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Wikileaks: CIA Crete WTF Unit

WIKILEAKS and Julian Assange are big news at the CIA:

Officially, the panel is called the WikiLeaks Task Force. But at CIA headquarters, it’s mainly known by its all-too-apt acronym: W.T.F.

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Inside Tommy Sheridan’s Manchester Sex Club: Photos

TOMMY Sheridan lied about a visit to Cupid’s, a swinger sex club in Swinton, Manchester. He said he was not an adulterer. He took the News of The World to court. He won £200,000 in damages. The NoTW said he had lied on oath. Today, a jury agreed.

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Tommy Sheridan: The Best Quotes From An Entertaining Case Of Beckham, Sex And Lies

IT took the law 12 weeks to find that Tommy Sheridan, once leader of the Scottish Socialist party and MSP, lied under oath.

In August 2006, Sheridan told the court that the News of The World had made up the story that he has had visited a Manchester sex club. He was awarded £200,000 damages.

How did the NoTW know? Well, he lied about an extramarital affair with journalist Anvar Khan. And a pest controller named George McNeilage sold the NoTW (for £200,000) a video of Sheridan, apparently calling his confession to party colleagues that he visited Cupid’s club the “biggest mistake” of his life.

But the best bit was when he told the jurors:

“I’m frightened of you. I’m frightened of you because you can do something that the NoW will never be able to do. You can separate me from my wife. You can make me break a promise to my daughter that I would spend Christmas with her.”

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Vince Cable And His LibDems Get Eaten Alive

FOLLOWING news that Vince Cable is the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills has a egomaniacal sense of his own self-worth, we learn of other LibDems soon to be looking for jobs after the next election: Care Minister Paul Burstow, Local Government Minister Andrew Stunell, deputy leader of the Commons David Heath and Transport Minister Norman Baker. All four were secretly taped by undercover reporters.

Yeah, who knew we had a Care Minister? The suspicion is that the LibDems have been given made-up-on-the-spot titles to make them feel important.

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Koreas Gear Up For The War Of The Christmas Tree: Star Or Angel?

NORTH Korea and South Korea are gearing up for the Christmas Tree war. Star of angel? Come on! The clock is ticking:

South Korea has lit a massive steel Christmas tree that overlooks the world’s most heavily armed border and is within sight of North Korea, prompting threats of attack from the communist state …

North Korea, officially atheist and with only a handful of sanctioned churches in Pyongyang with services for foreigners, warned that lighting the tree would constitute a “dangerous, rash act” with the potential to trigger a war.


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Oprah Winfrey Turns Julia Gillard Into The World’s Most Obsequious Leader

OPRAH Winfrey is in Australia. The locals have stopped short of renaming its famous landmark the Sydney Oprah House, but the nation’s daytime telly watchers are out in force to their idol. At their head is

Julia Gillard, the country’s Prime Minister. She is an obsequious, cloying, opportunistic presence.

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Bigoted USA: Homosexuals Can Now Serve Openly In The US Military

PRESIDENT Obama signed the law repealing the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ this morning. This country should be ashamed it ever had such prejudice against those of same sex preference from serving in the Military. However, look back at the history of this country’s prejudice against the Blacks serving and women serving, prejudice is par for the course for this country.

The Government has its head in the sand if it even thinks this is going to go smoothly and all the soldiers will accept it in time. The Military has taught prejudice too long towards homosexuals serving and that prejudice learned will not be undone just because President Obama signed his name to the law repealing the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Delegate Bob Marshall here in Virginia announced last week he is going to introduce legislation that would make the discriminatory policy the rule in the VA National Guard.

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Vince Cable Gets Head Start On LibDem Job Seekers

VINCE Cable realises that to get a headstart on his LibDems colleagues when they start looking for jobs after the next election he must end his political career as fast as possible.

He could, of course resigns. But resignation will make him look principled, so ruling out a future in banking. Fortunately, Butlin’s entertainers and pro-am dancers need only two feet – and if the hoofer can get one dancing shoe in their mouth, so much the more impressive the spectacle.

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Immigration: Aso Mohammed Ibrahim’s Kids Need David Cameron

ASO Mohammed Ibrahim is the immigration horror story. He is the failed asylum-seeker who killed 12-year-old Amy Houston by driving into her in his Rover.

It was Blackburn, 2003. Ibrahim, an Iraqi Kurd, hit the girl. And then he ran off. He had been driving with no insurance and during a ban.

Justice mobilised. Mr Ibrahim gets four months jail.

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The BNP’s Constitution Is Written In Latin, Greek And Hebrew

BNP’s monocular leaders Nick Griffin, his deputy Simon Darby and party officer Tanya Lumby have been successful at the High Court in defeating a bid by The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to have Griffin declared guilty of contempt of court in a row over the party’s constitution.

Yep, it has one. There are no clauses on British tea for British teapots, British pets for British pet shops and the capital being moved to its ancient homeland in Hanover. But there was a bit about whites.

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Bob Ainsworth’s Drugs U-Turn Is Self-Serving Politicking

BOB Ainsworth stands in the small hole where Nick Clegg’s LibDems used to exists and calla for the legalisation of drugs. Bob used to be the Labour Government’s coordinator of Drugs and Organised Crime. He’s hung around druggy types and the effects may have rubbed off.  Says Bob:

Why didn’t I say these things when I was the Drugs Minister? The first reason was that I came into the job in 2001 with a traditional view of drugs policy; that prohibition worked. As I came to realise that, quite frankly, wasn’t the case, I was bound by collective responsibility, which comes with ministerial office.

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Mr Harman Banger Is Your Labour Candidate: Jack Dromey Endorse This Advert

MR Harman Banger is the Labour candidate for East Park ward, Wolverhampton, in the election of May 2011. Well if you want to get ahead… Mr Harman banger is no product of nominative determinism – Mr Jack Dromey should not approve. But Harman banger in a politician with a name destined for greatness…


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Bethany Shiner Says Police Kettling Is Illegal: To Fight It You Need More Protesters

MAYBE those rich kids can help the students after all? They are not berth blockers like Charlie Gilmour. Bethany Shiner was kettled by the Metropolitan Police. In response, she’s launching legal proceedings against Sir Paul Stephenson, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Well, she and her dad are. Miss Shiner’s pa is Phil Shiner, leading light of Birmingham-based PIL, has an interest in “international, environmental and human rights law”. In 2004, Mr Shiner was Liberty’s “Human Rights Lawyer of the Year”. Bethany’s dad is on the case.

Says he:

“The police are required to have a range of lawful responses to different scenarios and not just resort to the most coercive tactics at the first sign of trouble. The policy of kettling has to be struck down.”

He cites the European Convention on Human Rights. He says kettling is a breach of Article 5 – “the right not to be unlawfully detained; Article 10 – the right to freedom of expression; and Article 11 – the right to freedom of assembly.”

Kettling is a punishment. Cory Doctorow is right. If it is meant to stop any bother, then it is a failure, a collective punishment that legitimises the violent and riles those already stoked enough to protest. If you have genuine grievance, the police cracking down on protest just exacerbates the aggro.

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The Siege Of Sidney Street: When Anarchists Attacked (Photos)

YOU want anarchy on the streets of London? Real anarchy? Not a slogan, on an Arab headscarf and a bawdy chant about the police? You want real ultra violence backed by a fomenting rage against brutal oppression? On December 12, 2101, it arrived in London. On that day, Sidney Street, in Stepney, East London, became forever synonymous with the word “siege”.

Events began when three police were shot dead and two others crippled for life by a gang of Latvian anarchists marshalled by George Gardstein.

The group, fronted by the elusive Peter The Painter, aka Peter Paiktow, had been spotted trying to burgle a jewelers in Houndsditch in the City of London. The witness called the police. The unarmed police arrived. The gang fired.

Who Are These Fiends in Human Shape?” ran the headline in the Daily Mirror. A £500 reward was posted. In the following days gang members were rounded up. Gardstein died, the victim of his side’s friendly fire.

Then a police grass saw the gang in Mrs Betsy Gershon’s flat in Sidney Street, Whitechapel. He told the police. On January 3 1911, the house was besieged.

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The Millies 2010 In Photos: David Cameron’s Gangrene Gang Show

THE Millies are the Sun’s awards do for military men and women who the media sees fit to put on the telly and have recognised by Ross Kemp, McFly, Brooklyn Beckham, Christine Bleakley, Matt Cardle and Helen Worth from Coronation Street. It’s more of a case of why not than why? If it helps the recipients, then whey not. But what does stick in the craw and make us want to gag are the words of David Cameroon.

You might puke or sneer – but the stiff-upper lip and gag reflex won’t allow it.  He tells Sun readers:

TO me, the Millies is Britain’s single most important awards ceremony.

For one night the heroes who serve our country so brilliantly get their moment on the stage and in the spotlight. These aren’t people who look for praise.

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Greeks Beat Up Former Minister Kostis Hatzidakis

TO Greece. A former minister is being beaten in public. Gordon Brown may like to look away. (Is the left wing becoming more violent than the right?)

Greek protesters clashed with police and set fire to cars and a hotel in central Athens on Wednesday as tens of thousands marched against austerity measures aimed at pulling the country out of a debt crisis…

As the march reached parliament, about 200 leftists attacked former conservative minister Kostis Hatzidakis with their fists, stones and sticks, shouting: “Thieves! Shame on you!” His face was covered in blood as he took shelter in a building,

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Rome Boils To Fill The Vacuum At Italy’s Head

SILVIO Berlusconi clings on to power. The Italian Prime minister survived two votes of confidence. He does this because there is no viable alternative to him. The opposition is neither good enough nor strong enough to make its case. And Rome erupts.

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Backbiting causes Iain Dale to quit blogging

In a rather surprise move top Tory blogger Iain Dale has decided to call it a day. Dale has been blogging for five years now and his blog is regularly cited as one of the most read in the UK.

If you read the post announcing the move on his blog, it is clear that Dale has had enough of blogging for personal reasons.

Dale says

The truth is, I no longer enjoy blogging and I think that this has been evident for a few months now to my readers. I hate the backbiting that goes along with it. I hate the character assassination that is permanently present. I no longer enjoy the pressure of feeling I have to churn out four or five pieces every day. I used to enjoy sitting in front of the TV at home in the evenings and writing blogposts at the same time. I can’t do that any longer as I am on the radio every weekday evening. And when I am in the office during the day I have two companies to run. Something has to give.

And if I am honest, I now feel that my blogging is having a negative effect on various aspects of my business and broadcasting life.

Dale will now focus on his media work and running a publishing company. We wish him well. It is actually quite moving to read the comments on his blog and he clearly has played an important role in UK politics over the past few years. If you want the dirt on UK politics we can heartily recommend this fella

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Alina Kabaeva Does Vogue: Putin’s Babe Photos

COP a load of Alina Kabayeva, aka Alina Kabaeva, on the cover of Vogue. Alina is not another new Anna Chapman. Alina is the saucy Russian who won Olympic gold rhythmic gymnasts in Athens 2000, gained a seat in the Duma and – maybe, just maybe – shagged Vladimir Putin, singer, sportsman and lover.

Not that Putin has been Putin it about (geddit?). In 2008, he denied an affair. He did this while in the company of – get this – Silvio Berlusconi, and offered the syrupy line that Russian babes are…

“..the most talented and beautiful [although] If anyone can compete, it may be only Italian women.”

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Alan Johnson Is A Champions’ League Bullshitter

ALAN Johnson has news for students and their fees: he supports a graduate tax:

A graduate tax is now very much back on the agenda in my book… If you are talking about inconsistency, Osborne, Cameron, Cable all voted against any graduate contribution whatsoever. But they are Premier League inconsistency. Mine’s Champions’ League inconsistency.”

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Barnaby Raine Makes Sense Of The Police, Media And The Student Fees Protest

THE COALITION Of Resistance gives a voice to the students we only see on the telly bemoaning the police and getting into a spot of aggro. At the Camden Centre on November 27, 2010, a 15-year-old explained why he protests against student fees. He’s called Barnaby Raine.

He goes to Westminster School. Nick Clegg went there:

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Police Hunt 14 Student Fee Protesters Who Proved Kettling Fails: Photos

POLICE have issued the photos of 14 demonstrators they want to question and kettle in a small room back at the station. This what happens after protests that turn ugly: the police use technology and the media to get their message across. They do not listen. They cannot listen. Says Detective Chief Superintendent Matthew Horn:

“The vast majority of the people we are seeking are suspected of committing serious offences of violent disorder and criminal damage.”

Criminal damage is a “serious offence”. Violent disorder is a “serious offence”. Kettling – curtailing someone’s freedom and placing them in temporary prison – is merely operational.

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Singing Vladimir Putin Wins The X Factor: Video

VLADIMIR Putin: soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor – jack of all trades and a dab hand with a ping-pong bat – will now sing Fats Domino’s On Blueberry Hill for your X Factor votes. Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Costner, your boys took one helluva beating.

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Ken Clark Is Britain’s Soft White Centre

JUSTICE Secretary – and how about that for a comic book title – Ken Clark is advocating liberal policies on prison sentencing. The idea is that prison does not act as a deterrent to re-offending nor as means to help people go straight.

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Students Smash The Police In London (Photos)

THE students are not the miners. The clashes are not so desperate nor bloody as when the miners striked. But there is deep anger. The anger is not at lives and livelihoods lost; it is about the future. University tuition fees are big deal. But if you want to see someone killed right now, look to Nick Clegg and the LibDems. From being all thing to all people. He has now been forced to decide. And he is a Tory.


Picture 1 of 66

Police clash with protesters in Parliament Square, London, as part of a protest against the rise of university tuition fees.

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