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A Message From Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Dead’ Lover Patrick McDermott

olivia-newtonOLIVIA Newton-John’s lover Patrick McDermott is alive. He’s living in Baja Mexico. Four years ago, the cameraman disappeared from a fishing charter boat docked in San Pedro.

It was June 30, 2005 – night time – Los Angeles, Calif. A charter fishing boat called the Freedom left for an overnight trip on the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean.  There were 23 sport fishermen aboard.  And one of them was this Patrick Kim McDermott.

Anorak’s Man in LA has more:

There’s a book’s worth of shocking, jaw-dropping, facade-smashing evidence and allegations behind today’s claim from a private eye that friends of Olivia Newton-John’s missing ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott have reached out to say he’s alive and well in Mexico– and wants to be left alone.

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