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Battle Of Culloden Commemorated In A Scotch Egg

cullodenTO Culloden Battlefield, where visitors are asked not to picnic on the remains of fallen soldiers. So requests Alasdair MacNeill, a member of A Circle of Gentlemen, a society which marks the Jacobite cause.

The Circle of Gentleman sounds like a club our patron Old Mr Anorak would be a leading light of, were it not for his morbid dread of being in circles and the requisite holding of hands. Rename it the Rhombus of Gentlemen and you’ve got a new Queen Mary.

Says Mr MacNeill:

“A family of four and their two dogs were sprawled across a grave mound having a picnic. The father was leaning against the headstone eating a Scotch egg and smoking a cigarette.”

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Posted: 15th, July 2009 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)