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Madeleine McCann: The News Of The World’s Sorry Apology For Tabloid Reporting

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HAVING read “the heartbreaking TRUTH that destroys the lies of Portuguese police”, the oh-so-caring News of The World tells its readers:

“We today offer Kate our immediate and sincere apologies.”

No need, surely..?

The News of the World only published extracts from Kate McCann’s private diary because it cares. It wants to help. It has investigated the case of her daughter’s vanishing and found that the Portuguese police are bungling and to blame.

Yeah, those sicko coppers like Goncalo Amaral who seek to profit from the McCanns agony by publishing books. Not sure how much Amaral’s book costs, but the NOTW is under a pound.

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Posted: 22nd, September 2008 | In: Madeleine McCann, Tabloids | Comments (353)