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Madeleine McCann: Metodo 3, 8 New Old Clues And NoTW Editor Myler Denies Gerry McCann

OUR Maddie: Anorak’s look at Madeleine McCann in the news: Metodo 3 PR, the News of The World denies Gerry McCann’s claim, and new old eight clues…


BRITISH police hunting for Madeleine McCann were last night examining up to eight “important” leads after meeting private eyes.

We know this, how?

Four detectives visited the Spanish HQ of the Metodo 3 investigation agency, which spent six months working for parents Kate and Gerry. The Brit officers, from a 30-strong Metropolitan Police team carrying out a review of the case, took away around 30 boxes of documents.

Go on:

The agency’s director Francisco Marco told a Spanish TV show [The Ana Rosa Programme]: “I think there are six, seven or eight very important leads in there. They were passed at the time to Portuguese police who ignored them because it was a very politicised issue.

“They didn’t want to look into anything that didn’t come from their own sources because of Portuguese chauvinism. We were never allowed to do a proper job. Scotland Yard can now continue with all the work we did inside and outside of Portugal.”

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