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Priest Exorcising Lesbians: ‘Once you hear a Satanic growl … it’s like smelling a Margherita pizza for the first time’

GREAT Quote of 2014 from an exorcist priest :

“Once you hear a Satanic growl … it’s like smelling a Margherita pizza for the first time”


satanic growl


It’s even weirder in the context of the Vatican-sanctioned convention on exorcism:

The Rev. Cesar Truqui, an exorcist based in Switzerland, recounted one experience he had aboard a Swissair flight. “Two lesbians,” he said, had sat behind him on the plane. Soon afterward, he said, he felt Satan’s presence. As he silently sought to repel the evil spirit through prayer, one of the women, he said, began growling demonically and threw chocolates at his head.

Asked how he knew the woman was possessed, he said that “once you hear a Satanic growl, you never forget it. It’s like smelling Margherita pizza for the first time. It’s something you never forget.”




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Turkish TV Dating Show Contestant Murdered First Wife And Lover Before Appearing

dating show murder


ON Turkish TV dating show “Ne Çıkarsa Bahtına” (The Luck of the Draw),  Sefer Çalınak, 62, is looking for love.

He is an “honest person looking for a new wife.” Sure he murdered his first wife Fadime in a fit of jealousy and later murdered a lover (“She was accidently killed when I swung the axe”) but that was then. This time things will be different.

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A Look Inside Alaska’s Abandoned Igloo Hotel

IN the 1970s, someone thought it a good idea of build an igloo-shaped hotel 20 miles from the town of Cantwell, Alaska Cantwell.

No-one came to stay. The place had no planning permission. It was used for business, though, as a gift shop and garage.

You can buy it.

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How To Always Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors (But Not If You’re Playing Robots)

CAN you game Rock-Paper-Scissors? Yes. There is “the strategy of real players looks random on average but actually consists of predictable patterns that a wily opponent could exploit to gain a vital edge”:

On average, the players in all the groups chose each action about a third of the time, which is exactly as expected if their choices were random. But a closer inspection of their behavior reveals something else. Zhijian [Wang] and co say that players who win tend to stick with the same action while those who lose switch to the next action in a clockwise direction (where R → P → S is clockwise). This is known in game theory as a conditional response and has never been observed before in Rock-Paper-Scissors experiments. Zhijian and co speculate that this is probably because previous experiments have all been done on a much smaller scale. … In fact, a “win-stay, lose-shift” strategy is entirely plausible from a psychological point of view: people tend to stick with a winning strategy.

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Would You Join The Mile High Club If Your Parents Were On The Same Plane? She Did



BEING in the mile high club (for those who don’t know if means you’ve shagged in a plane more than a mile up in the air) isn’t all that much of a distinction these days. Hell, even middle aged hacks have sometimes managed it. But quite how you manage it does offer the possibility of distinction.

Nipping into the loo with a current lover qualifies but it doesn’t quite rise to the glory of actually picking up a stranger on the plane and managing it.

But then there’s the creepy versions of it:

A British woman in her 20s was arrested after losing her temper with cabin crew who caught her locked in an aeroplane toilet with a man she had just met.

The apparently drunk tourist is said to have been handcuffed to a chair by flight attendants – to the horror of her parents, who were travelling with her.

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Saudi Husband Hacked Government Website To Congratulate Wife For Exam Success

congratulations hacker
WHEN his wife passed her exams, one Saudi man congratulated her by hacking into the website of the Saudi Commission of Electricity and Cogeneration and writing her a note:
“I apologize for the hacking your website, but I wanted to congratulate my wife Bashayir, my partner, after graduating. I wanted to tell her this through your website. I would like to wish everyone luck and success.”

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Liverpool: The Unluckiest Man In The City Is…

WHO is the unhappiest man in the Liverpool?

The Liverpool Post leads with the poor unfortunate.




No. Not him.


liverpool 1


The Royal Liverpool Hospital has “apologised unreservedly”. They are conducting an – get this – internal investigation.



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BEHOLD! The Huge Satanic Statue Made For The Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma State Capitol 1


A 7-FT TALL STATUE of Satan could soon be sat on the lawns before the Oklahoma State Capitol next to a monument of the ten commandments, pictured below. Note the spellings of “SABETH” and “MAIDSERAUNT”. The Divine hand was big on Creation but not too hot on spelling.




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Woman’s Belly Button Explodes On Jet Airliner

exploding stomach


PATRICIA Jackson, from Bridlington, is no jihadi. She did not attempt to blow up a plane with a bomb hidden in her shoes. She is a cosmetic surgery survivor whose belly button shot off on a flight to Portugal.

Her navel exploded, filling the cabin with the sweet scent of her stomach juices, fluids and travel sweets. The other passengers noticed the stink.

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Dead Socialite Smokes, Drinks And Dances The Lambeth Walk At Her Wake

WHEN Mickey Easterling died she left instructions for how she’d like to feature in the casket room. Chiefly, she’d like to be not in the casket. She’d like to be like this.

Note the pink feather boa, cigarette in holder, champagne flute,  the word “bitch” on a broach on her shirt and doing… is that the Lambeth Walk?



Mickey Easterling


Mickey left instructionsfor her wake and funeral.


Spotter: D&T

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Australian Dogs Get Caned Licking Toad Skins

IN Australia, the dogs are getting hire on skin licks:

Queensland dogs are getting high by licking the poison off cane toads. Vets are warning some pooches may become addicted to the hallucinogenic and are risking their lives trying to get their next toad fix. It’s being reported the dogs have worked out how to lick the toad just enough to get high. “This phenomenon of animals deliberately getting intoxicated by cane toads, it’s fascinating,” says veterinarian Megan Pickering. “It just seems unbelievable that an animal will go back for a second try.”

Getting caned on Cane Toads.

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Police Release Two Efits Of Suspects Who Both Looks Like David Cameron

WHEN you see one efit that looks like David Cameron, you laugh.

This one was issued by police in Stockbridge, Hampshire, seeking a man who had conned an elderly woman of £60.A police spokesperson says




And now we see another efit of ‘Dave’ and it’s get us thinking…



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Don’t Swallow The Worms And Diatoms: A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times

EVER swallowed sea water? David Littschwager took a single drop of seawater and magnified 25 times. Want to see what’s in one drop of the salty soup?


water drop



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Nominative Determinism: Sergeant Pidcock Nabs A Flasher Called Popdick

nominative determinism



IT’S a Nominative Determinism knob-off in Canada, where and Ottawa man has been arrested for for indecent exposure.

Donald Popadick, 62, has been  Charged with Indecent Act and Mischief.

News of the arrests was broken on twitter by Ottawa Police Sgt. Iain Pidcock.


Such are the facts…

Spotter: National Post

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Is This The Most Epic Photograph Ever Taken At A Dog Show?

IS this the most epic photograph ever taken a dog show:


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How The Banana Proves God Exists And Is ‘The Atheist’s Nightmare’

HOW do we know God exists? In a word: bananas. They are a sign of God’s love for humanity, and chimpanzees who can peel.


bananas for god


What does an athist think of that?

Christopher Hitchensonce recalled a class with his teacher, Mrs. Jean Watts:

“Seeking ambitiously to fuse her two roles as nature instructor and Bible teacher, she said, ‘So you see, children, how powerful and generous God is. He has made all the tress and the grass to be green, which is exactly the color that is most restful to our eyes. Imagine if instead, the vegetation was all purple or orange, how awful that would be.’

“I was frankly appalled by what she said. My little ankle-strap sandals curled with embarrassment for her. At the age of nine I had not even a conception of the argument from design, or of Darwinian evolution as its rival, or of the relationship between photosynthesis and chlorophyll. The secrets of the genome were as hidden from me as they were, at the time, to everyone else. I had not then visited scenes of nature where almost everything was hideously indifferent or hostile to human life, if not life itself. I simply knew [his emphasis], almost as if I had privileged access to a higher authority, that my teacher had managed to get everything wrong in just two sentences. The eyes were adjusted to nature, and not the other way round.”

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Idiot Bank Robber Writes Home Address On Hold Up Note

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 22.36.55


WE introduce Felipe Cruz of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Mr Cruz is an idiot.

On April 10, Mr Cruz attempted to rob from the Chase bank. He handed a note to the clerk. It commanded:

“Give me the 100s 50s 20s now. Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!”

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Man Records His LSD Trip In India’s Thar Desert: ‘It Was The Most Beautiful And Frightening Experience Of My Life’

LSD Trip in Thar Desert



IN India’s  Thar Desert, a man is “enjoying his LSD trip”. He records his experience on as a long selfie video. The YouTube description tells us:

it was the most beautiful and yet frightening experience of my life, i spend whole day from Noon 12 & whole night in Thar Desert, i was alone in whole Thar Desert accept lots of Scorpion ,insects lolz, snakes come in Desert not in this month but in may ,june haaaa heeee but i will advice Tripping in Desert is not for everyone ,it can be tough job,as body need proper nourishment water etc also, during tripping, and my water got finished lolz very earlier , i bear hotness of desert as well as coldness in night, .The Dose was very Strong & Visions were like anything spectular i had seen ever seen…..knowledge , beauty , & Universal Love, as well as Death & Destruction. lolz it was all Paradoxical, and i was wrong earlier, we can learn a lot , a lot, can improve a lot , from a Bad Trip, bad trip is not really bad trip, it is Good Trip :)))) & finally when i was going to Jaisalmer city from Sam Desert in morning,as i came out of Desert, everyone was laughing at me , Haaaaa Heeee, some also scare off as my face was full of sand dust, & eyes were Red like red light.when i see my face in mirror in hotel , i got scared lolz, .but i can see the magic, of being polite, magic of softening my ego, things which could have effected earlier in the city, did,t touched me, i was smiling, was lost into Trace, i was feeling kind of affection who so ever i obseve in the city from animals to Humans, all living beings.

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Watch Artist Milo Moiré Use Her Vagina To Give Birth To A Picture

Milo Moire creates Plop Egg painting Art Cologne 2014


WANT to see Swiss artist Milo Moiré give birth to a painting? No. She’s not got one rolled up inside her vagina. And it’s not certainly not framed. Nothing so conventional for Milo.

Milo uses ink and acrylic filled eggs to create the “compressed birth of a piece of art.” She stuffs the ink balls up her vagina and squirts them out. There are women in Bangkok who use brushes to produce passable forgeries of the Haywain. They might think Milo’s work no big deal. But Milo is white, naked and likes the big portrait, much as Rolf Harris used to. Her work matters.

Lest you think this simple exhibitionism – remember, she’s naked (ink stains clothes, dude) – Milo is here to tell us that it is all deeply layered in meaning. It is deeply serious.

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Legal Highs: Kids Smear Burt’s Bees On Their Eyes To Get A Buzz



FASTER than the officials can ban ways of getting high, the kids are finding news ways to get goofed.

They’ve tried smoking bed bugs, and those still able to move and use their hands have moved on to “Beezin”.

‘What’s that?’ you ask.

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Things That Exist: The Mobile Toilet That Runs To You

TO Lehi, Utah, and Dan Pearce has spotted a portable toilet with the runs.

This is the toilet that come to you. Never be caught short again:


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1973: Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ Played At 33 RPM Reveals An Unexpected Secret

jolene 33


IN 1973, Dolly Parton released the song Jolene. It would become a smash hit.

Mark Wigmore gives some background to the great song:

There are several myths and legends about Dolly Parton’s song “Jolene.” It’s been said that the song is about a bank teller who had been flirting with her husband. There’s another story about a ten-year-old girl named Jolene who asked Parton for her autograph after a concert. But the real story is that of Parton striking out on her own after parting ways with her long-time mentor, Porter Wagoner...


Country music singer Porter Wagoner is shown in West Plains, Mo., Sept. 25, 1971.

Country music singer Porter Wagoner is shown in West Plains, Mo., Sept. 25, 1971.


Jolene was her first single after Dolly made the decision to embark on her solo career. It was released in October of 1973 and reached the number one position on the country charts in the U.S. and Canada in February of ’74. It was also her first song to cross over to the pop charts. “I Will Always Love You” followed suit a few months later. By the middle of 1975, Dolly had five number one hits in a row and a bona fide superstar was born.


American singer Dolly Parton arrived at Heathrow airport to take part in the eighth International Festival of Country Music at Wembley. Date: 16/04/1976

American singer Dolly Parton arrived at Heathrow airport to take part in the eighth International Festival of Country Music at Wembley. Date: 16/04/1976


But did you know that when played at 33 RPM, it sounds like this:



Spotter: Fraser Nelson

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Botfly Removed From Boy’s Eyeball (Photos)

botfly eye


FLIES. Why? Let’s take the dermatobia hominis, a large, hairy species of botfly which lives off humans. The botfly traps a mosquito, lays sticky eggs onto it and let’s it go.

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