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Abnormal Miley Cyrus Rivals Jennifer Aniston’s Quote Of The Year

MILEY Cyrus is not like you. She is like Jennifer Ansiton, who told us that she had to go on  holiday to Mexico with Gerard Butler because:

“These people survive on us coming down and spending money and coming here to these beautiful places. It sort of made sense to sort of say ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico.’”

Miley Cyrus (NSFW)

Anyhow, here’s Miley Curus growing into pretty much what you thoght she’d be:

While filming The Last Song on Georgia’s Tybee Island last year, Miley Cyrus couldn’t help but fall for her costar Liam Hemsworth. (On the Oscars red carpet Sunday, Cyrus, 17, confirmed that she and Hemsworth, 19, are dating and that “maybe” she’s in love)…

“Working with Miley was a alot easier than I thought it was going to be,” Hemsworth admits to the magazine. “From the first time we [met], It was like I had known her before.”

Miley Cyrus (NSFW)

His famous girlfriend adds, I think we’re both deeper than normal people–what they think and how they feel.”

It’s you normal people that help Miley be the abnormal person she is today…


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