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10 Actors Who Swapped The Boards for the Bandstand

cera album


PART Kermit, part hipster, Michael Cera is loved by many (and he probably irritates a fair few too, but that’s normal) and has starred in a bunch of films that make people in Converse Chuck Taylor’s go weak at the knees.

So it isn’t very surprising that Michael Cera has released folk album called ‘True That’.

The actor released the material on August 8th via his Bandcamp page. Not many people noticed it, but then, Superbad co-star Jonah Hill posted a link to it and now everyone is cooing and clucking about it.

Of course, he’s not the first actor to have a go at singing and making music. In fact, the movies are filled with actors who have decided to have a go at making sweet melodies. The results, obviously, have been mixed and sometimes, downright baffling.

Mostly though, they’ve been a bit bland. Remember Minnie Driver’s album? Of course you don’t. Was it bad? Sadly, it was competent so no-one could get mad.

Some actors have been pretty good, but they’re no fun – we’re interested in the weird ones. Dudley Moore’s fine jazz and J-Lo’s ace pop aren’t for us.

We’re here for the lousy and oddball.



Robert Mitchum

Cinema legend Robert Mitchum was swept away by the infectious music of the Caribbean and thought he’d make a calypso album. His deadpan delivery is funny, but is it a bit racist doing what is tantamount to a comedy black voice? Judge for yourself.




Scott Baio

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Exploding actresses – when actresses in famous films explode – volumes 1, 2 and 3

exploding actresses

WHEN actresses explode, aka Exploding Actresses is brilliant:

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Charlie Sheen Wants Mila Kunis Whether She Likes It Or Not (Photos)

CHARLIE Sheen, the stumbling, mumbling meme, should enjoy his brief renewal of fame – mainly because it is clearly going to end quickly and painfully. When he was on drugs, he was great fun. Like children round a dead dog, we thrilled as we poked him with a stick, dry-heaving at each deathly breath that came our way.

Then he went and spoiled it all by becoming self-aware. Tiger blood, it would seem, can convince a man that he’s actually of some importance to the world, when really, all we wanted was a tragic clown.

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Ann Widdecome On Paul Newman

ANN Widdecombe is discussing Paul Newman:

“He also knew when to stop acting, an example many others would have benefitted from following”

Not including his voiceover work, Newman appeared in Empire Falls in 2005. His work won him an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.

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