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50 Cents mocks domestic abuse charges

SEXISM, bigotry, sexual assaults and other horrible things have been a hot topic over the last week or so, with notable Twitter users going on a 24 hour strike for womankind. The news picked it up, people argued and debated… and all the while, missed the story where 50 Cent was accused of domestic abuse.

Fiddy was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism, but he couldn’t give a toot, mocking the whole thing on Twitter and Instagram.

Here, he showed a photo of him shooting some hoops while he was supposed to be in prison.

fiddy b ball

According to police reports, 50 Cent kicked the mother of his children, and then vandalized her property (apparently, he smashed chandeliers, beat up a TV and a ransacked wardrobe) which, if guilty, sees the rapper going to prison for five years and $46,000 in fines.

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Hardcore History: Teddy Roosevelt Shoots 50 Cent To Pieces

THE Smithsonian’s Hardcore History places characters from the past against those from the present. Anorak would compare Dennis Compton to John Terry; King Canute to Colonel Gaddafi; and Elvis Presley to Peter Doherty…

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50 Cent’s Tattoo Removal And Tipp-Ex: Pictures

TOOTHY rapper 50 Cent wants to clear some space on his body by removing some of his tattoos. The tatts will not be cut away in a clinic and auctioned for charity – for shame! – but burnt off with a laser beam. Hit-tech stuff , readers. Says 50, now touting himself as an actor:

The Most Disgusting Tattoos (NSFW)

“It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up.”

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Lady GaGa Gets Her Own Comic: Pictures

lady-gaga-comicLADY Gaga is the subject of Bluewater’s free comic in its new Fame series. No shock to learn that May 5 is Free Comic Book Day, followed, as ever, by May 6th and Arrest A Comic Thief Day. Future books will look at Robert Pattinson, 50 Cent, David Beckham and Taylor Swift.

With art by Tess Fowler and words by Dan Rafter, the plot centres on the quest to get a picture of Lady GaGa’s face, without attention being deflected by masks, menstrual spatterings or a penis.

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50 Cent Uses $25,000 To Advertise For Muggers

TEETHY rapper 50 Cent wants everyone to know that he has $25,000 in his pocket. As she says:

“I always carry $25,000 in cash, just in case something happens.”

Something happens..? 50 Cent was once shot nine times in a single episode. He carries £25,000 on him at all times. Why? Because it makes him feel secure.

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American Music Awards: Jennifer Lopez Falls Back On Her Talent, Video

lopezTHE American Music Awards is not a folk music AGM, but yet another chance of established acts to remind the TV watching public that they are a) alive, b) working and c) looking the same as they did ten years ago, perhaps younger.

Janet Jackson lip-synced, American Idol products Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert shouted and Keith Urban, woman an award for – no faint praise here – “Best Country Male”.

Alicia Keys sang, Jay-Z did safe rapped, Eminem and 50 Cent did sweary rap, The Black Eyed Peas sang four different songs at the same time and Lady Gaga survived smashing her way through some glass to reach her piano.

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50 Cent Power Perfume Is Cillit Bang In An Atomiser

power-50-cents1THE rapper known as 50 Cent has a new perfume out. Power by 50 Cent has top notes of leather thong, gun powder and anaesthetic over base notes of used recording studio and teeth whitener.

It is the scent of the emergency room in a spray.

The best things about 50 cent is that if you spray it into the eyes of an assailant or target for love, they will think you are as perfect and tattoo free as an alabaster statue dipped in varnish.

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Katie Price Kidnapped On Twitter And Peter Andre Does Stand Up

3269166KATIE Price and Peter Andre Divorce – Katie Price kidnap terror, Peter Andre is a comedy genius, Jordan is dead and Katie beats Peter in Twitter poll…

Last night sentimental Peter Andre appeared on ITV2 in Peter Andre: Going It Alone and showed us that he is almost never alone. Peter spent most of the show touching his face, hugging anyone with reach, finding his niche in the Ikea bedding department and looking like an ambulatory bereavement card.

So alone is Pete that he spent only marginally more time on camera than his manager Claire Powell, who affected an air of a middle aged Claire Rayner, the media’s former favourite agony aunt, albeit less likeable, informed, interesting and charming.

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Rio Blande: Ferdinand And Ashley Cole To Make Hollywood Film

SOME football news in the Sun that Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole are teaming up to produce a film.

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