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Transfer Balls: Sami Khedira’s Arsenal agreement is worthless

Transfer Balls spots the Daily Star’s news that Sami Khedira has delived a “blow to Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United”.

Jonathan Green reports:

The 28-year-old has become one of the most sought after players in European football with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Schalke all looking to secure the German’s signature.

This is the Daily Star that told readers that Khedira had agreede to join Arsenla and Bayern Munich:


khedira agrees


khedira arsenal


Such are the facts in the Daily Star…


The World Cup winner is out of contract in the summer and has confirmed he will leave the Bernabeu after five years.

The 28-year-old has become one of the most sought after players in European football with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Schalke all looking to secure the German’s signature.

And reports in Spain claim Dortmund are in the process of drawing up an offer for Khedira as they look to move ahead of their rivals.

Borussia Dortmund want Sami Khedira
INTEREST: Borussia Dortmund want Sami Khedira [GETTY]
They say Dortmund officials are prepared to offer Khedira a deal worth €11m (£8m) a year to bring him to the Westfalenstadion.

The Bundesliga club are set for a major overhaul this summer following Jurgen Klopp’s announcement that he will step down as manager at the end of the season.

Mats Hummels looks set to follow Klopp out of the exit door while doubts remain over the futures of Ilkay Gundogan, Marco Reus, Ciro Immobile and Neven Subotic.

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Jurgen Klopp Should Go To Arsenal, West Ham Or Liverpool And Avoid Manchester City

By Klopp Watch



Jurgen Klopp is heading out of Borussia Dortmund. But where to next for the affable German?

The Daily Express says Manchester City is Klopp’s most likely destination. Why City, who have moved towards the Spanish model in recent seasons with the appointment of former Barcelona executives Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain (secured in the hope of luring Pep Guardiola to the Etihad), would opt for the man who made Dortmund masters of high-octane gegenpressing is not explained.

Any move for Klopp would necessitate a wholesale change in style and massive investment. Would Financial Fair Play allow it?

The Mirror also links Klopp to City. Apparently, odds on Klopp heading to the Etihad have been slashed. Of course odds on Klopp heading anywhere have been slashed following the announcement that this season will be his last at Dortmund.

The Mirror says City’s main rivals for the German are Napoli. Can anyone really see an Italian team embracing Klopp’s madly energetic, hard-pressing style? Klopp has said that he loves “serenity football… What we call in German – English football: rainy days, heavy pitch, everybody is dirty in the face…” So. Sunny Napoli it is then.

The Sun leads with news that Klopp has “told Premier League clubs: Come and get me.” The paper suggests the clubs that could go for Klopp: Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham  and Newcastle.

The Mail produces its list of possible Klopp destinations. City, Liverpool and Arsenal are the only Premier League clubs to feature. No word on West Ham, who would offer Klopp an intriguing challenge. Liverpool would be Klopp’s natural fit, but Brendan Rodgers is doing a decent job at Anfield. Arsenal could do with Klopp when Arsene Wenger leaves in a year or two. But after years of relative austerity when they sold their best players to balance the books and fund a new stadium, Wenger’s sudden departure would be like a man walking away from a loaded fruit machine.

The Mail says the clubs most likely to go for Klopp are Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

Could Klopp, the outsider, end up at one of the ultimate insider clubs? Rory Smith (Times) compares such a move to “the gertrification of Williamsburg, the adoption of the beard by the Ben Sherman boys, the ultimate defeat for hipsters”.

So. Not all bad, then.

But while a move to Real Madrid seems possible, Klopp to Bayern would surely be a bitter blow to the Dortmund fans who love him. The Mail says “sources in Germany have not ruled out a move to rivals Bayern Munich if Pep Guardiola fails to win the Champions’ League this season”.

That might be because Klopp has not ruled out a move to anywhere.

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Liverpool Balls: Raheem Sterling’s smoking Arsenal audition

It’s the Daily Raheem Sterling – a look at the Liverpool player in the news.

The Sunday Mirror has news that Sterling, 20, has been photographed smoking a shisha pipe during a night out with friends. Was this a bonding session with Arsenal’s smoking Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Tomasz Szczęsny?

The picture of him inhaling on the bright orange pipe during a night out with pals emerged just hours after he upset his army of fans by snubbing a £100,000-a-week contract. Experts warn a single shisha session could be equivalent to smoking up to 200 cigarettes.

In case you were less than bothered at what a top athlete does in his spare time and find ludicrous the claim that a drag on a shisha is the same as smoking 200 fags, the Mirror trills:

The image will shock team-mates and parents of youngsters who idolise the winger, 20.

As ever with such things, we are invited to think of the children. From being an adult having a legal puff , Sterling is now a danger to your kids.

The Daily Mirror says Sterling was heckled by Liverpool fans as he modeled the team’s new kit. As Sterling took the stage to enthuse about the outfit, a voice shouted:

“Make sure we see you in it next season.”

Others cheered. Sterling, quick as a flash, said nothing.

ESPN says Sterling will ignore the hecklers and not sign a new Liverpool contract. How do ESPN know this? It reports:

Raheem Sterling will not sign a new contract at Liverpool this season as he waits to see what offers come his way this summer, a well-placed source has told ESPN FC.

An anonymous source says so, that’s why. And if you can’t trust an anonymous source, who can you trust?

Over in the Liverpool Echo the news is that Liverpool already have a ‘new’ Sterling:

Jordon Ibe can be just like Chelsea and Arsenal target Raheem Sterling – Brendan Rodgers

Is that what Rodgers said? No quite, no. The Liverpool Post has Rodgers quotes on Ibe in full:

“They’re both very exciting, but they’re different types of players,” Rodgers said.

Over on Sky Sports, Sterling is being talked about by his Liverpool teammate Lucas Leiva:

“It’s incredible how much he (Sterling) can achieve,” said Lucas. “He’s got all the potential and of course there has been a lot of talk about his contract situation but he’s dealing with it well on the pitch.

“Off the pitch he is getting advice that he thinks is best for him. My advice for him would be to play football – although it is hard to give advice. He knows what’s best for him as do his agent and family.”

So. No news, then…


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Transfer balls: Sterling to Arsenal, Walcott to Liverpool and £20m in change

Transfer balls looks at today’s reporting on Liverpool star and Arsenal target Raheem Sterling.

The Daily Star leads its sports coverage with news that Sterling is off to Arsenal. David Woods has an “exclusive”. He “can reveal” that Arsenal are buying Sterling. He can also”reveal” that Liverpool are buying Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

Well, maybe.

Overlooking the obvious fact that this “exclusive” was first reported in a fact-free Daily Mirror story two weeks ago, the Star’s scoop contains not a single fact about either player. Woods says Arsenal would pay Walcott plus £20m for Sterling. Given the figure of £50m touted for Sterling, that values Walcott at £30m.

How he arrives at those sums is through the process of ‘guesswork’.

It is utter balls.

We do hear from Arsenal in the Sun, where team manager Arsene Wenger says:

“We have a core of five or six players who have been here for the last seven years and we wants to keep that nucleus.”

Does that group include Walcott, who joined Arsenal in January 2006? It’s unclear because the Daily Express quotes Wenger thus:

“We now have a core of players, a good balance of  players…who have been here for up to seven years and a few that arrived one or two seasons ago. We have a good balance.”

Walcott arrived at Arsenal nine years ago. Given how guarded and careful Wenger is with his words, it might well be that Walcott, who will have just one season remaining on his curent deal at this season’s end, is on his way out.

Such are the facts





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Transfer Balls: Arsenal buy Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain for the second time

Transfer Balls: The Daily Express report Arsenal are in “pole position” to buy Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain.

That is incredible news. Why? Because as we Sun readers know, Higuain already plays for Arsenal.

Two years ago the Sun told us that Higuain had joned the Gunners for a record fee.




For those of you missed Mark Irwin’s scoop of July 2013, the good news is that despite a site redesign, the news of Higuain’s transfer to Arsenal remains a fact on the Sun.



Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 21.31.37


So much for the Sun. The Express is far more on the ball. Or not.

In 2014, the Express told us:

GONZALO HIGUAIN could be on his way to Arsenal… Gonzalo Higuain has hinted he could be leaving Napoli, with Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United all interested.

He never has played for Arsenal.

Such are the facts

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Arsenal balls: Mesut Ozil makes mugs of the experts

Jamie Redknapp says Arsenal’s German midfileder Mesut Ozil “is something special and worth paying to watch”.

Redknapp tells his Daily Mail readers that “Mesut Ozil is an easy target for ex-pros and pundits…”


“When things don’t come off for the German, people are quick to criticise. We do that too much in this country — looking at what people can’t do rather than what they can — and it’s where we go wrong so often.”

Well, going into Arsenal’s last match in which Ozil shone, Redknapp said Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson “will press hard and make sure Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla have no room to breathe.”

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Transfer balls: Raheem Sterling thinks Manchester United and Arsenal are better than Liverpool

Raheem sterling auction


Can it be that Raheem Sterling, the Liverpool tyro, would leave the club to play for Arsenal or Manchester United? The Sun says the deal to Old Trafford is on.

The last player to move between the two clubs was Phil Chisnall, who left Manchester United for Liverpool in 1964.

Sterling has rejected a near £100,000-a-week deal to remain at Liverpool. He and his agent are agitating for an exit. Liverpool want him to stay.

Their mistake was securing him on a £35,000-a-week deal that ends in two years time. They should have offered him more when he signed that deal just after his 18th birthday. They should have seen the improving player and recalculated his worth. Now that Liverpool are ready to negotiate, Sterling has raised his sights.

Sterling thinks Liverpool owe him back pay.

And Liverpool’s rivals are ready to exploit his position.

Sterling, of course, runs the risk of looking like a greedy, ungrateful, disloyal tosser.

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Arsenal Transfer balls: 140,000 reasons for Theo Walcott to love Chelsea and Liverpool

Transfer Balls: the Times says Chelsea are ready to make a move for Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

Matt Hughes says Walcott, 26, wants to stay at Arsenal. But at the end of this season Walcott’s current contract will have just one year to run.

There is no guantratee Arsenal and Walcott will agree on a new contract. So. He could be off.

But Arsene Wenger says there has been progress:

“The first contacts have been established with the embassy! We will see how that progresses politically. Walcott was difficult to convince (last time) and that’s why it took us much time.”

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Transfer balls: Sterling to Arsenal, Walcott to Liverpool, Reus to everywhere

Transfer balls looks at the Daily Mirror’s lead story: Raheem Sterling could be leaving Liverpool for life at Arsenal. Recalling how well things went when Arsenal last tried to buy a Liverpool player – a failed bid of £40m plus £1 for Luis Suarez  – investigating the veracity of this story seems worthwhile.


RAheem Sterling Arsenal

Daily Mirror back page


John Cross reminds readers that former QPR starlet Sterling has yet to sign a new deal at Liverpool. He says a raft of big clubs are after the player, mentioning Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Cross then states that “City will make a big bid” for the England player.

That’s pretty much the entire back-page news story. It continues two pages inside, with Cross saying that “Arsenal are serious contenders” and have made “discreet enquiries about Sterling’s availability”.  Given that the Gunners’ apparent discretions are back-page news, you wonder what form the club’s enquiries took: a word in the ear of the Mirror’s Arsenal reporter, perhaps?


daily mail raheem sterling


Over in the Mail, news is that Sterling will not sign for Liverpool “even if Liverpool offer £180,000 a week”. Says who? We’re not told? It’s just a fact that if Liverpool lose their minds and offer Sterling £180,000-a week to play for them he will not stay. Make it £180,001 and… yeah, maybe he will. Call his agent, Make the offer. See what occurs.

After that uter balls, over in the Express, their story is that Liverpool are interested in buying Arsenal’s Theo Walcott, who will be replaced  at The Emirates by Marco Reus. Really? Reus is the player the Express reported had agreed to join Real Madrid and the Mirror said had joined Barcelona.

Such are the facts in the trusty tabloids…







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Transfer balls: Arsenal chase Victor Wanyama who wants to play for a Top 7 club, like Spurs

The Sun says Arsenal are looking to buy Southampton’s Victor Wanyama for £30m contains a line to make Gunners fans smirk.

The Sun says Spurs also want Wanyama, 23:

A source close to the Kenya ace said: “Victor would only consider a top-four club — or Spurs as he admires Pochettino from their time at Saints.”

…or Spurs. Ouch!

To recap: picky Victor would only consider leaving the Saints for a top seven club, then.


Southampton Victor Wanyama



And as for the Sun’s scoop, well,  in 2013 the paper reported that he was off to Arsenal for…£10m::

ARSENAL are poised to slap in a £10 million-plus bid for Celtic star Victor Wanyama. SunSport understands Gunners boss and long term admirer Arsene Wenger is finally ready to spend big on the Kenyan midfielder — and meet the SPL champs’ asking price.

The Gunners never did bid for the Wanyama…

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Transfer Balls: Chelsea sell Petr Cech To Arsenal twice

Transfer Balls: Are Chelsea going to sell Petr Cech? Are Arsenal going to buy him? The Daily Telegraph says Chelsea might be. And Arsenal will pay £10m.

We cast our minds back to November, when the trusty Metro told readers that Cech had joined Arsenal for £7m:


CEch Arsenal joins


Did he? No. Because The Argus says Chech won’t make any decision on his future until the summer..

Such are the facts…





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Transfer Balls: Arsenal ‘buy’ Dybala for £31m, chase Cavani, want Marco Verratti and miss Benzema

Paulo Dybala arsenal


Are Arsenal buying Palermo’s Paulo Dybala? The Telegraph says they could be. The paper also says Chelsea might buy him.

The Standard says Dybala will cost £30m. It says Arsenal will not pay that. That’s odd because the Daily Star says Arsenal have agreed to buy Dybala for £31m.

The Express says he will cost Manchester United £28.9m – and they want him, too.

The Daily Star says Arsenal are really keen on Karim Benzema – as they are every year. But they have been “rocked” by news that Paris St Germain also want him. But not to worry because that will mean Arsenal sign PSG’s Edinson Cavani for [insert ridiculous amount of money here].

The Daily Express says Arsenal are in for Paris Saint-Germain’s Marco Verratti and Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger. But, then, it says Real Madrid want both of those player, too. The Express says it knows this because Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has “specifically requested the duo”. Yeah. He didn’t say “get me whathisface and oojamiflip”. He used their actual names. #flattered.

The Metro, says Arsenal will “snare” Chile international Charles Aranguiz by dangling Alexis Sanchez over a bear pit filled with cash.

Such are the facts…

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Liverpool and Manchester United Balls: 43 Seconds of Steven Gerrard out-performed 45 minutes of Adam Lallana

Liverpool lost 1-2 at home to Manchester United in the Premier League. We at Anorak always like to see what the local newpapers of both sides thought of the game.

The monocular Liverpool Echo and Manchester Evening News only rate players from their own areas. The MEN says the game’s best player was Juan Mata, with an 9 out of 10.

The Liverpool Post offers no rating for the bright Mata, but does say that the best Liverpool player was Sakho, who gets a 7. It gives Adam Lallana a 4. Lallana was not out-scored by Steven Gerrard, who replaced the former Southampton star and lasted just 43 seconds before he earned a red card. Instead of the ‘0’ Gerrard should have scored, the Post offers no score. Ity then adds that Gerrard is The best player to have pulled on a Liverpool shirt – ever.

In the haste to excuse Gerrard, the Post’s man-on-the scene notes:

“Ironically, after that [the sending off] they [Liverpool] played a lot better, they were a better team today with 10 than they were with 11.”

Good old Stevie, G., who does right when he does wrong.

Elswhere the Post adds that Gerrard is “saving the fairytale for Wembley”.

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Transfer balls: Arsenal’s Walcott to Liverpool, Sterling to Real Madrid and Manchester United’s Falcao to the Arndale Centre

Transfer balls: The big football news in the Daily Mirror is that Arsenal’s Theo Walcott is off to Liverpool. Maybe he will “Never Walc Alone”:


Theo Walcott Liverpool trasnfer


Theo Walcott is 26. He has just 15 months to run on his curent £90,000-a-week contract (although that rises to  £100,000 a week in the Daily Express). And since returning from injury Walcott’s not one enough to surplant Danny Wellbeck in the Arsenal pecking order.

The Telegraph says Walcott will remain at Arsenal if he can get a new deal worth more than £100,000-a-week.

But any move to Liverpool, the team he supported as a boy, depends on what the Reds’ Raheem Sterling does. The Express says he’s rejected an offer of £90,000-a-week to remain at Liverpool. We lean that big-spending Real Madrid are watching him closely.

All fans hang on to the idea that their team’s players love their club above all others. They don’t. They see the money flooding into the game, and they want more and more of it.

The Mail says Arsenal’s top-earners Sanchez and Ozil earn around £140,000-per-week. That’s around the same sum as Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard earns a week.

So. Their team-mates demand parity with the top tier earners. But they’re not as good.

Maybe the future is for pay-per-view players, each star linked to the amount the paying fans will cough up to watch them? The better they play, the more the punters click their keypads, and the more the winning players take from the wages pool.

This would more likely result in the likes of Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho earning far more than his curent deal of £70,000-a-week and his teammate Glen Johnson knocking up to four ‘noughts’ from his £90,000-a-week-deal.

Meanwhile, over at Manchester United, Radamel Falcao will not get his £265,000-a-week wages, and what with mortgages and other committments start looking to boost his income with a Saturday job in a hairdressers.

Walcott to Liverpool. Sterling to Real. Falcao to the Arndale Centre. You read it here first…


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Transfer Balls: Pogba signs for Manchester United and PSG as Marco Verratti joins and leaves Arsenal

Transfer Balls looks at Paul Pogba news. The Daily Express says Pogba has dealt Cheslea huge “BLOW”.


Paul Pogba chelsea daily express


Charles Perrin has news on Pogba, the Frenchman who, according to the Express was sold to Chelsea for £40m, to Arsenal also for £40m and £80m, for £77m to Manchester United, to Arsenal if Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and PSG don’t want him and has agreed to join PSG.

Says Perrin:

Chelsea and Manchester United have been handed a potential blow in their efforts to sign Paul Pogba.

Not if you ‘ve been reading the Express they haven’t.

The Juventus star has been valued at £77m, but Paris Saint-Germain star Marco Verratti has entertained the idea of a possible swap deal involving the Frenchman… “If PSG were to force me to leave in order to make room for Pogba, then that’s different.”

So. Verratti to Juventus it is. Unless you read the Daily Express, whih says he’s off to Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United.


Marco Verratti Arsenal



And Verratti is not going to Juventus:

Marco Verratti Arsenal Chelsea



No wait a minute, he is:


Marco Verratti Arsenal Chelsea

Such are the facts…

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Talking balls: Arsenal war chest swells to £267.55m

Talking Balls: just how large is Arsenal’s “war chest”?

On March 111 2015, Sami Mokbel told Daily Mail readers that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will “target a central defender, a holding midfielder and a goalkeeper this summer with a £50million transfer war chest.”

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Transfer Balls: Arsenal ands Liverpool sign Khedira from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid

Transfer Balls catches the Daily Star’s news that Arsenal and Liverpool are all set to sign Sami Khedira.

Paul Brown says Arsenal and Liverpool will both try to sign the German player when his Real Madrid contract ends on June 30. Offering no proof that they will, Brown then says Chelsea could afford to buy him. Why Chelsea would want Khedira and why Kehdira would want Chelsea are not things that bother the writer. And readers can also imagine what other clubs could afford Khedira.

Maybe Bayern Munich can? After all it was the Daily Star that rold us Khedira was heading to the German champions:


Khedira Chelsea


But that would be odd because whilst Brown says Arsenal baulked at Khedira’s wage demands, the, er, Daily Star told us that they didn’t:


Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 09.08.29


But then came Daily Star news that Khedira had gone back on that Arsenal agreement and agreed to join Bayern Munich:


Khedira agrees


So. He agreed to Arsenal. He agreed to Bayern Munich. Which brings us to the Daily Star’s news that next season Kehedia will be playing for Manchester Untied, Liverprool or Chelsea:


Khedira Liveprool



Such are the facts…



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Manchester United fans cheers for Danny Welbeck as his mis-controls the ball

How football journalism works: the Dail Mail v the Daily Star  Sun. Last night Manchester United lost 2-1 to Arsenal in the FA Cup. Danny Wellbeck, formerly of United, scored the winning goal.

Neil Ashton is dishing out points in the Daily Mail:

Danny Welbeck: Kept his composure to put Arsenal back in front when her took the ball round De Gea with class and conviction. Good on him for that. 8

That’s the game’s highest score.

In the Daily Star, Jeremy Cross saw a different Wellbeck:

Welbeck struggled to make an impact… The first pass he received  was badly mis-controlled and the same happened the next one he got…

Maybe Neil Ashton is trolling? As he wrote previously:

Life would be easier if I followed the golden rule – give the highest mark to the player who scored the winner, or set it up – and you won’t get clubbed to death on Twitter.

But so good was Wellbeck that all the Manchester United fans cheered him off. Well, so says Martin Samuel in the Daily Mail:

The locals will not begrudge Welbeck his moment either, or resent his celebration. They did not want him to leave and confirmed that support by applauding him all the way to the bench when he was replaced by Olivier Giroud after 72 minutes

Neil Curtis in the Sun heard other noises:

Even the Arsenal fans gave him some generous applaus after initial boos

David McDonell in the Mirror also used two ears:

Welbeck was treated to a mixture of boos and cheers from United fans…

Such are the facts in the tabloids. And in the more high-brow newspapers, the facts are even more challenged. The Times tells us that 8 is better than 7:


Manchester United, The Times, Arsenal, football, FA Cup,


Football used to be just about the scoreline…

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Manchester United v Arsenal shocker: Ozil scores more but Cazorla wins

No football match is complete without newspapers awarding players a score out of 10. Last night’s match between Manchester United and Arsenal was no different.

The Daily Mail says the game’s best player was Danny Welbeck, who scored 8 out of 10. The Mirror says Francis Coquelin was the best player. He gets a 7 out of 10. And in the Times, the best player was Mesut Ozil, who scores an imprssive 8 out of 10.

But hold on. That same Times column says the game’s best player was Santi Cazorla. He scored 7 out of 10.


Manchester United, The Times,  Arsenal, football, FA Cup,



We know journalists are bad at maths but when seven beats eight it’s time to get the fingers out and get back to school…

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Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney teaches dumb foreigners Angel Di Maria and Adnan Januzaj the Great British Dive

Wayne Rooney, dive, diving, football, manchester united

Writing on Arsenal’s FA Cup win over Manchester United, Martin Samuel turns to the matter of diving. Two Manchester United players – Angel Di Maria and Adnan Januzaj (who now has more bookings for diving than goals for Manchester United – five yellow cards for diving; four goals scored) were both yellow carded for cheating.

Samuels is unimpressed, telling his Daily Mail readers diving is not the English way:

“Januzaj has been around the English game long enough  now to know better.”

Is Samuel seriously suggesting that only foreingers dive? That it’s not the English to truy to con the referee? If he is, he could do worse than look at Manchester United and England cpatain Wayne Rooney, who in the previous FA Cup match won a penalty for this tumble:


How we hanker for the good old days when ever sin in the game – and let’s include Team GB’s Olympic tumbling – could be blamed on Liveprool’s Luis Suarez

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Transfer balls: Arsenals fans learn that Manchester City will sign Jack Wilshere for £30m

Transfer Balls catches sight of the Daily Star’s lead sports story that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere is off to Manchester City for £30m.


wilshere manchester city


This story is billed as an “EXCLUSIVE”.

Paul Hetheington has the exclusive facts:

England ace Wilshere, 23, is one of the potential targets mentioned by Etihad Stadium bosses.

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Transfer Balls: Alvaro Morata rejoins Arsenal for £35m more than they paid for him

Transfer Balls: a look at rubbish being presented as fact and scoops in the mainstream media.

The Daily Mirror says Alvaro Morata is off to Arsenal. The fee: £60m.

Arsenal news and transfers: Gunners given Alvaro Morata go-ahead – for £60million.

Having produced a sensational headline, the Mirror then defers to The Metro:

The Metro report Arsenal have been given the green light to sign Alvaro Morata with Juventus ready to cash in on his services. Morata, only moved to Juve last summer from Real Madrid and Madrid have a buy-back option to re-sign him at the end of the season, it’s reported they’re willing to pass on that.

The Metro believes that Juve and Real have agreed to let the striker join either Arsenal or Liverpool for £60million instead – and split the cash.

The Metro story has been written by Jamie Sanderson (more of his stella work here). The headlines trills:

Arsenal ‘clear to seal Alvaro Morata transfer, Juventus will accept £60m’

Good of Juventus to accept that. And then the facs:

It’s believed Juve and Real have agreed to let the striker join either Arsenal or Liverpool for £60million instead – and split the cash.

Believed by who? You? Me? Them? Anyone other than Jamie Sanderson, whose story contains no link to any source.

Previously Sanderson has told readers that Morat was worth £25m:


Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 09.43.54


And he’s agreed top join the Gunners.


Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 09.44.00



And his fee was…£15m.

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Such are the facts…



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Transfer balls: Liverpool replace Gerrard with Manchester United and Arsenal’s William Carvalho

Transfer Balls: a look at the nonsense written about William Carvalho, the Sporting Lisbon midfielder.

Yesterday the Daily Mirror told its readers that Carvalho could be on his way to Liverpool.





That will come as some news for Manchester United fans because according to reports in the Daily Mirror, Carvalho plays for the Red Devils, who he joined for £37m before the last World Cup:



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News of Carvalho’s move to Manchester United was confirmed by the Daily Express, although there it was for a lower fee:



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And there was the earlier news in the Daily Star that Carvalho was on the point of signing for Arsenal:



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As for the player himself, well, the Daily Express had news that he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United.



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Such are the facts in the mainstream Press…


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Transfer balls: Paul Pogba gives Arsenal the eyes

Transfer Balls: Is Paul Pogba heading to Arsenal? Is Paul Pogna, the Juventus and France star, going to pull on the Arsenal strip after an £80m transfer?

Wriing in the Metro, Lee Hurley is disbelieving:

Spending £80million is a lot for a player, any player, even one as good as Paul Pogba. In fact, I roll my eyes every time I see Arsenal linked with him as I think about Arsene Wenger saying to himself ‘I could buy one-fifth of a new stadium for that!’

Yeah, it does sound like utter balls. And good on the Metro’s man in the know to call it. But where could he had read such utter drivel?



Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 22.12.14


Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 22.10.59

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Over to you, Jamie Sanderson…

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Arsenal: Daily Mail sticks the boot into Brooklyn Beckham and his brothers

Any child of David and Victoria Beckham will want for nothing save talent. You can fake it in the world of fashion and pop music, but in sport, there is no auto-tune or PR-wrangling to make the mundane appear masterful.

And the media is watching their every move.

On February 20, the Daily Mail told us just how fantastic the Beckham boys are doing in the Arsenal youth teams:

Brooklyn Beckham is a hot prospect for the Arsenal academy, but brothers Romeo and Cruz could be even better


Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 11.31.23

And Cruz, age 10, must be brilliant because Brooklyn is ace. As Sami Mokbel told readers:

The teenager has caused quite a stir at Arsenal’s youth HQ over the past few months. At the age of 15, he was named on the bench for last weekend’s Under-18 clash against Leicester, raising hopes that he may well have the substance to back up his name.

A mere five days later, Sami Mokbel had more news:

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 11.34.49

He wrote:

However, Sportsmail can reveal that Beckham was one of only a few Under 16 and Under 17 players still at the club’s Hale End academy that weekend as the rest travelled to the Al Kass youth tournament in Qatar.

Having ‘revealed’ that Beckham had been called up on merit, the Mail then ‘reveals’ that young Beckham was called up to make up the numbers.

Anyone sane might realise that a teenager minding his own business and doing his best knows that his mates are away on tour. It’s only the Mail that portrayed it as a major news item.
Having set Brooklyn Beckham up for a fall – Mokbel: “Beckham shirt sales at the Emirates Stadium club shop are set to go through the roof” – the Daily Star tells its readers that Romeo Beckham is “brilliant” at tennis.



No pressure, Romeo. But do we detect a touch of snark benath the Star’s photo?





“David and Victoria will be told how good their son it”

And not only by the Press. But what’s this “good” rot? In the media, the Beckhams lads must be nothing short of brilliant let they be gleefully portrayed as failures.


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