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Hospital Employees Get Stuck In An MRI Scanner After Oxygen Cylinder Mishap

MRI accident
“THIS is really an unfortunate incident,” says Plastic surgeon Dr Vinay Jacob. “Thankfully, we were able to successfully rescue both our staff members and provide them timely treatment. We have already launched an internal inquiry to ascertain what went wrong.”
The two staff members Sunil Jadhav, 28, and Swami Ramaiah, 35, employees at Tata Memorial Hospital’s cancer treatment and research centre in Khargar in Navi Mumbai, India.

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Watch Robbie Williams Break A Fan’s Arm In Newcastle

IT is always nice to watch someone successful make a fool of themselves. It isn’t their fault we’re all pathetically jealous, but they’ve got such nice and unusual lives, it is pleasing to find out their stuttering bozos like the rest of us.

Robbie Williams gave a glimpse into how ordinary he can be while embarrassingly breaking a fan’s arm after he fell off the stage during his gig at Newcastle.

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Car Threesome Ends In Disaster When Woman Breaks Both Legs When Vehicle Hits Tree

TWO women and a man were engaged in an in-car threesome when when one of them disengaged the handbrake. The rolled into crash into a tree, causing one of the women to break both her legs.

At least she thinks the are hers. We’ll know more as soon as they’re untangled:


Spotter: RocketNews

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Woman’s Buttocks Burnt By Exploding Toilet

toilet fire



TO Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, where a woman has been badly burnt by an exploding toilet. The a methane gas explosion caused by the lack of ventilation and dirt of a Barcelona bar toilet. When the woman sat down and turned on the light, the spark triggered methane gas in the toilet to explode. The blast was made worse because of the pressure.

She is now suing the bar owners.


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Northampton Drunk Impaled On Pub Fence Failed To Spot Open Gate

impaled drunk pub


“THE bouncers came to his aid after he was calling out for some attention,” says Rob Eastham, manger of The Fiddlers pub in Northampton of the man impaled on the pub’s metal fence.

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Woman Glued To Seat Freed By WD40

woman glued to chair

WE join the action at the Banks County Home Depot in north Georgia. Illyanna De La Keur has sat on a chair. she can’t get up. the chair has been smeared in glue. Strong glue.

“I’m a grown woman who can’t even sit up,” says Ms De La Keur said “I was stuck probably over an hour. I’m still so sore that I can’t leave my couch.”

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Sleepy Driver Crashes Into Bed Shop

A SLEEPY driver crashed into Sleep Experts mattress store in Dallas, Texas. The female driver she fell asleep on the way home.

She was not hurt.

sleep expert


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Man Rescues Several Cans Of Beer From Fire

Walter Serpit beer

TO Columbus, Georgia, where a newly installed water heater has caught fire. The building is ablaze.

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Australian newsreader: “Tonight, I’m going to sound like a drunk…”

THE news is so often stuffy and depressing, that it’s nice when it goes a bit awry. Take, for example, the news anchor in Australia who is going viral no doubt, after her late-night bulletin was coloured with a rather peculiar on-air comment.

WIN News Canberra anchor Kerryn Johnson accidentally began the broadcast by saying: “Good evening. Tonight I’m going to sound like a drunk.”

Obviously, and needlessly, Johnson has expressed a fair amount of embarrassment about the whole thing.

WIN issued a statement after the incident that read:

“This is a newsreader who sets a very high standard for herself. To have it go to air when it was not intended to has been more than embarrassing for her. Kerryn has been presenting news for over two decades and has never put a foot wrong. I’m sure our viewers will understand.’

Have a listen:

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Perth woman gets arm trapped in dog poo bin – fire crew stage rescue

perth dog poo bin trapped

TO Letham park, Perth, Scotland, where a woman, 39, has her arm trapped in a dog poo bin.

Why? Was she trying to post a letter? Was she looking for food?

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Cornwall woman trapped for days in patio furniture

“WE don’t actually know how long she was there for but it was quite a long time,” said Polruan station manager Peter Ripley, of the woman found trapped in her patio furniture.

“It was one of those metal deck chairs with a canvas seat. The canvas had broken and she slipped right down in the seat and couldn’t move. It wasn’t until her neighbour came to water the garden that she was discovered. Paramedics came and she was taken to hospital as a precaution. She hurt her right leg, as her legs had been over the bar.

“She was in the sun all of the time too so she was dehydrated and quite brown.We don’t get a lot of these type of incidents but people who haven’t used their deck chairs for a while should be careful and check them before use, especially the elderly.”

Next week: tanning in swing chairs.

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Woman who mistook superglue for lip salve gives muffled call to emergency services

glue woman medicine
TO Dunedin, New Zealand, where a 64-year-old is calling the police.
Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken tells us.

Basically, she could only grunt. Ambulance received a call, but due to the muffled speech … they were unsure whether it was a medical event or whether someone had been gagged.”

What had happened to her?

“She got up in the middle of the night, in the dark, and grabbed what she thought was the tube of medication. It was an extremely frightening event for her because her breathing was impeded. I’ve heard of a few other things super-glued, but never lips. You wouldn’t have wanted to have had a blocked nose.” 

 Anorak wishes to cast no aspersions, but we remember the 1980s when glue-sniffing was  destroying society and blocked noses were common.

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Car crash leaves man and dog coated in gallons of paint (photos)

driver crash paint dog

THIS was the scene in Belfair, Washington, after a man lost control of his car and went off the road just after 3pm.

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Eyewitness Grandmother: local news hero reports from Tesco Bournemouth

EYEWITNESS of the Day is found in the Bournemouth Echo. A motorcyclist crashed through the glass doors at Bournemouth’s biggest Tesco store.

“Shocked eyewitness grandmother Margaret Howe was shopping with her husband David when she heard the commotion”

Eyewitness Grandmother sounds like a title of a new Marvel Comic. Says she:

“There was an almighty bang and we thought a display shelf had fallen… It was shocking; we’d just gone in to buy a couple of things as my grandsons are coming over this evening. It all happened in the section where crisps and peanuts are on display.”

The walnuts attract a smarter crowd…

wheelie biker bournemouth

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Bus advertising ‘drive home’ crashes into home

THE sign on the side of the bus that drove into a home in Massachusetts says:

“Drive Your Message Home with the Worcester Regional Transportation Authority.” 

Irony overload:



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Man gets head stuck in Hemel Hempstead traffic island bollard (video)

bollard man

PERHAPS inspired by the man who got his head stuck in a bin in Aberdeen,  a man in Hemel Hempstead got stuck in a street Bollard.

Previously: Andy Flintoff:

flintoff cone


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New Yorker sues for slipping on “foreign white substance” at gym

MARC Moskowitz says he slipped on a “foreign white substance” on the floor at the Bally Total Fitness gym on E. 55th St., New York City.

Mr Moskowitz blames the gays.  In his lawsuit filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court, Mr Moskowitz, 66, says the place is known for “cruising and lewd behaviour”, that homosexual action is “commonplace at the steam room, sauna and locker rooms. As a result of the aforementioned activities, there was bodily fluids and other evidence of sexual activity wherever it occurred throughout the gym.”

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Man gets finger trapped in car’s petrol tank

man petrol tank

YOU saw the man with his head trapped in a bin? Now get a load of the man with his finger caught in his car’s petrol tank.

To Fort Worth, Texas, where a customer at the QuikTrip petrol station was trying to add an “additive” into his car’s tank. Having pushed the flap open, the man finger became trapped in the venting tube just inside of the tank.

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Ship launch launches wood to the face (video)

SHIP launch of the day:

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Builder survive 15 tonne building collapse (video)

tumblr_mmdhkrqTNK1qa6a6ho2_250WHEN a building collapses on you, you’ll probably think you’re a dead-man. Well, Jake Weir thought just that as he was demolishing one and it fell on him. All 15 tonnes of it.

The best bit? Someone caught it on film! Hurray!

Weir felt the full force of a load of bricks hitting him and pals managed to dig him out of the wreckage, before whisking him to hospital with his left leg hanging off.

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Scooter rider has four accidents in a minute – video

IN this video, the hapless scooter boy suffers three accidents in a very short space of time.

I have no end of sympathy for him. The first time I ever drove a scooter was on a ‘fun’ track in Hampshire. I ended up wrapped around a fence in the car park. The next time I drove one was in Italy. As I headed towards the queue of terrified locals stood at the bus stop opposite the scooter hire shop, I knew that motorbikes and me made for an unhappy mix. Fortunately, I managed to twist the handlebars in time to slap into the bike renter’s car, which I then hired:

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Man who drank beer from river develops massive ‘pregnant’ hernia

hernia man copy

ON March 20, 2012, John Macdonald, 59, went on a fishing trip on the Brisbane River. He took his rod, bait and beer. When he dropped the booze into the river he soon retrieved it. But after drinking it, he fell ill. And he got worse. After a week he was booked into Caboolture Hospital for urgent surgery.

He then fell into an coma.

After three operations, he work up. And he saw the massive hernia on his stomach. He says he needs a further six operations.

What was on the beer? Any ideas? And what does this say about the five-second rule?



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Two-tonne bell falls on man, just like in the cartoons

WWII North America

THERE are a number of injuries suffered in cartoons that would be unbearable agony in real life. How funny would it be to see a loved one getting hit by an anvil? Would you laugh if someone hit you repeatedly in the face in a bid to turn your teeth into piano keys? How about watching a man fall to his death while dressed in an Acme bird costume?

While all these things would be gut-wrenching to watch, sometimes, it does end in mild, but amusing peril.

Take for example, a man who had a two-tonne bell fell on top of him at a temple. Lin Wang was visiting with a friend that decided he was going to frantically ring the bell while his mate was standing underneath it.

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Car accident victim only able to recall other driver’s breasts

breast airbags

TO Upper Haight, San Francisco, where the victim of a car shunt is helping police. The man is unable to tell police the make and model of the car that hit his vehicle and then drove off. He is unable to recall the licence plate. He does, however, recalls that the female driver had breasts.

Says Park Station Police Capt. Greg Corrales:

“The victim was able to describe the suspect as having a low cut dress. He was “able to give a detailed description of the suspect’s cleavage.” 

No one has been arrested.

Photo: The Takata airbag modelled into a big inflatable bum / cleavage.

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Drilling for water in Holland: an unintentional comedy film

water holland

DRILLING for water in Holland. It is good that anyone should film it. But it’s still funny. Canned laughted would ruin it. So too would music. It’s the clank of the pole as it hits one of the diviners in the spout that tickles the funny bone:

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