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DJ AM’s Funeral In Words And Pictures

dj-am2IN death so in life, the funeral service for DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, at the Hollywood Palladium featured a VIP entrance for the VIPs. In all, there were three entrances, one for family and VIPs and one for friends and one for fans.

Friends of the dead are not VIPs at the dead man’s funeral. Is your name on the list?

When someone young dies, there should always be a big crowd – for the young death still holds a macabre novelty, and the sheer number of survivors commands it.

And so they came to mourn: Nicole Richie, the ubiquitous Lindsay Lohan, sex tape-ologists Rebecca Gayhard, Eric Dane, Samantha Ronson, Robert Downey Jr., John Favreau, Nicky Hilton and John Mayer.

Not the dead John Mayer – the other one.

Says one onlooker:

“The crowd was very hip and eclectic, there were people dressed in smart black suits and people dressed in jeans and T-shirts. It was packed though, you could tell how well loved he was. It was a very sombre and sad crowd.”

Tautology is not dead. And while the sad and sombre mourners mourn, DJ AM’s girlfriend Haley Wood addresses the 3,500 faces.

“He was my soulmate and now he is my soul. He is my amazing grace.”

Pictures to follow…

Spotter: INO

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DJ Am Adam Goldstein’s Last Tweet To Travis Barker

dj-am1DJ AM has died. The DJ narrowly escaped a deadly plane crash with musical collaborator Travis Barker. The New York Post reports the death. He was 36.

And before he died, DJ Am Tweeted. It might be a Tweet farewell note. The printed word is dying – even the lonely use electronic ink to speak of their pain.

As TB says “the former fat kid Adam Goldstein, who was severely burned in a jet crash that he and Travis Barker survived somewhat miraculously less than a year ago, was found dead in his apartment in New York City, which he knew ain’t always what it seems.”

If Twitter is looking for the business model to turn clicks into currency, it should advertise itself as publicist to the stars.

On Twitter, the stars come out of grieve in, er, private?

LINDSAY LOHAN: “I can’t believe this.. i’m in shock. why? why? r.i.p. adam.”

P.DIDD: “DJ AM rest in peace.”

KELLY OSBOURNE: “I just cant believe that adam ( is gone i dont want to believe it im in shock. he was one of the most genuine people i have ever met!”

No word yet from Noel Edmonds.

Publicity is all. Emote. in public.


While the stars Twitter, the publicist clings to her job:

His rep Jenni Weinman says details surrounding his sudden death are still unclear but asked for privacy from the family. “Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein was found deceased this afternoon in his New York City apartment. The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear. Out of respect for his family and loved ones, please respect their privacy at this time,” said Weinman – Hollyscoop

Too late.

How did he die? Ready for some more conspiracy?

DJ AM dies ‘from drug overdose’ – The Sun.

“He was found in his bedroom, in bed, face down,” says the police source, adding that the DJ was not wearing shirt but was wearing pants” – Ace Showbiz

And this form Earsucker:

Did Adam Goldstein’s ex-girlfriend Hayley Wood foretell his death?

And then the Tweet. always the Tweet:

The question remains, did Hayley know something was going to happen?

Her last tweet seems to say so. She said, “Violent visions” on August 27, 2009 at 7:51PM. While previous tweets allude to happier times with the DJ.

Twitter – it publicty for the recession. Stars are doing their own publicity…


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