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Russian aerobics to electronic music (1985) is brilliant

The backing tracks to this slice of Russian 1980s culture was published by Melodiya. It’s brilliant and as horribly catchy as the man-made fibres on those leotards:



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In 1985 The Press Association Presented The Future of Journalism

IN 1985,  the Press Association presented the future of journalism.

The pencil and paper remain the most reliable tools in a journalist’s possession.


tomorrow's reporter

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Khat In 1985: The North Yemen Artisan Chews Khat Surrounded By His Daggers And Swords

FLASHBACK to January 11, 1985: The Khat Man:

His cheek stuffed with khat, an artisan specializing in daggers and swords sits in his tiny booth at the old souk, or marketplace in ancient Sanaa, a city in North Yemen on Jan. 11, 1985 which hasn’’t changed materially since the seventh century. Camel caravans and donkey carts are still in use and swords and daggers are worn by most men. (AP Photo/Aly Mahmoud)

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For more on khat, see here.

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