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Abu Hamza extradited to US – bring on the girls (photos)

HONK if you hate Abu Hamza. Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Islamists don’t want Abu Hamza and four other terror suspects to be sent to America. But the law does. Hamza’s lost. He’s on his way. And once more the UK’s jihadi community is bereft. When Tottenham Taliban Omar Bakri left for Lebanon we wondered who would be the gurning face of militant Islam. Finsbury Park’s Hamza looked the part. And now’s he gone. Is there no-one left to turn their attention from shouting at pigeons in the precinct to rant about guns and God? Also leaving the UK are Babar Ahmad, Syed Ahsan, Khaled Al-Fawwaz and Adel Abdul Bary. Is anyone left? Maybe it’s time let the girls have a go?

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Queen wanted him out but State had a use for Abu Hamza

THE Queen wanted Abu Hamza, the hooked-handed, one-eyed gurning loon of Finsbury Park, deported. Conspiacy theorists say that the State kept him in the UK for their own purposes:


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Robbie Savage Cuts Your Legs Off

SPORTING insight of the day: footballer Robbie Savage explains his love for Brighton FC.

“There are kids out there who’d chop their legs off to play football for Brighton”

Robbie Savage on equal opportunities football. Look out for Abu Hamza in goal…

Catch it!


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Vex Factor: Hunt For Abu Hamza’s Islmofascist Protégé

GOOD news in the War on Terror: hook-handed, one-eyed, purple preacher eater Abu Hamza might be able to stay in Blighty for another five years.

As Anorak readers know, every since Hamza was jailed and Omar Bakri went to live in Lebanon, the tables have been running Celebrity Vex Factor, the hunt for the new gurning, raving face of British Islmofascism.

But the Muslim community is just not up to it. All we get is understanding, no bombs, no vitriol and no lunacy.

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Islamic Terrorists Audition For Dirty Dozen In British Jail

“TERRORISTS inmates are recruiting a new army of extremists in British prisons,” says the Star Says column.

Have the jihadis been watching the Dirty Dozen? Is Abu Hamza Lee Marvin 32ith an in-built Swiss Army knife?

“Worried bosses are now thinking about housing all Britain’s terror lags in one super-prison to keep them away from others.”

The Daily Star can read their thoughts. It rubs it temples and urges restraint, saying that placing the terror lags in one jail “would light a time bomb that could destroy Britain”.

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Heroes Of Terror Merchadise Range: Abu Hamza Key Holder

USE for Abu Hama: No.1 – The key holder:

“Terrorism has become extremely marketable, newspapers regularly printing fear-mongering stories to encourage the public to buy them. What next, terrorist merchandise?” – David Wilson

Can you still get Omar Bakri’s glasses on the NHS?

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