridge: photos

MINTED Cherie Blair and Nancy Dell’Olio spent the day herding goats across London Bridge. This was, it says here, to raise awareness for International Widows day. The goat herding was arranged by Lord Loomba’s Loomba Foundation, which attests that the goat is a life-line for many widows in South Asia and Africa. Lord Loomba is a Freeman of the City of London, giving him the right to herd livestock over the bridge.

This is Cherie who advised women recently:

“One of the things that worries me now is you see young women who say: ‘I look at the sacrifices that women have made and I think, why do I need to bother, why can’t I just marry a rich husband and retire?’ and you think, how can they even imagine that is the way to fulfil yourself, how dangerous it is.”

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Kevin Brennan MP never was much cop at darts – do the maths

HOW bright do you need to be to be an MP? In this masterclass, Kevin Brennan, Labour education spokesman and MP for Cardiff West, says three in 10 pupils achieved good GCSEs in 1997. As any fule knows that’s “60 per cent.” As he said:

 ”It was we who inherited a weak system on maths and English from the Tories. Only three in 10 pupils, that’s 60 per cent because I know the Secretary of State is not very good at maths, only three in 10 pupils got a good GCSE in 1997.”

All funny stuff. If an Oxford graduate and former economics teacher can’t do the sums, who can?

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The Alistair Campbell Interview and highlights from ‘The Burden of Power: Countdown to Iraq – The Alastair Campbell Diaries’

ALISTAIR Campbell has been working the media to flog his latest book, The Burden of Power: Countdown to Iraq – The Alastair Campbell Diaries. He did not download it off the internet in 45 minutes. But on the web (here) can read the the full transcript from last night’s book launch at Queen Mary, University of London, where Campbell was interviewed by John Rentoul Independent on Sunday columist and Queen Mary History Fellow, and introduced by Alun Evans of the Cabinet Office.The event was hosted by the Mile End Group.

Campbell talks about:

– The Vanity Fair journalist who said, ‘can I ask you about your faith’. Campbell stepped in and said ‘David, we don’t do God’. “That is how it started. He put I, in his piece, on like page 25. The Daily Telegraph picked it up and ran it on like page seven. And it then just sort of went ‘whoosh’. And now I get asked about it all the time.”

– Tony Blair’s time in office: “Tony had only a small group around him who he could completely trust. Trust in the obvious sense but also trust to say what we think. I thought one of his huge strengths as a leader was that he was surrounded by people who weren’t at all deferential, we would always say what we thought and he would then kind of weigh that up.”

– Blair’s decision to sack Gordon Brown in 2003. “He obviously thought that was the right thing then but very quickly he got in to the mindset of thinking actually its not black and white and you can’t quite predict what will happen if I do, and so he didn’t.”

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Hunters catch Austrian politician having sex in the woods

TO Austria, where a forest camera erected by the Carinthia Hunting Society has captured the image of a politician mating by a tree.

The camera is primed to pick up any movement. When an animal passes it automatically takes a photo.The politician has not been named. Not because they are a new species, rather to protect their privacy. That privacy is valuable. The politician is in line for $25,000 in compensation for a breach of his privacy.

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Louise Mensch proves that internet trolls look like the other trolls

THIS week we discovered that internet trolls really do look like trolls. Conservative MP Louise Mensch was targeted for abuse by Frank Zimmerman.

A district judge handed Zimmerman a 26-week prison sentence suspended for two years after he sent Mensch an offensive email.

PS – Anyone seen a goat?





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Boris Johnson takes the Coke-free Mike Bloomberg marijuana challenge

JOHN Stewart asked Boris Johnson to expland on mayor Bloomberg’s attack on fizzy drinks. Would Boris place greater penalties on an ounce of marijuana or a large Coca Cola?

London Mayor Johnson has said:

I honestly don’t yet know if the New York mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is right to be banning big cups of sugary drinks. I have no idea whether Coca-Cola has a case when it claims there is absolutely no connection between children guzzling sugary drinks and children getting fat. What I can say with confidence is that we in the West have a fatness problem…


If we could reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, and release some children from the captivity of fatness, might that not be worth exploring?

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Plattenacht! Ilias Kasidiaris and his Golden Dawn party like it’s 1941

ILIAS Kasidiaris wants the two women he slapped on the telly charged with breaking the law. Ilias Kasidiaris is the happy-slapping official spokesman of the Nazi-styled Golden Dawn party. He says he was “set-up” to go on the telly and slap two Left-wing politicos – Liana Kanelli, spokeswoman of the KKE communist party, and Rena Dourou, of the Syriza party. He would also like to sue broadcaster Antenna, which, as he claims, tried to “illegally restrain” him after the incident.

Kasidiaris may yet sure the makers of the glass that contained the water (sue those swine as well) which was placed provocatively on a desk (note: sue desk maker) making it all to easy for Kasidiaris to pick up the glass and throw said water at Dourou who, criminally, failed to duck.

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David Cameron gets daughter Nancy, 8, unpaid internship in pub

IN ‘DAVID Cameron’s Nightmare”, the Sun leads with the sensational news that David Cameron left his daughter Nancy in the pub, or “country inn”, as it describes the The Plough at Cadsden.

Dave Cam was ith Sam Cam, Art Cam, Flo Cam but not Nancy Cam when he left the boozer close to his official country residence of Chequers.

Relising he’d left Nancy, 8, behind, Cameron drove back to pub, where he “found Nancy happily helping out the staff.” Some shock for Dacve to look about t4h Car CAm and relise that “we are not all in this together”.

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Sir Oswald Mosley and the ‘Blackshirts’ British Union of Fascists – in photos

MUCH talk of the rise of extremism in mainland Europe. In the 1930s, Great Britain had its own racists. Sir Oswald Mosley was the  leader of the ‘Blackshirts’,the British Union of Fascists. His wife, Lady Diana Mosley was deemed more dangerous than her husband according to secret documents published by the Public Record Office in Kew, west London. These are photos of Mosely and his gang in action. It looks laughable now, but once upon time had the Nazis won these people would have been the country’s pre-eminent murderers…


Picture 1 of 29

Sir Oswald Mosley is surfboard riding, astern of a speed boat, one of the many delights to be enjoyed at Cap D'Antibes, France in 1930. Those members of society who are not grouse shooting are pretty sure of being found here, bathing in the lovely Southern sun, and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Sir Oswald Mosley, who is holidaying at the cap with his family, enjoys a thrill in surf riding here. (AP Photo)

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Funny thing this democracy lark, best left to the snotty elite

I KNOW that we live in a representative democracy, not a direct one, but it’s always amusing to see  quite how far apart the concerns of the professional political classes are from those of the actual people.

As Guido is reporting Doug Carswell is one of the 20 backbench MPs who won the ballot to be able to inrtoduce a private members bill this session. Carswell then asked people to nominate and then vote upon which bill he ought to try and introduce. The winner being:

4. Repeal of the European Communities Bill: Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973. It has turned out to be an economic and political disaster. This Bill will get us out.

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Scott Walker kills America – video

TO America, where life has ended with Republican Scott Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin recall election:

The only solution to democracy: Scott Walker must die!

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Lembit Opik meets crippling Kade Callous – video

FORMER weather girl Cheeky Girl sexer, who controversially appeared with unmarried Gabriela Irimia on Mr & Mrs (what of tradition?)and still former Lib-Dem MP Lembit Opik entered the ring in Welshpool, Powys, and experienced Kade Callous.

The bout was triggered when Opik called Kade a cheat. The wrestler hauled him to the ring and challenged him to a fight. Opik agreed.

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Mental rape just one of the treats in Robert Mugabe’s traveller’s paradise (UN approved!)

FUNNY goings on at a queue in Masvingo Registrar General’s Office, Zimbabwe. The locals are applying for passports. A man has released his mubobobo (spell) on women in the line. The women feel feint. The man then has had his wicked way with their minds.One woman tells media:

“Ndange ndichinzwa sendiri kukwirwa ndobva ndapunzika, uye handisati ndambopunzika ( someone I felt as if I was having sex with, and I have never experienced this before).”

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