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Ok! Is Home In The White House With Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard And Family

OSCAR Wild once said that in giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. That’s why we have OK! magazine. Yes, OK! magazine have added words of wisdom to that when penning (in hideous pink writing) their ‘At Home with the Gerrards’ feature this week.

Since my job is to maintain a sardonic grin and keep my pointy pen of derision firmly directed at soft penned foolery, I’d like to bring to your attention to the fact that Crissie Reeves has described her article: “As crisply executed as a formal function at the White House.” Well, that’s something for our esteemed editor to aspire to.

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Alex Curran In Steven Gerrard Liverpool Leggings Storm: Photos

ALEX Curran is the vacuous subject of the most vacuous story ever to appear on Anorak. Our partners at PA have obtained exclusives shots of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s wife avoiding a parking ticket. She’s parked an Aston Martin on a double yellow line as she lunches with her footballer. That means no stopping at any time. Still, she got no ticket. Time for a huge heated debate about where the sweater and black Max Wall–style tights are suitable attire for luncheon…

(Cynics will enjoy picture 5)


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EDITORS NOTE NUMBER PLATE PIXELATED BY PICTURE DESK Traffic wardens note that Alex Curran's car parked on a double yellow line in Liverpool.

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Alex Curran, Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham In Cloning Horror

THE World Cup is here and it’s time to hear what the WAGs have been up to as the England team, make ready for a batter with the Germans. Alex Curran, WAG to footballer Steven Gerrard, has news:

“I’ve no plans to be a Victoria Beckham or a Cheryl Cole. I’m really happy with what I’ve got.”

Although she failed to rule out plans to become Imelda Marcos or Margaret Thatcher…


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England and Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard MBE receives an honorary fellowship from John Moores University with his wife Alex Curran, at the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool.

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Alex Curran And Steven Gerrard Open Their Hearts And Their Restaurant

ANY lingering doubts that Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran are heading for splitsville are banished in OK!. We meet the Liverpool players and her husband in Gerrard’s new eatery, the Warehouse Kitchen and Bar. Stevie G is now in full control of the music, and Alex is billed as Alex Gerrard. Such is the love.

That would be enough to do-down those internet gossipers who claim a divorce looms. But Alex has more. She says this is the “shabby-chic” venue where Steve took her on their first date.

He liked it so much he bought the place. Alex may well be disappointed that he never took her to Asprey’s. But lasting love is about taking the rough with the smooth.

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Steven Gerrard And Alex Curran ‘Divorce’ Special

REMEMBER those rumours that Steven Gerrard, of Liverpool and England, and his wife Alex Curran, of shops and stores, were not happy together? Horrible rumours they were, and right that Alex poured iced water on them in OK!, the paper of record. As she told us they don’t even argue and:

It’s funny because we were saying the other day that we’ve never been happier.”

Today the Star delivers:


Yeah, the rumours of a frost are now rumours of a divorce. The Star says that rumours of a split “continue to spread online”. Interestingly, online, the Daily Star’s headline changes to:


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Alex Curran And Steven Gerrard Reveal Their Love Hell: Pictures

CAN it be that music fan Steven Gerrard and pro WAG Alex Curran are in a “LOVE SPLIT HELL”, as the Daily Star reports on its front page?

The “WORLD EXCLUSIVE” is that the England and Liverpool player and his wife and not in a love split hell and they “DON’T EVEN ARGUE”.

No, it’s not that bad readers. It’s not all long silences and moody looks. Red Stevie G and orangey Alex don’t argue because they are so in love – with each other.

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Peter Andre ‘Dates’ X Factor Singer Stacey Solomon

grope-11WANT to read about Peter Andre’s “movie date” with X Factor hopeful Stacey Solomon?

In OK! magazine, you can. What’s more, the magazine has the “FIRST EVER PICTURE”.

This is a front-page exclusive. And we begin our journey through a magazine in hunt the X Factor starlet and Mr Katie Price, as was.

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Alex Curran’s Top Five WAGs Credit Crunch Tips

THE credit crunch is affecting Alex Gerrard, Wag to Stephen Gerrard, the slippery-footed Liverpool captain.
News is that Alex has cut down on her spending and only visits the hairdressers twice a week.

Says Alex:

“I think people – especially WAGs – are becoming more conscious of spending money now.”

And you can learn from them as Anorak brings you the Top Five WAG Credit Crunch Tips:

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