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Boy Stripped And Felt Up By TSA: Video

THE US’s TSA is in the news for its grope downs and dick measuring service. Here’ a video of the border guards patting down a young boy and taking his top off.

While you sing the song and watch the Boehner go, wonder how it is that when the enemy attacks it is your civil liberties that are curtailed.

Image: Reddit

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Boehner Escapes TSA Dick Measuring Service: Cancer Sufferer Forced To Show Breasts

TO Charlotte, where Cathy Bossi, a flight attendant, is forced to bare her breasts during a TSA pat down / rub down / grope at the at Charlotte Douglas International airport where she works.

She is ordered to pass through the full body scanners. She will be radiated. Bossi has had cancer. She’s not all that keen on being zapped, but complies. But it’s not enough:

“When I got out of there she said because my I.D. was on my back, I had to go to a personal screening area.”

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Swiss Fascists Seduce Muslims With Tales Of Naked Women

THE Swiss People’s Party (SVP) says that Switzerland is a land full of very clean, tight-skinned, young, naked white women who bathe in the ice cold waters of Lake Zurich.

You might think this is a lure for immigrants, who have long laboured under the misconception that Switzerland is a land of fascists, civic pride and organised suicide.

The SVP also has also posted online an image of older, dressed Muslim women who are also sat in a large puddle of water, possibly a disused muddy puddle or quarry.

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Afghanistan Time To Go Demo: In Photos And Acronyms

ANOTHER weekend of demonstrations in London and with it the birth of another acronym for the media to conjure with. The British Muslim Initiative (BMI) is in central London as part in the Afghanistan: Time to Go demonstration. Joining them are CND and STWC (Stop The War Coalition). There were lots of banners and placards demanding “PEACE”. Do the peaceful march and shout? Or is PEACE another acronym (People Expect Acronyms Cleverly Explained)…


Picture 1 of 4

Protestors take part in the Afghanistan: Time to Go demonstration, organised by Stop the War, CND and the British Muslim Initiative, in central London.

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Young Socialists For Orgasms: Spanish Political Movement Promises An Ejaculation With Every Vote

A VOTE for the Young Socialists in Catalonia will give you an orgasm. Vote now and vote often. Spain’s equality minister says the advert is “misleading”. Indeed it is. Men can also vote for Young Socialists, although not as often, obviously…

The Greatest Election Films Ever: Kinnock The Movie
Carly Fiorina Enters Race For Worst Political Advert Of All Time
Urination Nation: The Worst Political Advert Ever
Florida Wonk Charlie Crist’s Demonic Rat Crap Lube

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Soldier Who Refused To Return To Afghanistan Hands Back Medals

JOE Glenton is the now ex-soldier who was jailed for nine months refusing to return to Afghanistan. He had fled to Asia and Australia.

Today he handed in his veteran’s medal to 10 Downing Street in London.

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The TSA Protest Song: Comply With Me, Obey, Obey, Obey

COMPLY with me is the song to hum as your body is put through the hands of the TSA’s dick measuring service and breast groping syndication. Americans are now getting the same stinking treatment they used to reserve for foreigners.

Anorak’s pal behind the Rubber Curtain, Iowahawk, bring news of the protest song of the age. Bend over and grab your ankles. You’re in for a bumpy ride.

Comply with me, before you fly away
Remove those shoes and take a cruise through my peekaboo xray
Comply with me, I’m your friendly TSA

Comply with me you domestic coach class bums
If you opt out I’ll just give you a shout to my icy handed chums
Comply with me bend over here it comes

Once I get up there where your hair is tickle-ish
I’ll just fish
got my wish
Once I get you up there you’ll be squirming like an eel
You may squeal
At the feel when we’re together
Proctology is such a lovely trade
I’ll show you, love with  my rubber glove
Try not to be afraid
I’d be a perfect gentleman if had just obeyed
Comply with me, I’m GS-8 pay grade

Janet Napolitano says to sprad em wide
Have you tried…Astroglide?
Janet Napolitano knows your clothes are off
Head alof
Turn it and cough when we’re together

Don’t crack wise or I’ll ruin your whole day
Please don’t frown when I pat your down, it alerts the CIA
It’s a perfectly legal practice
Except at Gitmo Bay

Comply with me
I said comply with me


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Tory Councillor Suspended From Party For Agreeing With Barack Obama On Gays

BRISTOL Councillor Chris Windows has been “voluntarily suspended” from the Conservative Party. (No, not suspended from a rafter with a black bin liner over his head and wearing stockings and suspenders – he ‘s no Tory MP.)

Windows has been censured for saying that he was “disturbed” to learn that Sir Ian McKellen had been speaking to school children about being gay. Says he said:

I am unhappy and a little disturbed at the involvement of Stonewall in our local schools and particularly the use of a certain leading actor as a potential role model for our impressionable young people.”

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Ireland: The EU’s Malign Institutions Kill The Nation State

THE extraordinary editorial in The Irish Times yesterday asks “whether this is what the men of 1916 died for: a bailout from the German chancellor with a few shillings of sympathy from the British chancellor on the side”, writes Richard North.

“There is the shame of it all,” it says. “Having obtained our political independence from Britain to be the masters of our own affairs, we have now surrendered our sovereignty to the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Their representatives ride into Merrion Street today.”

But its one of their commenters, Bryan O’Donoghue, who reminds the newspaper that it has been consistent cheer-leader for the project. Not least, we ourselves can recall, it was a voluble supporter of the Lisbon treaty. Thus asks O’Donoghue: “Has this paper once openly opposed a European integration step, no matter how undemocratic or how much power it concentrates in the hands of the EU3?”

“Why,” he then asks, “now turn around a[nd] criticise the power that has been handed to Europe due to successive treaties, unions and economic arrangements, that the IT, is a principal supporter of?”

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David Cameron: ‘Shit Happens’ When Halal Comes To Parliament

IT was widely reported (via Twitterwhich Dave says is for Twats) that at last night’s Spectator awards ceremony, the Prime Minister said, “Shit happens”, writes Archbisop Cranmer.

This is true; it does.

Perhaps we should not be so shocked, for although the OED indicates the term iscoarse sl, it is clearly one of those words which is passing through a transitional phase towards common acceptability; its coarseness and vulgarity are being reassessed and the vernacular is expanding to embrace a meaning beyond the expulsion of faeces from the body.

‘Shit happens’: difficult or unpleasant things occur.

It is simply the 21st-century equivalent of ‘Events, dear boy. Events’.

This was the response given by another Old Etonian, Harold Macmillan, when he was asked by a journalist what can most easily steer a government off course. ‘Events, dear boy. Events’ has entered the political lexicon as a circumlocution for the unpredictability of politics.

Today’s synonym is ‘Shit happens’.

Perhaps it shows a certain lowering of the tone, decline in culture, finesse, manners.

Or perhaps not.

Words only offend if one’s speech is not crafted to suit one’s audience: a vulgar word or phrase is not so vulgar amongst the vulgar. The Prime Minister was addressing other MPs at a Spectator party: doubtless far worse things have been said at such gatherings by far more elevated personages than the Prime Minister, notwithstanding that the ceremony will probably be broadcast on national television at some point.

And then the shit will hit the fan.

And while the Prime Minister will doubtless not give a shit, his aides and spokesmen may feel as though they are up a certain creak without a paddle.

But this is trivial: we easily forget that the Authorised Version of the Bible talks of ‘piss’ (2Kng 18:27; Isa 36:12; 1Sam 25:22, etc’, etc.). While Scripture talks of Saul going in ‘to cover his feet’ (1Sam 24:3), David Cameron would say ‘to take a dump’.

His Grace could dwell further on this, but he wants to come to something a little more significant.

In yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Labour MP Brian Donohoe asked if David Cameron would visit Ayrshire to witness the highest unemployment in Scotland. And he used an interesting phrase:

If Mohammed will not come to Ayrshire, is it possible, given the reports in the national press about Irvine, the largest town in my constituency, having the highest unemployment in Scotland, that he would meet a small delegation to discuss the question of unemployment?

This was, of course, an allusion to Frances Bacon’s Essays of 1625, in which he wrote:

Mahomet cald the Hill to come to him. And when the Hill stood still, he was neuer a whit abashed, but said; If the Hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet wil go to the hil.

Within a few years of publication ‘mountain’ had replaced ‘hill’, and by 1643 the saying had become:

If the mountaine will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will goe to the mountaine.

As ever, there are various spellings of the name of the founder of Islam – Muhammad, Mahomet, Mohammed, Muhammed etc.

But it was a curious irreverence (coming from a Labour MP) in today’s hyper-sensitivity surrounding all things Islamic.

Which brings His Grace to a delicious irony.

He reported some months ago on the fact that the nation was surreptitiously being force-fed halal meat through supermarkets, cafés, fast-food outlets and hospitals. And he had reported some years before this that schoolchildren were being fed halal meat without parental knowledge or consent.

Well, it transpires that halal meat has been secretly served in House of Commons restaurants for quite some time.

Mohammed may not have gone to the mountain, or even to Ayrshire. But he has certainly visited the pantry of the Parliamentary catering service.

They feign innocence, protesting that it is not known how they could have ‘unknowingly received’ poultry slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law.

Try: ‘lack of accurate labelling’.

It is very simple.

Of course, this revelation is of the utmost concern to Sikh MPs, who are forbidden to eat meat ‘killed in the Muslim way’. And also to those Christians who might believe the meat to have been ‘offered to idols’ (1Cor 10:14-32).

Conservative MP Greg Knight said: “Suppliers seem to be going for the option of making everyone eat halal so they don’t inadvertently offend a Muslim. I don’t think that’s the way forward; the way forward is proper labelling. I prefer to eat meat where the animal has been killed humanely and without suffering.”

Philip Hollobone MP added: “I am angry because I don’t think it is that difficult a problem to solve. It just needs the political will to do it. We’re waiting for Europe to do something rather than taking the initiative ourselves or maybe the Government is frightened about upsetting the ethnic minorities.”

Ah, waiting for ‘Europe’.

Perhaps the mountain will come to Mohammed first.

If it doesn’t, doubtless more shit will happen.

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Vladimir Putin Wants You To Name His Dog: ‘Let’s Bomb Iran’ Is Favourite

VLADIMIR Putin wants to call his pet dog Anna Chapman. But Anna the spy is now a brand and her image rights will not allow it, most likely. So, Putin needs to find a new name of his pet. And the Russian PM needs your help. On his website, he issues a plea:

“Anyone who wishes to can send their suggestion of a male name for the prime minister’s new dog to his site.”

Anorak suggests calling the dog Let’s Bomb Iran.

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Tosser Poster Is Rubbished In Stockport

THE ‘Tosser’ poster telling locals to toss their rubbish in the bins of Brinnington is offensive, sexually perverse and a great way to get a campaign into the media.

The Manchester Evening News reports on much gnashing of teeth:

Councillor Maureen Rowles, who lives in Brinnington, said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw it. She said: “I don’t think it’s appropriate. Some people may see it as funny. We all know what it means – to be putting that out from the council, in my opinion, is a bit below the belt.”

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George Bush Read 95 Books In A Year (With Pictures)

DID you know that George Dubya Bush read 95 books in a year, totalling 37,343 pages? That’s the kind of fact George Bush would know about books isn’t it: how many pages he’d read.

The editor of our sister site Stylebrity once worked for a big-time music promoter. He’d buy all the York Notes passbooks and try and drop a nugget of information into the conversation. He would do this without any humour or self-deprecation. For him the value of a book was measured in weight and audience reaction.

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Mad Mullah Omar Bakri Arrested In Lebanon: Hezbollah Might Laugh

OMAR Bakri, once the UK’s leading mad-mullah, the Tottenham Taliban, the tabloids go-to source of bloodcurdling rhetoric and gurning, has been arrested in Lebanon. It was Barki who called the 9/11 murderers the “magnificent 19” – although, if the crowd wills it, he might also scream that it was the Jews wot dunnit.

Lebanon is tough on Salafi Islamism. (Although if you are one of the country’s Shi’ite extremists, carry on. Hezbollah rules!)

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David Cameron’s Politics Of The Wellbeing: Finally We Get To Put Them In The Stocks

CAN David Cameron, the marketing man-turned-political leader, think of a theme for his administration? Tony Blair had Cool Britannia. Well, here goes:

It’s time we admitted that there’s more to life than money and it’s time we focused not just on GDP but on GWB – general wellbeing.”

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Gerry Adams Stands Up In Ireland And Down At Westminster: It’s The Economy Stupid

GERRY Adams, leader of Sinn Fein, chose the Edentubber Commemoration in County Louth to herald his decision to stand for the Republic of Ireland’s Dail.

It was a day loaded with symbolism and history. The Edentubber Commemoration marks an explosion in 1957 that killed five republicans at the foot of Edentubber Mountain in County Louth, close to the South Armagh border.

Mr Adams is standing for not just a united Ireland:

“As leader of Sinn Fein, I want to be part of the necessary fight-back against bad economic policies in both parts of this island and for a fair, decent and united society for all the people of Ireland.”

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Aung San Suu Kyi News Round-Up: Mandela Can Sleep Easy

AUNG San Suu Kyi is free and at large in Burma. She is the leader of the National League for Democracy. She is a Nobel peace laureate. But she’s no Mandela.

By way of background to her release: There have been elections in Burma – the country’s first in 20 years. The military are likely to secure around 80% of the vote. See, democracy works…

News and Views:

Says Kyi:

We haven’t seen each other for long time. I feel very happy to see you all here. As I don’t have a loudspeaker, I can’t speak to reach you all. If you can listen quietly, you can hear my voice. Otherwise, it’s very hard to speak. You all have to help each other. If people from the back can’t hear what I say, then people from the front role are able to share what you hear.”

She says, “Let’s bomb Beijing!”

Others Not Out

Labour activist Ma Su Su Nway, who was arrested on Nov 13, 2007, while attempting to put up an anti-government poster. A year later, she was sentenced to 12 years and six months, later commuted to eight years and four months. She is serving her sentence in the remote Kale Prison, 680km from Rangoon.

U Gambari, one of the monks who led the September 2007 ”Saffron Revolution” protests. The regime sentenced U Gambari to 68 years in jail, 12 to be served as hard labour.

The Future

Any celebrations, however, are likely to be shortlived. Any thought that she will or can do a Nelson Mandela and walk to power in triumph is misbegotten. Should she opt to return to the hustings, or cause the regime any other kind of embarrassment, she will find herself confined to her residence for a fourth time, and probably without any eventual release date – Justin Wintle, Telegraph

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EDL Founder Stephen Lennon (Aka Tommy Robinson) Arrested In Remembrance Day Anti-Muslim Protest: Photos

MORE on that England Defence Leave Verses Muslims Against Crusades Tannoy Smack Down in London’s – get this – Exhibition Road. Stephen Lennon, billed as the founder of the English Defence League, also known as Yaxley-Lennon and Tommy Robinson,has been charged with assaulting a police officer during the melee. How’s that for honouring the dead?


Picture 1 of 10

Stephen Lennon is arrested by police at a Muslims against Remembrance Day protest on Exhibition Road in London.

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Photos: EDL Clashes With Muslims Against Crusades On Exhibition Road

REMEMBRANCE DAY: In London, the English Defence League (EDL) was there to shout slogans at the equally shouty Muslims Against Crusades (MAC). Unite Against Facism (UAF) was not there to shout down the EDL nor the MAC, thereby missing the chance to met a new acronym. (Note to MAC – apple have already done it; if you are going to a be global brand, it might be an idea to rethink the acronym.) But you want to know where this protest was held? On… Exhibition Road. Indeed. It’s Tannoy envy gone mad…


Picture 1 of 11

Muslims protesters and police clash at a Muslims against Remembrance Day protest on Exhibition Road in London.

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How Media Hijacked The Student Violence To Mute The Message: Photos

MEET Luke Cooper. He’s 26. The London Standard says he’s a University of Sussex academic who was a “ring leader” of a plot to occupy Millbank Tower and the Tory headquarters. He is presented as the face of the minority who ruined a polite day out for the masses – and gave the media great photos. But the masses didn’t seem to mind the occupation. The chucking of stuff from a roof was not universally popular. But lots of people stayed to watch.

A statement from the National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts says:

We reject any attempt to characterise the Millbank protest as small, “extremist” or unrepresentative of our movement.

The About Us page on the NCAFC site ends:


So. All the proactive students are in it together. But what of the plot to occupy buildings? Well, it was the plot the police were too blinkered and deaf to notice being hatched online. (See the slogan above.)

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Photos Of Student Protest And Riot At Millbank Tower: Were You There?

PHOTOS of the student protest and the Millbank occupation in London – and the ensuing violence. The news cameras love the blood, cracked heads and the smashed glass. A fire is lit. But this is no full-blown riot. But in close with the cameras and it looks bad, or good.

The photos are big and high resolution:

The protestors have smashed their way into Millbank Tower, near the London headquarters of the Conservative party. Yeah near. The Tories moved out after the election. They are now housed by the Pizza Express at number 30 Millbank. (Education, readers. Education.) Police are injured. But when you are in the building, then what?

Millbank Demo: The Police Fail Because They Have No Listening Mode And Never Learn

There are students on the roof. Some are smoking rolled-up cigarettes. Other are enjoying the view. Other are realising that they are now trapped and having dropped a metal fire extinguisher onto riot police they will to come down eventually to face their targets. Good luck with that.

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Riots Are Good: We Need The Student Battle Of Millbank

THE NUS student demonstration, billed as the Battle of Millbank by a delighted and excited media, is a riot we need. Paul Sagar writes in Praise of Riots:

“I say that those who condemn the tumults between the nobles and the plebs, appear to me to blame those things that were the chief causes for keeping Rome free, and that they paid more attention to the noises and shouts that arose in those tumults than to the good effects they brought forth…And if the tumults were the cause of creation of Tribunes, they merit the highest praise, for in addition to giving the people a part in administration, they were established for guarding Roman liberty.”

So wrote Niccolò Machiavelli in his Discorsi, perhaps the first great work of modern political theory.

It would be misleading to extrapolate too much from Machiavelli’s concerns about the governing of a 16th century Italian city state. But regardless, like Machiavelli I have no inherent problem with “tumults” – or as we would now call them, riots.

Machiavelli’s core point is that rioting safe-guarded freedom. It was because the Roman plebs took arms against the nobles that the latter remembered not to push things too far. That made rioting a useful corrective, and a check against the abuses of the powerful.

It’s not clear that anything has changed today. If a party is elected to government on a series of manifesto pledges, and then reneges on them systematically, it may be no bad thing if the betrayed express their discontent via physical public unrest.

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Battle Of Millbank: Photos, Police As Victims And What Really Happened

THE media reacts to the Battle of Millbank. David Cameron’s coalition government wants to increase fees for students to as much as 9,000 pounds a year for tuition, almost three times the current level. Over 50,000 students form a protest. The police are overwhelmed. At London’s G20 protests the police played it tough. Now they used the gentle touch. Can the police win in the face of violence?

Playing Politics

“The ferocity of the protest ended the high hopes of a new era in consensus politics” – Independent

The Indy makes no mentions of a fire extinguisher being tossed from the roof of Millbank Tower.

The Facts

The Mail says 20 officers tried to hold back the crowd at Millbank. The Indy puts the number at 30.

But The Tories Aren’t The Government

One protester who managed to get on the roof later said defiantly: “I’m glad I did it and I would do it again.”

The 30-year-old postgraduate, who refused to give his name, boasted: “I was surprised at how easy it was. There was hardly any security.

He added: “It was mayhem. There were at least 100 of us up there. Some were clearly not students, and just there to cause trouble. But there were also a lot of genuine protesters helping to get our message across to the Government.” – Mirror

Good Day Out

One officer said: “We can’t do anything to stop them without using tactics that would be too harsh. We could use tear gas but it wouldn’t make any difference. There are just too many of them.”

Fred Azis-Laranjo, a 19-year-old history student from University College London, said: “The police were clearly grossly under-prepared. There just weren’t enough of them to control the mob. I feel sorry for these officers because it’s not about them, it’s about the Tories. The violence has become gratuitous and people are just smashing everything for fun.” – Telegraph

The Struggle

We know that breaking a window won’t stop the cuts. But that wasn’t what was important about the events at Millbank. The main point is that it showed the willingness to take the struggle to the Tories—to resist rather than surrender. That’s exactly the right attitude. Socialist Worker

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Student Protesters And Media Target Wrong Building: Conservative Party Has Moved

THE students have smashed their way into Millbank Tower, the building that the Wall Street Journal calls the building that houses the Conservative Party’s headquarters“.

Theunis Bates at AOL news agrees that the Tories are headquartered in Millbank. New York Times agrees. Sky News’s Kay Burley agrees.

Others who agree:

Euro News,, Sky News (again), Wales Online, Andrew Sullivan, Channel 4, India LenonGonzo Media and many more.

The Tories are not in Millbank Tower – they moved out after the last election and are now housed at 30 Millbank.

But students have realised their error and have now stormed this building too.

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Student Fees Protest In Photos: Osbourne And Osborn Attacked

“OSBOURNE FUCK OFF” declares the signs held aloft as students and teachers gathering in central London. It’s a big protest against the Government’s move to hike student fees to as much as £9,000 per year in fees from 2012. But here’s the thing: what the hell has Ozzy Osbourne got to do with the matter? George Osborne, on the other hands, is the Chancellor and he wants to mess with your educashun he can fuck right off.

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