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Alexa Chung and Amy Childs show off their very different bodies online

CELEBRITIES are always posting pictures of themselves on twitter and such. They love it. They love to show off their glamorous lives and harvest all that attention we needily throw at them. Rihanna has long been a fan of posting images of herself in various states of undress on twitter, while Serena Williams is adorably odd when uploading images to Instagram.

With that, two celebrities have provoked a very different response from mere mortals while flaunting their bodies online.

The deeply, intensely, profoundly annoying Alexa Chung may have left our screens but she’s still at large, being all… Alexa Chungy. She posed for a picture with her mum while on holiday and shared it to following Instagrammers. She inevitably didn’t allow for the enormous amounts of grief she would be getting for it (that’s because, by and large, it is hard to imagine she could ever think of anything that isn’t Alexa Chung).

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Alexa Chung Does The Credit Crunch

CREDIT Crunch watch: Anorak’s look at credit crunch in the news, Alexa Chung waits…

Looks like even fashion icon Alexa Chung is feeling the credit crunch. Despite dating mega-rich Arctic Monkey Alex Turner, the T4 presenter and ex-model waited for hours at the Mulberry sale in the West End3am Girls, Daily Mirror

More breathless credit crunch news to follow…

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