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Why Adam Lanza murdered only women: no male teacher brave enough for primary school

NOT many women at the US gun shows. Why? Waren Farrell writes below the headline: “Mass Shootings The Result of Abandoning, Abusing Boys“. Adam Lanza murdered women:

 “For boys, the road to successful manhood has crumbled. In many boys’ journey from a fatherless family to an almost all-female staff elementary school such as Sandy Hook, there is no constructive male role model…There are few things a culture does as important as raising children. We can’t continue to fail half of them.”

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Sandy Hook Massacre: Adam Lanza’s hairdresser wishes he’d have killed the boy

WANT to talk about Adam Lanza’s haircut? Bob Skuba, “the embodiment of East Coast bravado”, is talking to CBS.

He’s got a new distinction now: He was Adam Lanza’s barber.

Scott Wise reports on the man who gave Adam Lanza haircuts when the killer was 12:

You’re sitting in the chair where he used to sit and get a haircut, he tells a visitor on Tuesday.

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Sun says ‘fantastic’ Call of Duty drove Adam Lanza to kill

COME “inside the dark, lonely world of maniac Adam Lanza”.

He’s the killer everyone knew.

Lanza is the killer who “lived in [a] windowless lair playing violent video games”.

Lair? Lanza had no criminal record. He had never shot anyone before he murdered so many at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Surrounded by posters of weapons, he plotted massacre

Did he? Was it a plot? Or was it more spontaneous? The guns were his mothers. All were legal.

Peter Samson has more:

SCHOOL massacre maniac Adam Lanza fuelled his violent fantasies while hidden away in a windowless bunker plastered with posters of guns and tanks.

Young man has posted of tanks and guns. And was it a bunker or a basement?

bunker: a protective embankment or dugout; especially : a fortified chamber mostly below ground often built of reinforced concrete and provided with embrasures

basement: the part of a building that is wholly or partly below ground level

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The Sandy Hook Massacre: Adam Lanza played at being a little god

BRENDAN O’Neill on The Sandy Hook Massacre:

..look at the photo of Adam Lanza. Or better still watch the videos and manifestos made by the Columbine killers or the Virginia Tech shooter and other recent school shooters. Do you really see Southern-style gun culture in these videos and words and images, or do you see a different, more modern culture at work? I see youngsters raised to consider themselves little gods, who see their self-esteem as king and who believe their angst must always be taken seriously. I see youth brought up in a world where we are increasingly encouraged to cultivate a persona, preferably a dangerous, edgy one, through media like YouTube and Twitter. I see young people so imbued with the narcissistic creed of the politics of identity, where how you feel and what you want must take precedence over any social or communal considerations, that they have been absolutely wrenched from both their own communities and from even basic moral codes.

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Computer games made Adam Lanza do it – not guns, then

WHY did “polite” Adam Lanza do it? Edmund H. Mahony and Dave Altimari write:

In just minutes, Lanza — a withdrawn, emotionally detached 20-year-old who lived with his mother and is said to have played graphically violent computer video games — would kill 26 people in the country’s second-largest mass killing.

Twenty-year-old is “said ” to have played shoot ’em up video games. He most likely also had listened to rap music, masturbated to porn, played table-tennis, watched TV news and tried smoking. Well, so they say.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School: how do you report on horror?

SANDY Hook Elementary School Newtown, Conn.? How do British newspapers report on the actions of Adam Lanza that led to 27 dead and hundreds of lives scarred? In Britain we stop and stare. This is a foreign news event. But it isn’t entirely. America is the another Britain. We see ourselves. The landscape is familiar. Language matters.

Adam Lanza is dead. He murdered his mother mother Nancy Jean Lanza. He shot dead 20 children. He murdered head teacher Dawn Hochsprung, 47, first grade teacher Victoria Soto, 27, and school psychologist Mary Sherlach, 56.

He used two guns – guns registered to his mother. The school was no-gun zone. Adam Lanza forced his way in. Had only the security had guns to keep him out…

We can focus on the goodness

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Sandy Hook Elementary School: remove guns from people who didn’t do it?

THE Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut: Should guns be banned? Glenn Reynolds:

“After a shooting spree,” author William Burroughs once said, “they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.” Burroughs continued: “I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.”

Plenty of people — especially among America’s political and journalistic classes — feel differently. They’d be much more comfortable seeing ordinary Americans disarmed. And whenever there is a mass shooting, or other gun incident that snags the headlines, they do their best to exploit the tragedy and push for laws that would, well, take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.

There are a lot of problems with this approach, but one of the most significant is this one: It doesn’t work.

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Adam Lanza becomes a rolling news hero

HOW should the media talk about Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old killer who murdered his mother and so many at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Guessing is one option.

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Adam Lanza: the quiet, well-behaved, shy, noisy, evil boy everyone knew (photos)

WHAT do we know of Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old who killed himself, his mother, Nancy Jena Lanza, and 27 others at Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown, Conn.? Not much. Still, the experts in Big Media are guessing. Some of them might be the same experts who were analysing Ryan Lanza’s tweets when Adam’s older bother, for it is he, was protesting his innocence and being very much alive.

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Adam Lanza photos: Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre

ADAM Lanza is dead. He is believed to have murdered his mother, Nancy Jean Lanza, and 27 others at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton, Connecticut. He was 20. His older brother, Ryan Lana, 24, is helping police with their enquiries. You can read about how he learnt of the horror here. As for Adam Lanza, well, he was “rambunctious“, “on medication”, “such a nice kid“, “intelligent and shy“, was “obviously not well“, had “a checkered past and a personality disorder“, was “a quiet honours student“, “evil” and “well-behaved“. Such are the facts…


Picture 1 of 32

Adam Lanza

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Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre: why Adam Lanza did it

WHY did Adam Lanza, 20, murder so many at Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown, Conn.?

They all know why.

The New York Post says he did it:

Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother dead and targeted her kindergarten class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., sources said. Sources also told The Post that Lanza’s mother was a teacher at the school and he “had a dispute with her.”

Lanza is dead inside the school.

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