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Curly Up And Die

‘CURLY left Weatherfield this week after 20 years of playing the amiable loser in love, shoved out by producers to the wilds of Newcastle. He left clutching his telescope, and his P45.

Bins and gone

“Make sure you visit!” shouted Emily. Foolish woman. Doesn’t she know that Weatherfield is like the set of ‘The Prisoner’? When your number’s called, your time is up.

Tracy seems to be the exception to the rule though, merrily flitting between London, Weatherfield and now the Bahamas. But then we’ve all suspected that she’s been in league with the Devil for some time.

Her latest Machiavellian plot involves selling her unborn child to Roy and Hayley for twenty grand then going on holiday with the proceeds. “We’re going to bring the baby up in a proper family environment,” man-woman Hayley told a bemused Tracy.

Someone else with childcare issues to sort out is Gail. Bethany ended up in hospital after getting accidentally electrocuted by Tony’s dodgy wiring job in Todd’s flat. Gail reacted with predictable calmness, emitting the sort of high-pitched screeching rarely heard outside bat sanctuaries.

“She’s an unfit mother,” she railed at Martin. And this coming from a woman who married a mass murderer. Gail called Weatherfield Social Services (an organization she’s probably very familiar with after her husband kidnapped and traumatised her own children not so long ago) to complain about Sarah. Unfortunately for Gail, the social worker could find nothing wrong with Sarah or Todd’s parenting skills – shame the same can’t be said for her.

Sarah worked out that it was her own mother who’d shopped her in and went round to confront her. “You just can’t stand the idea of me having my own life, of having someone who loves me” – “and who doesn’t want to kill me,” she should have added.

And just when you though things couldn’t get any worse in the Platt household, Nick ‘The Plank’ Tilsley returns to The Street to enter ‘Britain’s worst actor competition’ alongside Keith Duffy aka Ceiran. According to the press, Nick’s set to have quite an impact on someone else in The Street when Todd tries to kiss him.

I sincerely hope producers will re-think this horrendous storyline. But perhaps the signs were always there after all: Todd was set to go to university and has been spotted reading books on several occasions. And having Gail as a potential mother-in-law might be all the incentive he needed to go the gay way.’

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Dil-do As You’d Be Dil-done By

‘IRIS P, 30, a housewife from Merseburg in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, is disgusted. She was made this way – disgusted – when she was given a present by her 52-year-old neighbour Winfried B -a large purple dildo.

‘I was disgusted,” says Iris. “Before that I only knew Winfried as a nice, helpful neighbour but then he wanted more. He said he dreamed about having wild sex with me.’

So Iris has taken Winfried to court for alleged sexual harassment.

In his defence, he claims that he only wanted to be nice to Iris. ‘I gave her the present because she is always on her own,’ says the good man and true.

The vibrating phallus – with seven speed levels and an orgasm guarantee! – is being held gingerly by police as evidence.’

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Plane Crazy

‘PASSENGERS on an internal flight in Brazil are planning to sue the airline after the pilot deliberately tried to scare them on the flight from Rio de Janeiro to Vitoria.

Passenger Ari Vieira Augusto said: ‘When he announced we couldn’t land in Vitoria due to bad weather, he said he had some good news and some bad news.

‘The good news was that he had made a good take off and the bad was that no aeroplanes were being successful in landing at our destination, and he didn’t explain anything else.

‘He was crazy, irresponsible and a joker. He said we were 10,000 feet above ground, 46 celsius degrees below zero and that he wouldn’t advise anyone to get out of the aeroplane without a heavy coat.’

The Gol airlines flight was scheduled to take one hour but took more than five hours and ended up in Belo Horizonte after the pilot aborted a landing at Vitoria.’

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Worm Cast

‘THE early bird may catch the worm, but only in Thailand if gets up before firefighter Paisit Chanta.

The 39-year-old has stuck to a regime of eating one live worm a day for the past three decades in the belief that it helps him to stay healthy.

The unusual habit started when he was fishing as a boy and Paisit says he now loves the taste (which is apparently just like sticky rice).

“One day, I was sitting there waiting for a fish to eat my bait for hours and was starving,” he said.

“Suddenly, I realised fish don’t die from eating worms so I shouldn’t either. I ate them until I was full.’

Work colleague Thepnakorn Kongwien, 28, says Paisit often digs for worms in the area near the fire station.

‘We’re used to that, but we still think it’s strange and disgusting,’ he said.’

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Heading South

‘FORGET Brazilians. The latest trend could be towards South Koreans.

We’re taking of course about pubic hair and the news that in South Korea the trend is not towards depilation but reforestation.

Pubic hair is apparently a sign of fertility to Koreans and women are paying as much as £1,700 to have hair transplanted from their heads to their crotches.

‘The structure of head and pubic hair on Asians is quite similar – the implanted hair isn’t long and rarely falls out,’ says surgeon Afschin Fatemi.

The operation is conducted under local anaesthetic and bandaging can be removed after just one day.’

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Going Bananas

‘WE are used to finding a whole assortment of things on the beach – sand, seaweed, shells, Dale Winton… But rarely bananas.

So, imagine the surprise of residents of Morskoy, a Russian town on the edge of the Baltic Sea when they awoke to find their beaches covered in the yellow fruit.

However, they immediately took advantage of their seafall, with adults collecting the bananas to take home and children playing with them, spelling out names of Russian cities in giant letters on the beach.

Labels on the bananas said the fruit had come from Ecuador and are believed to have been lost by a cargo ship in a recent storm.’

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Capri Pants

‘THE Capri Hotel in Kansas City is not one of America’s foremost hotels but it does have a certain individuality. A unique style.

Local police sergeant Darin Snapp is one of its fans. Especially after the hotel’s cleaners failed to spot a body lying on one of the hotel’s beds.

The body of a man was dressed in fishnet tights and a nun’s wimple.

Said Sergeant Snapp: “The Capri has been closed down several times in the past for indecency and poor hygiene, but on the other hand it is a very competitively priced motel with many facilities, including a gym and a pool table.”’

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Carrier Pigeon

‘YOU can get some great things in France: cheap wine, discount tobacco, rabies. But George and Irene Cowie were in for a surprise.

After a weekend away in France, the couple arrived back at their Warwickshire home. Two days later George saw something odd at the front of his car.

“I thought I saw a father sticking out of the grille, but when I bent down to pull it out I discovered it was a bird,” says George.

But the pigeon was stuck fast so George took his car to a garage and had the pigeon – now called Pierre removed.” George, Irene and Pierre are doing fine.’

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Cold Calling

‘TOM Mabe, 36, from Kentucky, USA, is a hero. We should thank him.

Sick of being woken and disturbed by cold calling marketers offering him all manner of useless products Mabe plotted revenge.

He travelled to a telephone marketing conference in Washington DC and waited until it ended. He waited until the delegates were in bed. He waited until they were asleep. And then he called each room.

“I’m calling on behalf of the Telemarketers With Insomnia Foundation,” he said. An Anorak medal is on is way.’

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Coming A Cropper

‘TRACY the terrible returned to the Street this week, still appalling, still pregnant. “I’ve given Roy the one thing you never could,” spat Tracy at Hayley. What’s that? A sexually transmitted disease?

Hayley remembers The Duffle Coat Motto: Better red than dead

Hayley’s hormone medication has clearly sent her a bit mental as she then accused Roy of deliberately planning to seduce Tracy in order to become a father and decided to leave him, heading back to Amsterdam.

“It’s the only place I feel I’ve ever been really accepted,” she said. So clearly red duffle coats are the height of fashion in the Low Countries.

Roy was left a broken man. After cleaning Roy’s Rolls from top to bottom, he put on his pyjamas and washed down a handful of pills with a glass of milk. But just in time, Hayley decided not to get on the Weatherfield to Amsterdam bus and instead managed to save Roy’s life, making him throw up by force-feeding him salt water and his own weight in Betty’s hotpots.

“We’re not going to let that hussy beat us!” promised Hayley. “And what’s more, we’re going to fight for yer bay-bee, Roy.” The last time Roy and Hayley tried to become parents they ended up on the run in a caravan park with a ginger child, so the omens aren’t great.

Les has been released from her Majesty’s pleasure (apparently even she couldn’t stand him) and is determined to get revenge on Mick and Emma. He went round to Mick’s house, brandishing a crowbar but Mick is a trained policeman so had no trouble in disarming him and then beating the living daylights out of him on the grounds of ‘self defence’.

Janice was there to witness her boyfriend attacking her husband and isn’t best pleased – she wanted to save it for their ‘Jerry Springer’ appearance.

Another pair set for the set of Jerry Springer are Martin and Katy – “My boyfriend is twice my age and is addicted to cardigans.”

The Liza Minelli and David Gest of Weatherfield decide to come clean about their grubby relationship and rather predictably her parents ban the couple from seeing each other. Katy decides she can’t live without the wet nurse and tries a rather novel way to kill herself: with Milk Tray.

And all because the lady loves…..’

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Sex Deductible

‘THE Dutch are renowned the world over for their liberal attitudes to the baser needs of man. But they are a pragmatic, essentially conservative bunch.

So when a disabled Dutchman clamed he used less medicine after visits to prostitutes he was, after a lengthy court battle, awarded £100 a month for hookers.

But he can’t find a girl to give him a receipt. It seems prostitutes are worried about declaring tax deducible income.’

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Leg Work

‘IT’S not quite the search for the Loch Ness Monster, the lost continent of Atlantis or the wreck of the Titanic, but divers at Universal Studios theme park in Florida have a quest of their own – a false leg.

The prosthetic limb flew off Hawley Webb as he rode one of the 55mph Dueling Dragons rollercoaster rides in the Lost Continent section of the Islands of Adventure park, Orlando.

He immediately alerted staff, who decided that the leg must have fallen into a pond below the ride. Bur despite a team of divers being sent in to look for it, the leg has not yet been recovered. Universal Studios says it will replace the leg if divers can’t find it.’

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What A Bore!

‘RESCUERS had to break into a bank to free a toddler who got locked inside the vault of the Washington Mutual Bank in Redwood, California, and would have been stuck there until morning.

No-one realised that Daniella Sanchez, aged two, was inside the vault until after they closed the heavy steel and concrete door 6.30pm that evening.

Because of a time lock, the doors could not be opened again until 6am – so firefighters were called.

Fire Chief Paul Wilson said they drilled a two-inch hole and pushed through a surveillance camera and drinking water, along with a microphone to let the girl’s mother talk to her daughter.

A private concrete boring firm was then brought in and they drilled a hole big enough for the child to crawl out through.’

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Pork On Your Fork

‘SOME people will do anything to get on TV and programmes like Fear Factor are designed to show just how far people will go.

For instance, in the second series of the US reality TV show contestants are forced to eat a pig’s rectum for the chance to win the £20,000 prize.

Presenter Ed Sanders said: ‘We had one guy who was loud and gave it large. When we showed him the rectum it had a piece of intestine with it. He took one bite and freaked. It took 10 minutes to get him back on set.

‘All the things they have to eat are safely prepared. Our cooks make sure the offal is safe to eat. But we don’t like to make things easy.

‘We have people who thank us later for helping them to overcome their fears. That makes me happy.”

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Man Bites Dog

‘A KENYAN farmer charged over a dog bite injury has refused to have his fingerprints taken – telling police they should take the animal’s paw prints instead.

Tea farmer Karuga Koinange, from Kiambu, insisted his German Shepherd be charged instead of him for biting a farm worker.

Koinange argued he was not the dog’s keeper and accused the police of intimidating him while the real culprit, the dog, walked free.

However, he was forced to have his fingerprints taken at a local court where he was charged with causing injury to the worker by failing to lock up his dog.’

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Call Bra-ed

‘A TAIWANESE woman was caught trying to steal a mobile phone when her bosom started ringing and vibrating in the middle of a store in Taipei.

A security video showed that the 52-year-old woman had picked up a phone that the shopkeeper had left on a counter and hidden it in her bra. But when the shopkeeper’s husband called the phone, she panicked and tried to make a run for it.

”She attempted to cover the strange scene with her handbag and dash out of the shop, only to be blocked by the shopkeeper, who was looking everywhere for her lost cellphone,” a police spokesman said. ‘

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Bull And Bush

‘The story begins when Michael Castiglione decided to burgle a house, allegedly. He had spotted what he believed to be the perfect target, which happened to be the home of the mother of one Charles Lee in Des Moines, Iowa.

Castiglione broke in – and found Charles inside. He was trapped, and to escape her tried to bribe his captor. So he whipped out a fake $100 bill – one with a picture of President Bush on.

”The guy was trying to bribe me with fake money,” said Lee. Police were called and Castiglione was arrested. Amazingly, George Bush is president of the USA…’

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Roy Reveals All

‘HAYLEY clip-clopped back to Weatherfield, blissfully unaware of the storm awaiting her return. Roy, being the all-round decent bloke and sap that he is, insisted on telling Hayley everything of his night with Racy Tracy.

”You’ve got things she hasn’t, Hayley”

”I slept with another woman,” he mumbled into his apron. Another woman? What woman has he slept with before Tracy? Hayley took the news surprisingly calmly. ”I’m sure nothing actually happened,” she said – she knows her Roy well.

Tracy has left Weatherfield after being turned away from every door, penniless and pregnant. That’s as far as any comparison with the Virgin Mary goes though.

Apparently Tracy is set to return later this year, complete with unwanted baby that she sells to Hayley and Roy.

Let’s hope she gets more for it than the penny she got paid for sleeping with him in the first place.

Martin and Katie are another couple set to cause a scandal. Dad Tommy has already knocked out hapless Tyrone, mistakenly thinking he’s the one she’s been sleeping with. God only knows how he’s going to react when he finds out it’s actually his best mate!

To be fair to Martin though, Katie is the oldest looking 16-year-old since Gary Coleman in Different Strokes.

Les Battersby has been let out of prison (well, even Archer’s been freed) and returned to The Street, determined to get revenge on Emma and Mick.

”This is the biggest miscarriage in the history of the world,” he ranted at them. ”I wouldn’t be surprised if the Home Secretary ‘imself got involved.”

If you read your tabloids, you’ll know that Mick does indeed get his comeuppance soon when he attacks Les in front of Janice and Curly. Bizarrely though, instead of getting a medal, he gets arrested.

Peter and Shelly are back from honeymoon. Within minutes of their return, Shelly’s back in the Lycra behind the bar and Peter’s back visiting Number One Wife Lucy. It seems the honeymoon really is over for Shelly.

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Perfect Match

”’IT really was an unforgettable day,” said one wedding guest as he left the police station.

And he was right. A wedding between two Italian families exploded into life when a row began after a boy was teased. And then that turned into a fight.

Police were called out after the wedding in San Giorgio, northern Italy. Local media said it was a ”riot”.

The entire wedding party was arrested.’

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Pipe Dream

‘HOW the Russians love their booze! They like it so much that one Russian decided he’d export his homebrew.

Apparently, he planned to export to neighbouring Latvia and constructed a one-kilometre-long underground pipeline from source to customer over the border.

But he was arrested when Latvian border police stumbled across the pipe and found it contained 200 litres of alcohol.

One half of the pipe was laid in Russia while the other stretched to a small village over the Latvian border.’

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Spotted Dick

‘SOPHIE Matlala liked eating meat, but the 60-year-old South African woman understandably went off it after discovering a penis in her canteen dinner.

Sophia, a cleaner at Medforum Hospital, says how the incident forced her to seek psychiatric help.

Tucking into lunch one day, she says how she located a piece of meat so slippery that a knife was unable to cut it.

She took it in her hand and placed it in her mouth, but the meat was so tough she could not bite through it. She removed the chunk and, after a brief conversation with her colleagues, concluded that it was a penis.

However, because it had been cooked, it could not be established whether the penis was from a human or an animal.’

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Warm Fronts

‘ROMANIAN agriculture minister and head of the Romanian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute Ilie Sarbu has had enough of weather girls who are hired on looks alone.

”I want girls with miniskirts and big cleavages out of TV weather shows,” says Sarbu. ”The Meteorological Institute has a £30 million investment to deliver exact forecasts.

”And yet one day I came to my office when it was pouring with rain and a girl with her breasts half-naked was saying on TV that we might have some light rain in the afternoon. There are some girls who keep showing up on the TV screens and say nothing but stupid things.”

Sounds very much like a job for Ulrika Jonsson…’

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Never Too Young

‘THEY believe in starting them young Down Under – as the case of the Aussie dad who brought his eight-month-old baby son with him on an armed robbery proves.

The masked man held up a fast-food restaurant in Perth before escaping with his son in a stolen car and heading straight for the pub to spend his ill-gotten gains.

But, says the city’s senior constable Ralph Stevenson, staff at the pub became suspicious of the man, who appeared to be on drugs, and called the police.

Officers arrived to arrest the man and are now looking after the baby until his mother can be found. ‘

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A Driven Woman

‘SOME people refuse to get the message that they are not born to drive – people like Sue McIlwraith, who has finally got her licence at the 20th attempt…after splashing out £7,000 on more than 300 lessons since 1996.

And the 46-year-old supermarket worker from West Bromwich in the West Midlands is only too happy to admit that it is her own incompetence that is behind her many failures.

‘I’ve got to be honest – I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to driving and I just didn’t get it at all,’ she said.

‘I don’t do much for the cause of women drivers in general, but I am a determined person and, when I put my mind to something, I refuse to give up.’

A quality that other drivers in the West Midlands are unlikely to give thanks for.’

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Bad Dog

‘A FLASHER in Croatia was both sore and in trouble with the police after being bitten on the testicles by a dog while exposing himself to a woman.

The 36-year-old from Zagreb dropped his trousers after spotting the woman in her front garden and put his penis through a hole in the garden fence.

But the woman’s dog, called Medo, immediately pounced on the protruding member, causing injuries to the man’ testicles.

He was later arrested after admitting the cause of his injury to hospital staff. ‘

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