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SkyDeck: ride a plane in a panoramic bubble



With SkyDeck, there is a whole new layer of air travel class.  SkyDeck, created by the Everett, Washington-based Windspeed Technologies LLC, is, it says here, a “revolutionary new in-flight entertainment product.”




It’s a bubble atop the plane. You can reach it but stair or lift. The creators’ say:

“We have not been approached by the airlines yet, however we have started to receive enquiries from private jet owners who would like to consider having one installed on their aircraft.”




It looks utterly terrifying.

Love it.

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Scots Woman Attacks Plane Crew With False Leg As Passengers Sing Hokey Cokey

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YOU put your right leg in…

A FLIGHT between Tunisia and Scotland had to be diverted after a drunk passenger attacked cabin crew with her prosthetic leg.

The woman demanded “cigarettes and a parachute” and became aggressive when staff asked her to calm down.

Holidaymaker John Smith, from Falkirk, said the woman slapped a young girl in a neighbouring seat before unfastening her leg and swinging it at flight attendants.

The crew managed to put her in handcuffs while the pilot of Thomson flight 297 from Enfidha to Edinburgh made an emergency landing at Gatwick.

The woman was escorted from the plane by police, as passengers broke into a rendition of the hokey cokey.

You put your whole self out…

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Flight attendant accused of smuggling live rats in her knickers

rats on a plane

THE allegation is that American Airlines stewardess Louann Giambattista, 55, smuggled rats inside her underwear. Three of her colleagues say Giambattista hid the rodents in her tights and knickers.

She says that’s “absurd” and “false”. But one of her accusers says he saw a bulge in her crotch that “he thought was a live pet”.

Papers at the Brooklyn federal court also claim that on a flight from St. Martin to Miami, a flight attendant “believed [Giambattista] fed her pet rats”.

Giambattista’s lawyer says it’s all “preposterous“:

“Everybody has pets – she has her pets at home, not at work. She’s not a nut. They’re making her out to be a nut.”

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Drunk and ranting Icelandair passenger tied to seat (photo)

ON Icelandair flight from Reykjavik to JFK, the passengers and cabin crew reacted to a 46-year-old Icelandic man who’d mainlined the free booze, spat, attempted to throttle a woman and yelled about the plane crashing. They gave him a seat with a very secure belt.

The technique may also work for childish seat kickers, adult seat over-recliners in economy, the arsehat who puts his bag in the overhead locker by your seat, the person who invented the RyanAir scratchcard jingle and in-flight menu, and Noel Edmonds.

Spotter: Andy Ellwood

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