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Abnormal Tales: 33 Vintage Lesbian Paperbacks From the 50s And 60s

“TWISTED”, “Depraved”, “Warped” – these are words often found on the covers of sleazy lesbian paperbacks of the 1950s and 60s. Anything other than “normal” heterosexuality was seen as shameful and deviant. Yet, the populace gobbled up these lesbian tales by the truckload… it was sinful to practice, but evidently okay to read and fantasize about.

Here, for your vulgar amusement, are 33 covers of sinful tales of women who love women (the horror!). I’ve divided them up into 3 categories. Just because it’s filth, doesn’t mean we can’t keep it organized.


Lesbianism is an abnormality, a sickness. Somebody call a doctor!


lesbian paperback (4)


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1940s Pre-Code Comic Book Horrors And Dr Wertham’s 1954 Seduction of the Innocent


seduction of the innocent (2)


“There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written.”

– Oscar Wilde


Dr. Wertham’s 1954 book, Seduction of the Innocent, was an American bestseller – it tapped into the fears of parents from sea to shining sea and led to the a frenzy of censorship in the comic book world.  The irony, however, is that the book was so poorly researched, that much of its content was simply made up.  Of course, the public didn’t give a baker’s f**k about facts, and Seduction of the Innocent became a sensation.

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The 5 Greatest Giant Monster Movies of All-Time



GARETH Edwards’ Godzilla opens this week in theaters, and the question remains: will the new film assume its place among the classics of the giant monster movie genre, or falter badly instead, much like the 1998 version of the same material directed by Roland Emmerich?

Perhaps the answer to that question will only be answered by the passage of time. How will the new Godzilla age, given advances in special effects?  Will the film’s central metaphor about Godzilla and nature prove as sturdy as the original Godzilla’s (1954) anti-nuclear message?

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DIY English Fashions Of The Mid 20th Century

JAMES Lileks has looked beyond the shards of lard and war-effort carrot stuck between our grey teeth to DIY British fashions of the mid 20th Century.

We kick off with…


Lovely bird – drove the lads down at the Enigma labs just mad, except for that chilly Turing fellow – but there doesn’t seem to be enough of her. The more you look at her, the more she looks like a doll that’s been put together from different parts, half of which were attached backwards. But it’s a nice jumper.


DIY english fashion

When in Brighton, give her a call; tell her Pinky sent you.

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1955 Hair Tonic Advert: Lucky Tiger Gets the Gals

IN the 1950s, Lucky Tiger would seduce the girls. If you got really lucky, you could mount their heads.



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Chicks Dig Accordions! Vintage Vinyl and Squeezebox Groupies

accordion groupie


TO HELL with the electric guitar.  That may attract a flock of dirty groupies, but the real chick magnet is the accordion.  Sure, it has a reputation as being even less sexy than a French horn, but don’t believe the hype.  A look at this stack of old accordion LPs, and you’ll quickly see that the instrument of desire isn’t the guitar, drums or microphone, it’s the mad love machine called The Accordion.

(Lots more vintage gold on

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This 1950s safety manual was called It’s Great to Be Alive! (aka: when bicycles attack!)

IN the 1950s, the powers that be created a comic book to tell kids what hideous fates could befall them if they took risks and failed to spot danger signs. The safety manual  as called It’s Great to Be Alive! – aka Never Ride A Bike. 

In this scene the motorist has run over the armed juvenile delinquent on a shooting spree.

it's great to be alive 1950  16


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