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Baby P: Sharon Shoesmith Loses A Sun Campaign And Ed Balls’ Crowd Pleaser

UPDATE: Sharon Shoesmith has lost her case.


WITH impeccable timing, Baby P returns to the news agenda. It’s time to learn whether or not Sharon Shoesmith lost her job as head of children’s services at Haringey council unlawfully. Sheosmsith claims she lot her job in a “flagrant breach of the rules of natural justice”.

Baby P, was abused despite being on Haringey Council’s “at risk” register.

Was Shoesmith sacked from her post because Baby P was an emotive issue and someone who could have saved him had to be blamed? No, not Baby P’s mum Tracey Connelly, her lover Steven Barker and their lodger, Barker’s brother Jason Owen. Not them. They are all in jail. Was Shoesmith the victim of the need to punish someone who could have saved him who worked for the state?

Where did the buck stop? At the top? Shoesmith was on £130,000 a year. Ofsted inspector Heather Brown, said the quality of practice in Shoesmith’s department as the “worst I had ever seen“.

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