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In Amenas massacre: Like jihadis, Algerian forces shoot to kill

IN Algeria, all the 32 terrorists are dead. Also dead are 23 hostages, of which six were British. One Briton was murdered in cold blood. Well, so says the Algerian military, which affects the language of cool, calm precision but just wanted all the terrorists dead. Algeria’s Interior Ministry said in a statement:

“To avoid a bloody turn of events in response to the extreme danger of the situation, the army’s special forces launched an intervention with efficiency and professionalism to neutralise the terrorist groups that were first trying to flee with the hostages and then blow up the gas facilities.”

The facts are sketchy.

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In Pictures: USA Make A Film Of Beating Algeria At World Cup

TEAM USA are through to the last 16 of the World Cup, having broken Algerian hearts not with a cruise missile, rather with a shot from Everton’s Landon Donovan.

North Korea’s World Cup Fans Are Chinese: NSFW

After the goal, Donovan talks of his life being on a “journey“. (The Journeyman footballer, indeed.) It is sentimental and cloying. You know you should snort with derision and hate it. But you just keep watching. Your hear strains of melancholic music, the oral equivalent of an adorably scruffy dog licking a plucky boy’s dirty face.

It is quintessentially American.

And we wondered what would occur should the US win the World Cup? And if the closing credits last longer than the match…


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USA fans celebrate qualifying top of Group C at the final whistle

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