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America Idol star Adam Lambert smacks Miss Helsinki Sofia Ruusila (photos)

ADAM Lambert, former American Idol runner-up and man most likley to replace Freddie Mercury as the Queen frontman, has been arrested in Finland for fighting with his lover Sauli Koskinen.

The pair were fighting outside the Don’t Tell Mama, a Helsinki club. And in the maelstrom Lambert, reportedly, smacked former Miss Helsinki, Sofia Ruusila. She says it was an accident.

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When Jedward Met Adam Lambert And The Black Eyed Peas: Pictures

JEDWARD are in the Shake ‘n’ Vac advert. And, as we have reported, although John and Edward Grimes, as Jedward are known, spritzed the streets of Soho with a white powder – with no sign of a vacuum cleaner nor carpet – Shake ‘n’ Vac does NOT contain meow meow, mephedrone, sparkle nor any narcotic and is not the “new cocaine”.

Before Jedward move onto advertising instant mash, sucking on a flake, beating off a cup of Gold Blend, having one of those nights for Lemonade or getting an “ology” – toxicology – they have been meeting the stars. Here they are with Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas…


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Andrew Sullivan, Nick Denton And Adam Lambert Are Big In The US Of Gay

ANDREW Sullivan, 31, UCS old boy Nick Denton, 34, and Perez Hilton, 26, are the big bloggers in Out magazine’s top 50 leading gay and lesbian persons – a poll designed, as most polls are, by a combination of guesswork, creative guesswork and working out the odds of that person endorsing the poll by commenting on it.

Matt Drudge is at 15. American Idol’s is in at Adam Lambert, Anderson Cooper is at 3. And the tope gayest gay in the whole of the US of gay is Ellen DeGeneres. No mention of her and him and them.

But, then, you can’t top the straight poll and the gay poll, readers…

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American Idol: Kriss Allen, Adam Lambert And Allison Iraheta In Concert And Pictures

AMERICAN Idol is back and with so too last year’s winner… Kriss Allen. He was singing at the Highline Ballroom with his beaten agonists Allison Iraheta and Jess Conrad lite Adam Lambert. All three are pretty good but unmemorable. The show was always about Cowell and Paula Abdul, the chubby one with the dog fetish and America’s answer to Violet Elizabeth Bott. Allen, Lambert and Iraheta need to escape the Idol shadow before the show dies. The fists might help them get ahead in showbiz…


Picture 1 of 13

(L-R) Singers Adam Lambert, Allison Irahet, and Kriss Allen are interviewed at the Highline Ballroom, presented by Ryan Seacrest and Stubhub in New York, USA

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In Pictures: The 15th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

IT was the 15th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium. We were there to see the liggers dream of working off another free lunch with short walk to the winners’ rostrum. Ed Helm and Heather Graham looked good together. Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep had a fight. And we spotted: Kristin Chenoweth, Ken Jeong, Adam Lambert, Ed Helms, Abbie Cornish, Jason Bateman, Todd Phillips, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick, Morgan Freedman, Jason Reitman, Mo’Nique, Claire Danes, Death Cab for Cutie, Saoirse Ronan, Peter Docter, Quentin Tarantino, Emily Blunt, Jeff Bridges, Kodi Smit-McFee, Carey Mulligan, Marion Cotillard, Tracy Morgan, Stanley Tucci, Gabourey Sidibe, Eli Roth, Bailee Madison (we said we’d mention them all):


Picture 1 of 35

Gabourey Sidibe arrives at The 15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on January 15, 2010 Hollywood, California.

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Adam Lambert On The Early Show, In Pictures

lambert-noshADAM Lambert is last season’s runner up on American Idol. At the American Music Awards, Lambert’s music took in a rubbing a dancer’s face into his crotch. If it helps him hit the low notes, so be it.

He then got off with a male band member and stuck his finger up in the air. Lots of people tuned in, 1,500 complained and Lambert is no longer a lump of reality TV dross – Lambert is edgy and challenging and turning telly viewers gay.

Lambert then went on GMA stands for ‘Gays Made America’. But he didn’t – his performance was cancelled. Do instead he stuck his gayness of The Early Show, and families tuning in got to see a pretty ordinary signer with dyed hair – think Jess Conrad meets The Producer’s Hitler – sing a song.

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American Music Awards: Jennifer Lopez Falls Back On Her Talent, Video

lopezTHE American Music Awards is not a folk music AGM, but yet another chance of established acts to remind the TV watching public that they are a) alive, b) working and c) looking the same as they did ten years ago, perhaps younger.

Janet Jackson lip-synced, American Idol products Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert shouted and Keith Urban, woman an award for – no faint praise here – “Best Country Male”.

Alicia Keys sang, Jay-Z did safe rapped, Eminem and 50 Cent did sweary rap, The Black Eyed Peas sang four different songs at the same time and Lady Gaga survived smashing her way through some glass to reach her piano.

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Adam Lambert Comes Out On Perez Hilton

adam-lambertPEREZ Hilton, the Osmond Family-Elton John chimera, says American Idol runner up Adam Lambert is going to come out and announce he is gay.

As revelations go this one’s right up with news that Jordan sleeps on her back, MPs are vain self-serving egomaniacs and the world ends on Decemeber 2, 2016. Says Hilton:

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