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Father makes family live like it’s 1986 to feed his own ego

DynastyCast-Season6-1985-1986TO Ontario, Canada, to see a family spent the year pretending it’s 1986. Why ’86? Well, the patriarch, Blair McMillan, was born in 1986. He says:

“We’re parenting our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it’s like.”

The Toronto Sun reports:

GUELPH – If you ever need to know who was the prime minister in 1960 and you’re willing to wait 10 minutes for the answer, Blair McMillan is your man.

He’ll take his time carefully thumbing through a volume of his vintage encyclopaedia set, donated by a bewildered soul who probably wondered why the 26-year-old father of two couldn’t just get an Internet connection.

The thing is, Blair and his girlfriend Morgan, 27, are pretending it’s 1986.

And they’re doing it because their kids – Trey, 5, and Denton, 2 – wouldn’t look up from their parents’ iPhones and iPads long enough to kick a ball around the backyard.

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How to dress your hamster with a cardboard box and felt tips

JENNY, of Mythillogical- Myths & Fabrications, writes:

My daughter wanted to dress up her hamster in dolly clothes, I told her that wasn’t really going to work…but if we cut holes in a box and make some of those seaside type pictures you stick your head through, only hamster sized, perhaps we could make him look like he dressed up!

-I should point out to anyone concerned about animal cruelty- David Bowie (the hamster pictured) was not forced to do this, he put his head through the holes of his own accord, and out of curiosity. It is basically a box with holes in- the kind of thing you are encouraged to offer your hamster to play in for enrichment. You wouldn’t worry about someone giving their hamster a cardboard tube to play with- this is the same idea. The paints used are all non-toxic and kid safe, to ensure they would not cause him any harm. He was only in the box for a few minutes, and we took him out as soon as he got bored. If anyone else is intending to do the same, please do so responsibly, and with the best interests of your hamster at heart. Thanks 🙂













Guinea Pigs still win.


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We kid you not – man to marry his goat

goat marry

A BRAZILIAN bloke is going to get married to his pet goat, which isn’t sinister at all. Aparecido Castaldo, aged 74, has decided to end his days as a bachelor boy and marry his beloved Carmelita.

The happy couple will totter down the aisle next month in Igreja do Diabo (or, in English, the Devil’s Church) in the Brazilian city of Jundiai.

Aparecido has been in love with his stinking pet for two years and says a goat has advantages over a human companion.

She doesn’t speak and doesn’t want money,” says the father of eight presumably traumatised children, who have been vomiting into their laps, solidly, since their clearly troubled father broke the news.

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All hail the My Little Pony CV!


FANS of My Little Pony are terrifying. They’re not children. They’re all adults who like watching talking ponies fly around with their day-glo skin and are more obsessive than Breaking Bad and Smiths fans put together.

And so, to a My Little Pony CV that some lunatic sent into a potential workplace.

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Jailed man smuggled loaded gun up his rectum

Mark Gregory Valadez
MARK Gregory Valadez, 33, was arrested on a minor charge. When he arrived at  Oklahoma City jail, he was frisked for contraband.

Officers did not discover the loaded Derringer pistol inside his rectum.

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Brother’s room turned 90 degrees in excellent prank

Tobias Mathijsen

PLAYING tricks on your siblings is one of the most noble pursuits in life. One Dutchman has taken things to a whole new level though, by turning his brother’s room on its side!

Dutch filmmaker Tobias Mathijsen previously made a viral video last year when he turned his brother’s room into a little girl’s room, complete with lovely pink walls and posters of Justin Bieber to drool over.

However, Tobias wasn’t done there.

In his latest video, Mathijsen flips his brother’s entire room 90 degrees, going to the trouble of replacing the carpet and nailing furniture to the walls.

His brother appears, after a long journey homeward, far from impressed with his new room, but admits that the prank is “pretty cool”.

Watch the video here and watch how well the poor little brother can take a preposterous joke.

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Snail grows in toddler’s knee – we’re all going to die

Paul Franklin

HERE at Anorak, we like to tell you about the demise of the human race thanks to our cousins in the animal world. Badgers have destroyed roads, tiny horses have started riding on public transport, rabbits are invading, Bigfoot is knocking about again and bears have started causing trouble in pubs.

Now, animals are hatching out of human limbs. We really are doomed.

Four-year-old Paul Franklin from California, fell over and grazed his knee. Nothing usual there. However, his knee soon became really swollen, so his parents decided to have a look at him.

Franklin’s mother, obviously not a qualified GP, had a go at the wound by giving it a good ol’ squeeze. And then she found a snail growing inside her boy’s leg.

She said:

“His knee was the size of an orange, and hot to the touch, and he’s limping. What came out looked like a rock – it was a black thing and I put it on a paper towel. It had whirls and I turned it over and it was a sea snail, and I just, like, had to laugh.”

The family has kept and named the snail, Turbo.

Paul Franklin 1

Meanwhile, little Paul Franklin is destined to a life of a waking nightmare, forever recalling the time when something was living inside him like Alien’s baby… and he’ll know that he was just a cog in a wheel, which would see animals destroying mankind once and for all.

Godspeed, young Paul.

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This kitten with one huge eye died (photos)

One-eyed kitten

WHERE in the world do you think a kitten born with one large single eye and no nose died an hour after its birth? Yep, in China.

The Persian mix-breed white kitten was born on August 30 and was 10 centimetres long, according to its owner surnamed Wang, a resident in the city’s Shizhong district.  Wang said the kitten passed away an hour after it was born as he rushed it to a local pet hospital for treatment after noticing its odd appearance. 

One-eyed kitten 2

A veterinarian at the Binjiang Pet Hospital surnamed Zeng said the kitten had most likely suffocated given it had no nasal cavity.


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RNLI ends dog’s Humber swim record attempt

THERE is no escape. Blyth RNLI claim to have rescued a dog swimming out to sea. Anorak has long suspected that theses rescues are unwanted. The animal could have been on a charity swim.

Says Lifeboat Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Paul Raine:

“It’s good to see that someone knew what to do and called the coastguard on 999 for help instead of attempting to go after the animal themselves. I would advise any animal owners who find themselves in a similar situation to do the same.”

And the same goes for pets. If your dogs and cats see  human beings swimming out to sea or rowing a boat into the Atlantic, call the emergency services.

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Police seek female thief who wore fake moustache to steal perfume in Salisbury

moustache woman
TO Salisbury, where police are seeking a woman in connection with the theft of a bottle of perfume from a branch of Boots. Police say the woman wears a fake nose and moustache.
Police can be so judgemental.

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Is this the worst wedding proposal ever?

PROPOSING is a tricky business.

And so, to a man who decides to go into a shopping centre (glamorous!) with his girlfriend, before grabbing the mic like he’s Ghostface Killah, hooting sweet nothings at her as onlookers gawp and, presumably, a pal films.

So far, so typical.

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Man drinks corpse toe and gets $500 fine to boot

toe drink

PEOPLE complain when they find a fly in their soup. Imagine for a minute, if you ordered a drink at a bar and there was a cadaver’s toe in it.

Well, one customer at a hotel was fined $500 after he swallowed a human toe at the bar.

The severed bit of corpse had been dropped into a shot of whisky as part of a tradition in Dawson City, Canada, where everyone is clearly mental.

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Sex in the study rooms closes public library

sex library
THE campaign to keep our libraries open moves to Windhoek Public Library in Namibia. Ruth Shikongo, a librarian, tells us:

“They (users) watch pornography and at times indulge in sex. The used condoms are a proof that people are involved in sexual activities in those rooms.”

She says an “elderly man alerted the library staff in May after he had witnessed a youth watching pornography while he was doing his assignments..The four students (two males and two females) were locked inside the study rooms and ignored the bell signalling that we were closing the study rooms. Where were they when a worker was looking inside each study room at closing time?” 

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Bigfoot is real! Maybe! Watch this Sasquatch video and decide for yourself

Rant Mullens, 86, shows off one of several pair of wooden feet he has whittled since 1928, April 12, 1982, Vancouver, Wa. Mullens says the feet have figured in Bigfoot foot print sightings in the Northwest. (AP Photo)

NUTTERS will be going Sasquatch mad again as a video has appeared online which appears to show Bigfoot mooching around on top of a massive hill in the Canadian wilderness.

The short clip shows a large hairy ape-like creature, tootling across a forest hilltop before disappearing out of sight.

So it must be Bigfoot, right? There’s no other explanation.

Funnily enough, this clip saw the light of day after being released by the developers of augmented reality adventure app, Legend Tracker.

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Lion starts barking in Chinese zoo

THE Chinese are known for their duplicates. Even the nation’s zoos are trying the same tactic:

A Chinese zoo’s supposed “African lion” was exposed as a fraud when the dog used as a substitute started barking.

Come see the barking cat!

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Pet cats eat Hampshire woman called Mrs Veal

veal chicken

NOMINATIVE determinism watch: the woman eaten by her own cats was called…Janet Veal.

Mrs Veal died at her home in Ringwood, Hampshire. No-one noticed until the post began to build up. A policeman found the 56-year-old’s body on the kitchen floor, her body “gnawed and eaten” by her pet cats still alive. The one dog in the home was also dead.

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A bear walks into a bar… (video)

WE’VE all the joke that starts with ‘a horse walks into a bar…’, but what about a bear? Well, this is no joke as, over in Colorado, CCTV cameras caught a bloody great beast wandering into a pub!

The bear tootled in through the back door of Lonigans bar in Estes Park and was, bizarrely, largely unnoticed by customers before leaving minutes later.

“I tried to holler, ‘Bear!’ so people could hear me. They were oblivious. He kept wandering up to the middle bar where all the patrons were,” area man Daniel Lyell told CBS Denver.

Owner David Callahan added:

“Nobody even knew it was there, I just missed seeing it. I was cleaning up and had just taken out the trash.We are in the Rocky Mountains, it’s their territory, not ours.”

Have a look here:

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Man comes up with fabulous excuse for being with a prostitute

tom sex

IMAGINE, for a minute, you’re caught with a prostitute. You suddenly need an excuse and your brain kicks into gear. What would you say? ‘Actually, I’m conducting a questionnaire about sex-workers for a national newspaper and there’s nothing funny going on here.’ Or maybe ‘I hear a female voice in distress and came to see what the noise was about… and there’s nothing funny going on here’.

Or even: ‘I thought it was Russell Howard, so obviously, there’s absolutely nothing bordering on funny going on here’.

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Chinese man ‘beaten to death’ by council workers wakes up in the heat

dead man wakes

TO China’s Hubei Province. It’s 4pm. More than 10 men are holding Han’s “corpse” on a gurney near the Jianghan Road subway station in the provincial capital Wuhan. The story goes that urban management workers had murdered the man, a street vendor. The men are demanding thousands of yuan in compensation. Eighty police are controlling hundreds of protestors.

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Prophet steals women’s panties and changes into funny creature and a child

prophet grinder

I USED to attend Prophet Grinder’s church and after realising that he was not a true prophet because of his actions, I decided to move to another church. It seems he was not pleased and since that time, my panties started disappearing at home. As if that was not enough, whenever I try to go to another church, I will be seeing the goblins which will be ordering me to return to Prophet Grinder’s church,” says Lynette Ziweya in the Bulawayo Metro.

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Massive bus-sized lump of fat blocks London sewer

London sewer  fatberg

THAMES WATER has found and removed a huge limp of fat from the London sewers. The lump was as big as a bus. It was a blend of food fat mixed with wet wipes. It was located beneath London Road in Kingston, Surrey.

The water company wants its customers to know how valiant it is, reporting that had it not been removed it “could have led to sewage flooding many homes, streets and businesses”.

Others may well wonder how Thames Water let such a revolting mountain of gunk grow?

Gordon Hailwood, waste contracts supervisor for Thames Water, is not listening. He says:

“While we’ve removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the past, we’ve never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before. Given we’ve got the biggest sewers and this is the biggest fatberg we’ve encountered, we reckon it has to be the biggest such berg in British history. The sewer was almost completely clogged with over 15 tonnes of fat. If we hadn’t discovered it in time, raw sewage could have started spurting out of manholes across the whole of Kingston. It was so big it damaged the sewer and repairs will take up to six weeks. Homes and businesses need to change their ways, when it comes to fat and wipes, please remember: ‘Bin it – don’t block it.’” 

Or why not just check the bloody sewers more regularly and not wait until residents in nearby flats complain that they couldn’t flush their toilets?

File under: PR stupidity.

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Massive walking prawn found in jungles of Marang

massive prawn

CHUCK it on the barbie, Ismail Jusoh, 49, who found a huge prawn-like creature among the flora in Kampung Alor Tuman, Marang.

Says the would-be chef:

“It has eight legs and the front portion looks like crab while the back like prawn. It also looks like a scorpion.”

The crustacean is known as a ngoang.

That’s not too catchy, is it? Big prawns are where the action is at. The best move would be for Mr Jusoh to rebrand these rare creatures as Massive Prawns, breed them in excrement and the bins and make a killing flogging them to the ex-pat market:


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Is nothing safe? Man accused of having sex with a cat

cat sex

IS nothing safe? Ryan Havens Tannenholz, 28, is accused of having sex with a cat at a home in Boise, Idaho.

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Police draw guns on film crew filming robbery scene

IN gung-ho America, a few students are shooing a film scene in Glendora:

A student film crew shooting a robbery scene at a Glendora coffee shop were almost fired on by police who believed an actual crime was taking place. . . .

“They had masks on, and the one had a gun in his hand, and it was clear they were ready to enter the building,” she said.

Eight officers responded to the scene.

A sergeant and two officers stormed into the coffee shop and saw what appeared to be two armed men. Police said one suspect froze and didn’t drop his weapon.

One officer got ready to shoot when another intervened.

“When he didn’t drop the gun, one of the officers reached out and pulled the gun out of his hand,” said Capt. Tim Staab of the Glendora Police Department.

Seconds later, the sergeant saw a camera, and the actors explained they were shooting a short film.

The actors might well be idiots…

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