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Making A Killing

‘NOT content with focusing on the world’s most famous celebrities, this week the Enquirer takes a look at the more infamous ones as well.

Beverley Allitt was delighted at her new doll

‘A Colorado sculptor is marketing a new line of dolls modelled after the most brutal serial killers in history – and he’s making a killing,’ it writes.

Understandably, the ‘outrageous toys’ have incurred the wrath of victim support groups.

‘It’s disgusting blood money,’ Andy Kahn, a spokesman for a Houston-based group, tells the magazine. ‘From a crime victim’s perspective, it’s nauseating.’

Even toymaker David Johnson, who sells the dolls online for $29.95 each, admits: ‘It’s a pretty shameful thing to do. But I’ve always wanted to make a living as a working artist, and this is the only way I’ve been able to do it.’

The dolls ‘include such monsters as coed killer Ted Bundy’ – complete with historically accurate flares – ‘homosexual cannibal murderer Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, the ‘Killer Clown’, in his sick ‘Pogo the Clown’ costume’.

Johnson has a few more dolls in the pipeline, including Charles Manson, Lizzie Borden (axe sold separately) and, perhaps a little ambitiously given that his identity has always remained a mystery, Jack the Ripper.

Accessories such as the electric chair (batteries not included) will also be available soon.

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Household Names

‘IT’S midnight on day nine hundred and twenty-seven in OK!’s tribute to Big Brother.

The original Dwight dwelling

Housemates Elton and David are sitting in Woodside, a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of Windsor. David is wearing Elton’s red hair. Elton is wearing a smile.

David has asked Elton to show him pictures of the house where he grew up in Pinner, Middlesex. Elton produces a photograph of a ‘modest’ white and red painted house. There is a burgundy saloon car in the driveway and a bus stop outside…

It’s 1.17am, and Geraldine Estelle Halliwell is watching videos of herself performing It’s Rainin’ Men in the lounge of her £3.7 million mansion in Middle Green, Berkshire.

She’s also looking at a brochure of her new house, a £3million place in the Notting Hill area of London. The house is surrounded by a seven-foot wall, a moat and twelve crocodiles…

It’s now 2am and 15 seconds: Chris Evans and his much younger wife Billie are talking about schools at their Tudor pile in leafy Surrey. Chris is showing Billie a photo of his old house in Warrington. It’s got stone claddin’ and a door made from wood. The windows are glass…

It’s now 6.22am, and David and Victoria are already up in the house. David was born in Leytonstone in 1975, and Victoria grew up in the ‘picture-perfect’ surroundings of Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire.

The couple are talkin’ in the lounge of their £3.5 million seven-bedroom Grade II listed house in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. Victoria has eaten two Twiglets, a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch and seven boiled eggs. David has drunk eight glasses of water…

It’s now 9.15 and seven seconds. Liz Hurley is reading Forbes magazine…(continue forever)’

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PJ Drama

‘BUT Vicky and David are worried. Hot on their heels in the hunt for fame are PJ, Jade, Spencer, Alex, Kate, Tim and Jonny. The magnificent seven are thrilling the planet with their hilarious antics and cracked-whip humour.

PJ convinces Jade to take a dip in the hot tub

But before we go to the house, let’s look in on one former inmate, the man we all call PJ Ellis.

Pig Jumper is seen on the OK! cover promising to give us the first, last and middle words on life in the Big Brother house. So, Pig Jumper, why did you go on the show?

‘Well, I’m from Birmingham and I wanted to see how the other half live.’ Pig Jumper, what happened between you and Jade? ‘I deny full sex,’ says he. ‘I did kiss her a lot longer than I thought I had, as I assumed it was just a peck on the lips… I let myself down.’

Pig Jumper, do you fancy Jade? ‘I was messing about with Jade. I don’t fancy her. I was drunk and we had a snog.’ And so it goes on, until readers finally arrive at Jade.

There’s Jade taking her clothes off as she loses another round of a betting game. And there’s Jade lying on the grass; Jade being hosed down by two studly men (Jonny and Pig Jumper), and fireman Jonny deftly directing a water hose down Jade’s pants.

‘Give us a break, Jade’, says OK! ‘She is such an exhibitionist!’ And look, there’s another shot of her with her top off. Pah! And another… another… another…

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Larks And Spencer

‘IT’S clear to us all that they do not make stars like they used to. And providing us with a breath of fresh air is that hero of old, Spencer Smith.

‘Oi, Kate, not in front of the cameras!’

It’s great to sees Spencer back by popular demand, to fill in a few pages on the cheap. And OK! has a few more questions to ask.

‘Rumour has it that an ‘X-rated’ incident between you [that’s Spencer and Kate, dear reader] escaped the cameras’ glare…’ poses OK!. Spencer says that Big Brother might not see everything that goes on, and that is all he’s going to say.

But turn the page and it’s not Kate, it’s… Well, you know who’s there… It’s now day 2,407,894, and surely time to say goodnight. Roll cameras… ‘

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