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Puppet-Faced Alistair Darling Presents The Death Of Politics, A Windy Shadow Play

FOR a student of politics and an observer of humanity, one of the fascinating aspects of contemporary politics is how narrow, party politics and personalities have overtaken the real thing, to the extent that the professional politicians and their respective claques no longer have any real idea of what politics is about, writes Richard North.

Immersed in Westminster bubble gum, they have come to believe that the tat and trivia of their daily fare is politics, instead of the froth and theatre attendant on the exercise of power.

Then, suddenly, and probably unwittingly, we see on what is one of the most political of all days – budget day – The Times come up with the headline: “Nuclear and wind power will be at heart of Alistair Darling’s Budget.

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Posted: 24th, March 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment