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There’s a reason companies are people: The ACLU v NSA proves it

THERE much spluttering around about the fact that companies are people. However, there’s a damned good reason that they are: if they weren’t we couldn’t sue them. And we like  being able to sue companies when they stuff up or rip us off.

This particular example is more about the US than UK but the principle still stands:

If progressives had their way, the ACLU’s latest challenge to the NSA’s domestic surveillance would easily be dismissed. ACLU v Clapper, filed in the wake of the Snowden revelations, is based on the ACLU’s First and Fourth Amendment rights, which, according to progressives, ACLU should not possess. It is, after all, a corporation, and constitutional amendments aggressively promoted by progressives would limit constitutional rights to “natural persons.”

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ACLU Shoots Westboro Baptist Church

westboro-acluGATEWAY Pundit spots that the Westboro Baptist Church – ‘Jesus died for our quims’has teamed up with the ACLU.

As GP puts it:

A Perfect Fit– ACLU Joins With Westboro Baptist Church… Sue For Right to Protest at Soldier’s Funerals

Last on to the guns is a poof!

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