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Alec Baldwin – Still Hates New York City Which Hates Idiots On Bicycles



NOT too long ago, Alec Baldwin was shooting his mouth off, saying that he was going to leave New York. Everyone started spreadin’ the news. He didn’t want to be a part of it.

New York. New York.

And today, he’s off again after getting in trouble with NYC cops. Again. The actor was arrested after he became belligerent with an officer, who pulled him over on his little bicycle.

“Basically around 10:15, he was riding his bicycle the wrong way in vicinity of 16th and Fifth, he was approached by the officers and was asked for [identification],” the NYPD spokesperson said.

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Alec Baldwin used to be America’s 13th President Millard Fillmore

TONIGHT, Alec Baldwin is America’s 13th President, Millard Fillmore – as seen in a 1849 Matthew Brady daguerreotype.

Fillmore was not murdered in office. He did not lead the US in a world war. As such, his character has appeared in pretty much no films whatsoever. The imdb reveals that Millard Fillmore appeared as a character in Lost River: Lincoln’s Secret Weapon (2009), the film based on the “True story of Anna Ella Carroll, unrecognized heroine of the American Civil War who assisted Lincoln as an unofficial cabinet member; she later devised the Tennessee River Plan that brought an early end to the war.” If you thought that was terrific, wait for the sequel, starring Baldwin as Millard Fillmore, the most forgettable unforgettable President in US history…

Alec Baldwin is Fillmore president



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Alec Baldwin speaks out about lamping photographer

PAPARAZZI photographers are, to all intents and purposes, scumbags. However, most people in Britain are awfully interested in what they do, making absolutely everyone scumbags by default. And who has no time for scumbags? Alec Baldwin! If you don’t count his brother, Stephen!

That’s right! Our Alec got into a tussle with a paparazzo and now he wants to tell us all about it.

“There was a person in front of me, and he was blocking me, and the [photographer] lunged and he almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of the camera. So, I just pushed the guy away.”

“But of course [the paparazzi] make it like, they all – my favorite line is John Malkovich’s. He said, ‘They all scream like they’re political prisoners.’”

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Alec Baldwin had dinner with his ‘stalker’ Genevieve Sabourin, which is nice (photos)

IMAGINE having a stalker. Horrible eh? Someone pestering you all the time like a toddler with a rapacious sexual appetite and a bag filled with your shaving scum. Well, Alec Baldwin has accused a woman named Genevieve Sabourin of stalking him after she started sending “a series of annoying and unsolicited communications” to the actor.

However, he first had dinner with her in 2010. Nice work. She probably swabbed his dinner plate for DNA and is cloning another Baldwin brother right now.

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Alec Baldwin To Challenge Kesley Grammer In Surreal Mayoral Race

AMERICA is stupid. Brilliantly stupid. They’ve got guns, burgers and robot teeth. They also have celebrities in positions of power. Ronald Reagan was president ferchrissakes!

And now, we’ve got a fabulously surreal mayoral race in the offing as Alec Baldwin could well be taking on Kelsey Grammer to become King of New York City!

Baldwin has insisted that he’ll run for Mayor of New York one day. He’s a native of Long Island and life-long liberal, and would be an excellent foe for Kelsey who is right of the wing.

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Pictures Of Celebrities Who Put On Weight

WHEN Star Magazine gawped at a voluptuous Jessica Simpson from an unflattering angle and screamed “It’s Not A Fat Suit” we realised why Hollywood stars keep in shape. But can you be a victim if you once sold your wonderful body to the slobbering masses to envy and admire? Here’s a gallery of stars who put on weight and were attacked for it. Featuring: Jessica Simpson, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey, Kristie Alley, Alec Baldwin, Britney Spears, Kelly LeBrock, Rosie O’Donell, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Kevin Federline, Steven Segal, John Travolta and Val Kilmer…

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Vote Obama And Save Alec Baldwin’s Family

ALEC Baldwin is the latest Baldwin after brother Stephen to dip his jackboot into politics. Says Alec Baldwin on the David Letterman show:

“If John McBush and Bible Spice win, we have to find a way to come together as a country, because we can’t let it be the way it’s been the last 8 years where there’s been this acrimony and this bitterness. We have to find a way somehow to do that.”

And not just in Baldwin’s family:

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