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Buy Alexandra Burke’s elephant or else a charity loses a celebrity

IS Alexandra Burke, the X Factor winner, a work of parody? In a piece entitled “Being in the Public Eye Allows Me to Make a Difference”, Burke tells Huffington Post readers:

I think it’s fair to say that pretty much everyone in the public eye these days ends up becoming a patron, ambassador or some kind of figurine at a charity. To Joe Public it can become a little bit tiresome when celebrities can be seen to wax lyrical about all ‘the good’ they are doing and people must think they fly to all these places, pose for a few pictures and then jump back on their private jet.

Joe Public can be such swine. But they are tired. Let’s have no more said by egotistic celebs searching out good causes to validate their fame.

I can honestly say when I went to Uganda with Comic Relief last year in November it opened my eyes up to a whole other world and really affected me. We were there for five days and I spent a lot of time learning about a charity called Mifumi, which is a domestic violence charity…From personal experiences I wanted to show women that they didn’t have to suffer in silence.

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Posted: 13th, February 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment