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Westminster paedophiles: Bulic Forsythe, when PIE went gay and the death of scepticism

Bulic Forsythe

Bulic Forsythe


Westminster paedophiles: a look at reporting on allegations that VIPs abused and murdered children in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Daily Mirror brings news: “VIP paedophile scandal: Police pinpoint ‘dungeon’ flat linked to abuse parties and child murder”

Keir Mudie and Mark Conrad report that police have “identified a luxury flat in Pimlico, London, which is connected to a large cellar believed to have been used as a ‘holding area’ for abuse victims”.

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We Need A Free Press To Save Us From Child Abuse And Westminster Demons

abuse of power


WHY are we wasting money on this when we could be spending it on that?’ is a favourite argument of the partisan. It’s usually spurious. But this collection of front pages does make you wonder how the Press came to be the arch-villains of the unholy trinity of politicians, police, Press. And that in turn prompts further questions about the extent and expense of the phone-hacking inquiry.

In the top row we have two peers (one Labour, one Conservative) under suspicion for rape, and the disappearance of 114 files from a 1983 dossier alleging that a number of public figures were involved in child sex abuse. At the bottom we have more allegations against Rolf Harris, who was jailed for sexual assault on Friday.

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Peaches Geldof drops massive clanger in Ian Watkins case

THE whole story around the Ian Watkins trial has been ghoulish and difficult to read about. Aside from the obvious victims involved, you have to feel for fans of The Lostprophets, Watkins’ band mates and those who worked with them, unknowing of what went on. The whole tale is beyond grim at every level.

People’s response to the whole thing isn’t helping either, determined to find out every grisly detail, just to stoke their own horror at it all, so they can attempt some kind of moral highground online, to people who already agree with them.

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Paedo children warped by the internet are the latest moral panic

HOW do you follow the the BBC-led paedophile witch hunt? If you’re the Daily Mail, you look at children who are paedos. The Mail’s leads with the chilling headline:

Internet porn and the rape suspects aged 10

This is a:

“New fear for young after 24 police forces arrest under-13s for sex crimes in a year.”

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One Of The Kardashians Gets Called A Nasty Name In The Street By A Drunk, Which Is Fun

LOOKING at the Kardashian sisters, it isn’t easy to tell which one is which. They’re all kinda identikit women with the same haircut, the same dress sense, same initials and a penchant for galling attention seeking. Basically, the only way to tell them apart is to grade them by sexual attraction, varying from ‘okay’ to ‘get back to me at the end of the evening’.

Kourtney Kardashian is somewhere between the two poles, being the sister that isn’t as famous as Kim, but certainly not as unattractive as Khloe.

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