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Sexy Fred Goodwin’s Grubby Secret: Shagging On The Glass Ceiling

SIR Fred Goodwin, aka “Shagger”, has had to give up the fight and had his super injunction partially overturned.

It had been in place to prevent us calling him a banker and hide the fact that along with Adam Applegarth (former Northern Rock CEO who was, allegedly, shagging Amanda Smithson from the company’s buy-to-let division) Sir Fred was bumping the uglies with a woman on his senior staff instead of stopping the world’s worst banking melt down.

If you are going to shaft the country, what’s an old colleague for? After all, as every RBS financier knows and brags churlishly while chuckling over the RBS sponsored Rugby match after dinner port, they are women burnishing the glass ceiling with their backsides!

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The Silence Of The Bankers

For months Anorak has been calling for heads on the block. For months we have said the banking system was the cause of the present crisis and not the use of hedge funds or marginal calls.

Too late the penny has dropped with UK Financial Services Authority. It’s staff of regulators watched Chairman Matthew Ridley and the inexpressible Chief Executive Adam Applegarth run Northern Rock from safe, dependable, building society to a runaway bank going over a cliff. Both Applegarth and Ridley walked away with pay-off deals intact.

It turns out they were nowhere near the worst and may now be classed as rank amateurs in the esoteric world of low-dealing high financiers.

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