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10:10 Global Warming Campaign Success Says Red Bull – Lewis Hamilton Not Sure

THE 10:10 campaign by green jihadis to murder non-believers was a huge success:

Sunday, 10th October, 2010 was the largest day of positive action on climate change ever.

10:10 coordinated thousands of events, from the large and iconic to small practical actions, across the globe.

Lewis Hamilton slowed his car at the Japanese Grand Prix and drove about Suzuka in a three-wheel bubble car. Red Bull opted to plant trees later and Mark Webber did, reportedly, promise to run over a  few kids…

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10:10 Final Solution Movie: Hitler’s Favourite Jewish Football Team And The Green Shirts Death Cult

THE 10:10 film in which the non-believers get murdered is great fun, isn’t it?

It’s the film that pretty much explains why people who eulogize about the perils of global warming should be avoided.

Not all children can be Klimate Kops.

The Greens will choose the ones they don’t like and kill them.

Convert or die greenfidel!

As Hitler says:

“I even included the Jewish team Tottenham Hotspur in the film and still they accuse me of Nazi practices….”

The Parody:

The Master:

Spotter: Grumpy Old Twat

The Partisans:

The Killing Rooms:

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